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Bitcoin Code Reviews 2021

Bitcoin Code Review – Is it Scam or Legit?

Bitcoin Code is an automated crypto trading software which claims to be making financial investor money by buying and selling bitcoin and other financial instriments at the right time .

The crypto software for Bitcoin Code was created by Steve McKay to help investors from around the world earn more profit by using this free auto trading platform.

In this trading sfotware review, our team writing about the experience of auto trading, and we have had with the Bitcoin Code used extensively and the

Conclusion: We have tested the platform and believe it is 100% legit!

Bitcoin code revolutionise the way of trading bitcoin, and the greatest breakthrough in the bitcoin industry. This crypto trading software is equipped with powerful machine learning base algorithm to automate the execution of bitcoin trade. This is an exciting time to write a bitcoin code review where the Bitcoin price is about to explode. You must have read the number of bitcoin code software reviews over many review sites.

The bitcoin code phenomenal crypto trading software was initially developed by well-known Wall-Street quantum programmer. Since its inception, this software has managed to maintain marvelous success rate of 99.4%, which opens the door for an investors to compound their initial investment within a very short interval of time.

It was an immense pleasure for me to write a review about Bitcoin Code software. This crypto trading software was already examined and thoroughly checked by too many crypto investors, and the results are quite fascinating.

The first question comes to everyone’s mind that – is bitcoin code is real or legit?

Well, to be honest, the bitcoin code is real and legit to start with.

The next question comes to mind is can I make money from bitcoin code?

Again, the answer is yes, only if you keep an eye on market conditions and let the bitcoin code app take the smart trading decisions.

In this brief review about this astonishing crypto trading software Bitcoin Code, I’ll be writing about the experience of too many crypto investors who have earned enormous amount of money through trading bitcoin through

I asked too many users of Bitcoin Code and they told me that there were earning as high as $14,000 daily, highest earning potential of this crypto trading app is legitimate and safe for all use. The reason that this crypto trading app is capable to provide the highest return to its users is because of its software automated bitcoin mining algorithm.

Bitcoin Code bitcoin trading software makes trading bitcoin accessible to newbies and experts crypto traders across the globe. Almost all the users of Bitcoin code crypto trading software are those peoples who are seeking financial independence in their lives through passive income from bitcoin and for trading bitcoin they need powerful trading software that must be equipped with sophisticated algorithm.

When you sign up for Bitcoin Code, and become the member of this astonishing crypto trading platform you’ll be able to leverage artificial intelligence and predictive analysis based crypto trading robot who is efficacious in buying BTC at lower and sell that BTC at higher prices.

Brief Introduction of Bitcoin Code Crypto Trading Software

Bitcoin Code is presumably the best software to facilitate the execution of bitcoin trade because everyone wants to earn highest returns from BTC, and for compounding their investment in bitcoin they need software that will assist them in achieving their goals.

Artificial Intelligence based algorithm of this crypto trading software Bitcoin Code has the capability to precisely predict the excessive volatile crypto market. Owing to this capability, bitcoin code allows the user to buy bitcoin when prices are consistently falling and sell them when prices go up.

My first experience with bitcoin was quite unprecedented. I was really astonished by the earning potential of this software and extremely easy sign up process. I strongly recommend all the crypto traders that there is no better time than today to make most of this phenomenal crypto trading app.

Bitcoin code is equipped with sharing system that divides the profit earn from bitcoin to both user and system according to specific proportion. For incentivizing newbies, this crypto trading software perform the regular evaluation of their performance and activity on bitcoin code crypto trading platform.

Authenticity of Bitcoin Code

Before moving a bit further, I would like to address the most frequently asked questions by too many crypto traders and peoples. Is Bitcoin Code legit or scam?

I had heard from too many peoples who were the member of this platform before that they won’t manage to gain expected results from this software. I saw the reviews of too many peoples declaring this software as totally scam; nevertheless, all of these allegations doesn’t carry conviction. I can guarantee Bitcoin code is 100% legit crypto trading software. All the rumors against its authenticity are totally baseless.

Many crypto traders have already conducted a test to test the authenticity of bitcoin code, and they have spent their time and resources to thoroughly examine the authenticity of this software. The results which are obtained as a results are quite impressing.

In-Depth Analysis of Bitcoin Code

According to Investopedia, a well-known blog for investment.

“Automated trading robots are automated trading software program that helps the trader determine whether to buy or sell asset at any given point in time”

If you know about the crypto trading robots, you might be aware of the fact that bitcoin code is by far the best and most precise of them all. This software has managed to earn its reputation by helping too many peoples in earning enormous amount of money in a very short interval of time.

The software is backed by powerful artificial intelligence and predictive analysis based algorithm that makes it able to predict the crypto market with the highest level of accuracy and precision.

The algorithm of bitcoin code is capable enough to perform bitcoin trade hundreds of times per second and it would be quite unbelievable to many peoples that this crypto trading software is 0.1 times ahead of the market. This peculiar feature of bitcoin code makes it possible to leverage the rise and fall in crypto trading market.

Cumulatively, bitcoin code is by far the best crypto trading platform that allows an individual to earn the highest amount of profits and withdraw their earning from anywhere in the world. I can go on a vacation and use the funds earned through bitcoin code to finance my all expenses and have a lot of fun with my family.

For utilizing the true potential of bitcoin code, all you need to do is to sign up for an account and deposit initial investment. For the sake of convenience of my readers, I’ve listed the complete sign up process.

Signing Up for Bitcoin Code Account

Anyone who wants to become the member of Bitcoin code crypto trading platform can simply follow this step by step procedure.

Step 1: Complete the Registration Form

Anyone who is interested in bitcoin code platform can easily create its account without spending any money. For completing the signup process, first you need to complete the registration form by filling the personal details such as user’s name, email address, and phone number. As you’ve completed the registration process, you’ll receive confirmation process.

In this way you can create a bitcoin code account without spending any money.

Step 2; Initial Deposit

After verifying the confirmation email, you’ll be assign a broker. After the completion of this step, you are required to deposit an initial investment.

Step 3: Depositing an Initial Investment

Bitcoin code allows you to deposit initial amount via numerous transactions methods:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Geo Trust
  • PCI

Minimum threshold for initial investment is $250; however, you can deposit up to $15,000 as an initial deposit, but it is generally regarded as a good practice to start with small as new investor. If you become familiarize with the system of this crypto trading platform, your next investment can be little bit higher than the initial investment.

Step 4: Select Auto Trading

After depositing initial investment, you were prompted to select between manual trading and auto trading, it is strongly recommended to opt auto trading because manual trading is not feasible for novice traders. Bitcoin code crypto trading software also allows you to select other crypto currencies other than BTC such as Litecoin LTC, Ethereum ETH, and Ripple XRP.

If you are new to this platform, you can also select demo trading in order to properly understand the whole system of bitcoin trading. The demo system pretty much resembles the actual trading, but it doesn’t require initial deposit to start.

My perspective is demo trading is the best idea; it allows new people to familiarize themselves with the whole system of bitcoin code crypto trading process so they can finish their skepticism before investing their money into this platform.

Creator of Bitcoin Code

Bitcoin code was initially developed by a well-versed software developer Steve McKay, who is also an entrepreneur. Soon after its creation, this software has managed to earn a profit of $18,848,931.77 within the span of six months. The initial beneficiaries of this software has managed to earn more than the venture capitalist of the Facebook, Uber, or Airbnb.

The algorithm that powered bitcoin code pretty much resembles the algorithm behind an equity market to predict market sentiments. McKay developed a software that is capable enough to predict the booms and bursts in the excessive volatile crypto market.

What Makes Bitcoin Code So Much Special

Bitcoin code possesses some significant features that makes it set apart from other crypto trading software.

Ease of Withdrawal

Traders who are the members of bitcoin code can withdraw their funds easily. This feature of bitcoin code allows user to close transactions at any time and withdraw their funds. The results of previous trade clearly demonstrates that an average trader can earn $1,500 to $3,000 daily.

Fast and Easy Verification Process

Unlike other crypto trading platforms, verification process of bitcoin code is extremely fast and not as much complicated as others. For completing the sing up process of bitcoin code, all you need to do is to enter your personal details. After completion of the registration process, verification email with an activation link was sent to a user to activate account.

Ease of Funds Withdrawal

Users who have managed to earn huge returns and are satisfied with the profits they can easily withdraw their funds at any time; the portal of funds withdrawal is available any time. As a newbie at this platform, you do not need to contact customer support for assistance in case of withdrawing your funds.

No Hidden Charges

The charges which bitcoin code imposed on their users can be easily understand. All the profits which the user earn through trading bitcoin will be divided into two parts 13% of the profit will be deducted by the bitcoin code software, and the rest of the profit is available to withdrawal for user at any time.

User Appreciation

There are many videos of happy users of this crypto trading platform that clearly demonstrates the highest level of their satisfaction with this platform. All the users who have used it before strongly recommend other to start with small.

24/7 Customer Support

Bitcoin code customer support representative is available 24/7 to address the queries of their users. Customer support feature of bitcoin code is extremely fast and reliable. Personally, I would like to say that no one will ever need to contact customer support because everything is pretty much self-explanatory at this platform.

Why You Should Join the BitcoinCode

The Bitcoin Code website promises quick and easy enrichment thanks to bitcoins. But does Bitcoin Code really work? Is it possible to get rich in a few weeks thanks to Bitcoin Code? This article contains a review of the Bitcoin Code as well as the opinions of those who have tried to use this system to get rich quick.

We all have a dream of living a high life of financial freedom, where one doesn’t have to be worried about making ends meet, paying for a vacation or how we will put our kids through college.

However, when thinking of it all of these fancy dreams need one plain simple thing is called – money!

Moving forward, Now if you look and search online, many people will make promises regarding how you can get rich quickly but in reality, if you really want to make really good money, then signing up to the Bitcoin Code is the first step you should take. As a new powerful automated trading app, you too can make money trading Bitcoin online and other cryptocurrencies.

Aren’t you tired of hearing how other people have become millionaires from trading Bitcoin?

How Does The Bitcoin Code App Operate?

The Bitcoin Code System has both manual and automated modes. If you are a Bitcoin investor and you can mine Bitcoin on your own, you are free to implement your personal and/or acquired strategies. What you need to do is dependent totally on this software’s autopilot and well-designed algorithm.

One of the most vital aspects of any trading program is its inner workings.

How does it actually work to generate an income?

What trading methodologies are being followed?

And what trading strategies are put in place?

What do the underlying and overlaying algorithms do? These are all crucial questions that we need answers if we are expected to invest any amount of money with Bitcoin Code software. Yet, the unfortunate reality is that we are never offered even a half-decent or semi-coherent explanation for any of those aforementioned questions!

During the lackluster presentation video, we are constantly told that this trading platform has the power to make us very rich in a very limited amount of time. We keep seeing testimonials and reviews from people who have supposedly made it big using this program. However, what is really lacking here is our understanding of how the Bitcoin Code app works. Now, this is through no fault of ours, as we are experts in this field and have been doing it for a very long time. The fault lies with the phony bologna creators of this ridiculous software.

The reason why we are never told what it does, what algorithms are being used, and what strategies and methods are in place, is because there are none. It is our expert and experienced opinion that this software never truly makes trades at all, which is why we are never informed of how it works because it doesn’t. We are simply told that it works well and it works fast, whatever that is supposed to mean. The only goal of these crooks is to get you to deposit money into your trading account, at which point it gets drained instantly and you are left with nothing at all.

The Bitcoin Code App- Who are the Real Founders and Directors?

Back in 2011, a young, bright and enthusiastic junior trader by the name Steve McKay joined a top Wall Street investment bank. Steve was tasked with uncovering new technologies that would ultimately disrupt the world and present massive profit-generating potential. Steve’s passion for technology and love for programming and trading eventually led him to cryptocurrencies. Immediately, Steve saw how virtual currencies, like Bitcoin, would change the world.

Steve spent day and night understanding the technology, how it worked and how to trade cryptos. Finally, he presented his ideas to the management board and they too, immediately saw that the crypto revolution was coming. With this positive feedback, they sent Steve back to the drawing board, but now they wanted him to build an automated piece of software that could identify crypto trading opportunities and detect precisely when to execute trades to maximize profits.

Steve set to work, but the challenge was just beginning because, in order to build a system that would be able to trade cryptocurrencies with accuracy, he would need huge volumes of historical trading data, which clearly didn’t exist yet. For the next 2 years, Steve spent every waking hour trading Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies, recording ever trade and analyzing it. At Steve collected more and more data, his knowledge and experience grew literally by the day and he started to see the patterns and began developing algorithms and strategies that he continued testing and refining. Despite his extreme success, Steve still was not satisfied. He turned to the dealing desk and selected 20 of the most seasoned professional traders from his firm to test his new piece of software.

How to Get Started with The BitCoin Code System?

One cool thing about this system is that its registration process is simple and straightforward similar to that of the most online trading tool. Additionally, users don’t need specific skills to register. Users just need to fill their best details into the signup form and wait for email confirmations.

Inside the confirmation email is a link to a user guide that introduces new signups to their trading account. New users will have to fund the trading account and the investment robot will start to generate profits for them.

To sign up for the BitCoin Code Software, follow the steps below:

  1. Register Free

  2. Open your trading account and fund it

  3. Wait for your profit and withdraw it

What does the Bitcoin Code offer:

Steve, the Bitcoin Code developer describes an exciting and incredible tale about how the next generation of millionaires will be the ones riding on the bitcoin wave. It sounds too good to be true. I have to say, that his story is quite good. He goes through great measures to persuade you of this, using professional actors and producing bogus testimonials about how much cash they are making using only the Bitcoin Code software. Becoming rich with a push of a button. There is nothing even remotely related to the Bitcoin world, or probably any world at all. Feeling a lottery ticket might be the closest to what Steve describes.

A lot of Celebrities Has Endorsed Bitcoin Code – is that true?

bitcoin code builds by Elon Musk – There were quite a few rumors about Elon Musk and BTC invested in Bitcoins, but Elon Musk himself denied that he owns only a very little BTC. Elon Musk did not create Bitcoin Code software. it’s known as Steve McKay bitcoin code.

Who is Steve McKay?

The handsome guy whose photo you see in the video introduces himself as Steve McKay. He is the so-called CEO and founder of the Bitcoin trading Code App. Don’t fall for the charming face of this guy. Behind that face, the scammers intend to hide all their crooked actions and conspiracies. The niceties just don’t stop at his face, this guy is giving away free memberships to his bitcoin App too! Steve Mckay has reportedly made $100 million through his bitcoin code software.

Bitcoin Code User Testimonials

“BitCoin Code software has proven to be superb cryptocurrency robot software. I was skeptical about the Bitcoin robot code stuff until I opened my robot trading account. Sincerely, BTC Code has always been generating about $1,000 per day and this gets higher sometimes. So this tool has my highest recommendation!”

“The BitCoin Code auto trading software has my total recommendation. The performance of this online trading tool supersedes other tools I have used in the past. This tool accumulates high earnings for me every day. You need no skills or experience about cryptocurrencies or investments—this software will do everything for you!”

Amazing. I decided to risk exactly 0.05 bitcoin this morning on this automated code app scheme after viewing video and I got paid double in about 5 hours. I invest in these schemes all the time, sometimes I loose sometimes I win. That is part of these investments.


Bitcoin code is the greatest breakthrough in the crypto trading industry because it allows investors to earn huge amount of profits. This software also leverages artificial intelligence based algorithm to predict the booms and bursts in the crypto trading industry.

Despite too many rumors about the credibility of bitcoin code, it has managed to make too many millionaires within a span of very short interval of time. All of the millionaires of this platform starts with a minimum deposit of $250, and has managed to earn huge returns. Are you ready to join this phenomenal crypto trading Software. Just try it now!

So it was all about the Bitcoin bot review. There is no shortcut to make money or to succeed in life. The scams all rely on the tendency of people to earn money without any skill or hard work. BitCoinCode System is a tested and proven 100% reliable and legit online trading tool. The tool can be used by beginner and sophisticated investors to do successful and profitable online financial operations. The response of users to this cryptocurrency robot has been wonderful and the reviews received so far have been professional. It handles all trading operations for end-users, and they don’t have concerns or worries because it is in compliance with the toughest SSL standards.

The Bitcoin Code Review – All You Need To Know

The Bitcoin Code is revolutionary Bitcoin trading software that uses advanced algorithms to trade the digital currency automatically, as well as manually. Automated trading strategies have always been the future of trading, as they help eliminate the subjective bias associated with human trading.

  • The Bitcoin Code was developed by Steve Mckay, a former Wall Street quantum programmer, to trade Bitcoins.

Since its creation, the software has managed to sustain an impressive success rate of 99.4%, which means that investors have the unique opportunity of greatly enhancing their trading activity and enjoying massive profits within a quick turnaround time.

The Bitcoin Code is revolutionary Bitcoin trading software that uses advanced algorithms to trade the digital currency automatically, as well as manually. Automated trading strategies have always been the future of trading, as they help eliminate the subjective bias associated with human trading.

Is Bitcoin Code a Scam?

There is always controversy surrounding trading software that boasts a high success rate. To start with, developers do not reveal the exact trading strategies employed. The logic for keeping the strategies and exact algorithms secret is obvious; no developer would want his hard work left vulnerable out there for others to copy illegally.

But Steve has let out a few details about the workings of the Bitcoin Code. The software identifies trading opportunities by employing the advantage of ‘time leap’; that is, Bitcoin Code is ahead of the market by 0.01 seconds. This is a great advantage in the fast-paced world of crypto trading.

Bitcoin Code also manages to exploit its time leap advantage using lightning speed trade execution. All Bitcoin Code trading accounts are automatically connected to Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to ensure that the signals generated are executed in the market in real time. There is no time lapse whatsoever.

Bitcoin Code is also an award-winning trading app, with its latest honor being the UK Trading Association award where it was voted number 1 in the trading software category. There are plenty of scam software around, but Bitcoin Code is clearly a reputable tool, backed by a renowned developer, and used by many traders who have delivered verifiable testimonials.

Trading with the Bitcoin Code

Trading with the Bitcoin Code is simple and straightforward. There are only 3 easy steps to start trading:

  1. Fill out the form on their website

    On the landing page of the Bitcoin Code website, there is a form that requires you to fill out your personal details. This is your request to join the exclusive Bitcoin Code club and to gain access to the proprietary software, which if accepted, automatically opens your trading account and gives you access to the proprietary software for free.

  2. Fund your Account

    With your account now opened, you need to fund it so as to begin trading. Bitcoin Code traders can begin trading with a minimum of $250. Remember that the Bitcoin Code does not charge any fees or commission. Any money you make while trading is yours and you can withdraw it at any time.

  3. Start Profiting.

    Once your account is funded, just click auto-trade and Bitcoin Code will start executing high quality trading systems in your account. Bitcoin Code, on average, generates over 97 trading signals daily, and all these are seamlessly executed in the market in real time. Still, there is an option for manual trading if you wish to place trades on your own.

Boost Your Trading with Bitcoin Code

As is the trend nowadays, when there is new trading software in the market, numerous articles erupt dismissing it as a common scam. But the Bitcoin Code is worth a second look. The software has a distinct strategy edge as well as an optimized execution process that allows it to achieve over 99% success rate in the nascent cryptocurrency world.

  • It is well documented that cryptocurrency has made new millionaires in the last decade, more than in any other industry.
  • Still, the industry remains in its embryonic stages; largely unregulated in many jurisdictions.
  • The Bitcoin Code gives investors the chance to get in on the trading action with minimal risk, but also, with unlimited profit potential.

Even with limited knowledge about cryptos and trading online, the Bitcoin Code gives you the opportunity to implement a near perfect automated strategy in a high growth industry with boundless potentially.

Final Word

The Bitcoin Code is ground-breaking software that offers investors access to unlimited profits that the cryptocurrency world presents. The software tracks all available market data and pricing in real time and, using the proprietary algorithms developed by Steve McKay, it is able to stay ahead of the market and generate super accurate Bitcoin trading signals.
The software also uses artificial intelligence to achieve flexibility;

  • it is able to apply the appropriate trading strategies in different market conditions to ensure its remains profitable, round the clock.
  • The Bitcoin Code also uses a very responsive interface that ensures traders can toggle seamlessly between their desktops and mobile trading devices.

Despite being surrounded by various unfounded allegations, the Bitcoin Code has continued to churn out new verifiable millionaires daily. All of them started out with a minimal $250 deposit and have managed to consistently build massive fortunes for themselves. Are you ready to join the new wave of crypto millionaires?

Bitcoin Code Review: Scam or Legit – Read Before Trading Review

Bitcoin code is an automated cryptocurrency trading system, also referred to as a trading robot. Its purpose is to easily and profitably trade Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, and fiat currencies. The Bitcoin Code interface is meant to be easily accessible to beginners and professional traders alike. It only requires registering, depositing trading funds, and setting the system’s trading rules.

Automated cryptocurrency trading software took the digital market by uproar just several years ago. The market has evolved greatly, from the day the Bitcoin was introduced, through adding other cryptocurrencies, through developing trading software, to advancing to automated trading which hardly requires the users’ interference. At the same time, using automated robots for executing trades raised many questions and different opinions as to the safety, accuracy, success, and reliability of these systems.

We prepared a full review of Bitcoin Code to give you an unbiased opinion. In this detailed analysis, we will explain Bitcoin Code, list its features, pros and cons. By the end of it, you will be able to come to a conclusion if the Bitcoin Code is legit, trustworthy and worth a try – or not. Especially if you are new to the trading scene, make sure you carefully read the entire article from beginning to end, to not miss a thing!

What Is Bitcoin Code?

We started this review by explaining that Bitcoin Code is an automated software that enables investors to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with ease. An important characteristic of Bitcoin Code is that being a trading robot means it can enter and exit trades automatically and autonomously. Although many highly experienced traders would prefer a manual trading method, one that allows them to be fully engaged and involved in the process, it does require knowledge, understanding, and preferably experience, too. So automated trading systems such as Bitcoin Code were meant to provide a solution or improvement on three subjects: The first is to make crypto trading, and mainly profiting from it, accessible to everyone, including first-time traders; The second –  to make the trading easier, simpler, smoother, and – automatic. The third is, of course, making crypto trading more accurate by analyzing and predicting the market changes better and faster, thus maximizing the profit while minimizing the risk.

It is said that the Bitcoin Code was created by Steve McKay, in an effort to provide an easy to operate crypto bot to every aspiring investor. There are a number of sources claiming Bitcoin Code is a scam, which is more of a reason to fully test and analyze it and come to a well-founded conclusion.

Is Bitcoin Code Scam?

While coming across different platforms, you may have come across reviews and advertisements stating that bitcoin trading robots like Bitcoin Code have made them rich. You might also have scrolled through those articles which claim that automated crypto bots are a scam and may result in substantial capital losses.

The more information you go through, the more confused you might get. This is why you should always trust the sources that have made those statements based upon proper tests. 

The following review is based on an analysis performed by us, which concluded in a profit. Bitcoin Code did what it claimed. Although some market risks are always present, this does not mean that we overlook the positive side.

Bitcoin Code Review

You should be reading this Bitcoin Code review whether you are a beginner trader or not. We recommend that you gain some knowledge and understanding of the background of automated trading software before you make your choice.

Crypto bots have evolved with the progress of technology, cryptocurrency, and the crypto trading market. The more popular cryptocurrencies become, the more digital currencies are being introduced and more of them are traded over more transactions. Trading robots are only natural progress to crypto trading. Once digital assets became vastly used, and crypto trading gained popularity, the next step was to make trading accessible to the public, without the need to specialize in that field. The latest technology, being utilized by trading robots such as the Bitcoin Code, makes entering the market and making a profit possible without any prior knowledge or experience.

Getting started with Bitcoin Code

The purpose of Bitcoin Code is to make the trading easy and simple, so that is a concept that runs through every step and every process along the way, from joining the traders’ community by signing up, through making real profits and withdrawing the earnings. 

Bitcoin Code states three stages or steps:

  • Step 1 – Registering to the Bitcoin Code platform on the official website by filling in and submitting the online form.
  • Step 2 – Funding the trading account by making an initial deposit. There is a required standard minimum deposit of $250.
  • Step 3 – Trading and starting to make profits. Using the auto-trade, or as also referred to as hands-free trading, is recommended.

Read further to find out more about each step and process. We will analyze and detail each one separately, so that by the end of this review you will be able to form an opinion of Bitcoin Code and whether it is suitable for your wants and needs.

How to open an account on Bitcoin Code?

Opening an account on Bitcoin Code is easy. There are simple steps to register:

  1. Go on Bitcoin Code official website.
  2. Fill the online registration form. Only basic information and a password are needed. Given that this is a financial account which will contain some personal information and fund, we recommend that you choose a strong password.
  3. Once you are done filling the short registration form, just submit it by clicking the: “Get Access Now!” button. 

That’s it, registration is done. You can get started!

There is no cost to join Bitcoin Code. As most trustworthy platforms, registration is free and there are no hidden charges. There are actually no fees at all, as you are only using your capital for trading and all the profits are yours, there is no commission to be paid. As a general rule of thumb – you should use extra caution when you are coming across trading platforms that require membership, fees, dues, or commissions. This should serve as a warning sign, a red flag if you wish. It is recommended that you read the small letters and refer to reputable sources of information.

How do I start trading with Bitcoin Code account?

Once the registration process is complete, you can move on to trading. In order to do that you would need to make a deposit. The deposit will serve as your trading capital, funding your first trades. 

The deposit can be made by transfer, credit and debit cards, and even e-wallets. We stress again that the deposit is not a payment – it is more like making a deposit into your bank account. The money is yours to fund your trades, and any profits will be accumulated in your account as well.

Deposit amounts can range from $250 – which is the minimum required’ and up to $15,000 at one time. Again, we recommend starting with the required $250 minimum deposit, until you get the hang of things. Trades can usually be entered with a minimum of $25, which allows a good range of trial and testing.

Once the deposit is made, you can move on to set your system’s rules according to your preferences. These include trade amount, daily stop loss, minimum payout, max daily trades, and more. 

At this point, you can also make the selection between manual to automated trading. We advise that you set manual trading only if you have some experience, otherwise, the preferred option is auto trade, which lets the robot do the job. With auto trade, you also need to select the trading size and the profit level.

Apart from Bitcoin, Bitcoin Code can be used to trade other cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. Having diversity and user choice is a definite plus, as it allows you to keep a diverse portfolio, buy and sell your preferred currencies, and also trade according to market trends and shifts.

Bitcoin Code Highlights

Bitcoin Code has many attractive features, however, keep in mind that profits are not always instant or high. There are several reasons for that – it takes some trial and error to figure the best settings which fit your trading preferences; the smaller the investment amount – the smaller the profit. Still, we do recommend that you start small, at least until you are sure of your settings. And last – there are always market volatility and fluctuations, and although the automated software is best equipped to handle the trades in ever-changing market conditions, there is always some risk of loss.

Bitcoin Code is one of the most popular automated bitcoin trading software. Its algorithm detects the market rates 0.01 seconds earlier than the rest, which provides an advantage, and consequently, trades provide considerable profits to its users, with a pretty steady win rate of 99.4%. 

Moreover, the demo account feature, settings customization options, quick carrying out of payouts and withdrawals, and an over-all user-friendly interface, have made thousands of users appreciate the Bitcoin Code software worldwide. 

The purpose of automated trading robots is to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at low prices and sell them at high rates. Using this automated feature means that once you have set the system, you no longer need to do anything but monitor your account and make adjustments, withdrawals, or deposits as you go.

Bitcoin Code Features

Bitcoin Code software boasts of a thousand and more users worldwide. This very fact is enough to prove that this automatic trading robot is not a scam and is undoubtedly an excellent software to choose from. Moreover, the testimonials available for bitcoin Code at different sources also support the fact that it yields high profits.

We have compared Bitcoin Code software to the other crypto bots available on the crypto trading scene to test its performance and features.

Zero fees – So the first thing to look at would be the charges. Many other robots charge some sort of trading fees or have some additional latent fees. But this is not the case with Bitcoin Code. The registration here is absolutely free, and there are no other hidden charges either. 

Approval process – Getting your Bitcoin Code account approved once after registration is a common practice in various firms. However, you do not need to wait for approval at Bitcoin Code as the account is created instantly without any delay.

Convenient interface – A number of cryptocurrency trading robots have a poor interface that renders a lot of users confused. This is why they end up losing a lot of their profits. This is far from being the case with Bitcoin Code. The comfortable and user-friendly interface plays a significant role in providing ease of trading for amateurs and professionals alike. 

Fast withdrawal – If you are already familiar with other crypto bots, you would know that there are times when withdrawals and payouts may take as long as seven to ten days for processing. But at Bitcoin Code, the withdrawals and payouts are processed very quickly and do not take more than 24 hours. However, your bank might take another 2-3 days to confirm the transaction and release the funs into your bank account.

Demo account – On the Bitcoin Code demo account trading feature, one can practice their skills and test while working with different trade settings. With that demo account practice, the user gains some confidence and is also able to make adjustments to the system’s settings.

Mobile app – Bitcoin Code software has a mobile application available, which is not the case with other platforms. Usually, trading software can be accessed through mobiles by having a functional internet connection and a browser. But having a mobile app makes for a good user’s experience and a smooth process.

Success rate – Bitcoin Code has up to 99.4% return, which is the best success rate available for automated trading software.

Minimum deposit – Bitcoin Code allows multiple and versatile deposit methods directly on the trading platform, through a safe and secure connection. The minimum deposit to fund a live account is $250.

Multiple currencies – Other than Bitcoin, and in spite of its name, Bitcoin Code supports additional cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. So you do not have to use Bitcoin for your trading activities.

High earnings – Bitcoin Code reported profits are between $1,500 to $13,000 per day. However, this is not what you should expect to make from day one, and these figures should be taken with a grain of salt.

Users testimonials – Other than the users’ testimonials on the Bitcoin Code official website, there are many video testimonials available online as well. While you should not expect to make as much as others right from the start, it can definitely change lives. As long as it is used properly, your Bitcoin Code investments should turn into profits.

Customer service – Bitcoin Code provides a chat option that enables you to chat with a live customer service representative. This option is available 24/7, and email correspondence is available as well.

Licensed brokers – Bitcoin Code is partnered with several different brokerage firms, which provide the technical and professional support for your bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading.

Pros and Cons of Using Bitcoin Trading Robots

There are many different bitcoin trading robots available, claiming they provide the same features and promise great results. There are distinct advantages to using automated trading systems, but one should be aware of the differences and warning signs as well. 

Some of these red flags are clear to anyone, such as lack of contact information and the minimalism of content on the site. Terms and Conditions should always be present and details of the service should be readily available. Although some may wrongly assume that service that is provided for free is not as reliable as one that involves registration or membership fees – when it comes to trading platforms there should actually be no cost involved, so you should steer clear of websites that require an upfront payment (to not be confused with the deposit). 

Also, make sure you take the time to read and review before you invest and if you have unanswered questions – make contact. This will serve both to show you the level of support and accessibility, and also will provide the technical or general information you need to consider whether it is a good fit for you.

We have listed below the Pros for using an established trading robot such as the Bitcoin Code, and Cons to warn you of things you should consider and be aware of while researching the options on the market so that you could make a well-considered decision. 

Pros / Cons

  • Quick registration.
  • Easy payouts and withdrawals.
  • Well-tested win rate.
  • A demo account can be made.
  • No hidden charges.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Availability of a mobile app.
  • Many robots have hidden fees and leave the trader with little or no profit at the end of trades
  • Market risks can't be done away with.
  • It might be difficult signing up on other websites due to the responsiveness of the website. Also, many trading robots have slow verification process.
  • Some trading robots i.e. Cryptorobot365 do not even have a working platform, or if they do, it has a poor trading interface which can lead to loss of funds.
  • Scam robots block users when they want to withdraw funds.
  • A lot of trading robots available on the internet are scams and thus do not have loyal traders on their platforms.

Is there any other thing I should know about Bitcoin Code?

There are always things you should take into consideration while trading online at Bitcoin Code or any other cryptocurrency trading robot for that matter. Similar to any other trading platform, some level of risk associated with trading is also present with automated bitcoin or cryptocurrency trading platforms. Although the advanced algorithm minimizes the risk and avoids losses, it does not control the market and sometimes, under the right circumstances, a loss may occur. Therefore, we recommend everyone to trade with the minimum amount of investment, which is $250 with Bitcoin Code. This will ensure that you cannot lose more than you can afford to lose, and it also does not place your profits in a dangerous position. Also, if you have been able to make significant profits, then withdrawing at least some at regular intervals is advisable. 


We certainly recommend Bitcoin Code for buying and selling bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. 

We have detailed our findings in this review, covering some important general information in addition to operating the Bitcoin Code and its main features. Apart from the success rate that is certainly legitimate, the software provides an excellent user-friendly interface. Moreover, quick registration, payouts, and withdrawals make each procedure a smooth one.

Although the prospect of trading bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies by automated robots sounds promising, we keep stressing the fact that you should never invest a lot in one go. This is because market changes cannot be fully predicted. 

If you would like to share thoughts, remarks, or experience about Bitcoin Code, your opinion is welcome through the comments below.


🎯 Is Bitcoin Code a Scam?

Bo scam. Based on our tests and review results, Bitcoin Code is not a bitcoin trader scam, but a genuine crypto trading platform, featuring an auto trading robot option, which does indeed provide high win rates and profitable trading.

🎯 Who created the Bitcoin Code?

When you research the internet for Bitcoin Code, you will find many references as to its founder – a software developer named Steve McKay. It is said that Steve McKay claimed the Bitcoin Code platform collects information from all sources at lightning-fast speed and offers significant deals based on the data that is accumulated.

🎯 How is my Bitcoin Code trading account verified?

The software Bitcoin Code has an easy verification system. Once you sign up providing authentic personal information, a valid email address and a contact number, you will receive a verification email and will be able to log into your account. Your bank account can be connected to your trading account for deposits and withdrawals. There is no need to provide proof of ID or utility bills.

🎯 What if I have problems operating the software?

It seems that there is no need to worry in that regard. Bitcoin Code customer support service is available 24/7. They can be contacted via a live chat if you face any issues at any stage of trading.

🎯 What profit can I make with Bitcoin Code bitcoin trading per day?

Bitcoin Code traders have reported earnings ranging from $1,500 and up to $13,000 per day. You have to keep in mind that you might take some losses along the way, but overall, the Bitcoin Code seems to be doing a good job keeping the account profitable. However, these are not guaranteed profits, and actually – profit is not guaranteed. Loss is always an option so you should start trading gradually and trade cautiously.

🎯 Do celebrities support the Bitcoin Code?

If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast, for bitcoin or others, you would unquestionably have come across many rumors saying that Elon Musk is behind Bitcoin Code. It is certainly not true. The fact has been made clear on multiple occasions by Elon Musk himself.

🎯 Was Bitcoin Code featured on TV shows?

You might have come across several advertisements on social media regarding Bitcoin Code, but in fact, it has never appeared or specifically discussed on television as well. 

Bitcoin Code Review


Bitcoin Code can be described as automatic trading software that performs trades with cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin for the traders. Bitcoin Code makes crypto trading more accessible to new users all around the world. Bitcoin Code can be explained as one of the oldest automated trading robots developed by Steve McKay in 2016. It had been said that Bitcoin Code is the most effective Bitcoin robot by bringing the Win rates for every trade performed to 93%; thereby showing that it is the best platform for new and experienced traders.

Bitcoin Code Review – Bitcoin Code trading platform

Features of Bitcoin Code

  • Bitcoin Code is an award-winning trading app and its latest honor is the UK Trading Association has voted it as number 1 in the trading software category. Even though there is plenty of scam software used around the world, yet the Bitcoin Code is succinctly a reputable tool which is supported by a renowned developer. It is used by several traders who had offered verifiable testimonials.

  • Bitcoin code terms are simple; with a minimum deposit of $250, traders can see the automated trading system that makes profits on their behalf. All the earnings can be converted to local currency and can be withdrawn to their local banks in the trader’s country. The minimum value allowed for depositing is $250, while the maximum value for depositing on the platform is $15,000.

  • Also, Bitcoin Code manages to use its time leap advantage by using lightning speed trade execution. Further, all Bitcoin Code trading accounts are systematically connected to Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to make sure that the signals generated by the bot are executed in real-time, ensuring there is no time lapse at any rate.

  • A well-talented software developer and entrepreneur developed the Bitcoin Code automated software. Further, the algorithm used for the Bitcoin Code was created based on actual trends that are common with the cryptocurrencies and stock market. After a comprehensive analysis, McKay instituted a way to fill a defect in the cryptocurrency trading sector.

  • McKay developed exclusive software that can predict and tell the potential trends arising in the global markets. By combining the huge volume of data and the latest technology, he was able to develop a cryptocurrency trading platform with the ability to perform very fast transactions to leverage the steep increment or fall in the cryptocurrency prices.

Bitcoin Code Review – About the Founder, Mr. Steve McKay

  • Besides, the training tools are simple to learn; and several investment robot strategies can bring success to the traders. With the win rate of 99.4 percent, the Bitcoin Code platform stands out as one of the most trusted cryptocurrency trading software available in the market across 150 countries.

  • Bitcoin Code software had become popular because of its sophisticated algorithms that can foresee cryptocurrency market movements and execute profitable trades for the trader automatically. Moreover, the platform’s algorithm can make trades a hundred times per second and is 0.1 seconds ahead of the market. This feature is said to enable the software to make greater returns than by adopting traditional forms of trading.

Comparison of Bitcoin Code with other Robots

Bitcoin Code Other Robots

Registering at Bitcoin Code is hassle-free. It just takes 20 minutes to register.

Few trading platforms ask for a list of forms to be filled before registering an account.

Bitcoin Code has a higher win rate when compared to other robots.

Few robots have poor performance.

The Minimum Initial deposit is $250.

Few robots are not reliable when traders are trying to make deposits

Deposits can be made easily and quickly; the same goes for withdrawals.

Few platforms take a lot of time to deliver the traders money; a long waiting period is involved.

The verification system is fast and secure.

Few Robots have a slow verification system.

Why Bitcoin Code?

Some of the advantages of Bitcoin Code are highlighted below –

  • The trader need not be an expert in handling Bitcoin or computers as a trading platform is very easy to use. Anybody can configure the Bitcoin Code account, and from that point onwards, the robot executes all the work.

  • Bitcoin Code offers excellent dividends to its traders, and it claims that it shares approximately 90% of the money generated to its traders. Having attracted traders globally, the amounts of money generated are truly enormous.

  • The robots on the Bitcoin Code platform are said to be efficient and effective in artificial intelligence; this makes life easier for the traders to trade. Bitcoin Code remarks that what an expert analyst can do in several weeks it can do in a day.

  • As per our Bitcoin Code review, it offers customer service and a demo account for the benefit of its traders. Also, it charges $250 as a minimum deposit to start live trading. The demo account also offers the traders all features of the platform where the traders can gain experience without adding real cash. When they are confident, they can begin trading session in a live account.

Bitcoin Code Review – Why should you Join Bitcoin Code?

Is Bitcoin Code Scam, or can it be Trusted?

  • The Bitcoin Code auto trading platform is intuitive and is extremely easy to use. The traders should be aware that there is a small fee if they decide to withdraw funds through a direct wire transfer; otherwise, it is safe to say that Bitcoin Code seems to be a legit crypto trading interface.

  • The user-friendliness of the software had made it accessible to more traders enabling them around the world to invest their money and earn profits. As per the trading software, the trader only needs to open an account by depositing $250; the user can sit back and watch how the software runs. The traders can watch how the traders are executed, collect their profits, and withdraw them in their local currency to their bank account.

  • One of the most important features is the trader need not know how to use Bitcoin; all the accounts are settled in cash. Several longtime traders are allegedly generating passive income by this method and using them for improving their lifestyle.

Advantages of Bitcoin Code

  • Bitcoin Code is very easy to use; the trader may not be a professional in Bitcoin or computers. Anyone can configure the Bitcoin Code account, and from that point onwards, let the robot perform all the work.

  • A recent report states that Bitcoin Code claims consistent profitability and shares it with the traders, approximately 92 percent of the funds that it generates, which is why it attracts traders all over the world.

  • The robot makes the life of traders easy for them and functions very effectively and quickly. The trader needs to set the conditions and the bot performs all the trades as per the set conditions of the trader.

  • Bitcoin Code offers trading skills like 24×7 customer services and a demo count, which will be useful for the new traders. By offering this, the traders can gain experience until they become experts in crypto trading and benefit from trading. Besides, the minimum deposit accepted by this auto trading platform is just $250.

Bitcoin Code Review – Advantages offered by Bitcoin Code trading platform

Benefits of an Automated Bitcoin Trading Software

Bitcoin Code auto trading robots are used to trade cryptocurrencies, which tops the list of options used by the trader to trade Bitcoins. After the initial deposit of $250, the trader needs to set a few conditions while the robot takes the trader’s place and trade on their behalf to get profits on the trades executed.

  • Bitcoin Code is easy to set up

    In comparison with the information that is found online about the need for special training in programming before starting to trade in Bitcoin, our Bitcoin Code review reveals that it is easy to set up and can be used for trading immediately. The traders do not need to learn any form of programming; all they need is to get started in Bitcoin Code is an active email address, contact information, and a minimum deposit.

  • High Success rate

    The chances of making huge profits are extremely high as the Bitcoin Code platform has been extensively tested for scam, and it makes sure the promises offered by Bitcoin Code are kept. With automated trading tools from Bitcoin Code, the traders can access the vast cryptocurrency market by leveraging the position of the Bitcoin to trade and to make considerable profits.

  • Faster Transactions

    If one wants to get the maximum profits as a Bitcoin trader, it is imperative to perform faster transactions when the prices are favorable. This is one of the major reasons why the automated trading systems offered by Bitcoin Code are very popular among the beginners and the experienced traders. The crypto trading software allows the trader to perform hundreds of transactions in seconds. This is not possible for traders who are not used to automated trading systems.

  • Customer Support

    As per our Bitcoin Code review, the reason why Bitcoin Code is in high demand is because of its online support available 24×7 to the traders. The traders of the Bitcoin Code platform can get help in just a few clicks if they have any problems when they are crypto trading. The round the clock online customer support gives an assurance to the traders the confidence of trading in Bitcoin. Additionally, they also offer demo accounts to new users to practice trading.

Additional Features of the Bitcoin Code

  • Verification Process

    When compared with other crypto trading robots available in the market, Bitcoin Code’s verification process is not complex, and it is very fast. The trader needs to enter the name, email address, and phone number. The next step would be a verification email with a link to activate the new account that is sent to the user’s mail ID. After activating the new account, the next step is to make a minimum deposit and begin trading with the help of the robots.

  • Withdrawal of Funds

    Bitcoin Code offers its traders the option of withdrawing funds daily. This means that the trader can set the auto trading feature to begin trading early in the morning, and by the end of the day, when they are satisfied with their profits can close the transactions and withdraw the funds. On average, any trader can earn from 1500 dollars to 13000 dollars daily.

  • Withdrawal Portal

    Funds from the Bitcoin Code platform can be withdrawn anytime, and the withdrawal portal is available 24 hours daily. Further, the withdrawal process will take a maximum of 3 working days, and if there are any issues, the trader can contact customer support for assistance.

  • Hidden Charges

    Bitcoin Code does not have any hidden charges for its services. Moreover, the charges are clearly described for every user to read and understand. The trader should pay 13 percent of all the profits made on the trading platform. The balance funds are available for withdrawal at any time.

  • Brokers

    After making the account registration and making a minimum deposit, the trader’s account is linked to a broker. The system displays a list of brokers showing different trading times. Further, there is no preference regarding the brokers because all the brokers offer the same profit margin for their customers.

  • Client’s Testimonials

    Bitcoin Code’s Testimonial section offers more insights. Further, several live videos of the users are available that cannot go unnoticed. The testimonial section offers new users the confidence to proceed with trades and to aim for higher profits. Over and above, it is best to start with a small amount for investing as it is mentioned by several people in the testimonial section.

  • Customer Support

    In case of any difficulty or issues, the traders can get quick assistance by contacting the customer support which is very fast and responsive. The customer support system is active 24×7.

Bitcoin Code Review – How to get started on Bitcoin Code trading platform?

Tips for the traders before they start to trade in this platform

Below given are the few tips to help the traders before they start trading on this platform –

    • Research Internet about Automated Trading

      There is vast information available on the internet about automated trading. The traders can find videos and tutorials on YouTube posted by professional traders who had revealed the secrets that have helped them to succeed with the software training tools offered by Bitcoin Code. The traders should learn the strategies that can be applied and start trading to make more profits.

    • Invest wisely

      A bit of caution – it is not advisable for the trader to invest all their savings in trading cryptocurrency. They should invest only their spare amount to build passive income by trading cryptocurrencies.

    • Start with the minimum deposit

      After the account registration process, the trader should add a minimum deposit of $250. If this goes well, the trader can make another additional deposit where the profits from the first trade can be reinvested in the trade. The chances are higher for making more profit when the trader’s investment increases. Starting with the minimum deposit helps the trader to study the trading system before they start investing real money in trading.

    • Withdraw after making a profit

      Also, it is advisable to withdraw a small part of the money after making a profit. They can withdraw around 25% to 75% of the money after every successful trade. Since the cryptocurrency market is prone to volatility, this approach, to a certain extent, protects the trader’s funds and reduces the risk of losing money.

    • Never delay the payments regarding tax

      The trader should never make the mistake of delaying the payments for tax. The trader should have the details about earnings and investment whenever it is necessary. Further, there are several accounting applications available in the market that can help the trader to calculate the tax or they can engage the services of a firm to avoid issues and problems.

    • Demo Account

      Traders who are trading for a long time are quite skeptical when they get acquainted with new automatic trading tools. The demo account offers new and experienced traders to get used to the actual features of the platform for trading without investing their real money. If the traders take advantage of the demo account, invest $250, to begin with, and withdraw their profits as and when they earn, they will be more successful. Bitcoin Code is an innovative platform where several people take time to fully understand the working of the platform.

Is there a mobile app from Bitcoin Code?

  • Bitcoin Code mobile app was launched on Android. It is free to download from Google play store and offers the traders a chance to manage their transactions from any location.
  • Traders of the Bitcoin Code can invest a minimum amount and leave the rest in the hands of robots. The software will automate the trading process across the globe only if there is a stable internet connection.
  • Traders who can trade from their home can also trade from any device or browsers and they don’t have to download any software or an application.

Bitcoin Code review – How to get started with Bitcoin Code App?

How to Sign up an account with Bitcoin Code

Bitcoin Code’s registration process is simple and easy. After filling the basic information, traders will be asked to verify their Bitcoin Code account on their confirmation email. Once the account is registered, the trader needs to make a deposit and allow the Bitcoin Code robot to perform trades and start earning from the trades.

Below given are quick steps to sign up and start trading –

  • Step 1 – Registration

    Signing up on this platform is free. The trader needs to fill out the registration form with basic information, then confirm it through email and verify the account.

  • Step 2 – Account Verification

    When the account is verified and the trader has logged in, a popup window shows that their account has been linked to a broker account. Further, the website will prompt the trader to add funds to the trading account to gain access to the trading platform.

  • Step 3 – Depositing funds

    When the trader clicks the deposit, a new window will open after depositing the money. The website displays the funds that the traders have deposited on their trading account. Further, the traders are offered payment options such as –

    • Visa
    • GeoTrust
    • MasterCard
    • PCI

    From the available four options, the trader can choose one where they should be able to fund their account with a minimum of $250 and a maximum of $15,000. It is best to start with a small amount, and after gaining confidence, the trader can invest more money to get more profits.

  • Adjusting the settings

  • The next step would be to adjust settings and select auto trade. This is the last step where the traders inform the system exactly how they want the robot to trade. There are several cryptocurrencies offered on the trading platform, which include Ethereum ETH), ripple (XRP), and Litecoin (LTC). Traders of the Bitcoin Code can trade on Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • The trading settings offered by Bitcoin Code are simple.  First, the trader should decide on the level of risk they are willing to undertake. Moreover, it is best to trade with caution because due to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, the trader may lose money while trading in cryptocurrencies.
  • The trader can also set the trading to manual trading if they want to trade on their own, yet most of the people select the auto trade option which lets the robot to place the trades. The only thing the trader has to do is to select auto trading and click the trading size and the profit level.

Bitcoin Code review – Account opening

Why do you use a Robot to trade the Bitcoin Code?

  • Robots are easy to use. The trader doesn’t have to be a good programmer or they don’t even have to understand what are cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. Bitcoin Code robots are trading robots where anyone can set up and use it and the trader does not have to be tech-savvy.
  • They offer the traders high returns; Bitcoin Code, the trading platform, shares around 90% of the trading profits with their traders. This is because the platform has several users.
  • A robot can trade faster than any of the human traders. Human traders can make trade one at a time, especially one market at a time. Robot having artificial intelligence uses countless computer processes by making hundreds and thousands of trades simultaneously.
  • In a day, not every moment can be used for a trading opportunity. When the opportunity strikes, the software trades hundreds of times in a single second on all the markets around the world. This offers Bitcoin robots more power than the most sophisticated and knowledgeable human traders.
  • Bitcoin Code offers its traders dedicated customer support which is available 24×7 where the trader can make use of the customer support in case if they are dealing with any problems or issues.
  • Bitcoin Code is very user-friendly and it offers a fully-featured demo account for the new users to get acquainted with the platform. This will help the new users to use the platform with confidence before risking their real money to trade.

Has Bitcoin Code been endorsed by celebrities?

There are rumors about Bitcoin Code that it has been endorsed by celebrities. Recently, Elon Musk had voiced his support for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Suffice to say, Elon Musk confirmed that he does not endorse the trading software offered by Bitcoin Code.


1. Has Bitcoin Code been endorsed by celebrities?

There are rumors about celebrity endorsements of the Bitcoin Code trading robot. Recently, Elon Musk had voiced his support for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Suffice to say, Elon Musk confirmed that he does not endorse the trading robot offered by Bitcoin Code.

2. How Does Bitcoin Code Operate?

Bitcoin Code trading system offers both manual and automated modes for the benefits of its traders. If a trader is a Bitcoin investor and they can mine Bitcoin on their own, they are free to implement their personal or acquired strategies. The trader can depend on the software’s autopilot and well-designed algorithm for executing their trades.

The problems associated with Bitcoin mining and its inability to use Bitcoin to make a payment have been eradicated by the Bitcoin Code platform, which is the most advantageous feature for its traders. The bot transfers and exchanges Bitcoin into the desired currency of the trader. The trader can operate or use it whenever they desire.

3. What is Bitcoin Code?

Our Bitcoin Code review on the automated trading software is, it is run by intelligent robots that can detect the increase or decrease in cryptocurrency prices, which will help the traders to buy cheap and sell when the price goes up. Further, Bitcoin Code can also be used by the investors who want to trade on cryptocurrencies full time either with automated trading or with manual trading options. This has made Bitcoin Code the most accessible platform for every trader around the world.

4. Is Bitcoin Code safe?

As per our Bitcoin Code review, the conclusion we arrived is, it is 100 percent legit and authentic. Further, since all the operations are handled by the robot to automate, it does not need a person to monitor the robot. The software can be changed between various currencies and exchange rates and offer more benefits for its users.

The winning ratio offered by Bitcoin Code is very high, and the testimonials given by the members about the daily investment returns are quite high. Moreover, the system complies with all internet safety and security standards. All the user’s data and accumulated earnings are safe.


  • Registering at Bitcoin Code is hassle-free.
  • Bitcoin Code has a higher win rate when compared to other robots.
  • The Minimum Initial deposit is $250.
  • The verification process is fast and secure.

Bitcoin Code Review: Is It Trustworthy Or Is It A Scam?

With the automated trading software, Bitcoin Code, you can now trade Bitcoin and other cryptos profitably. Read this honest and unbiased review before you invest.

If you are interested in trading Bitcoin, chances are that you have come across multiple trading platforms that promise the best trading experience, and Bitcoin Code might be one of them.

You have probably heard of stories about people who have made hundreds of thousands of dollars and even millions, by investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, there is a need to exercise caution because one can still make losses or even lose your money to scam brokers. That is why it is important to establish whether the broker or the software you want to use is legitimate or a scam, thus our review of Bitcoin Code.

Let us look at what this powerful automated cryptocurrency trading software has to offer.

An entrepreneur and software developer called Steve McKay developed Bitcoin Code, and his goal was to create a system that traders from all over the world could benefit from. He aimed to deliver a universal trading software that would allow investors to benefit from the cryptocurrency market. He based the algorithm for the Bitcoin trading software on trends that are common in the stock market and also in the cryptocurrency market.

McKay’s software can predict global market trends through its combination of advanced technology and large volumes of data. It is also designed to handle rapid transactions so that it can take advantage of sharp declines and increases in cryptocurrency prices. In addition, its automated mode ensures it can enter and exit trades on behalf of the trader, without any human intervention.

Bitcoin Code is advertised on its website as an avenue for traders to achieve financial freedom since it is able to deliver a high success rate. Even the testimonials listed on the website feature individuals who claim to make thousands of dollars on a daily basis. Mckay says that the Bitcoin Code software managed to generate more than $18 million in profits within the first six months after it commenced operations. So, with so many positive reviews and promises to make real profits, the big question is – Is Bitcoin Code your best bet when looking to make some real money off Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

How Does Bitcoin Code Work?

Bitcoin Code is a Bitcoin trading software that is designed to help investors to take advantage of investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. The software has inbuilt bots that monitor cryptocurrency price movements and then notifies investors so that they can take advantage of the lucrative trading opportunities.

Bitcoin Code already has thousands of active accounts, which means that many people are using it. This Bitcoin trading service is also available across the globe. It is rapidly becoming popular mainly because it offers a system that is easy to learn, thus providing a smooth trading experience even for new traders. That is, even if you have never traded online before and you have no experience in the financial markets, with the Bitcoin Code software, you can profit from trading cryptocurrencies. The platform also offers investors the option of trading manually or automatically. In addition, the trading software is also ideal for those who want to trade full-time not only because of the two options of manual and automated, but also because it is fully capable of handling transactions quickly and accurately. The end result is profitable trades enabling a trader to earn a steady income.

The automated option of the Bitcoin Code means that the system takes over the investing process on your behalf, which means that you can watch it make profits in real-time while you go about doing other things in your life. You could even be fast asleep, and Bitcoin Code will open trades for you. Another thing that makes Bitcoin Code quite an attractive software is that it achieves a high winning ratio at more than 90% on the automatic mode. This makes it ideal for anyone that wants to earn some passive income from the cryptocurrency market.

The Signup Process – How To Open An Account With The Bitcoin Code

Bitcoin Code’s signup process is quite easy as part of its goal of attracting more users. Opening an account is completely free, so you can open an account without depositing cash at first since it has a demo option. The trial account allows you to trade with virtual cash, which cannot be withdrawn, but the conditions are similar to those in a live account.

1. Registration

From the official Bitcoin Code website, you will be required to fill in a registration form in the signup process where you will be requested to fill in your personal data, including your email address, full name, country of residence and your phone number. You will also be required to create a password for your account. Once the new account is verified, it will then be linked to a broker account, after which you can then deposit funds if you wish to do so. It is this broker that will give you access to the trading platform where the Bitcoin Code can open trades for you.

2. Demo Account

It is important to note that Bitcoin Code offers a demo walkthrough of their trading dashboard. This is an excellent way to get to know how the software works, without risking any money. You can also use this demo account to learn about how to properly set the trading parameters of the software including how much to invest in each trade, the cryptos to trade, the risk amount and more.

3. Deposit and Trade

Also, you have multiple options to choose from if you want to deposit funds and activate the live trading, and they include MasterCard, Visa, PCI, and GeoTrust. Bitcoin Code requires a minimum deposit of $250, while the maximum you can deposit at a go is $15,000. It is these funds that the Bitcoin Code will make trades for you and it is important to remember that these funds are yours and they can be withdrawn at any time, hassle free.

Once you have set your trading parameters, you can then choose to set the Bitcoin Code to automated mode and the software will start analyzing the markets and finding lucrative trading opportunities for you. As simple as that!

Bitcoin Code’s Key Features

  • A solid verification system – Some of the cryptocurrency trading platforms out there do not make a significant effort to verify users on their platform. Bitcoin Code considers verification as an important part of its offering. Its verification process, where every person is signing up, is required to provide an email address, their name, and also their phone number. Applicants receive an email containing a verification link to complete the process.
  • No fees or commissions – Some brokers and trading platforms charge hidden fees, but that is not the case for Bitcoin Code. The service makes sure that all the charges are clearly stated in the ‘terms and conditions’ segment. As far as the charges go, the software does not take any of your profits and so all the money that a trader makes on the Bitcoin Code trading platform, is 100% theirs.
  • Fund withdrawal – Bitcoin Code allows users to withdraw funds any time as part of their plan to offer a high level of convenience. This is unlike some platforms which make it difficult for users to access their funds. It takes about 1 to 3-working days to receive your funds once you initiate the withdrawal request.
  • Customer support – This is another one of Bitcoin Code’s strong suits. It offers round-the-clock customer support in case you have any inquiries which you’ll likely not need since Bitcoin Code has such excellent service and features.

Why Automated Bitcoin Trading Might Be Appealing To You

As noted earlier, Bitcoin Code has an automated trading option that uses bots, and it can be considered a good method of earning some passive income. There are numerous reasons why you might want to consider using this alternative other than the fact that it is passive revenue. Its high win ratio means that there is a relatively lower risk of losing your investment despite there still being a certain degree of risk, as with all forms of online trading.

Bots might be intimidating to people because there is the notion that one needs significant programming skills to create a bot that can trade successfully. However, Bitcoin Code makes it easy for users since it already has a built-in powerful and accurate trading algorithm, and one does not have to acquire programming skills as the Bitcoin Code will do everything for you. Also, the automated mode is available to everyone and you can seamlessly move between the manual and automated modes at any time, putting you in full control of your trading activities at all times, like Bitcoin Era and Bitcoin Loophole

How to Optimize Your Experience With Bitcoin Code

In order to ensure that you are maximizing the success of the Bitcoin Code software, here are some tips to help you along the way:

  • Consider investing the minimum amount – Even if you might have previous experience, you can kick off your Bitcoin Code journey by investing the minimum required amount of $250. It is always a good idea to start with an amount that will not be a huge loss in case you end up losing the entire investment since there is still risk involved. This amount will still allow you to make decent profits, and if all goes well, you can grow your balance and not have to top up. Starting with the minimum amount also allows you to understand the system better, unlike a larger sum, which might lead to emotional trading.
  • Do some research on automated trading – Even though the Bitcoin Code platform offers automated trading, it is always a good idea to do some research so that you know how best to set up your strategies. This will help you to maximize your profits at your trading level.
  • Withdraw some of your profits – Consider regularly withdrawing some of the profits that you make in order to reduce risks or protect your earnings since the markets are volatile.You should consider withdrawing between 25% and 75% of your profits. That way, you enjoy your earnings while at the same time, you make sure that your account capital continues to grow.
  • Keep up with your tax obligations – Having an income from your trading activities is all fine and dandy but you also need to make sure you are on good terms with the taxman. Failure to do so might land you in trouble. Find out what the law and requirements are.
  • Be wise with your investments – Like the wise old saying, ‘do not carry all your eggs in one basket,’ do not invest all your money in cryptocurrencies. Anything can happen, and you might win big, and similarly, anything can happen, and you might lose your investment. It is better to be on the safe side by investing only a reasonable amount to be on the safe side.

The Bitcoin Code – Celebrity Endorsements

There have been rumors that numerous celebrities, such as Gordon Ramsay, Elon Musk, Steve Baxter, and Janine Allis, among others, have endorsed or invested in Bitcoin Code. However, some research on the matter revealed that none of those celebrities have invested in or even endorsed the Bitcoin Code trading service. There is a good reason for this.

Cryptocurrencies are considered risky investments. Celebrities tend to avoid such

investments or endorsements because they do not want to play a part in something that can possibly lead to heavy losses for their fans. The lack of celebrity endorsements does not take away from the fact that Bitcoin Code is a legitimate platform that offers noteworthy opportunities for investors to make money.

Availability – Desktop and Mobile

The Bitcoin Code software is accessible through the official website, but traders can also access it through a mobile device. This is great because it provides a chance for investors to trade while on the go, thus delivering the flexibility that allows them to take advantage of opportunities wherever they are. You can also move between your mobile device and desktop with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Bitcoin?

It is a digital code that is recognized and accepted as a currency in the digital domain. It is like your local currency, only that it is virtual, which means that it can only be handled in the digital space. Bitcoin was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto, and it was the first cryptocurrency to be created. Satoshi originally intended for Bitcoin to be used as a decentralized currency that would, in the future, replace centralized fiat currencies.

The goal was for Bitcoin to be used to facilitate daily transactions, even the most mundane ones. However, Bitcoin has so far not achieved the goal of mass adoption and acceptance as an exchange of value in the formal retail space but has instead become a popular tool for speculative investments. Also worth noting is that Bitcoin is powered by a technology called Blockchain, which is considered as a decentralized and immutable digital ledger.

Can I withdraw Bitcoin from a Bitcoin Code account to my crypto wallet?

Unfortunately, that will not be possible because the Bitcoin Code platform only allows users to withdraw funds in the form of fiat currency.  However, it does offer the flexibility of withdrawing funds in the user’s local currency, and the payment can be credited to your bank account.

Why is Bitcoin Code different from other crypto investment platforms?

For starters, the Bitcoin Code has a unique algorithm and bots that are designed to maximize the profit-making potential for the investors. The platform also has thousands of users who have verified that it is indeed a legitimate and reliable trading platform, so it has already been tried and tested. Keep in mind that scammers and wannabes usually try to copy good things, and this is the same case with Bitcoin Code. You will likely come across copies or counterfeit platforms claiming to be the real Bitcoin Code. You should thus be careful when using the software to make sure that you have the official one.

Do I have to be an expert on Bitcoin to trade on Bitcoin Code successfully?

No, you do not have to be an expert at cryptocurrencies. This is something that the developer considered when creating this crypto trading software. Forex investors do not usually have to know the ins and outs of the foreign currencies in order to trade successfully. Similarly, Bitcoin traders do not necessarily have to know everything about Bitcoin so that they can achieve success.

Bitcoin Code takes this a notch higher by providing an automated trading option that has a high winning ratio. Granted, it would help to have some market knowledge and background information on how Bitcoin works if you choose to trade manually. However, the automated approach provides a chance for everyone to make money by trading Bitcoin and other cryptos, even if they do not know much about it.

You can trade with the Bitcoin Code platform regardless of whether you are a seasoned trader or you are completely new to any type of online trading.

What kind of results should I expect?

That depends on the amount you invest. Most of the traders who use the platform claim to earn not less than $13,000 on a daily basis, according to the website. That is a solid pay day for anyone. Still, while earnings figures are usually exaggerated in most trading websites, the best way to find out the truth is actually to invest the minimum amount required. A week or two should give you a rough idea of the average earnings you should expect per day, and then you can decide whether to continue trading on that amount or to top up and boost your profit margins.

What is the maximum amount I can make?

There are no limits to the amount of money you can make through Bitcoin Code with the proper execution. For example, if you invest a significant amount, you can make more than $10,000 per day. Some of the users on the platform managed to reach the $1 million mark within the first two months.

How much does the Bitcoin Code software cost?

Some of the services that offer trading software that promises such appealing profits usually charge a fee to access their software. Unsurprisingly, most of them are usually scams. Bitcoin Code offers its software completely free as soon as you sign up through the form that is provided on the homepage of its website.

How do I install Bitcoin Code?

Operating Bitcoin Code is as easy as trading on this software, if not easier. In fact, the ease of things is one of the recurrent themes when dealing with Bitcoin Code. In fact, you need not worry about installation on your computer because there is no installation needed for the software since it is designed to run on your browser. All you need to do is to sign in, set up the parameters to your trading preferences, deposit cash, and you are good to go. You also have the convenience of trading from your mobile app, allowing you to trade at any time of the day or night and from anywhere.

Is Bitcoin Code like forex, affiliate marketing, or MLM?

You should not compare trading on Bitcoin Code to trading forex, MLM or affiliate marketing. It is a completely different approach to trading, especially since it features a powerful algorithm that has a high success rate. Think of Bitcoin Code trading as an entirely new profitable trading experience.

How many hours per day do I need to trade?

When it comes to Bitcoin Code, working smart trumps working hard. Since it has an automated trading option, this means you can do a minimal amount of work while the software does the rest for you. Some traders claim to work just 20 minutes per day while still enjoying significant profits.

Do traders have to pay some fees?

Bitcoin Code is one of the very few trading platforms you will encounter that do not charge any commissions or broker fees. There are also no hidden charges, and all the profits you make are yours for the keeping. Additionally, you can withdraw the profits at any time without delays.

The Bitcoin Code – Conclusion – Is This the Real Deal?

Bitcoin Code is one of the few cryptocurrency trading platforms out there that are legitimate, and it is one that also happens to be customer-centric. You will, however, need to trade carefully and strategically if you want to make profits consistently. Some of the claims about people earning more than $10,000 are a bit hard to believe, but it is not impossible.

The aggressive and overly optimistic marketing might be a bit over the top and perhaps even exaggerated to some degree. However, our testing of the platform with the minimum $250 did provide some proof that one can make a decent amount of cash through the platform. However, we recommend you try out the demo account first, especially if you want to do the manual option before you start trading with real money. On the flip side, the automated trading approach is good because it does not require the investor to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies. It also promises a decent passive income, but once again, we would recommend that you give it a try with the minimum deposit. That will help you to gauge the legitimacy of the advertised high earnings. The bottom line is the Bitcoin Code is an effective and intuitive automated trading software and you can make money trading cryptocurrencies, even without any prior experience. Take control of your financial future now and sign up!

Bitcoin Code Review

Bitcoin Code is one of the most successful bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading robots, developed by Steve McKay, CEO of the Bitcoin Code App.

Cryptocurrency trading can be quite hectic given the fact that their markets have proven to be very volatile. And there is no way their volatility will improve since they are designed to be decentralized and every user has a say in the value.

In the past, things were easier since bitcoin and other cryprocurrency investors only used to buy and sell crypto coins via crypto exchanges. An investor would buy a certain amount of lets say Bitcoins at a low price anticipating that the value would rise and if the value rises, the investor sells some or all the bitcoins making a profit.

Nowadays, there are brokers who have listed cryptocurrency for CFD trading. CFD cryptocurrency trading has its own advantages, especially of leverage trading but one will also require to be very keen to avoid burning your fingers.

What is Bitcoin Code?

Most manual traders can attest that predicting market trends is quite hard and so is the detection of trading signals. Developers have also realized this and come up with a number of bitcoin trading bots, like Bitcoin code, to help traders in trading cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Code is an automated trading platform that is getting a great deal of buzz in the worlds of cryptocurrency and binary options. Brainchild of programmer-turned-entrepreneur Steve McKay, Bitcoin Code promises to earn new users thousands of dollars using highly nuanced algorithms, with a low initial minimum deposit of just $250.

Features & Functionality

  • Authenticity - 90%
  • Performance - 95%
  • Ease of use - 92%
  • Customer service - 92%
  • App - 94%
  • Profitability - 85%
  • Reputation - 92%
  • Fast withdrawals - 86%
  • Security - 86%
  • User testimonials - 90%

Who is Behind Bitcoin Code?

Steve McKay, the story goes, was a software developer at a major Wall Street firm (identity kept secret to protect McKay from legal action) just a few years ago. He had no knowledge or interest in investment, but like many influential people, an opportunity was thrown into his lap.

Steve’s boss gave him the assignment to create a trading algorithm that could create automated profits for Bitcoin users. McKay worked day and night finding ways to “teach” his developing algorithm how to read markets, identify trends, and trade user money for the greatest possible profit.

When the algorithm now known as Bitcoin Code was finally complete, it became clear that Steve’s superiors had no intention of making the algorithm available to customers. Instead, his boss appeared to be using it as a personal ATM.

In a courageous move, Steve McKay left the company and took his fledgeling algorithm with him. Today, he makes it available to people around the world who are realizing incredible returns. “What are ‘incredible returns?” you ask. Bitcoin Code’s own numbers indicate that users have achieved up to $13,000 in profits per day. These results, of course, depend on the amount of money put into the system, but we’ll get into that later. For now, read on to learn the basics of how Bitcoin Code works.

Start Trading in 3 easy steps

1. Registration

Registering is easy, you’ll need to fill out your name, email address, phone number and then set a password. Signing up is completely free, click the link below to get started. Once signed up, you’ll receive a confirmation email and will need to verify your account.

2. Deposit

Once into your account, hit the deposit button to get started. You will need to deposit the minimum amount, which is $250, and we’d recommend not going over this on day 1. Start small and grow. Bitcoin Code offers several payment methods, with card payments being the most popular.

3. Auto-trading

Once you have funded your account, you will need to decide the trade settings you intend to use. This includes managing your risk by determining your stop loss and take profit limits. You can also decide which cryptocurrencies you want to trade and how many you want to trade at once.

Pros & Cons


Automated Trading: You do not have to do much, simply provide your withdrawal details after funding your account and select “auto-trade”

Deposit Options: Use bank transfer, VISA or Mastercard to make your deposit

Proven Technology: This is proven technology that has already made its users a lot of money.

Network of Brokers: Many brokers are on the network and their investment is added to your own, creating a boost to profits.


For traders who prefer to trade manually, this bot works best as a community effort using the auto-trade function.

Is Bitcoin Code Legitimate? 

The question is: is this too good to be true? “Is Bitcoin Code a Scam” is a popular search term for potential investors, and it’s a question which continues to inspire controversy. In the end, only time will tell whether Bitcoin Code makes good on its great potential. For now, in this Bitcoin Code review, we’ll explain how it works, how you can get involved, and let you make final determinations yourself.

  • Minimun Deposit: £200
  • Payment Methods: Credit Card, Debit Card, Wire Transfer, Bank Wire
  • No Prior Experience Needed
  • Hugely Profitable

How Does the Bitcoin Code Software Work?

The Bitcoin Code algorithms are closely guarded secrets. After all, if they were open source, Steve McKay and his investors wouldn’t be a unique product any longer.

As such, we have to extrapolate Bitcoin Code’s functionality from experience with the product. You can do the same. It all starts by signing up:

  • Sign up is simple. Just a name and address will give you access to the member pages of
  • Add a minimum investment of $250.
  • Choose to let the Auto Trading function do your trading for you, or try your hand at manual trading if you have experience with binary trading.

From here, Bitcoin Code will be on autopilot. The algorithm uses its ability to read market conditions to put your money into investments which are very likely to pay off. Bitcoin Code isn’t a crystal ball, but it’s not a scam either. It’s a trading platform with some algorithmic functionality that’s simply better than what you’ll find elsewhere.

Bitcoin Code Software’s Technical Features

Bitcoin Code can make money faster than a human trader because it can notice opportunities and initiate trades in .001 second. Human traders simply can’t keep up. Bitcoin Code analysts like to point out that we’ve been saying that algorithmic trading is the future.

But that Bitcoin Code makes it something we can enjoy today. The Bitcoin Code app’s interface could not be simpler. Organized like a traditional binary options trading platform, the ease of use for new users could not be better. More Cryptocurrency Robots.

It’s under the hood that the uniqueness of the Bitcoin Code platform exists. Proprietary algorithms trawl the world’s market trends to identify opportunities to generate profit. As Bitcoin Code grows, expect inventor and CEO Steve McKay to go on the record about the methods he used to create one of the world’s great trading mechanisms.

For now, the core code is a closely guarded secret.

Bitcoin Code Profits

Bitcoin Code users report making as much as $550 per hour, or just over $13,000 per day. While calling Bitcoin Code a scam isn’t correct, it’s important to note that results will vary a great deal depending on how much money a user puts into the system. Still, passive income is passive income, and even for users who make only the $250 initial investment, results will be more than satisfactory.

Of course, Bitcoin Code users are not limited to the automated service. Users can set up trades manually, based on educated guesses about the future value behaviors of Bitcoin Code’s entire suite of assets. Users can also observe the trades made by other successful users, mimicking their strategies for success. A quick search of the internet reveals testimonies by real people talking about the returns they’re achieved using these methods.

No matter how you earn your profits on Bitcoin Code, this is a novel approach which sounds like it might be a recipe for success. Bitcoin Code is still in its early days, but time will tell how much it actually offers to early investors. If the early numbers are any indication, the history of Bitcoin Code is going to be incredibly bright.

Are You Ready to Sign Up with Bitcoin Code?

There is more Bitcoin Code review yet to come, but if you’re ready to check it out, go ahead and create a Bitcoin Code login. Bitcoin Code will ask you for a little bit more personal information, as well as the financial data needed to make your initial deposit and receive withdrawals (you can pay with VISA, Mastercard, and a variety of digital payment channels). You will also have to submit documentation to have your trading account confirmed.

Making Your Bitcoin Code Account Work

Make your initial $250 deposit (or more) and start to educate yourself about how the platform works. Bitcoin Code brings together not just cryptocurrencies, but traditional currencies, stocks, etc. as well. You may notice that a single Bitcoin costs almost $10,000 (at the time of this writing), which is where Bitcoin Code’s real value becomes clear.

Rather than having users buy expensive cryptocurrencies they can’t afford, Bitcoin Code trades on the outcomes of value fluctuation contracts - a model familiar to Binary Options traders. This way your investments can be quickly and easily liquidated, and you can make a great deal of return without having to speculate on the future value of a single currency, like Bitcoin. Bitcoin Code spreads your money out across many more assets than this, a great perk for people concerned with diversification.

Bitcoin Code in Forums and Online

Bitcoin Code is unlike popular cryptocurrency trading sites like Coinbase or Bittrex. This is because it doesn’t require expensive ownership investments. This is good for users, but it also means that you won’t see Bitcoin Code discussed in common industry forums. This is one reason why some people still seem to think “Bitcoin Code scam” whenever the service is mentioned, but we have found no reason so far to believe that the service is less than legitimate.

So, is Bitcoin Code a Scam?

By now you likely know the answer to the question, “Is Bitcoin Code a scam?”. The answer is unequivocal “no”, but it’s important for users to have accurate expectations about the Bitcoin Code app and its capabilities.

Because Bitcoin Code is so different from other Bitcoin investment opportunities, there has been a good deal of misinformation and rumours spread around the internet. For example, Elon Musk isn’t affiliated with Bitcoin Code. However, rumours don’t mean that the service isn’t excellent.

Where Bitcoin Code shines is in the way it makes affordable trades available to people who aren’t Bitcoin experts. The automated system puts the user’s money into the trades where it will be most likely to grow significantly. Does Bitcoin Code get it right every single time? No. Does Bitcoin Code work well enough to earn investors significant profits? Absolutely.

The Bitcoin world is the new Wild West. Largely unregulated in the United States, it’s unknown how long opportunities like Bitcoin Code will be available. Bitcoin Code is real, and you can try it today. If you still have lurking questions about whether or not Bitcoin Code might be a scam, we encourage you to try the platform yourself.

With such a low minimum deposit, there’s a little downside and incredible opportunities for growth. In the future, we expect to see automated trading become much more common in cryptocurrencies and in the investment industry at large. For now, platforms like Bitcoin Code are incredibly unique and valuable. Alternative Cryptocurrency Robots.

Steve McKay has created something really interesting in Bitcoin Code. We hope you have great results with the system and that you report what you find, as the internet continues to debate over whether Bitcoin Code is a scam or not. We’ve done the research, and we think Bitcoin Code is legit. We hope this Bitcoin Code review was helpful. The rest is up to you!

Bitcoin Code Review: Scam or Legit? The Ultimate Test

Bitcoin Code is an automatic trading software developed by Steve McKay that performs trades with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for their users. Bitcoin Code makes trading accessible to new users all around the globe.

These users are usually seeking financial independence through passive income from a powerful trading robot algorithm for 2020. When you sign up and make your first deposit, you take advantage of an artificial intelligence robot whose only job is to buy BTC low and sell high.

There are plenty of people making claims about the Bitcoin Code robot, but we’ve actually put the technology to the test. We’ve found that the software appears not a scam – it does automatically trade on your behalf and offers a free demo. Read on to find out more about BTC Code.

Is Bitcoin Code Scam or Legit?

A bunch of people around the internet are calling it a scam, but we haven’t found this to be the case at all. Like other high quality bitcoin robots such as Cryptosoft,  the software’s algorithm may feature powerful automation and artificial intelligence, but it’s still a powerful online bitcoin trading tool that has to be understood and mastered before it’s used. Here are the basic ways we determined this software is not a scam. Read on as we unpack each of these points in detail.

Our Bitcoin Code test : The Verdict!

  • 1)We have tested the software. It’s completely free to use and does make real payouts.
  • 2)We believe that people who call Bitcoin Code a scam simply don’t understand the risks of automated trading.
  • 3)We were careful with a small initial investment, however be aware that risks is trading always exist.
  • 4)Try it now through, or read on to learn more first.

What is the Bitcoin Code?

Automated trading robots are automated trading software programs that help traders determine whether to buy or sell an asset at any given point in time.

If you’re familiar with trading robots, you’ll know that Bitcoin Code is by far the most popular of them all, boasting thousands of users across the world. The software earned its reputation by allegedly having helped to take thousands of users’ funds into profits in little time.

The trading tools are simple to learn, and there are many investment robot strategies which will bring success.

The software has earned fame due to its claimed sophisticated algorithms which is said to predict crypto market movements and execute profitable trades for the user automatically. The platform’s algorithms is able to make trades hundreds of times per second and is 0.1 second ahead of the market. This is said to enable the software to make greater returns than through traditional forms of trading.

The ease of use of the software has made it accessible to more individuals enabling people from across the world to invest and reportedly earn profits. According to the software, the user only needs to open an account, deposit $250 and at this point, the software will run and the user only has to sit back, collect their profits, and withdraw them in their local currency to a bank account. You don’t even need to use Bitcoin; all Bitcoin accounts are settled in cash. Many longtime users are supposedly generating passive income this way, funding a lifestyle of travel, luxury, and saving for retirement.

Bitcoin Code claims that their software has a win ratio of around 99.4% (as of January 2020). This may not be perfect, but it could be more than enough to make a solid new income opportunity.

We’ll go through all of the details of this innovative free software, including how to use the trading tool, make withdrawals, and choose the best investment strategy for long term success. Stay tuned and we’ll have you trading with Bitcoin Code in no time!

How to  Sign up to Bitcoin Code

The registration process is simple, and similar to other well-known websites such as the Bitcoin Loophole. After filling in your basic information, you will be asked to verify your Bitcoin Code account on the confirmation email. As a new user, you will have to make a deposit to allow the Bitcoin Code robot to start trading and hopefully earning coins for you.

Follow these 4 quick steps to sign up and get trading:

Step 1: The Registration

Sign-up is free. Fill out the registration form with your basic information including name, email address, and phone number.  Then wait for the confirmation email and verify the account.

Step 2: The account

Once your account has been verified and you’ve logged in, a pop-up window will explain that your account has been linked to a broker account on Brokerz. The website will then ask you to add funds to your trading account to gain access to the system.

Step 3: The deposit

When you click deposit, a new window of your account at Forex2Crypto will open. The website states that the funds you deposit will show on your  account afterward. From there you are given five payment options:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • GeoTrust
  • PCI

Once you chose one, you will be able to fund your account with a minimum of $250 and a maximum of $15,000. We recommend starting small at $250. Once you’ve mastered the system, you’ll have more money to play with, and the skill to make even greater profits!

Step 4 : Adjust your settings and select “auto-trading”

The last step is where you tell the system exactly how you want it to trade.  You’ll see from the image above that you can also trade other cryptocurrencies this way, including Litecoin LTC, Ethereum ETH, and Ripple XRP. Most users of the Bitcoin Code trade bitcoin and trade ethereum.

The trading settings are simple. First, you can decide for yourself which risk level you are willing to take. Bitcoin Code claims that “the greater the risk, the higher the potential returns.” However, you can, of course, lose all deposits so trade with caution.

You can also set the trading to manual if you want to use the system to trade on your own, but most people select the “Auto Trade” button which lets the robot place all the trades. All you must do for auto trading is select the trading size and profit level.

Who founded the Bitcoin Code software?

Bitcoin Code was created by a software developer called Steve McKay while he worked for a major tech company. McKay discovered unknown market trends that are found in all major trading forums. These patterns are found in the stock market, cryptocurrency markets, even Craigslist!

McKay also made his trading software learn how to predict trading action based on major news events in the world. Basically, the automated software (which he took with him when he quit his job) takes in a huge amount of diverse data and make lightning-fast trades, yielding profits. To date, McKay reports over $18,484,931.77 in BTC earnings. And the people who use his site are making their own millions.

The software is not a crystal ball, but it does claim to have a 99.4% success rate as of January 2020. By pooling together the money of thousands of users around the globe, Bitcoin Code can make tons of winning trades. The Code community is getting bigger all the time. Be part of the movement that’s changing the way people make money.

How Does the Bitcoin Code Work?

This software might be able to make incredible trades, hundreds or thousands of times per minute, but without money to invest, it’ll miss out on potential profits. That’s where you come in. The software’s users pool their money so that the system can invest it at the best time in the volatile BTC markets around the globe.

Together, all of users’ funds total many millions of dollars, and the software is reportedly able to earn millions in profits on top of this. Some of these investment returns go back into the system to pay for daily operations (and to reward founder/designer Steve McKay).  Remaining funds are distributed to users. According to the software, the more you invest, the better your return. However, having said that, we would suggest that you only start with a small investment of $250. Once you are familiar with the software, you can invest more.

Experienced users withdraw percentages of their earnings. A good idea is to take out enough to cover the money you initially invested. This way, no matter what the risks (no investment is risk-free), you should be able to break even. Fortunately, it seems that a lot of the experienced users of Bitcoin Code tend to do a lot more than just break even, as testimonies from real software users reveal.

Bitcoin Code: Key Features


Lucky traders who pass through the Bitcoin Code demo account have reported earnings of between $1,500 to $13,000 per day. Some of these individuals have reported to even get payouts every day. Some of these will be bigger than others, and you may make some losses, but overall, the Bitcoin Code claims that you should be in the green. Bear in mind that these are not guaranteed numbers – loss of capital can still occur and you should trade with caution.

Verification System

The verification system is super easy. Just sign up with your email address and authentic personal info. You’ll get an email with a link, and then all you have to do is log in to your new account for the first time, connect your bank or payment channel, and start trading! No ID card, utility bill, or other personal information to use this free software. Your identity stays safe while you trade.

Withdrawal Process

You can make a withdrawal at any time, day or night, 24 hours per day. You can withdraw 100% of your visible balance whenever you want. This money usually takes 2-3 business days to land in your bank account, but that’s just how long banks take to confirm transactions like this. This makes Bitcoin Code one of the best tools for day trading.

There are no hidden costs of fees with Bitcoin Code. The company takes 13% of trading profits off the top, but once the money hits your account on the site, you don’t have to pay anything at all. All of this money goes straight to your bank account.


You can see a bunch of testimonials from users on the Bitcoin Code website. Furthermore, there are lots of video testimonials online as well. Take it from normal people who have changed their lives with this innovative investment robot trading tool.  While you may not make as much as they did the first time, as long as you use the tool properly, Bitcoin Code claims that you should be able to turn your investment into nice profits. If this is the case, this could make Bitcoin Code one of the best investments for this year.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, the website is pretty reliable. You’ll see a chat window in your account that’ll let you talk with a live customer service representative. You can also talk to the customer service department by email. This is a 24/7 operation, so you will always be able to get help if you need it. However, because this BTC robot is so easy to use, we don’t think you’ll need much help.


When you put your money into the Bitcoin Code, your funds will be channeled into brokers. You can then choose to put your account to Auto-Trade, and your funds will be used to trade with these brokers using the algorithm built by Steve McKay. You’ll see different brokers at different times, but they’ll all offer the same trading features and profit potential.

5 Tips to Make Maximum Profits with the Bitcoin Code

  • 1. Start Small

Start by investing only the minimum $250. With careful setup, you should be able to build a lot more money than this, but only if you don’t mess it up with rookie mistakes. Don’t pay attention to the website’s homepage which claims you will make $13k per day. These are exceptions, and more than likely you will not make as much in a day. Also remember that all trading carries risk.

  • 2. Withdraw a Percentage of All Returns

We recommend saving anywhere from 25% to 75% of your earnings. Withdraw these and get that cash to the bank.  If you invest everything you win, you’re putting all of your money at risk.

  • 3. Follow Expert User Advice

There are many ways you can set up your robot account. These settings will make the robot trade in different ways, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Users share their best strategies on Youtube and discussion forums. Try these settings out for yourself until you understand your own best strategy.

  • 4. Keep Tax Records

You’ll need to pay taxes on your returns, and how much will depend on where in the world you live. Keep a careful record of how much you invest and how much money you bring in. Hire an accountant if you earn money with this platform, especially if you get rich and go on a lucky streak.

  • 5. Don’t Invest What You Can’t Afford to Lose

While we certainly didn’t lose everything in our experiments, it seems that some other users have. We think that these are probably unsophisticated new users who put too much at risk without learning the system first. This is why they call Bitcoin Code a scam. Never invest any more than you could lose in a worst case scenario.

5 Reasons to Use a Robot to Trade Bitcoin

There are tons of different ways to buy bitcoin out there but doing so through an automated software such as Bitcoin Code, or Bitcoin Profit has some distinct advantages.

  • 1. They are easy to use. You don’t have to be a programmer,  and you don’t even have to understand bitcoin. Bitcoin robots are sort of like the Facebook of trading robots – anyone can set it up and use it, without having to be tech savvy.
  • 2. They have high returns.  Bitcoin Code company shares a reported 90%+ of trading profits with users. This is only possible because the platform has a lot of users.  The 10% of profits they take for salaries, overhead, and marketing still represents a tremendous amount of money, because this is a company that is reportedly bringing in hundreds of millions each year. You might find another method of buying crypto, but chances are the company that owns i may not be as generous with how much profit gets shared.
  • 3. The program can trade faster than any human trader. Human traders can only make one trade at a time, usually at one market at a time. An artificial intelligence users countless computer processors, enabling it to make hundreds or thousands of actions simultaneously. Not every moment of everyday represents a trading opportunity. When opportunity does strike, the software can trade hundreds of times in a single second, on markets all around the world. This gives bitcoin robots far more power than even the most knowledgeable and sophisticated human trader.
  • 4. Customer support is available easily : For Bitcoin Code at least, there is staff that’ll help you if you run into trouble, but in our experience we were able to make it work just fine with no outside input.
  • 5. You can trade using a demo account first. Bitcoin Code demonstrates its user-friendliness by offering a fully featured demo account so that new users can feel confident before risking money. $250 may not be very much money in the big scheme of things, but users should feel like they know what they’re doing before risking even that much.

Does Bitcoin Code have a Mobile App?

There is a Bitcoin Code mobile app. It’s only available for Android users at the moment, but it’s free and features full  system functionality. The mobile app can be a great way to learn the Bitcoin Code Robot platform while on the go.

Bitcoin Code Review: The Verdict!

After careful examination and having put the software to the test, we can confirm that the Bitcoin Code is a fully functional automatic trading and is free to use. Some people think a “robot” should be 100% foolproof, something that it never claims to be. Just because it relies on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning doesn’t mean it can predict the future. It still requires skill and careful planning to get the most out of it.

If users take advantage of the demo account, invest only the minimum $250 to start, and withdraw returns as they earn them, their story could well be a success. This is an innovative platform, one which many people don’t fully understand. Try Bitcoin Code for yourself.


Is Bitcoin Code a Scam?

Bitcoin Code is an automated trading software created by the Entrepreneur Steve McKay that claims to make people money by buying and selling bitcoin at the right time. Bitcoin Code has been claimed to have a win-rate of up to 88% of the trades placed. There have been claims online about Bitcoin Code being a scam, however you can read more information in our Bitcoin Code Review

What is the Minimum Deposit Required on Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code is actually free to use as an automatic trading software. Bitcoin Code is connected to a range of selected brokers, which usually require a minimum deposit of £/$ 250 to use.

Is Bitcoin Code Endorsed by Elon Musk?

There are rumours about celebrities and successful businessmen such as Elon Musk having invested in Bitcoin Code and Bitcoin Loophole. These statements, however, are not true. Elon Musk is in fact an admirer of Bitcoin and what it can do for the financial system, but he has no involvement with Bitcoin Code. You can read more about the celebrities who are said to endorse Bitcoin Code in our dedicated review.

Has Bitcoin Code appeared on Dragons Den?

Dragon’s Den is a TV show where the successful businessmen invest in entrepreneurs and business that look for funding. We haven’t found anything on the internet about Bitcoin Code being featured on Dragons Den. What we did find are many images online, but they are probably fake and misleading.

Is there a Bitcoin Code App?

There is a Bitcoin Code mobile app which is only available for Android users at the moment. You can check out in our review the step-by-step of how to download and install the Bitcoin Code App.

Can You Make Money with Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code and Bitcoin Revolution are one of the oldest Bitcoin Robots around the internet. There are several claims about users making profit on a daily basis with them. The best advice we can give you regarding this question is to read our review, try it for yourself and take your own conclusions.

Bitcoin Code Review


The Bitcoin Code is an automated trading software developed by Steve McKay, a renowned software developer, to ease out the cryptocurrency trading process. Steve McKay quitted his job from a leading tech company where he worked as a software developer. He then devoted his skills and expertise in developing an online crypto trading robot that can predict reading actions based on current news at lightning speed. Thus, the Bitcoin Code crypto trading robot came into existence and can be called the brainchild of Steve McKay, who put forth his indomitable efforts to launch the Bitcoin Code. The Code Bitcoin trading robot has the potential to make thousands of incredible trades per minute, that too, without any major investments.

How is the Bitcoin Code different?

The Bitcoin Trade automated trading platform makes crypto trading accessible to both the new and seasoned traders from all around the world. The trading software is best suited for those who are keen to earn some passive incomes from online crypto trading via trading robots like Bitcoin Code without any scam. The Bitcoin Code is a trendsetting software that only requires the trader to devote a few minutes every day just to set the trade criteria as per his preferences. It is essential because market conditions may change overnight, so changing the trade settings every day is recommended.

The Bitcoin Code automated trading software has always been surrounded by rumors, sometimes related to its celebrity endorsements and sometimes being tagged as a scam software. Some reports say that Elon Musk, a renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist from South Africa, has stakes in the software. Peter Jones, another British entrepreneur, is also rumored having endorsed this trading software. The latter has combated all these media fabricated stories by exposing twitter and confronting that he doesn’t endorse any such software.

The motto of making this Bitcoin Code review is to weigh the advantages against the inherent risks associated with it. The review will also help the traders who are keen on using this trading app, and to determine whether or not it is viable to trade via such trading platforms.

Features of Bitcoin Code

The trading software offers an amazing range of features to the users, which helps them to earn a substantial amount of money by trading bitcoin on its website.

1) Backstaging

This feature is extraordinary in the sense that not many online platforms allow this backstaging. With the help of this amazing feature, the traders can backtest their trading criteria by using the historical performance of the crypto market. One can use this backstaging feature to finetune the trade parameters to cater to the crypto market requirements, which in turn leads to huge profits.

2) Success rate

According to the recent report released, the Bitcoin Code trading app, claims having achieved a success rate of 99.4%, which is amazing for new software like this. The Bitcoin Code app pools together the money from thousands of traders all around the world and transforms them into winning trades. The Bitcoin Code community is thereby getting bigger day by day with such a huge success rate. There are also similar platforms like the Bitcoin Autotrader or Bitcoin Trader that offer the same services, and therefore Bitcoin Code needs to offer something exclusive to remain on the top.

3) Web-based Free Software

The Bitcoin Code is free software that does not require any downloads, and subsequently, no regular updates are also required to keep this software running effectively. It is compatible with any device like laptops, smartphones, tablets, and desktops, and this makes it even easier to trade via this platform. Therefore, it is not necessary for the traders to always sign in to their laptops or desktops to access this software. It can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere and all it needs is a powerful internet connection. Moreover, signing up is entirely free, with no hidden charges or commissions to be revealed afterward.

4) Trading Multiple Cryptos

The Bitcoin Code, as the name may suggest, is not only for trading bitcoins but other cryptocurrencies as well as ETH, LTC, BCH, Dash, and XRP, to name a few. The traders get to place trades with a variety of crypto trading pairs, which increases their chances of winning more money. Additionally, it also supports fiat currencies like USD, Euro, Swiss Franc, GBP, etc.

5) Demo Account

The Bitcoin Code trading software allows its users to use the demo account feature, which is virtually funded and is free of cost. One can sign in to the demo account feature on the Bitcoin Code app, right after registration. The demo feature has all the necessary trading tools that will help the new traders to place trades and see how the app works actually. With this feature, the traders can easily test their strategies, whether they will be productive without risking their real money. This way, they can easily gain insight, how the Bitcoin Code trading software works before landing into the real world of online crypto trading.

6) Time Leap

The time leap factor is something that distinguishes the Bitcoin Code trading platform from other similar ones. Generally, software developers are not too keen on sharing their software secrets, but Steve McKay has crossed the threshold of his secret mantra, and shared a few pieces of information regarding this trading platform. The Bitcoin Code trading app has the potential to identify trading opportunities by 0.01 seconds well ahead of the market. It can also predict crypto price movements even before the price has moved, which reaps seamless benefits to the traders-both new and seasoned ones.

7) Faster Trade Execution 

The Bitcoin Code app leverages its time leap feature and generates successful trades at lightning speed. Each trading account on the Bitcoin Code is connected to VPS or the Virtual Private servers, which assures that the trade signals generated on the software get started in the crypto market in real-time. The traders are thus assured of the faster trade execution without any time wastage.

8) Strong Verification System 

The verification system on the Bitcoin Code trading website is very strong. Every time one opens a trading account, with his details filled in on the registration form on the website, his details are thoroughly verified and checked. The user is also sent an email with a link to activate his account at his stated email address. The strong verification procedures are not only helpful for the trading app, but also for the traders who register themselves on the platform. The app also asks for details when the deposits are made by the traders using their debit or credit cards. At such times, the traders are required to share the details like the card number, date of expiry, etc, which is done to authenticate the card details. However, the Bitcoin Code website does not ask for any IDs or bank statements to validate the details shared by the users. 

9) Excellent Customer Service

The Bitcoin Code software is backed by a robust team of customer care professionals who are devoted to their traders’ services at any time of the day. The traders can connect to the customer service team 24 hours via live chat, phone calls, or emails. These days, the customer care executives have also become very active on social media and respond to the queries posted by the registered users there within a maximum of 24 hours. Therefore, if all other modes fail, the customer care team is always available via social media.

How Does Bitcoin Code work?

The working procedures on the Bitcoin Code platform are straightforward. The Bitcoin Code review 2020 summarises the steps to land up in the world of online cryptocurrency via this trading robot.

1) Free Registration

To get started, the users need first to visit the official website of the Bitcoin Code software. There they will find a registration form at the right-hand corner of the website. The traders need to fill up this application form with the necessary details like full name, valid email address, and phone number and click on the ‘sign up’ button. This is the first step to start trading on the Bitcoin Code app. After filling in the details, the traders are also required to create a strong password, to protect login credentials that they would require every time they log in to the Bitcoin Code website. After all, these are done; an auto-generated account activation email will be forwarded to the traders’ stated name email address to establish their identities with the Bitcoin Code platform. Sometimes the traders are also sent an account activation SMS for the same purpose instead of an email.

Registration on the Bitcoin Code website is free, but in the next step, the traders are required to deposit a certain amount to start trading on the Bitcoin Code website.

2) Account Funding

After the free registration compliances are completed, the traders are required to deposit $250 towards the working capital in their Bitcoin Code account. The working capital should not be confused as any robot charges on the website. The Bitcoin Code website is, however, not eligible to host any kind of financial transaction on it, as it is not registered as a financial institution. Therefore, any kind of monetary transactions take place on the broker’s page. Therefore, the traders need to deposit their money on the broker’s page that they have selected while registering themselves on the Bitcoin Code website.

One can deposit the fixed minimum amount of $250 via any preferred mode of payments like bank transfers, e-wallet transfers, debit cards, credit cards, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, etc. After depositing the money to their Bitcoin Code account on the website, the traders are allowed to trade any asset available on the platform. Apart from this minimum deposit of $250, there are no other hidden charges, and whatever the user earns from the automated trading platform via this software is entirely his, Bitcoin Code does not charge any commission from the withdraw funds.

3) Demo Account

Right after the registration on the Code Bitcoin website, the trader can sign in to the free demo account instead of directly going to the funding page. The new traders generally do this to gain experience of online crypto trading before trying their luck on live trading. The fact that the demo account allows the traders to practice trade without staking their real money attracts the newbies to this demo feature where they can trade without fear of losing money. If they are satisfied with the Bitcoin Code’s policies and the procedures, they can continue to the funding section. After depositing the fixed nominal money, they can own the proprietary right to start trading on the Bitcoin Code website.

4) Start Trading

After deposit money in the account, now the traders need to set their preferred criteria, following which the Bitcoin Code trading robot will perform trade. Click on the ‘trade’ button after you have completed setting the criteria, and the trading robots will take care of the rest of the things. The criteria that need to be set in by the traders before clicking on the “auto trade” option includes, how many trades per day does the trader wants to place, what is the minimum amount of trade per day he is planning to make, what is the minimum profit he is expecting per day and what is the stop-loss limit he wants to fix on the trades, etc. The Bitcoin Code robot will scan the market based on these criteria, and generate trade signals to make the traders alert about the perfect time to place trades, and to reap the benefits of using a robot like the Bitcoin Code. The traders also have the option to choose the manual mode, if they prefer more control in making their own decisions; they can switch mode any time they wish to.

Is Bitcoin Code legit?

After making this Bitcoin Code review, we have concluded that the software is not a scam; it is legit and reliable. It is based on transparent transactions and is partnered with well-regulated brokers only, and therefore, there is no scope for any bitcoin code scams as such.

One may find many scam reports as to the credibility of the Bitcoin Code, but none of these scam reports could be proved. Some scam websites that resemble the Bitcoin Code official website ignite this confusion as to whether the Bitcoin Code software is legit. New traders mainly get very confused when choosing the right platform, from the myriads of online crypto platforms reigning the crypto trading world. They find themselves in a maze of confusion when they need to choose one from the multiple trading software. Each software has something exclusive to offer, and then choosing the right software becomes very difficult for one.

Some scam links direct the traders to such a platform that charges fees even for registration. It is then that some traders who are well aware of the free registration policies on most of the online crypto trading apps understand that the platform is a scam. They instantly come out of the platform even at the cost of losing the initial deposit made on the Bitcoin Code. Those who do not know about this free registration fall prey to scam websites; when these traders are asked about the trading app, they talk about what they have experienced without knowing that they have landed on a scam site. Therefore, the best way to stay safe is to follow the “Http” link.

Is the Bitcoin code a con?

No, the Bitcoin Code app is not a con. It is a legit platform that works on advanced algorithmic interpretations to scan the crypto market, and look for profitable opportunities to place a trade.

The transparent website of Bitcoin Code that speaks about every minute detail related to the online robot cannot be a con. The positive users’ testimonials on the site that states how the software has pleased every trader with its immensely beneficial features, cannot be called a con or a scam. The reviews show how impressed the traders were about the services rendered on this platform.

Wrap up

The onus of making this Bitcoin Code review is to bring forth all the features and benefits of the software so that it becomes easy for the traders to decide whether or not the software matches their criteria. However, it is not wise to think that a “robot” is 100% foolproof and can predict the future just because it relies on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (MI). It still requires careful planning and expert skills to program a robot in such a way so that it yields profitable results.

The operations of the trading robots depend mainly on the trade criteria set in by the traders. The robot undoubtedly looks for trade signals, but these trade signals are only triggered when the trading parameters set in by the traders are matched.


1: Who is the founder of the Bitcoin Code app?

Steve McKay is the founder of the Bitcoin Code app.

2: What is the Bitcoin code system?

The Bitcoin Code system is an advanced algorithm based crypto trading software that enables the users to earn huge profits even with the minimum investment.

3: What is the minimum amount of deposit required to start trading on the platform?

The minimum fixed deposit required on the Bitcoin Code platform is $250 that can be deposited using any of the preferred modes of payments. The financial transactions take place on the brokers’ page responsible for place trades on behalf of the registered users of the Bitcoin Code.

4: Is the Bitcoin Code endorsed by celebrities?

Some rumors link many celebrities who have invested in the Bitcoin Code; celebrities like Elon Musk have been part of this rumor mill for quite a long time, until he addressed the media and confirmed that he has no involvement with the Bitcoin Code app. Though Elon Musk is an ardent admirer of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, that is entirely his passion and not a profession. He has not invested any money on the Bitcoin Code platform.

But these rumors of linking celebrities with the Bitcoin Code endorsements cannot render the software as a scam. These are only publicity and defamation stunts made by rival platforms that should be cleared by getting the authentic information from the sources of the Bitcoin Code app.

5: How much profit do the traders expect to earn by trading in the Bitcoin Code?

As per our Bitcoin Code review, we found that the maximum amount of profits that the traders can earn depends on the extent of investment they make on the platform. As per the Bitcoin Code’s claims, the traders can see considerable profits coming up within the first few weeks, which is true as per the reviews stated by the registered users. The more they invest, the more are their chances of winning. However, this does not give the new traders the license to invest more and get away winning; new traders are at high risk of losing their entire investment, and thus they should invest more than they can afford to lose.

6: What are the best ways to maximize the profit limits on the Bitcoin Code?

The best ways to maximize profits are:

  • Starting with small investments and then gradually increasing the stakes as the traders learn from their mistakes.
  • Saving a percentage of the winning amount and to invest the rest in the future trades. Investing the entire earnings puts the whole money of the traders at risk, which is not desirable.
  • Keeping a record of the tax liabilities is an important criterion for the traders especially when they begin to earn huge profits. If needed the traders should hire an accountant to manage their accounts especially when they have no time to look after their accounts themselves.

Bitcoin Code Review : Legit or Scam? Live Results

Bitcoin Code have been said to be one of the oldest automated trading software that was created by Steve Mckay in 2016.

Bitcoin Code is considered by many one of the most well-known auto-trading robots in the crypto industry. This tool claims to make a profit of up to 100% per day speculating on crypto. But is Bitcoin Code legit or is it a scam? And can you make a living trading with it?

Read this Bitcoin Code review to learn more about this bot and how you can take advantage of its features.

Bitcoin Code have been said to be one of the oldest automated trading software that was created by Steve Mckay in 2016. It’s also has been said that Bitcoin Code is one of the most effective Bitcoin Robots to be ever made, bringing success rates for each trade performed up to 93%. Some users have reported that Bitcoin Code is able to “crack” the patterns on Bitcoin, thus performing extraordinarily

What is Bitcoin Code?

As we said in the previous paragraphs, Bitcoin Code is considered by many as a popular and reliable bitcoin robot that has appeared online to trade Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Code was developed by Steve Mckay and the main feature of this software is that it claims to have generated a lot of profits for its users in short periods of time.

The first thing you should know about trading with Bitcoin Code is that it claims to use a very complex algorithm that is dedicated not only to find the best options for buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but also locates the best purchase options.

The Bitcoin Code software works by itself, doing the work for you without having to manually operate it. All you have to do is create an account, choose a broker, and configure the settings so that they meet your targets. After that, your only job will be to turn the robot on, and watch it run throughout the day.

Is Bitcoin Code a Scam or is it Reliable?

This is the million dollar question, and probably what brought you to this article in the first place. No one wants to invest their money in deceptive offers that wind up being a big scam, specially nowadays with Bitcoin when it seems that fraudulent activity is gradually increasing.

During our review we have found many users who claim that Bitcoin Code is not a scam – according to many websites it can be reliable if the right trading settings are used.

Our first impressions after reviewing Bitcoin Code:

I think it’s safe to say that we were all expecting Bitcoin Code to be a scam. In fact, the only thought that crossed our minds was that this piece of software was going to rip us off of our money.

We did everything as recommended. Created an account and a broker was assigned, and shortly after we went to the deposit page. The minimum investment with the broker is of $250 USD.

The trading platform is extremely easy to use, and intuitive. By the end of the day we decided to withdraw that initial amount. You should be aware that there is a small fee if you decide to withdraw funds through a direct wire transfer, but other than that, it’s safe to say that Bitcoin Code appears to be a legit trading robot.

How to create an account with Bitcoin Code, step by step

Opening and account with Bitcoin Code is really easy and we explain it to you in 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Registration

Creating an account with Bitcoin Code is quite simple. Just fill out a form with basic user information such as full name, email address and phone number. After filling out the form you just have to complete the verification process and you’re done, you’re already registered.

Step 2: The Account

As soon as you register, the page will open a pop-up window to select a broker, which will be the broker you are going to carry out your operations with Bitcoin Code. This Broker is in theory the one that will provide all the information that the Bitcoin Code Software will analyse to establish which signals emitted are the best ones to perform the trades, and at the same time it will be through your selected broker that the trading will take place.

Step 3: Deposit

Once you click on the deposit option, a window will open to access your account with the broker, in which you will have to deposit the funds. Since the accounts are linked, any deposit you make there will be reflected in your Bitcoin Code account and through your selected broker.

Payment Methods are: Visa and Master credit or debit cards, GeoTrust and Neteller. The minimum deposit accepted is $250, which is an acceptable amount and at the same time recommended to start, until you acquire more experience and can invest higher amounts that generate better returns.

Step 4: Set up Account:

This last step is where you will tell the Bitcoin robot what exactly it should do for you. After choosing the settings you need to select the auto trade”on” option, and voila, from then on the robot will do all the work for you. All you need to do is check every now and then the robot’s performance.

Key features of Bitcoin Code

Performance: Make sure to test out the best settings during the week, as there’s a lot of volatility with cryptocurrencies and that may affect the performance on the robot, and your return of investment. Bitcoin Code claims that you can earn up to $2000 per day/week with their software. Bear in mind that this is not guaranteed – your earnings can vary and depend on the market and your settings used.

Great security with little effort: Bitcoin Code is a reliable robot, and it does seem like it is one of the most used and trustworthy platforms. The broker is a secure platform, and all your data will only be used for trading with Bitcoin Code and the broker.

Low commissions: Bitcoin Code doesn’t charge extra commissions, only those already established. You can register for free and operate almost in the same way in almost all of its functions.

It works through brokers: The brokers will do all the work for you when performing the trades automatically. All you have to do is set up the best settings and turn the auto trade button on. Bitcoin Code will then take care of all the rest for you. You may receive a call from your account manager who will guide share with you the best opportunities.

Let’s compare Bitcoin Code with the rest of the trading robots:

Bitcoin Code

  • The registration is hassle free. It takes no longer than 20 minutes to register and get started.
  • Bitcoin Code claims to have a success rate of 82% or higher, which makes it a reliable trading bot.
  • The minimum initial amount to start trading is $250
  • You can make deposits quickly, easily, and above all very secure, as well as withdrawals.

Other Robots

  • Some involve very slow and cumbersome processes with long useless forms.
  • Few robots give that advantage, they perform automatically with poor performance.
  • Some robots are not so reliable when making deposits.
  • Others take up to weeks to deliver your money. Sometimes, they don’t even give you profits at all.

Advantages of Bitcoin Code

Very easy to use: you do not need to be an expert in Bitcoin, much less computers. Anyone can configure their Bitcoin Code account and from it let the robot perform all the work.

Reportedly a consistent profitability: Bitcoin Code claims to share with its users approximately 92% of the money it generates, and that is why it attracts users from all over the world.

Efficient and effective artificial intelligence: The robots claims it can make life easier for us, and one of its functions is being able to do things for us more quickly and effectively. Bitcoin Code claims it can do for you in a day what an expert analyst would take several weeks to accomplish.

Tools to become an expert: You have 24/7 customer service and a demo account available, in addition to accepting minimum deposits for acceptable amounts such as $ 250. All this allows you to gain experience until you become an expert and benefit from the markets.

Some tips when using Bitcoin Code

According to user reviews, profits in Bitcoin Code are possible, but there are also many risks of loss. There are, on the other hand, those that cannot be controlled, which are directly related to the market and the changes in trends. There are also risks that can be reduced, such as the most common mistakes users do. Here are some tips so you can avoid the most common mistakes and reduce the risk of loss.

Start with the minimum: You shouldn’t commit large amounts of money until you become familiar with the platform. $ 250 is fine to start. Another way to gain experience is using the demo account, in which the platform allows you to perform test operations with fictitious money.

Learn from others: You can consult the customer service. You can also access webinars, tutorials and forums where the most experts share their knowledge about Bitcoin Trading.

Does Bitcoin Code have a mobile app?

Yes, and it’s completely free. Until now it is available for Android, although it is expected that soon there will be compatibility with other mobile phone operating systems.

Bitcoin Code Review: The verdict!

Bitcoin Code is considered by many not only one of the most modern and innovative Bitcoin trading robots, but also very effective and reliable. .

Cryptocurrencies are complex assets, and there’s a lot of volatility when trading with them, so you need to consider the risks involved in trading with Bitcoin and other crypto.

Glossary Of Crypto Terms


What kind of results should I expect from trading with Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code claims to have a percentage of success of around 92%.

How much does it cost to use Bitcoin Code?

The minimum deposit is $250 and they are yours, you will use them to invest and trade. The app itself is free to use.

What's the highest amount can be made by trading?

Bitcoin Code claims it can make a profit of up to 100% per day speculating on crypto.