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BinBot Pro Reviews 2021

Binbot Pro Review

Binbot pro is one of the latest and most advanced binary trading softwares in the market. It offers a wide range of very impressive features which have helped it gain quite a bit of market prominence. While the general market consensus remains that Binbot Pro is a viable new software, there are some Binbot Pro reviews claiming that it is not legit.

Despite several sites debunking these Binbot Pro reviews, there is still some lingering doubt in Binbot Pro Reddit forums regarding its authenticity.

What is Binbot Pro?

Binbot pro is an advanced trading system that uses binary trading to leverage the cryptocurrency market.

Is Binbot Pro Legit?

There are people on the internet claiming that Binbot Pro is not legit but we haven't found any reason for this to be the case. When you compare with other high quality robots like Bitcoin Code you can see the similarities in the algorithm they both use. Ultimately, like any trading tool, you need to understand it and learn how to best use its feature to fully profit from the automatic trading robot.

Features & Functionality

  • Authenticity - 86%
  • Performance - 96%
  • Ease of use - 96%
  • Customer service - 95%
  • App - 99%
  • Profitability - 95%
  • Reputation - 85%
  • Fast withdrawals - 90%
  • Security - 88%
  • User testimonials - 93%

Who is Behind Binbot Pro?

We analyze sites like BinBot Pro to guide you in choosing the best commercial bots on the market, and to do so we focus on some aspects that we consider important. Among these is the ownership of the site. Who is the founder? Who is the development team behind BinBot Pro?

In the case of BinBot Pro, it was not possible to trace the name of the founder, developer or owner of the site. A contact email is indicated on the home page. Fortunately, we found other elements that we usually look for such as customer service and a way to contact the support team. The user can also check the reputation of the assigned trading platform.

Start Trading in 3 easy steps


Registering is easy, you’ll need to fill out your name, email address, phone number and then set a password. Signing up is completely free, click the link below to get started. Once signed up, you’ll receive a confirmation email and will need to verify your account.


Once into your account, hit the deposit button to get started. You will need to deposit the minimum amount, which is $250, and we’d recommend not going over this on day 1. Start small and grow. Binbot Pro offers several payment methods, with card payments being the most popular.


Once you have funded your account, you will need to decide the trade settings you intend to use. This includes managing your risk by determining your stop loss and take profit limits. You can also decide which cryptocurrencies you want to trade and how many you want to trade at once.

Pros & Cons


The profit rate is up to 85% with Binbot Pro

The User does not incur any fees while using this product

Demo account to familiarise yourself with the software

Offers all major altcoins including Ethereum and Litecoin

Multi-award winning company


You must first place a minimum deposit of $250 before you can begin trading.

Our Verdict

  1. We've tried Bitbot Pro and found that it does in fact fulfil what it says it does.
  2.  The simple fact is that those who call it a scam, don't understand the product and the risks involved.
  3.  It's all about starting small and growing into the platform. Begin with a small amount and then add more when your confidence grows.

Bitbot Pro: Explained

As highlighted, Binbot pro is an advanced trading system that uses binary trading to leverage the cryptocurrency market. It uses technical analysis indicators to create its buy and sell signals and then has an automated trigger that executes each buy and sell order.

Once understood, the user can then simply decide their settings and set the algorithm off to trade on the trader's behalf. The software is still relatively new but results up to now have been very positive despite the backlash it has withstood about a potential scam. The fact of the matter is that people are wary of anything that might be to good to be true. Whilst this isn't perfect, it does offer outstanding results compared to traditional investment avenues.

Whenever a new innovative software surfaces, there are always those who try to discredit it through bogus mean. This might even work with certain novice traders who don’t know how to sift through the jargon and get to the truth. However, the seasoned traders are sure to realise the true worth of this software and use it to further their ambitions. Nevertheless, there is a need for a definitive word on Binbot Pro.

That is why we have decided to do our own Binbot Pro review to give the final answer for investors all across the world. If you want to know what Binbot Pro is and how you can use it to streamline your investment and wealth management, then read on!

How does Binbot Pro work?

Despite the fact that Binbot Pro is fairly easy to use and understand, some people may get confused. That is why our Binbot Pro review team has put together a list of actions you need to take in order to start using Binbot Pro robot to make your trades for you. Here they are:

The first thing you will need to do is to go to the official website and create an account. Once you are done with that, use the Binbot Pro login to enter your account.

After going through the Binbot Pro login process, you will be asked to select from the number of brokers associated with Binbot Pro. Pick the one that you find the most suitable and move on to the next segment.
After getting through with the previous step, you are going to have to make a $250 deposit. You can use your bank card to make the deposit and then proceed to the next step.

Now, if you did the previous steps right, then you will be introduced to the Binbot Pro dashboard. This is going to be your central page for keeping track of your trades, profits and show your Binbot Pro results.

Choose the Binbot Pro settings that you want and then turn auto trading on. Remember that Binbot makes use of three prominent algorithms – Classic, Fibonacci, and Martingale. It is recommended that you read up on all the three to understand which one will best suit your trade style and objectives.

Once that is done, you can simply sit back and watch Binbot Pro make money for you.

Now, let us take a recap of all the advantages that Binbot Pro offers to novice and expert investors alike.

What are the best features of Binbot?

Binbot Pro robot is arguably one of the most realistic automated trading systems in the market at present. Many Binbot Pro reviews have already pointed out the three main complex mathematical algorithms used by the program to enhance user trades. In the interest of clarity, we are going to explain them all here. So, here are the most important features you should know about the Binbot Pro robot:

Feature #1

The first thing that makes Binbot Pro legit is that it is free to use at a basic level. You go to the official page, make a user id and use it to manage your investments manually.

Feature #2

Secondly, as pointed about in many positive Binbot Pro Youtube reviews, is that offers a Binbot Pro demo. This means that you get to see just how it works before you decide to use it thoroughly.

Feature #3

The third thing is that Binbot Pro robot can trade in all major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and most of the biggest Altcoins in the market.

Feature #4

The fourth positive feature is that it affords you the ability customise the software through Binbot Pro settings to suit your trading needs. This means that it caters to a rather wide range of investors and traders.

Feature #5

The fifth thing, that many Binbot Pro scam reviews missed, is that it offers 24/7 email and chat support. This means we can claim Binbot Pro legit simply because of the dedicated resources in place to support users.

Feature #6

The sixth aspect as highlighted by many Binbot Pro Youtube Reviews is that it offers pretty robust risk management parameters. You can choose various specifications through the Binbot Pro settings.

Feature #7

The seventh issue, as described on Binbot Pro forums and Reddit, is that Binbot Pro results are based on complicated mathematical algorithms like Classic, Fibonacci and Martingale. These also show that Binbot Pro testimonials about it being true are legit. What all the Binbot Pro scam reviews fail to grasp is that the software uses complex algorithms that have long been used in the financial market.

Feature #8

The final but significant feature frequently discussed on Binbot Pro Reddit forums and Binbot Pro forums is that it can be used on all portable devices like mobiles and tablets.

So, it is clear from the above that the Binbot Pro forums detailing Binbot Pro results are legit and can be relied on. However, before you go and download the software, you should figure out how Binbot Pro works. Read the following segment to find out how you can use the Binbot Pro software to enhance your binary trading.

How does it compare with other robots?

As one of the most advanced auto trading software in the market right now, Binbot Pro is one of the best. It offers some superior features and advantages that you will get when you choose to use it. Here they are:

Advantage #1

Binbot does not charge any money to be used. However, when you sign up, you will need to make a deposit of $250 to get started. This is the basic amount required to have an account and is well worth the cost for the benefits Binbot Pro provides.

Advantage #2

Binbot Pro has a pretty responsive support system and offers live chat along with email as a mode of contact. Now we have personally checked out both and they were satisfactory by our standards. So, we can vouch for them.

Advantage #3

For those needing an intro to the software, they can download the demo version and see how the auto trading is going to work. This enables newbies to check out how the software functions before taking up the full version.

Advantage #4

Binbot Pro has many settings options which you can use to minimise your risk. However, you should also know that low risk will net low reward and vice versa. So, choose your risk management parameters wisely.

Advantage #5

Another important thing to note is the Binbot Pro settings tab which lets you set the software to work exactly how you want it. Be sure to do read up on all the features available there as they can be the difference between profit and loss.

Also, you need to know the trading algorithms used by the software to make trades and implement them effectively.

So, you can pretty much see that Binbot Pro has great advantages to give to all kinds of investors. Now, let us talk about the support of the software and how you can use it.

Conclusion: Binbot Pro

All in all, Binbot Pro seems like a good software to be used for auto trading. If you are like many part-time traders who just want to get fair money for their investments, then this software will do the job for you. However, we must also mention that, as many Binbot Pro testimonials have said, it has the potential to yield great rewards as well – as much as 85 percent. But that depends on your level of investment and risk taken.

The investment and binary trading market is a great place to earn money and secure your future. Binbot Pro, with its solid list of features and advantages, offers everyone the chance to optimise their binary trading. However, you need to know how to use it to get the maximum benefit. For that, we recommend you go through the official resources thoroughly and understand them completely before getting started. Be informed and make good use of the software to enhance your wealth!

BinBot Pro Review: Profitable Auto Trading or a Scam?

Reviews for automated trading systems like BinBot Pro are the most sought after.

BinBotPro is not new anymore in the binary world. Almost all people who are involved with the binary world knows about this trading software. But novice traders are still seeking for solution wether this trading bot is profitable or not. 

So, we are here to the rescue!

In this review, we will go through the features of BinBot Pro to see how it works, how well it delivers on its promises, and most importantly you can know if it is a scam or not.

Binary Option Robot like BinBotPro allows auto trading with the help of trading algorithms. The trader has to set some rules such as risk levels, entry and exit stipulations, leverage, and the rest will be done by the auto trader. After that, he can then relax and not worry about monitoring their positions.

As a trader who’s looking for a reliable robot, it might become difficult to choose one. Our Review on BinBot Pro will clear that doubt for you.

Let’s start.

BinBot Pro Review: What is BinBot Pro?

BinBot Pro is an automated trading system that offers automated trading to its users. It was established in the year 2016 and offering an automated trading service since then.

There are multiple robots available that trades on your behalf. Moreover, traders can customized robots as per their requirements. Each trading robot follows a different strategy. You can choose the one that you think will work best for you.

BinBot Pro has partnered with BinaryCent, VideForex, and RaceOption which are online brokers.

You carry out transactions like deposits and withdrawals through these brokers. We will discuss more on these brokers later in the review. On the other hand, trading robots have been popping up left and right due to the increased demand for automated trading.

Unfortunately, not all trading robots have proven to be effective. They enter and disappear from the market without anyone noticing. This proves that you cannot expect to provide poor service and survive in the market.

BinBot Pro has been going strong ever since it was released in 2016.

Why Choose BinBot Pro?

BinBot Pro offers certain features that you cannot overlook. Let’s see the reasons as to why you should choose BinBot Pro as your preferred choice of the trading robot.

  • Offers profitable auto-trading
  • Minimum deposit $250
  • Returns as high as 90%
  • New traders can make large profits
  • Easy registration process
  • Demo account offered
  • Robots have a profit rate of up to 300%
  • Provides services to many countries around the globe
  • Major forex pairs as binary options
  • Popular Crypto assets
  • Award-winning automated trading
  • Manual customization of trading robots
  • Fast and reliable platform
  • Dedicated customer support

BinBot Pro Sign-up and Login

The account creation process is quick and hassle-free.

The process is described below:

Step 1

Click on the ‘Registration’ button below to start your registration process.

Step 2

In the registration form, enter your first name, last name, phone number, preferred currency, password, and select the broker.

Based on your preference, you can choose between any of the 3 compatible brokers.

Step 3

Click on the checkbox that asks you to confirm you are a non-US citizen or stay outside of the US territory.

Step 4

To log in into your account, just use your provided email address and password.

Golden Rules To Avoid Trading Loss

BinBot Pro will not bring FREE MONEY for you. Traders need to set trading bot according to the market movement. After opening the trading dashboard, you will find a list of trading robots. 

But, our suggestion is to make your trading bot according to the market condition and fundamental news.

We are encouraging you to read an informative blog post on BinBot Pro. The mentioned blog post will show you the path so that, you can generate the highest profit margin through volatile pairs.

Before creation, there are some golden rules that help you to earn profit from each trade. 

These are: 

  • Do not allow your bot to place more than 3 trades in one day
  • Analyze the market manually before placing a new trade
  • Do not rise your investment after 4 to 5 winning trades
  • Trading with crypto pairs is not recommended, when the market is bearish
  • Avoid trading on Friday and Monday Morning.
  • Avoid high volatile market and trade when the market is stable

After following these above golden rules, it is time to set your bot. 

How To Create A Own Bot:

It is wise to create a bot before each trading session. For that, you have to analyze the market and check the economic calendar. 

  • Select “Create my own bot”
  • Create a name of your trading bot with date and time
  • Select the trading assets
  • In Indicators, select MACD, CCI, RSI, and STOCHASTIC. Avoid ADX and AROON. 
  • According to the market condition, change the trading time
  • Run the bot. It will automatically place trades on the broker’s platform.

Best Settings For BinBot Pro

We can ensure that BinBot Pro App is the best automated trading system for the binary options trader. Unfortunately, there are no best settings available. 

Traders can create a bot with settings and parameter that works best for them. As we mentioned before, analyzing the market movement through an economic calendar is necessary. Moreover, it is wise to set the indicators time between 1-5 min. Furthermore, for this trading bot, try not to use more than 3 indicators.

BinBot Pro comes with 6 different trading indicators. Each indicator has a different relationship with assets, depending on the market situation. 

If you use all of the indicators at the same time, they can conflict with each other. 

BinBot Pro Supported Brokers

BinBotPro offers 3 brokers: BinaryCent, VideForex, and RaceOption. Each of these brokers offers solid trading solutions and you can’t go wrong with any of them. 

We will briefly describe the features of each broker in this section.


BinaryCent is an online trading platform which was founded in the year 2016. It is managed by Cent Project Ltd., which is a subsidiary of Finance Group Corp.

BinaryCent is regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC). They guarantee withdrawals processing within 1 hour. You need to deposit a minimum of $250 to start trading and the minimum trade investment is only $0.1.

You get leverage up to 1:100 on trading assets. Moreover, BinaryCent offers binary options along with forex and CFDs in its trading portfolio.

There are three different types of trading accounts on BinaryCent; Bronze, silver, and gold. Depending on the type of account they choose to create, get rewarded with 20%-100% bonus.

All these features make BinaryCent a great choice to be BinBot Pro’s broker.


VideForex is a Forex, CFD, and Binary Options broker that has been operating since 2017. They require a minimum deposit of $250 to start trading. When you make a deposit, you get a 100% deposit bonus.

Spreads and commissions are competitive in VideForex. Spread is dynamic and depends from market to market. You can trade with a maximum leverage of 1:100.

There is no mobile app to trade but we can expect one in the near future. Speaking of payment methods, you have multiple payment methods. 

You can also pay using Skrill, Neteller, and Perfect Money. So you have a lot of flexibility in payments. Deposits are instant and withdrawals take an average of one hour to process.  There are three account types offered by VideForex: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. 

Overall, this broker is great for CFD, and Binary Options trading. Coupled with BinBot Pro, auto trading is made easy with this innovative broker. 


RaceOption is a UK based broker that started its operations in 2014. What’s unique about this broker is that they accept traders from the U.S

RaceOption offers more than 150 trading assets which include CFD, Forex, and Binary Options. 

Other salient features of this broker include proprietary software, ultra-fast withdrawals, and regular trading contests. You can take part in weekly contests which have prize money of $20000.  

There are three account types offered by RaceOption: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. There is a deposit bonus which depends on your deposit amount. It ranges from 20%-100% of your deposit. 

Currently, they also have a giveaway running where you can win attractive prizes. They have a mobile app which is offered in both the Google Play Store and iOS store. 

In conclusion, RaceOption, along with VideForex, and BinaryCent serve as perfect brokers to couple with BinBot Pro.

Top Robots - Created By BinBot Pro

BinBot Pro ranks robots on the basis of profits they generate for traders.

Here are some of the top performing robots for BinBot Pro:

Crypto ADX 2.0

This robot is currently the most profitable robot with profits of more than 303%.

Crypto ADX 2.0 utilizes the ADX indicator along with RSI and STOCH.

This robot does by minute-by-minute analysis of each cryptocurrency.

RSIMA Cross Robot

This top performing robot has a profit rate of over 300%.

The strategy used in this robot involves matching the RSI with the moving average cross indicator.

The robot buys or sells when it matches with the RSI overbought or oversold signal.

The signal is maintained until an opposite signal is received.

The minimum deposit for this robot is $3000 and its algorithm level is at 5 points.

xProfit Robot

This robot opens and closes trades based on signals from CCI and SRSI.

If the signal from these is in an opposite direction, the trade is executed.

The minimum deposit amount is $1000 and its algorithm level is at 6 points.

Its profit level is around 250%.

Ichimoku Crypto V2 Robot

This robot is designed mainly for the crypto-forex pairs such as BTC/USD, LTC/USD, ETH/USD, and BCH/USD pair.

It was created in Japan and is gaining popularity due to its high profitability.

It uses 4 indicators for technical analysis.

The minimum deposit required to use this robot is $1000 and its algorithm level is at 5 points.

Rising East v1.2 Robot

This robot functions on the positivity of the market signals.

If the signals are positive, the robot makes a trade.

It uses a combination of macroeconomic indicators for testing the market signals.

You need to deposit $250 to use this robot and its algorithm level is at 4 points.

HP Cycles Robot

HP cycles use a momentum based strategy which is based on a low-frequency trend of spot exchange rate.

It uses short-term momentum to generate a call and put signals.

The minimum deposit required is $250 and its algorithm level is at 5 points.

Strong ADX v.2 Robot

ADM index is used to find out the trend’s strength.

If ADM index rises above 25, the robot proceeds to trade.

The minimum deposit required is $250 and its algorithm level is at 8 points.

Strong US v2 Robot

This strategy depends on traders looking to go NFP with full positions.

The minimum deposit required is $250 and its algorithm level is at 4 points.

Bolly Band Bounce Robot

This robot employs the Bollinger band, which is a statistical chart.

This is used when there is a restricted range of price movement.

The Bollinger band defines a limit for short-term price change.

The minimum deposit required is $250 and its algorithm level is at 7 points

RVI and MA Robot

This robot enters a trade when the Relative Vigor Index and moving averages intersect.

It exits the trade when the MA moves against the position.

The minimum deposit required is $250 and the algorithm level is at 4 points.

BinBotPro Review – New Trading Robot

You may have noticed that there are not a lot of binary options “robot” reviews on our site. This is because the vast majority of auto-trading programs are flat-out useless.

Most of the trading “experts” who put them together are only experts at one thing: selling their services.

But BinBot PRO is different; it is the proprietary trading robot developed by the company that runs Finpari and BinaryMate. As these are two of our trusted binary options brokers, we definitely wanted to check out their trading robot and see what kind of value it offers traders.

What is BinBot Pro?

If you are not familiar with trading robots, you may be a little confused about what BinBot PRO is.

As a trading robot, or “bot”, BinBot PRO is a software program which trades on your behalf.

BinBot PRO is programmed with algorithms which help it to spot trade opportunities.

All you have to do is select the settings you want, and BinBot PRO will automatically trade for you while you kick back and relax. BinBot PRO works even when you are away from your computer.

In short, BinBot PRO takes the hard work out of trading.

What Does BinBot Pro Cost?

The answer here could not be simpler: nothing. 100% free.

That’s right, according to the BinBot Pro homepage, there is “No fee, nothing to buy, no hoops to jump through!”

You will not pay a dime to access this service.

What’s the Catch?

Choose from Binarymate (US friendly) or Finpari

Nothing is really free, right? Well, you are right —there is a catch. But it is a typical one, not a bad one.

In order to use BinBot Pro, you need to be a registered trader at either BinaryMate or Finpari. That means you need to make the minimum deposit at either broker and start trading.

This is quite common with free binary trading robots. Many of them either are proprietary or partner with certain brokers, offering their services only to the customers of those brokers.

What is great about BinBot Pro is that they are totally up-front about that on the homepage. A lot of other trading robots conceal this information until you are halfway through the registration process.

BinBot Pro is not going to waste your time; if you do not want to trade at Finpari or BinaryMate, there is no reason to register. But if you do want to trade with one of those brokers, you get free signals to help you trade.

How to Get Started On BinBot Pro

If you do want to move forward with BinBot Pro, you need to click on the green “Registration” button in the upper right-hand corner of the BinBot Pro homepage. You will also find a duplicate green “Registration” button right under the heading.

This will take you to a short form where you input your first and last name, phone number, account currency, email address, and password. Here you can also choose your broker. Here is a little more information on each:


Minimum deposit: $250

Minimum investment amount: $10 (it says $1 on the BinBot Pro website, but I think this is a typo; on Finpari’s website it says $10)

Maximum returns: 90%+

USA traders not accepted


Minimum deposit: $250

Minimum investment amount: $1

Maximum returns: 90%+

USA traders accepted

Live webcam trading with beautiful account managers

Both of these brokers offer extra features like a demo account, web courses, risk-free trades, high bonuses, and trading contests. Learn more about them in our reviews.

What if you are already a member of Finpari or BinaryMate? If that is the case, I would contact customer service and ask them about getting started with BinBot Pro. They can probably get you set up manually.

How BinBot Pro Works

Once you have registered with Finpari or BinaryMate, you need to make your initial deposit. You are then ready to start trading with BinBot Pro.

Using BinBot Pro could not be easier. There are three simple steps:

1. Once you are logged into BinBot Pro, you will see a section in the lower left-hand corner of your screen for “Top 20 Robots.” Here you can select a robot to use. Profit estimates are provided for each. The robots have names like Bolly Band Bounce, RSIMA Cross, HP cycles and Rising East v1.2, which seem to give some indication as to how they generate signals and what assets they are for.

2. Once you have selected a robot, a screen will open which allows you to start the robot. You can hit “Stop” at any time. Next to that is an “Add Balance” button if you wish to deposit more money directly through the robot interface.

3. Watch your profits stack up! (or losses go down) You can see your current balance in the upper left.

BinBot Pro Features

Multiple robots are available to use. Many auto-trading programs only offer one robot.

You can run any of the robots in demo mode before you try using it live.

You can create custom robots as well which will trade on your behalf according to your rules. There are only a few assets and indicators you can use for this, so it is a pretty restricted feature right now, but many trading robots do not even offer anything like this.

That is it as far as features go. BinBot Pro is pretty bare-bones; you will not find a lot of bells and whistles here. But the platform is intuitive and the available features are easy to use.

Does BinBot Pro Deliver? Is BinBotPro Legit?

This is where it is impossible to say anything definitive. Unfortunately BinBot Pro does not publish past results. This is actually quite a significant drawback, since you are basically just taking a shot in the dark with these robots.

Because Finpari/BinaryMate has a reputation to defend, we are assuming that BinBot Pro delivers, but you may want to fund your account with the minimum when you are testing these robots.

Robots can and will lose money if the setting you apply end up not being ideal. I know that in this industry we would be naive to believe that any automatic trading ‘robot’ is going to crank out profits for us just by clicking a few buttons once and then going to the beach.

If you work with Bin Bot Pro, I am confident that you can fine tune it to be a winning trader. It isn’t simple or easy to constantly pick winners though, even for our robot overlords.

BinBot Pro Customer Service

This is another area where BinBot Pro is less than impressive. On a weekday during standard market hours, the live chat desk was unstaffed. I waited ten minutes, and then the chat window converted into a “send us a message” form window. This makes me wonder if or when the chat desk is ever staffed.

BinBot Pro Pros

BinBot Pro is entirely free to use.
While you have to open an account at one of BinBot Pro’s brokers, they are transparent about this on the homepage, and the two brokers are both on our recommended list.
There are a number of robots you can use, and you can demo them all first.
You can create your own custom robots.
BinBot Pro is ridiculously easy to use. Registering is fast and easy, and the interface is simple and streamlined.

BinBot Pro Cons

There is no information about the past performance of the robots.
Customer service seems to be a bit absent.

Conclusion: BinBot Pro is a Useful Free Tool for Finpari and BinaryMate Traders

While I am not impressed by the lack of past performance data or the missing customer service, BinBot Pro does have a lot of cool features. Considering it is an entirely free tool for customers who sign up for two top-shelf brokers, I would definitely recommend giving it a try if you will be trading on Finpari or BinaryMate. Because there is no performance data right now, I do suggest that you trade with the minimum to start. That way you can see for yourself how the robots perform before you risk large amounts of money.

BinBot Pro – Trading Platform Review

BinBot Pro is a collection of trading robots that carry out binary trading for its users using trading algorithms. Binbot Pro was established in 2016 and is the only automated software that allows trading on both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies all on a single platform.

General Information

Binbot Pro is an online binary trading platform managed by Cente Project LTD., a subsidiary of the Finance Group Corp. Binbot Pro is registered in The Republic of Vanuatu and is regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC). Its official website is available in multiple languages, and users from numerous countries are welcome. There are also restricted countries, such as the U.S. Binbot Pro offers clients email customer support in addition to live account managers.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Manual customization of robots: Users can manually customize their robots. i.e. the whole trading process is not left to the bots as users can set some options to their preference.

Fast and reliable: Binbot Pro trading platform is fast, reliable, and easy to use. With specially designed servers and connection technology, users can take advantage of the market at a great speed.

Account manager: Binbot Pro assigns an account manager to clients once they open and fund their accounts. This is important to help them get the most of the bot.

Free innovative trading bots: Users do not have to pay for the bots. Once an account is opened and funded, the bots can be set up right away to begin trading. The bots rely on an innovative algorithm that is based on artificial neural networks technology and can analyze up to 20 million trades simultaneously.

Risk management: Binbot Pro offers considerable risk management to clients.

No fees whatsoever: Binbot Pro does not charge any fee either on deposits, trading, or withdrawals. The robots are free to use and are activated after funds are deposited. Withdrawals attract no fee or commission.

Demo account: Clients can download and install the demo variation of Binbot Pro and see how the trading bots work.

Trades are not visible: When the bots are actively trading, the trades are not visible to users. They would have to wait for the trades to end before seeing the outcome.

Short trading periods: Trades could be placed and closed in 60 seconds.

Broker integration could be increased to more than three.

Trading Conditions

Binbot Pro is an integratory platform that connects three major brokers – Binary Cent, Vide Forex, and Race Option. Binbot Pro allows a minimum deposit of $250 across the three integrated brokers and a minimum investment of $0.1. Binbot Pro pays a maximum of 90% returns, and users can make up to 300% in Profits.

Underlying Assets

Binbot Pro provides forex and cryptocurrency pairs. There are 8 currency pairs available for trading. These are; EUR/USD, EUR/AUD, EUR/JPY, EUR/GBP, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, AUD/USD and BTC/USD. There are also altcoins for trading, the major ones being Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Etherium.

Trading Platform

Binbot Pro is a web-based software that has full functionalities of a trading platform. The platform is easy to navigate and offers trading indicators such as COMMODITY CHANNEL INDEX, ADM INDEX, MOMENTUM, RVI, RSI and AROON. Clients can also set the privacy of the bots to either public or private. The parameters of the bots can be tweaked to personal preferences, and the risk levels predetermined. Users can also create their own trading robots and customize the name as well as giver specific trading instructions before activating it. Clients can access the website from any compatible internet device; PC, smartphone, iPad, etc. and take advantage of the features offered.

Mobile Trading

Unfortunately, there is no mobile trading available for Binbot Pro as of now. Clients have to make do with the excellent web-based platform and its exciting features.

Demo Account

A demo account is available as soon as clients register and fund their accounts. The demo account lasts for a full minute, and clients can see how the bots perform. The demo trading feature is important for clients to become familiar with the services offered by the trading bots, as well as to get acquainted with the process of setting up a bot according to specific instructions.

Account Types

Clients have to first open an account with any of the three partner brokers and fund their accounts with a minimum of $250. It is understood that each of those brokers has different account types, and clients can go with any of those before connecting their preferred trading bots.
The account types offered on Binbot Pro is directly related to the type of trading robot used for the account, there are three types of accounts/robots.

Bronze robots – the ready-to-use trading robots with a $250 minimum deposit requirement:

• NeuroScanner v3.0 with 86% return rate
• BladeRunner with 88% return rate
• RVI and MA with a 97% return rate
• Bolly Band Bounce with a 99% return rate
• Strong US v2 with 102% return rate
• HP Cycles with 109% return rate
• Strong ADX v.2 with 109% return rate
• RSIMA Cross with 295% return rate

Silver robots – the ready-to-use trading robots with a $1000 minimum deposit requirement:

• Rising East V1.2 with 118% return rate

Gold robots – the ready-to-use trading robots with a $3000 minimum deposit requirement:

• xProfit with 128% return rate

Binbot Pro also offers trading bots for altcoins:

• The Ready-To-Use Trading robots for cryptocurrencies
• Ichimoku Crypto v2 with a $250 minimum deposit
• Crypto ADX 2.0 with a $1000 minimum deposit

In addition to these, clients can opt to create their own trading robots from the templates provided and tweak the parameters. Clients can switch between manual and auto trading on the platform at any time. This gives them more control over their funds.

Opening an Account

Opening an account on Binbot Pro is very easy and can be completed in three simple steps. There is a “Registration” button available on the website, and once it is clicked, a registration form is shown. Users can then fill in their details and also indicate the currency and broker they prefer. There is also a checkbox that indicates that the user is not a citizen or resident of the U.S. There are options to select a preferred currency, broker, and finally, a captcha verification. Once every information is entered, and the registration completed, log in details are sent to the email indicated.

According to the website, clients can go from registration to earning in just three easy steps – Pass free registration, fund and activate the trading account, software trades, and makes Profits.
For deposits, clients can deposit funds into the broker account using the available payment methods. The client is also required to upload some required documents for verification before they can make withdrawals.

Funds Withdrawal

Binbot Pro allows clients to withdraw their earnings through different methods. The withdrawal method used depends on the type used in depositing funds, so if a trader deposited funds using fiat currency, they can only withdraw through fiat currencies. And if via cryptocurrencies, the same thing. The withdrawal button is available on the account funding tab, and once it is clicked, the next page shows different options such as PayPal, Wire transfers, Debit or Credit Card, Perfect Money, Bank Account, Skrill, Neteller, or cryptocurrency wallet. The desired amount is entered, and the request is submitted to begin processing the withdrawal.

Withdrawal is quick and easy and guaranteed to happen within an hour of placing request. The request reflects on the trading account, but it could take a bit longer to reflect on the bank account.

Trader Training

Binbot Pro offers no official training to clients on how to trade or use the binary bots, but they do offer dedicated account managers to every account irrespective of the amount deposited. Customer service and support are also available 24/7, and tickets are attended to as quickly as possible. For clients who wish to create their own bots, Prompts and popups are used to direct them in making the best choices.

Should I Trade with Binbot Pro?

In our opinion, the answer is yes. Binbot Pro is a high-yield, auto-trading bot that allows clients to take a slice off the forex market. The bots are built on deep neural algorithms, and clients can set their own rules. Its Proprietary platform is fast and easy to navigate, and returns are high. Binbot Pro integrates three different brokers that have longstanding positive reviews and credibility in the industry. Clients can leverage the bots for trading, or set their own rules and parameters to ensure that the clients go as they prefer. Account registration, funds deposit, and withdrawals are fast, easy, and seamless. Account managers are available to every client, and there is live chat support that runs all day.

BinBot Pro Review

We’re all looking for ways to make more money, right? And trading is an ever-growing industry to involve yourself in to try and do this. Many people may find that trading is a little bit confusing at first sight. And, for sure, it can definitely prove to be with the numerous different assets, the candle graphs, the movements of the markets and everything else. It’s not one of the most convincing things to join in with from its outward appearance. While there are professional traders who have years of knowledge behind them, there are still novices who are becoming accustomed to how trading works. That’s why several tools have been created and brought to the forefront for traders to utilise in their trading journey.

One of the methods of trading that is quite popular today is binary options. But even though this particular method is considered to be the easiest to learn, it’s still got a complicated initial outlook. And you also need to have a certain degree of experience with binary options in order to really work with them to the best of your advantages. The general idea behind trading in such a way is that you’re predicting how an asset or assets will move. Of course, it’s easy to simply say, “That asset will move up”. However, it’s important to also do some kind of market analysis to actually put some reasoning behind your decisions. And this is where things become a bit more difficult. That’s where BinBot Pro comes into play.

What is BinBot Pro?

BinBot Pro is basically a collection of robots that are designed to earn money for you on binary options trading platforms. Or at least, that’s the simple explanation of it. Trading robots are not particularly rare, of course. It seems as though there’s a new one launched at least once a week. However, it is important to check these bots out before trading with them fully. After all, some of them can be riddled with risks and problems that can turn your trades into disasters.

As far as the first look at BinBot Pro goes, it certainly appears to be genuine and professionally made. This much is visible from the software’s website. Of course, looks can sometimes be deceiving, which is why we also want to utilise the robot ourselves to discover all about it. Therefore, if you’re looking to involve yourself in binary options trading with a robot, perhaps this one will be of interest to you. According to the robot’s website, “With only 3 easy steps you will get access to [the] Ultimate Money Making Machine!”. And while this is quite a bold statement to make, we’re curious to find out if this is actually possible with BinBot Pro.

BinBot Sign-Up Process

To use the BinBot Pro robot, you will need to go through the three steps that we briefly touched upon before. First of all, you need to go through Pass Free Registration. The robot connects itself to what it considers the best binary options brokers, and there are currently three of these for you to choose from. They are:

  • BinaryCent, with $0.01 minimum investments
  • BinaryMate, with $1 minimum investments
  • FinRally, with $1 minimum investments

Upon clicking on the ‘Registration’ button, there is a requirement for you to choose which of these brokers you would like to utilise for your trades. Additionally, the registration form asks that you enter your first name, last name, telephone number, account currency (US dollars, Euros, Bitcoins or Litecoins), email address and a password. Following on from the sign-up process, you will be taken to your chosen binary options platform. There, you need to make a deposit into your account. Each of the brokers has a minimum deposit amount of $250 that you must invest into your account. However, there aren’t any additional fees or items to buy. The trading robot will then go to work for you, automatically placing trades on the market movements. It does this by basing itself on a pre-determined level of income that you’d like to receive. The website even claims to potentially double or triple your deposit in a single day.

Is BinBot Pro a Scam?

There are several things that we look at when it comes to trading robots. We have reviewed such before as part of eToro tips and ZuluTrade tips, so it’s not so different for a binary options trading robot. These areas will frequently give us hints that there’s scam-like behaviour occurring. First of all, if a bot is genuine, it will always show the supported brokers that it works with. Several scam robots that we have seen before tend to hide the brokers from your knowledge. They do this until you make your initial deposit, only revealing such to you afterwards. That’s why it’s great to see that BinBot advertises them prior to registration. The three brokers that BinBot Pro works with are all highly regarded platforms as well. And this further boosts the esteem of this particular trading robot.

One of the other big areas that we look into, is the trades that a robot is able to place. And while BinBot Pro is short on the variety of assets that it provides, there is a reason for this. The software has the aim of focusing on quality of trades and processes, rather than quantity. There are eight currency pairs that are available to trade on, including EUR/AUD, EUR/USD and USD/CAD. Of course, there is the potential for this to expand in the future. However, currency pairs are the most popular types of binary options trades. Therefore, it’s working with solidifying the ability to place potentially high-winning trades on the most popular assets. Furthermore, trading in currency pairs is a lot clearer to do than other assets. Currency rates can easily be verified, meaning that there is little to no room for manipulations to occur from the broker’s side.

This being the case, the only thing that you need to do is set the auto-trading robot to work and watch as it places trades. Naturally, you shouldn’t expect to receive a 100%-win return rate. This is not something that even the most professional of traders can achieve. However, you’ll be able to see your account balance reflect the winning trades and the losing trades instantly. And therefore, you can react in the way that you think is most plausible. Either by allowing the robot to continue trading for you, or to stop it for the day and return at a later point, perhaps. The fact that you have these options also ensures that BinBot Pro is not a scam. Several robots spend all of their time trading investors’ money, even when they’re not at a computer or logged in to a platform. Of course, you can leave BinBot to do this too, if you like. However, you also have the option to stop it, which is the key difference.

How Do I Use BinBot and Can I Make Money with It?

There’s definitely a potential to make money with this trading robot, yes. We’re not saying that it will instantly boost your cash balance to make you an overnight millionaire. However, when you use it as an assisting trade tool, it can help you to be quite profitable. Once you complete your registration, you’ll be taken to a page where you have the chance to customise your trading settings. This includes the broker selection, funding of your account and the trading robot selection. While you can leave the majority of these features alone, you do have the chance to select a specific robot to trade for you. There are several of these within the BinBot Pro software, including Bullish Intervention, Bolly Band Bounce and xProfit. All of them have different profit generations to them. However, BinBot Pro is actually built in such a way that the maximum tasks are done via the trading platform. The funding of your account and the simpler tasks are left up to you. Each of the different robots have a demo show for you to watch and witness. And it really gives you an insight into how they each work and trade.

That being said, there will no doubt be traders of both experienced and novice levels who are against using such robots. And really, it’s understandable. Auto-trading has unfortunately been plagued with negative publicity, thanks to the multiple scam softwares that have been made available. These have unceremoniously invaded the binary options trading market, promising to make thousands upon thousands of dollars for traders. In the process, these scam robots have seen people lose masses of money. And that’s why auto-trading bots have been given a bad name.

Of course, when you utilise a reliable and genuine robot like BinBot Pro, you’ll see how effective they can be. Auto-trading systems have opened the binary options trading market (as well as other forms of trading) to many people. Previously, trading would only be done by those with enough experience to really understand what they were doing and why. However, bots do tend to simplify things, and therefore investors with less experience can get in on the action. As we said before, it’s not plausible to expect a robot to generate millions of dollars for you. Instead, if you put your trust in it, it can help to improve your trading experience.

Support Options for BinBot Pro

The good thing about this software, is that it instantly provides you with an account manager. The system itself is web-based, so you don’t need to install anything onto your computer to use it. So really, should any issues occur with it, it’s down to the actual software itself and not your computer or operating system. The account manager that we spoke of is available to chat with, so if you have any queries about using BinBot Pro, they are there. Fortunately, this account manager is well-versed in the robots. In that instance, they can generally provide any support that you may need along the way. Therefore, you can always expect to have help on hand if you think something has gone wrong, or if you need help with setting up your BinBot trading account, for example.

So, is BinBot Pro a Scam or Not?

From our own experience, as well as the experience of many other traders, we can categorically say that this software is not a scam. Everything is transparent to see and use with BinBot Pro. It’s clear to see that nothing is being hidden. The website doesn’t promise to make you a millionaire. It doesn’t promise that you’ll be raking in the money. It simply offers up a solution for traders of all varieties to make their trading life somewhat easier. After all, if you can set a robot off doing technical analysis of the markets and trading for you, why not?

Additionally, the BinBot Pro program doesn’t overwhelm you with a plethora of assets for the bot to trade on. It sticks to the most popular and easy-to-verify currency pairs. Therefore, there’s little chance of any kind of robot manipulation going on. And when it’s all said and done, you get to customise and work with the sections that are most important. Funding your account. Selecting the broker that you want to use. And choosing which of the multiple robots you would like to potentially put to use trading for you. Overall, BinBot Pro presents a truly appealing and noteworthy piece of software for traders to use and benefit from.

BinBot Pro Review

Are you looking for a way to win big? Well, many would have you believe that Binbot Pro is the answer. It is an automated binary options trading robot designed to trade for you. The automated robot uses three binary options brokers known as BinaryCent, VideForex and RaceOption. In addition, it trades all major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin to mention the least.  The automated software has gained popularity due to its simple features and the way that it’s advertised to make the process easier for traders.

While some people think the Binbot pro is a scam, the verdict is still out. Generally, it’s my opinion that every binary options robot is a scam. There are just too many client reviews for this type of product that lead me to believe that.

The review will cover many different aspects of the software, but don’t consider this a recommendation in any way. If you are interested in trading, you should rely on manual trading, or proven binary options software programs, that have real strategies.

Binbot Pro Robots

As mentioned earlier, the automated trading software uses robots to trade. Well, it has three types of robots and each type of robot requires a different minimum deposit. There is a gold robot also known as Neuroscanner and it requires a minimum deposit of $3,000. The silver robots are called Bolly Band and Bullish intervention. It requires a minimum of $1,000, while the bronze robots also are known as strong US v2; Bladerunner and Rising East require $250 minimum deposit.

These robots are changed and modified frequently. In 2019, they’ve added the Crypto ADX 2.0, RSIMIA cross, xProfit and many others. All of which they claim have profits of over 200%.

Binbot Pro Brokers

 The software uses thre brokers namely Binary Cent, VideForex and Raceoption. The reputations of these brokers are not overly favorable, outside of Binary Cent which I’ve had good experiences with.

Getting Started

For one to become a trade member of the Binbot robot, it
requires a few simple procedures as follows:

  • You will fill a form with your personal details on the Binbot robot webpage. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address.
  • Choose a reliable broker and robots from the vast display on the webpage
  • The final step involves depositing of cash depending on the type of robot you choose. For instance, if you choose bronze robots, you will deposit a minimum of $250.

Don’t be fooled though, just because it’s seamless to start, doesn’t mean that it’s a viable investment.

Binbot Features

  • The registration process is easy.
  • There is a free Binbot demo. Therefore, you can try it first and see if it works as per your expectations.
  • The automated software can trade on major cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum among others.
  • As a new trader of Binbot pro, you can customize the software to suit your every need.
  • The software has an excellent customer care support, and it has a 24/7 support system. 
  • It offers a low-risk management since you can choose different specifications that suit your needs.
  • The best thing with the Binbot pro is that you can use the software on your mobile phone. The software is programmed to support various operating systems. 

There are many clients and traders in the binary options market saying that the demo account is unrealistic, and does not translate to live results.

Support System                                     

The support system of Binbot pro is adequate.  Every new trader is allocated an account manager who is available 24/7. You will be able to chat online and get an instant feedback to your queries.  Therefore, you will never get stuck if you participate in Binbot pro.

Always be careful with account managers in binary options, as they will frequently try to pry money from your hands.


Since the establishment of the Binbot Pro in 2016, the software has gained popularity. It has expanded greatly after gaining fame in the financial sector. It has earned the company several awards such as best binary robot for the year 2016, IFX EXPO ASIA AWARD 2016 not forgetting the Tech Finance Journal Award 2015.

None of these awards are verified, nor from trusted, proven sources. They are likely false advertising.

Binbot Pro Supports
Various Operating Systems

The automated trading software supports various operating
systems to suit the needs of the traders. For instance, a trader who is always
on the move can use the Binbot pro services on their mobile phones. Hence,
there is no need to download the app. The other operating systems it supports
include, windows, iOS to mention the least. Therefore, you can access Binbot
pro on your desktop or even tablets.

Conclusion – Scam or Not?

I have very little faith in the BinBot Pro software. It’s my experience that fully automated tools in the binary options market are shady and illegitimate. The systems come across as too clean, with easy hands free access to windfall account gains.

The entire market comes across like a get rich quick scheme. There is never any real explanation as to how the strategies work, and why they work. Everything is glossed over, and promoted to the market in shiny paper, but what’s underneath that paper, will likely leave you disappointed.

Be very careful with automated binary options products, as they aren’t all what they are made out to be.

BinBot Pro Review – A Trading Bot Specializing in Binary Options

Focusing on the binary options sector, BinBot Pro is forex trading bot that has some interesting tools and features. Are you thinking of giving BinBot Pro a try? Before you try this trading bot, read our thorough review of BinBot Pro and see how they compare.

About BinBot Pro

BinBot Pro has been in operation since 2016. They are focused on the provision of an auto trading bot, although unlike many of the forex tools and trading bots we have previously reviewed, Binbot is focused primarily on integration within the binary options sector. 

This means that in order to utilize the auto-trading system provided, you must register an account with one of the systems three binary options broker partners. 

BinBot Pro Features

As experts in the field of trading, we know the type of features which are necessary within any broker, trading platform or tool to make your life as a trader easier and potentially more profitable. 

These are the features which we have found during our BinBot Pro review which we believe you may find useful: 

Broker Integration 

The BinBot Pro platform has a working relationship with three major brokers in the binary options trading field. BinaryCent, VideForex, and RaceOption. 

All three of these brokers have a positive and relatively longstanding reputation in the field, and being aligned with BinBot Pro lends positively in favor of their credibility given the mainly positive reviews the service has garnered to date. 

This level of integration means that you can seamlessly begin utilizing the services of the auto-trading tool once you have registered your broker account or vice versa. 

Free and Easily Accessible Registration 

A major plus of BinBot Pro is the fact that you can try it out for free, at least on a demo basis with some of the robots the company offers. 

The process from registration to starting out robot trading demo was less than a few minutes and just required some of our most basic personal information. This level of convenience is very valuable when you are trying to engage a product which will hopefully save you time and increase your bottom line simultaneously.

Easy to Navigate User Interface with Extensive Visuals

Usability is always a key point when it comes to forex trading bots and forex tools in general. This is made very easy by the highly visual style incorporated within the BinBot Pro system. These visuals together with a very clear and easy to navigate layout from all of the robots, mean you can quickly pinpoint and adjust your positions accordingly. 

More than that, this positive user-experience makes it simple to follow your trading positions and know when they are effectively engaged. 

Having this focused and understandable layout is a definite positive for BinBot Pro as the complexity of some forex robots and auto trading platform layouts can be a barrier for many traders who may otherwise wish to engage an auto trading service.

BinBot Pro Pricing and Availability

The service is free and fast if you are looking to try a demo bot. If you wish to begin real trading then this is also a fast process to get started, all you need to do is begin with the minimum deposit required at one of the partner brokers for BinBot Pro. These are all currently standing at a $250 minimum deposit amount. 

Once this is deposited though, you can put the robot straight to work. There are no additional fees on the side of BinBot Pro. 

The Claim

BinBot Pro does not focus on making any extravagant claims at all about the performance of the robot. In fact, this can be viewed as a significant positive point and reinforce the confidence with which the company themselves have shown in the service, 

The only claims which are made on the company website and throughout, are that this auto trading bot can be integrated to your trading life with great ease through an easy step by step process. This is a point which we found to be very true through the fast and easy signup process. 

Ultimately, the BinBot Pro auto trader does not over-promise in any way, yet it does still manage to deliver a fast, effective service that many traders have received positively. 

The Results

The results from our review perspective are difficult to gauge, if only due to the fact that the demo period of the tools lasts for a very short time. 

Taking on board the feedback of other traders though since the product was launched in 2016, and that of countless other review teams in the industry, the general consensus would be positive on the results produced by BinBot Pro. 

Like all forms of trading and any trading strategy of top forex brokers like we have reviewed, trading comes with an inherent risk. This is particularly true of binary trading. This is not something though that the team at BinBot seek to dismiss, and this is an important point that shows a lot about the levels of transparency with which the operation is run. 

Is BinBot Pro Trustworthy?

The BinBot Pro support team is available and fast to respond to any queries which you may have. The support channels available cover a range of mediums which include email contact, web-based live chat, and the ability to engage across various social media platforms. 

The responses which our team received were always presented in a knowledgeable and timely fashion. 

Who Should Choose BinBot Pro?

Despite the easy to use design, it remains a fact that engaging an auto trading bot is probably not ideal for first-time traders. With that said though, the barrier to entry for using BinBot Pro would appear to be significantly lower than other services thanks to its intuitive, user-friendly nature. 

Ideally, those using this type of service would have at least intermediate trading knowledge and a large enough portfolio to try more than one of the available robots on the platform to engage different levels of risk and return on investment. 

Final Thoughts on BinBot Pro

After a few years of operation, we can conclude a number of points about the BinBot Pro service. 

Firstly, their reputation so far is one of trust and transparency among traders who have experienced the service, This is the first and most important criteria when choosing any type of trading service. 

BinBot Pro is both well laid out and very easy to use, Getting started could not be easier, and all of these factors have likely combined to drive the popularity of the tool up in recent years, 

If the company continues to focus on usability and a transparent operating model as they have done, there is no reason why they cannot continue to grow further in the binary options trading sector and beyond.


  • Operating in a transparent fashion and building trust within the industry. 
  • Good broker integration and an excellent mix of assets traded by the preset robots, along with the ability to set your own parameters.
  • No fees besides the minimum deposit of $250 required to begin trading. 


  • The period of the demo bot is very short at just 60 seconds.
  • Broker integration could be increased to more than three.