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Bitcoin Lifestyle Reviews 2021

Bitcoin Lifestyle Review

itcoin Lifestyle is a trading robot. Investors can make money by trading in the cryptocurrency market. The robot offers insight by using machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide data for the bitcoin market.

According to testimonials from the users, Bitcoin Lifestyle is not only legitimate, but it is also extremely simple to use. The users are satisfied with the accuracy of the information, customer service and Cybersecurity.

Nearly all of the user testimonials for the Bitcoin Lifestyle have been positive regarding both the potential for making money and the trading robot.

Information Regarding the Legitimacy of Bitcoin Lifestyle

The information found on the website for Bitcoin Lifestyle is accurate. The trading robot offers a high win rate. Numerous reviews have claimed that money was made by using Bitcoin Lifestyle.

Bitcoin Lifestyle provides customer service around the clock. The average wait time for live chat and phone calls in under one minute. Bitcoin Lifestyle is a legitimate, simple to use, safe and genuine trading robot.

The website does not make false claims, and the policies of Bitcoin Lifestyle are outlined in a direct and easy to understand manner.

What is Bitcoin Lifestyle?

Bitcoin Lifestyle offers traders a way to make money. The trader simply speculates on the prices of Bitcoin. The trader robot is believed to rely on the volatility of the market no matter which direction the market is taking.

Investors have stated they have made money in both falling and rising markets due to Bitcoin Lifestyle. Bitcoin has a reputation for extreme volatility. The robot capitalizes on this opportunity to provide traders with a profit.

The techniques used by Bitcoin Lifestyle enable sophisticated traders to acquire the insights necessary for trading backed by big data. Everything is completely automatic. The trader does not need to have any special skills or experience to be successful.

Once the user has completed the setup, the robot handles everything. This is the main reason average people are able to make substantial sums of money. According to numerous reviews, roughly 60 percent of all users discovered the robot accidentally.

Most of these users did not have a background in trading. Approximately 25 percent of the users stated they discovered Bitcoin Lifestyle while searching for a way to make a passive income online.

According to the reviews, the performance of the robot has exceeded the expectations of the users. Traders need to understand Bitcoin Lifestyle is a high return, high-risk robot.

There is always a possibility the trader can lose their investment. No trade should ever be placed for an amount greater than what the investor can afford to lose.

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle Legitimate?

We conducted a thorough review of user feedback in addition to checking all of the information on the Bitcoin Lifestyle website. Our results showed the robot is legitimate.

The customer service provided is excellent, and it is safe to use the robot. There have been numerous claims traders have made as much as $1k per day using Bitcoin Lifestyle.

The best part is many of these traders made a deposit of just $500. It is important to remind traders there are risks involved. The website offers real testimonials from users stating they have earned excellent profits with the robot.

The collaboration between the customer service representatives and the trading robot makes certain all questions are answered correctly and quickly. The response to user phone calls and live chats is nearly immediate.

Although all emails are answered, traders may have to wait as long as 48 hours to receive an answer. The platform for Bitcoin Lifestyle is exceptionally easy to use. The privacy of the users is taken very seriously.

Bitcoin Lifestyle uses SSL security. The policy for data protection is exceptional. Bitcoin Lifestyle is also GDPR compliant.

How Does Bitcoin Lifestyle Work?

Some of the best cryptocurrency traders in the world created the computer algorithm used by the Bitcoin Lifestyle robot. The exceptional strategies and trading techniques of these individuals have been shown to result in profits.

One of the founders of the Bitcoin Lifestyle is a well-known cryptocurrency millionaire. Several others are believed to be experienced traders. We have located information showing one of the founders is a software engineer.

The engineer has a portfolio created with different trading robots. The most successful robot the engineer has used is Bitcoin Lifestyle. Bitcoin Lifestyle has established a collaboration with very respectable robot brokers.

All transactions and deposits are received and facilitated through these brokers. One of the best ways to be certain a robot is legitimate is to take a good look at the partner brokers. Bitcoin Lifestyle only partners with regulated and reputable brokers.

The leverage provided by the partner brokers one of the key reasons for the profitability of the Bitcoin Lifestyle. The leverage is as high as 1:1000. Trades for a $250 deposit are worth as much as $250,000.

It is important to note high leverage can result in either tremendous wins or substantial losses for the investors.

Tips for Trading with Bitcoin Lifestyle

Traders can increase their profits earned through Bitcoin Lifestyle by using the following tips.

Begin Small: Smaller investments are initially recommended. The trader has the ability to learn exactly how the robot reacts to a variety of events in the market. Reinvesting profits into the trader’s account gradually leads to greater profits.

Trading Within the United States Markets: The United States markets offer the highest level of volatility. This provides investors with a great opportunity to make more money.

The trader robot is fully automatic. Once the trader has everything set up, the investor does not have to do anything.

Following the Market News: We recommend remaining current with market news. This is the best way to determine which events may result in high volatility. The robot should be running while these events are taking place.

Trading with Bitcoin Lifestyle

No skill is required to become a successful trader with Bitcoin Lifestyle. Since the actions of the robot are automatic, all the trader needs to do is determine the settings for the risk management tools and initiate live trading.

A comprehensive guide is provided by the robot to ensure the trader understands exactly what to do. A Bitcoin Lifestyle account can be opened simply by following the steps explained below.

Registration: The first step is going to the homepage for Bitcoin Lifestyle. The trader then fills out the registration form provided by the site. The email, phone number and name of the trader are required.

An SMS and link will be emailed to the trader by Bitcoin Lifestyle. This enables the trader to verify their phone number and email. The verification process is both secure and quick.

All of the important steps have been taken by Bitcoin Lifestyle to make certain the personal data of the users remains safe. The website is encrypted, with a policy for data protection. Bitcoin Lifestyle is GDPR compliant.

Depositing Funds: The minimum deposit accepted by Bitcoin Lifestyle is $250. The robot does not make a profit from the user deposit because the robot is license-free. Bitcoin Lifestyle profits by charging traders a small commission for their profits.

The partner brokers for Bitcoin Lifestyle accept a variety of deposit methods including Master Card, Visa, wire transfer, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Neteller and Skrill. Our deposits were available in less than one minute. There are no deposit fees.

Live Trading: Prior to live trading, the investor needs to set up the features for risk management. Live trades are initiated with the click of a button. Risk management offers traders a means of defining trading risks.

To achieve maximum profits through Bitcoin Lifestyle, the trader should train for a minimum of eight hours each day. The maximum risk per trade should not exceed ten percent.

When a trader makes exceptionally large trades, there is a risk of experiencing extremely large losses.

The Success Rate of Bitcoin Lifestyle

We have found the Bitcoin Lifestyle robot trustworthy. According to the user testimonials, the high success rate has enabled traders to make a good profit. The user testimonials claiming large profits appear to be legitimate.

We have found Bitcoin Lifestyle is real, enabling traders to earn a good passive income. We investigated the information on the Bitcoin Lifestyle website. Our result showed the information is accurate.

We were impressed with the disclosure of all the critical details regarding the trading technologies. We found no exaggerations regarding the potential of the robot. Bitcoin Lifestyle even offers a disclaimer pertaining to all potential risks.

Unfortunately, there are other robots using false testimonials to persuade traders to make a deposit. The earning potential claimed on these sites is a lie. We determined the testimonials on the Bitcoin Lifestyle site were genuine.

We have also discovered the scam sites hide their partner broker’s identities. This information is not revealed until a deposit has been made. The reason is the partner brokers are not really brokers but offshore scammers.

The partner brokers for Bitcoin Lifestyle are regulated and legitimate. The brokers establish a separate account for deposits. This is required. The brokers are unable to use client deposits for anything other than what was intended.

Bitcoin Lifestyle Accounts

There is no license fee for an account with Bitcoin Lifestyle. The profit of the robot is determined by the profits of the investor. No money is made by Bitcoin Lifestyle until the traders make a profit.

The percentage charged for robot profits should not be confused with the requirement for a minimum deposit. The deposit is used for trading capital. Although there is no way to be certain if there will be a fee in the future, the robot is currently free.

Trading Performance of Bitcoin Lifestyle

Reports show the robot generates thousands of dollars in profits per day for traders depositing less than $500. The top trading strategies of the world are applied by the robot for scanning the cryptocurrency markets to achieve profitable trades.

According to Bitcoin Lifestyle, ordinary investors have the potential of becoming a millionaire by depositing just $250. The robot claims the average daily profit is $150.

When the $150 is compounded, the account can be worth more than $500k within just one year. The profitability of each investor is determined by numerous factors including the level of risk selected, the trading session and the capital invested.

Benefits of Bitcoin Lifestyle

We have found the Bitcoin Lifestyle to be one of the most highly advanced cryptocurrency robots currently available. This is due to the trading technologies applied by the robot. The benefits of the Bitcoin Lifestyle are defined below.

Consistent Profits

According to Bitcoin Lifestyle, the profitability of the robot is as high as 100 percent. Reports on the Bitcoin Lifestyle website have shown some traders making as much as $1k every day from a maximum investment of $500.

Due to leverage as high as 1:1000, profits can be increased as much as 1000 times. Another reason for the generation of high profits by the robot are the trading technologies.

The technologies powering the robot include ML power and artificial intelligence algorithms. This is the reason the win rate of the Bitcoin Lifestyle can exceed 90 percent.

The best part is the investor does not need to be experienced or spend a fortune to make a significant income with the robot. A $250 deposit is more than enough because the account can be successfully grown through compounding.

Profits are Withdrawn at the Discretion of the Investor

The investor has the ability to withdraw funds at their discretion. Bitcoin Lifestyle does not have any limits for withdrawals. There is no fee for making a withdrawal. The withdrawal process is easy and straight forward.

Bitcoin Lifestyle provides a request form right on the dashboard. Once the form has been completed, the funds will be deposited in the trader’s account within 24 hours.

No Skills for Trading Cryptocurrency are Necessary

The investor does not need any experience or skill with cryptocurrency trading to make a profit with Bitcoin Lifestyle. All of the research and work is performed by the robot. The trader is then free to do what they choose with their day.

According to the user manual for the Bitcoin Lifestyle, the user should not spend more than 20 minutes per day monitoring their account. The trader may become emotional, resulting in a premature closing of the session due to too much monitoring.

When the robot is allowed to run unmonitored, the daily earning potential can be 100 percent fulfilled. Bitcoin Lifestyle strongly recommends against running any trading session for over eight hours.

The recommendation if timing the United States market for a continual eight hours worth of trading. The reason is the key driver of volatility for almost every market is the United States.

If the trader lives in a different time zone, the recommendation is turning on the robot to allow it to run unmonitored throughout the night. Although some traders prefer more control, this can result in emotional issues.

The emotions of the investor can easily interfere with the ability of the robot to complete a successful and extremely profitable trade.

Customer Service is Always Available

The partner brokers and Bitcoin Lifestyle have collaborated to ensure customer service is available 24/7. The trader has the option of contacting customer support via, live chat, email or the phone.

The recommendation for investors requiring immediate communication is either live chat or the phone. Email inquires require additional time. The trader may need to wait as long as 48 hours.

We have found the customer service representatives for Bitcoin Lifestyle well equipped with the tools and skills required for helping the traders. Just one phone call or live chat session offers the trader all the help required.

Bitcoin Lifestyle is currently working on establishing a toll-free hotline for investors

The Safety Factor

We believe Bitcoin Lifestyle is safe, We have confirmed the robot takes all possible steps to make certain all data remains safe. The encryption on the site is excellent. Even if web traffic is intercepted by a hacker, the data remains safe.

The password policy is exceptional. This measure is crucial considering almost 90 percent of all data breaches occurred due to weak passwords. Bitcoin Lifestyle is compliant with GDPR.

The law was created to make certain the personal data of all United Kingdom citizens are kept safe.

Bitcoin Lifestyle is Safe and Legitimate

User testimonials state Bitcoin Lifestyle can be trusted. The traders using the robot have stated they are making a profit daily. According to these testimonials, the robot is extremely safe to use.

Bitcoin Lifestyle treats the trader’s data with complete confidentiality. There is also a cyber response team for additional safety. The users have stated the robot is both easy and simple to use.

The majority of the users are just ordinary traders. They do not have a background in trading. Although the accuracy of the Bitcoin Lifestyle robot is high, traders should be aware there is always a risk involved with trading.

Bitcoin Lifestyle Review

Crypto trading is just another way to earn some passive incomes that do not require a huge investment. Only trading with a little subtlety and patience can earn you huge profits. To make crypto trading easier, software developers are coming up with new and indigenous cryptocurrency trading solutions; Bitcoin Lifestyle is such an indigenous solution that is leaving crypto trade enthusiasts awestruck with its superb features.

What is Bitcoin Lifestyle?

Bitcoin Lifestyle is a cryptocurrency trading robot that analyzes the volatility of the cryptocurrency market to make profits. Its ability to analyze the volatility helps the traders make a profit in both the bull and bear scenarios. The Bitcoin Lifestyle makes use of advanced algorithms and AI to scan the crypto market and look for profitable opportunities to place online trades. People invest in Bitcoin trading in the hope of earning money, but some leave midway after failing to understand how crypto trading is done. Trading robots like the Bitcoin Lifestyle show a new ray of hope to the new traders, who have never experienced bitcoin trading but are too keen to earn money from bitcoin trading.

Recent time has witnessed the high popularity of the Bitcoin Lifestyle in the Bitcoin trading market. The Bitcoin Lifestyle Review takes account of every nook and corner of the software that will help the traders to decide whether to invest on this; Go through the article to decide whether it is one good for you or not.

Features of the Bitcoin Lifestyle

The Bitcoin Lifestyle, crypto trading platform, is a good option for the new traders as it is a fully automated trading software. Some of the major key features of Bitcoin Lifestyle, which worth mentioning in the opinion of the platform are as follows:

1)High Success Rate

The Bitcoin Lifestyle website claims to offer a success rate of 99.4%. But on actual trading, its success rate was around 88%, which is pretty commendable. The high success rate attracts the traders to this platform, and many have stated that they have witnessed huge profits coming within the first few weeks itself. 

2) Advanced Algorithms

The Bitcoin Lifestyle app uses advanced algorithm technology to predict the crypto price movements by 0.01 seconds before the actual price movements take place. The software can predict which way the price will move- upward or downward, and this helps in making the right decisions at the right time. The time leap provided by Bitcoin Lifestyle also makes it consistent apart from fast.

3) Top Rankings 

Among the other accolades that the software has received, the most noteworthy is the US Trading Association, which has awarded this trading software the best one of the recent times.

4) Works on Price Fluctuations 

People who are keen to invest in Bitcoin must be well aware of the fact that the crypto market is a highly volatile one. Crypto prices can fluctuate, so the traders should be ready to face such challenges every time they invest bitcoin. Bitcoin Lifestyle software assures the traders that when they invest with Bitcoin Lifestyle, the software has the potential to work on the volatility of the market; this helps the traders to earn money profit both in the high and low of the market.

5) No Hidden Charges 

The Bitcoin Lifestyle official site is outwardly transparent and talks about everything related to the crypto trading on the platform. The site houses information about all the products, services that the platform offers, the variety of cryptocurrencies that can be traded on the platform. The site charges no hidden fees; as such, it does not mandate the traders any money apart from the fixed minimum amount of $250, which is levied towards the working for trading cryptos on the platform. Unlike most of the trading robots that sometimes charge hidden fees like inactivity fee that is charged on an account for remaining dormant beyond a particular period or a fess towards any transactions, the Bitcoin Lifestyle platform does not charge anything. However, it charges a small percentage of commission from the trader’s earning, but that is clearly stated on the official site of the Bitcoin Lifestyle; there is no secrecy. 

It is entirely the traders’ discretion how much they want to invest in Bitcoin Lifestyle. They can invest more than $250 on the Bitcoin Lifestyle account to increase their chances of winning as more investment leads to earning more; on the other hand of the spectrum, it also leads to losing the entire investment.

6) Regulated brokers

Broker regulation is one of the very important factors that people should consider while choosing a platform like the Bitcoin Lifestyle. Choosing any trading robot that partners with brokers who are not well regulated may end up putting the traders at a huge loss as if the brokers dupe away with the trader’s money, it would be impossible to track them. However, with the Bitcoin Lifestyle platform, this is very well assured so the traders can trade at peace.

7) Secure and Reliable Platform 

The Bitcoin Lifestyle platform places more emphasis on the safety and security of its clients’ data and funds than just earning more profits. All the clients’ data are stored in encrypted forms on the Bitcoin Lifestyle platform, and therefore, there is a negligible chance of the data going to the wrong hands. Moreover, the data are also secured by SSL certificates to ensure more robust potential.

8) Excellent customer service 

The customer service team backing the Bitcoin Lifestyle platform is t the service of the traders 24/7. The traders can get in touch with the customer service team any time during the 24 hours of the day via phone calls, emails, or direct chats. For this, the platform acknowledges only that email address that is registered at the time if sign up on the Bitcoin Lifestyle platform.

Nowadays, the Customer service team has also become very active on social media platforms, and any issues raised by the clients there get instantly solve by them. However, if the traders raise any issues other than trade-related issues like if they want to know about the crypto market conditions or if they are inquisitive to know about profitable trade opportunities, the customer support team directs them to the respective broker’s page who will place trades on behalf of them.

How does Bitcoin Lifestyle work?

The crypto trading platform has a very simple process, both to register and operate. To add on, Bitcoin Lifestyle does not charge any commission or brokerage fees on the money profit earned by the user. The working of trading has three simple steps, namely:

Step 1: Register on the site

It has a simple registration process, which is completely free of cost. The traders just need to log in to the official website of the software and fill up a registration form that they can find on the right-hand corner of the website. The form has simple details that the traders need to fill in, like their full name email addresses, valid phone number, and country of residence. 

After filling in the details, the traders are further required to create a strong password, which should consist of alphanumeric characters not less than 6 characters or more than 10 characters. The password is required to protect the login credentials that the traders will need every time they log in to their Bitcoin Lifestyle account. After the registration is completed, the traders will be sent an auto-generated email by providing a link to activate their account. The link is sometimes also sent through sms. 

Step 2: Get Linked to a Regulated Broker

After successful registration, each registered trader is automatically connected to a broker that falls within their jurisdiction. Any kind of monetary transactions on the software takes place on the broker’s page because the Bitcoin Lifestyle is not registered as a financial institution. Due to this reason, the Bitcoin Lifestyle app needs to share the data of their clients with these brokers. However, the traders should not worry about this, since all the brokers that apex bodies well regulate the Bitcoin Lifestyle partners with. So, there is no chance of any broker duping away with the trader’s money or data. The brokers never share the details of their clients to any third parties without prior permission from them. 

Step 3: Fund your account

Bitcoin Lifestyle has a minimum deposit requirement of $250 towards the working capital on the trading platform. However, this working capital is often confused with the robot charges that are not; there are no robot charges levied on the Bitcoin Lifestyle platform. The traders can deposit this minimum fixed money into their account using a credit card, debit card, bank transfers, e-wallet transfers, Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, etc. as per their conveniences.

Step 4: Start trading

This is the last and the final step to start trading on the platform. The crypto trading robot is accessible once the minimum fixed money is deposited on the broker’s page. Before clicking on the “auto trade” mode, the traders need to set the amount of capital they intend to stake per trade and the other trade criteria that they want. Trade criteria may include the maximum number of trades they intend to place, the minimum profit they expect per trade, the limit of the “stop-loss” etc.

Therefore, start trading without worrying about the market. It’s the strong algorithm that assures that the traders can make money amidst all prevailing conditions in the crypto market, ignoring the inherently volatile nature of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The more the investment, the more are the chances of winning huge profits per day. But it is recommended not to put more than 10% of the capital at stake per trade. There is always a risk in trading with crypto robots, and so is with the Bitcoin Lifestyle robot, and therefore it is advisable to invest on Bitcoin only up to the extent that a trader can afford to lose. Starting small and gradually reinvesting the earnings is the success mantra.

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle Trading Platform Legit?

Yes! It is a legit platform. While making this review of this platform, it has been found that it has reliable user testimonials with a positive review of crypto trading markets, which imply that they are thoroughly satisfied with the services offered on the Bitcoin Lifestyle trading app.

Is the Bitcoin Lifestyle a Good Option?

Pros & Cons of Bitcoin Lifestyle



No brokerage or commission or hidden fees attached.



Fewer deposition and withdrawal modes
This software is a safe and secure trading portal.



Less information is available on the website.




It has a 24/7 customer service team that quickly sends a reply to your email address with a solution.






How do I use Bitcoin Lifestyle?

The Bitcoin Lifestyle app does not need any separate download; you can get access to the platform with any web browsers. The app is also compatible with smartphones and therefore can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere, you just need a robust internet connection and a smartphone; no need to open your desktops every time you want to login to the Bitcoin Lifestyle account. 

Can you lose money with Bitcoin?

Yes, there are chances of losing even when you are trading through trading robots, and this is because of the volatile cryptocurrency market that can crash anytime. With the Lifestyle Bitcoin software also there are equal chances that the traders might lose their entire investment, but as the software can trade both in the bullish and the bearish markets, a little caution can save the traders from massive devastation.

Final verdict

To conclude, if you are searching for a fully automated, safe, and secure Bitcoin trading robot for trading, then your search stops here. Bitcoin Lifestyle is a good option for the people who have less knowledge of the online trades and want to make a profit in the market. We suggest that you should start trade only with the money that you can afford to lose. Also, people should conduct trade with due diligence and can take investment advice from an experienced trader. Its strong algorithm makes sure that you make a profit both when the market is going high or low. This is so because it works on the volatility of the market rather than the trend signals. 

If you are trained professionals, you must want to experiment by putting your input into the trading. But this software has only fully automated options available, which put a restriction on the trained and experienced traders.

On the final verdict for Bitcoin Lifestyle Review, if you are new to the Bitcoin trading world, this is a good platform for you to start trading by registration on the platform, through an email and make a profit today.


1: What is Bitcoin Lifestyle?

It is a crypto trading robot that analyzes the volatility of the market to make a profit for its clients in Bitcoin trading.

2: Is Bitcoin Lifestyle legit?

Yes, It is a legit platform and it has reliable user testimonials with a positive review.

3: Is Bitcoin Lifestyle worth it?

Yes, it is a fully automated, safe & secure Bitcoin trading robot for trading.

4: How much do I earn through the Bitcoin Lifestyle platform?

You can make minimum profit money of $1100 per day through this platform.

5: Are there any fees on Bitcoin Lifestyle?

No, there are no hidden charges and no broker fees or commissions on this platform.

6: Is the Bitcoin Lifestyle platform endorsed by any celebrities?

Gordon Ramsay, the famous TV personality and entrepreneur, is often rumored having invested in the Bitcoin Lifestyle platform, but this claim is not true. Gordon Ramsay himself took to the media and confirmed that he has a special admiration for bitcoin, but he has never in his life endorsed any such platforms.

Bitcoin Lifestyle Review

Bitcoin Lifestyle is an automatic trading algorithm software that will do all the work for you and start earning from the cryptocurrency market. Simply switch it on and watch your profits build. Trading investment can be made by any trader without necessarily having great technical knowledge or skills about cryptocurrency trading. The investor makes a deposit in their Bitcoin Lifestyle account, and the auto trading robots take over, trading with the funds and making profits.

Conclusion: We have tested the platform and believe it is 100% legit!

It is always a pleasure to review new auto trading robots for crypto trading. Lot of people are making daily profits from this new auto trading bot innovation, but there are quite a few trading investors who are not sure about the top or best auto-trading platforms to use. Therefore, our team tested the newly launched auto trading platforms for cryptocurrency to find out if this bot really works.

In this report, we have written about our finding while testing the Bitcoin Lifestyle. It is one of the best online auto-trading app for cryptocurrency; Our team had a great experience using this automated trading platform.

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle legit? Yes!

We first needed to confirm if the trading robot is legit before proceeding with analytical tests. We can confidently say that Bitcoin Lifestyle is legit and can be trusted.

Below, you will find a summary of our assessments;

  • Our analytics tools showed that the success rate on Bitcoin Lifestyle is 92% – which is one of the highest scores we have obtained as you will see on our top Bitcoin bots list
  • Our reliability tests reveal that Bitcoin Lifestyle has a score of 95%, based on the accuracy of its trading robots and opLifestyletional processes.
  • Regarding customer service, we scored Bitcoin Lifestyle 98% – This is based on responsiveness and satisfaction after using the service.
  • The trading robot scored 98% making it one of the best investment platforms for everyone interested in making money from trading cryptocurrency – The trading robots are reliable and fast.
  • Click here to open an account with Bitcoin Lifestyle or keep reading to learn more

Our tests were done in real-time. We opened a Bitcoin Lifestyle account to test and analyse the live trading features, and it was excellent. We also reviewed the testimonials posted by current investors to know if there are any recurring issues, but there was no problem. It was glaring that most of the users who had understood how auto-trading cryptocurrency robots work were making much money every day.

The trading bot test was done in real time to find the best results which cab provide most accurate feedback to our readers who are looking for reliable auto trading software to use. At the end of our review, we did not find any information that indicates that users are dissatisfied with the system. Instead, there is a high level of satisfaction. With this information, we were encouraged to proceed with our tests. At the end of the test, we are happy to say that the trading software is good and not a scam, but important to understand the trading app know how.

How we tested Bitcoin Lifestyle Software

It was quite easy; we were able to analyse Bitcoin Lifestyle because the auto trading platform is transparent. We tested the rate at which the trading robots analysed the market signals and performed trades; we also observed the trades to ensure they could potentially help users earn a profit. During this review, we focused on assessing how easy it is to open a new account, activating the live trading feature, the withdrawal process, and how effective the customer support system is for users.

Reliability tests

We discovered that Bitcoin Lifestyle was run by intelligent robots that an analyse a vast amount of market signals and data in seconds. This is much better than trading Bitcoins manually. The accuracy of these processes increased the reliability score of Bitcoin Lifestyle.

Earning a profit from the trading app

It’s possible to earn $1,300 every day with Bitcoin Lifestyle; however, the value of earnings depends on the investment you make. For example, users who invest the minimum deposit of $250 will earn lower than other users who invest as much as $3,000; the maximum investment allowed on the system is $15,000. However, we advise new users to start small, with a minimum investment of $250 and grow over time.

The feedback from current users has been excellent. It is possible to start earning a profit from the first live trading session. However, the market risks associated with cryptocurrency trading still exist. Therefore, it is a good idea to use an auto trading system we have tested, such as BitcoinLifestyle.

Can Bitcoin Lifestyle be trusted?

The intelligent robots that perform trades automatically on Bitcoin Lifestyle are reliable; we tested the live trading feature and watched how transactions were handled for six hours. My team was happy with the results; the robots were fast and accurate. Also, the high win rate on this auto trading platform which we got from our tests confirm the positive reviews many users have posted on the official Bitcoin Lifestyle website.

Online Safety

We consider the safety of all users to be a very important factor, we know minimal information is needed to open an account on Bitcoin Lifestyle, but this information must be protected. Therefore, we checked the online safety measures on the auto trading platform. Thankfully, we found out that the communication, data, and funds on Bitcoin Lifestyle are encrypted and safe. The auto trading platform is SSL secured.

Step by Step Guide to Opening a Bitcoin Lifestyle Account

We were impressed with the quick and easy process to open a new BitcoinLifestyle account. Please view the registration process here, on this page; you will see the countries where Bitcoin Lifestyle is available. To open your new Bitcoin Lifestyle account, follow the process below;

STEP ONE: Creating a new account

We were able to get a new BitcoinLifestyle account in less than ten minutes. All that was required was the account name, an email address, and a phone number. This information was verified, and we provided a strong password for our new account. Other trading platforms for cryptocurrency require too much information, and there is no guarantee of security. We think it is a good idea to make it easy for investors to open a Bitcoin Lifestyle account.

STEP TWO: Making a Deposit

We found multiple payment options on the platform. Users can fund their BitcoinLifestyle accounts through MasterCard, Visa, bank transfer, WebMoney, and Neteller, among many other options. We chose to use MasterCard, and it worked perfectly, our new account was funded in minutes.

STEP THREE: Live Trading

After confirming the new account balance, we were set to start a live trade session on BitcoinLifestyle. First, we needed to set a stop-loss for our account. This is a setting that protects our deposit from a loss if the market suddenly becomes too volatile. Next, the live trade.

After activating the live trade feature, we watched the robots trade on our account for four hours. This was a test, so we decided to only trade for four hours. The trading robots worked perfectly, and the market signals during that time were many, but it wasn’t a problem for the robots. Live trade can go on for as long as the user wants. However, we do not advise users to set live trading sessions for 24-hours non-stop trading, a few hours daily should be enough to earn a profit.

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle legit? Our verdict!

We conclude that BitcoinLifestyle is a legit and reliable auto trading platform; it can be used by people who don’t know anything about trading cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Lifestyle is easy to use and requires only $250 as the minimum deposit to get started.

Everything about Bitcoin Lifestyle is transparent, we checked the pay-outs system, and it was easy to calculate how pay-outs are done. The system is also protected from online attacks, keeping user data safe.

We recommend Bitcoin Lifestyle to everyone who has been finding it difficult to choose a reliable and legit auto trading platform for cryptocurrency. We have rested few more robots like bitcoin era, bitcoin trader read the review

Bitcoin Lifestyle Review

In a space dominated by stocks, CFDS, and commodity trading for so long, Bitcoin made a huge impact in 2017. Now, when people talk about investments, Bitcoin cannot be left out as its amazing price surge in the last three years remains unparalleled.

Bitcoin Lifestyle was designed to further consolidate the possibilities that investors are now taking note of around the world. As an automated trading bot, riding the price volatility of Bitcoin for daily profits never looked more realistic.

With record-breaking returns on investments becoming the norm for cryptocurrencies, the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is becoming very popular. Whether you love day trading, or you prefer incremental returns, Bitcoin Lifestyle provides an opportunity for profit that you cannot ignore. 

So, can this software be trusted? This guide answers all your questions.

What is Bitcoin Lifestyle?

Bitcoin Lifestyle is a robot that is optimized to enable you to earn daily profits in crypto trading without the hassle of sitting down all day to read through charts and market reports. With the price of Bitcoin fluctuating so rapidly, having a web trader you can trust is advisable. This bot is proven to deliver unrivalled accuracy on its analytics and market signals.  

Bitcoin Lifestyle is easy to sign-up with and a minimum deposit of $250 is all you need to become a part of this profitable crypto trading community.

Features & Functionality

  • Authenticity - 93%
  • Performance - 85%
  • Ease of use - 99%
  • Customer service - 86%
  • App - 88%
  • Profitability - 92%
  • Reputation - 85%
  • Fast withdrawals - 87%
  • Security - 90%
  • User testimonials - 89%

Who is Behind Bitcoin Lifestyle?

It is reported that Bitcoin Lifestyle was created by experienced and proven crypto traders, but we found that their names are not disclosed on the bot homepage. That said, every Bitcoin Lifestyle user is matched with the closest reputable broker to their location after completing the account registration. One such broker is Wisefunds Inc; a regulated and trusted investment company.

Start Trading in 3 easy steps

1. Registration

Getting registered is really simple. Go to the new user column on the bot homepage and enter your name and email address. After you provide your phone contact, you only need to agree to the terms and conditions by checking the box provided. Up next, you will receive a confirmation link in your inbox. Click on this link and you will be led to take the next step.

2. Deposit

Just before you fund your account, a call will be put to you by one of the customer service representatives. This is necessary in order to verify that you are human and to maintain the integrity of the registration process. At this stage, you will be required to make your deposit of $250 using any of the supported methods. You are able to access the customer dashboard as soon as your deposit is successful.

3. Auto-trading

You will be able to view all the features of the bot after activating your account. Although Bitcoin Lifestyle allows you to use a self-activation feature, expect a caller to get across to you within 10 minutes of your making your deposit. The account management officer is expected to help you understand how the bot works and what to expect.

Pros & Cons


Zero Trading Skills- Completely operated and executed by robot software, it requires zero trading skills or knowledge in the field.

Advanced Technologies- The platform uses sophisticated technologies like A.I. and Machine learning to analyze data, charts, and graphs.

Easy Withdrawals- You can withdraw your earnings whenever you want without any restriction of time or minimum amount.

Deposit Methods- A wide range of deposit methods that include VISA, Mastercard, bank credit and debit cards, Neteller, and Bitcoin are available.

Data Security- The platform is secured with high-level encryption for data safety and protection.


Offline Trading- Current version does not support offline trading.

Limited Cryptocurrency- There is a limited number of cryptocurrencies available for trading.

Degree of Risk - Automated trading comes with its own set of risks. Only invest an amount that you can afford to lose.

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle Legitimate?

Bitcoin Lifestyle is easy to use, which is self-evident through its growing trading community of ordinary, everyday people. A look at the reviews provided by its users indicates many individual success stories. 

Seeing and reading about how other people make a minimum of 30 percent profit each day is a big deal. Others talk about making $1100 each day using the software.

Why We Are Using Bitcoin Lifestyle? 

 When we completed our registration on the Bitcoin lifestyle website, we were sent an email with a confirmation link. Clicking on this verification link led us to the broker website. On the dashboard, we were prompted to fund our account using the supported methods. This process was simple and easy to complete. 

Navigating the dashboard was very simple, with an outline that leads to account status, withdrawal setup as well as the web trader status. With such an uncluttered dashboard, a new user can get used to the bot quickly and without difficulty.

How Does Bitcoin Lifestyle Behave Compared with Other Robots? 

Bitcoin Lifestyle shares some similarities with other bots. In addition, it also has some unique features:

  • Self-activation: While some bots cannot be activated without help, the experience is different here. Just by following the prompts, you can use self-activation and start trading.
  • Meta Trader 4 Support: Several bots can boast of hi-tech features that do not work as described. With this bot, the reputed MT4 is provided, enabling the user to trade securely.
  • Cross-Platform Functionality: Not all bots are cross-platform friendly. This bot makes a difference. You can access it on both mobile and desktop gadgets.
  • Deposit Options: The user has a range of deposit available to them. Whether you are using Mastercard, VISA, Neteller, Skrill or Wire transfers, this bot supports them all.

Conclusion: Bitcoin Lifestyle

Bitcoin Lifestyle is a crypto trading robot with proven results that enables you to make a daily profit with as little as $250 in minimum deposit. You can choose how much you are willing to trade, withdraw, or reinvest as you use the bot. 

With a network of trusted brokers that are accessible across the globe, we feel that this community of traders will continue to grow.


  1. How much is the minimum deposit?

    You are required to pay a minimum of $250

  2. How long do I need each day to work on the bot?

    You do not need to put in more than 20 minutes each day

  3. How often can I make withdrawals?

    No limitations are imposed on your withdrawals. You can make your withdrawal request daily if you wish.

  4. What is the expected result?

    As stated on the bot website, it is reported that you can make up to $1100 each day.

A comprehensive review of Bitcoin Lifestyle

Fact or fiction? Scam software or legit app? We investigate.

Bitcoin Lifestyle is a crypto trading robot that uses technological innovations to automate the process of buying and selling in the cryptocurrency market. The platform’s website says that users have generated millions of dollars within 2 months of using this robot, but it’s hard to find external reviews that indicate similar levels of profit.

In this review, we have analysed these claims to find out whether or not Bitcoin Lifestyle is as reliable a service as they claim.

Pros & cons


  • Use of modern algorithms
  • Top quality data security
  • Trading with high leverage
  • No hidden charges or fees


  • High risks due to high leverage
  • Limited to a few top cryptocurrencies
  • Misleading information used by advertisers

What is Bitcoin Lifestyle and what can I do with it?

Bitcoin Lifestyle is an algorithm that automates cryptocurrency trading by scanning markets and historical data. Apart from using technological solutions like AI, it also uses natural language processing to access news, read charts, and derive broader insights. The Bitcoin Lifestyle robot claims that it generates profits by leveraging its algorithm that is 0.01 seconds ahead of the market.

Apart from this, it also provides a seasoned trader broader access to the trading signals by processing data at a much faster rate than human capacity. It enables faster analysis of charts that can guide an expert trader on which assets to buy, when to open, and when to close the trade. Bitcoin Lifestyle offers options for manual trades that work with predefined conditions set by each trader. 

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle legit?

Yes, Bitcoin Lifestyle is legit. However, testimonials present on its website are unlikely to be true. Extracting testimonials from other resources suggest that Bitcoin Lifestyle has indeed helped users with cryptocurrency trading, but don’t indicate the same huge sums of money earned as claimed on the website. Bitcoin Lifestyle also claims to have won trading awards but we could not find any relevant proof to this statement.  

It is also worth bearing in mind that trading in cryptocurrencies without any knowledge can result in the loss of your trading capital. Hence, study the markets, do your own fundamental and technical analysis, before making the decision to invest. 

How does Bitcoin Lifestyle work?

Bitcoin Lifestyle’s automated software analyses a vast amount of data so as to extract the best positions for opening and closing a trade. Trades are facilitated through partnerships with robots that offer cryptocurrency trading on their platforms. An API connects the robot’s platform with your broker’s trading account, constantly sending trading signals to the broker which then executes that particular trade accordingly. 

What's the deal with all these fake celebrity endorsements?

From what we have found in our research, while claims that Bitcoin Lifestyle can make you rich without doing anything are ridiculous – the app can help you make money.

It’s really a shame. Like anything that people don’t understand, Bitcoin Lifestyle is being labelled a scam because first-time investors have been lured into using the system by dodgy marketers. Ultimately, newcomers simply don’t understand trading and are doomed to lose money, which they do. Many people do lose money using this system.

That said, why have misleading adverts been allowed to run? And why hasn’t anything been done about it?

Actually, things are being done. It’s just a little slow. Essentially, dodgy marketers have used loopholes in advertising platforms like Facebook Ads to bypass spam-filters. These marketers essentially create adverts, write fake-news articles, use fake imagery and quotes from celebrities.

Someone with the skills to do this can easily create a marketing scam in just a couple of hours. And this is the issue. By the time a celebrity’s legal team or advertising platform has caught onto the scam that’s happening, it’s too late. This results in marketers scams being taken down, yet being promoted again by a different celebrity within hours.

Celebrities and shows whose names have been used include; Gordon Ramsay, This Morning (Phillip Schofield, Holly Willoughby), Martin Lewis, Hugh Jackman and many more.

We believe there are a lot of marketing scams happening with this product. However, we do not believe the product itself is a scam.

Bitcoin Lifestyle key questions, answered!

Which broker can I use with Bitcoin Lifestyle?

According to its website, Bitcoin Lifestyle works with regulated and reliable cryptocurrency brokers that provides a user with a secure environment for online cryptocurrency trading. These may include well-recognised broker names like 24Option and UFX. 

What cryptocurrencies are supported?

Bitcoin Lifestyle has a very small number of supported cryptocurrencies. Currently trading on the platform is limited to:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • EOS (EOS)

Can I use Bitcoin Lifestyle on mobile and desktop?

Yes. Bitcoin Lifestyle is compatible with any version of a desktop. While there is no mobile application available, a user can trade on the mobile web browser with an internet connection. 

Can I trade assets with leverage?

Yes. Bitcoin Lifestyle offers leveraged trading of up to 1:1000. In other words, you can trade 1000 times more than the capital you invested. This is because the robot has associated with cryptocurrency brokers that further offer the option to leverage trading. 

However, the higher the leverage, the bigger the risk. You can lose enormous money, including your capital if things do not go your way. Hence, it’s always good advice to start small. 

Can I open long and short positions?

Yes, you can open long and short positions on Bitcoin Lifestyle. You can also input manual trading conditions and the robot will place a trade when the crypto asset hits the particular position. 

A trader takes a ‘long’ position when he expects that a particular cryptocurrency price will move up. A short position is when the trader bets that the price of the cryptocurrency will move down. 

What are the payment methods and withdrawal/deposit limits?

The minimum deposit amount is $250 that you can pay with payment options including Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, and Neteller. 

There are no limits on withdrawals and a trader can access it any time. The amount will be reflected in the user’s account within 24 hours. 

Are there any costs and fees involved?

No, Bitcoin Lifestyle does not charge any fees or charges for registration. It takes its profits in the form of commission while you trade with the registered broker. 

How do I get paid? What about payouts?

Your profits will directly be transferred to your bank account when you supply the details. 

What is the registration and verification process?

Signing up and registering for an account on Bitcoin Lifestyle is free and can be completed in a few simple steps. It requires providing basic details such as your name and email address, and setting a password. Your account will be verified within a few minutes. But please note that registration will only be successful if the broker partners are available in your country. 

You need to submit your valid identification details at the time of withdrawing funds from your account. This is a required step as all the brokers are regulated to comply with anti-money laundering legislation.

What is their customer service like?

Before registration, you have the option to contact Bitcoin Lifestyle via a type form provided on their website. After registration, you have 24/7 customer service. This includes the option of email and on-call service as well. 

How to trade with Bitcoin Lifestyle

Bitcoin Lifestyle has a simple interface that is easy to navigate. Traders can view their open orders from the dashboard itself. Users can also access their profits and losses by accessing their trading history from the control panel. In addition to this, the same dashboard helps user Users access the demo account. 

To get started on Bitcoin Lifestyle, you need to register an account. It only takes a few minutes and we’ve detailed the steps you need to take here.

How to open an account

  1. Step 1: Registration – Registering and opening an account with Bitcoin Lifestyle only takes a few simple steps. The website has SSL encryption to ensure the safety of your personal information. 
  2. Step 2: Deposit – After logging in to your account, the robot will direct you to one of their affiliated and regulated brokers. On the broker account, you need to fund the minimum investment amount of $250. You can also consider using a demo account in order to grasp the platform. 
  3. Step 3: Trade – Once you have funded your account, you can start live trading instantly. As a trader, you would still need to specify parameters such as stop-loss, daily profits, etc. Alternatively, an expert trader can specify the parameters at which they want to open or close a trade. Since crypto markets run 24/7, the robot facilitates trading at all times based on the parameters you set.

Our top robot trading tips for beginners

When using a robot to trade cryptocurrencies, there’s a lot that you need to be aware of. It may just feel like you deposit funds and let the robot do the rest, but our team of experts have come up with the following advice that it’s important to read before getting started:

  1. Learn about trading first. Trading cryptocurrencies is a complex process, and it’s important to have a grasp of the basics before you get involved. By learning about trading in general you will be better able to set up the trading robot to work most effectively.
  2. Learn more about cryptocurrency. Having more knowledge of the asset you are trading is important when making any trade, but especially so in such a wide-ranging environment as cryptocurrency.
  3. Start with a demo account. Even though you can start live trading immediately upon setting up an account on a robot, we strongly advise you to trade on the demo account first. This will help you familiarise yourself with the platform before risking any of your capital. 
  4. Start small. The best strategy is to start with a small amount of money and grow your portfolio and profits over time. This will help you hone your trading skills and keep risk to a minimum.  
  5. Only invest what you can afford to lose. This is a central tenet of trading, it’s always important to be financially responsible when investing in anything. Markets can be volatile and losses can come as easy as profits, so don’t risk money you couldn’t live without.


Bitcoin Lifestyle’s cryptocurrency trading robot is a useful tool for carrying out crypto trades, but users should be sure to have an understanding of what they are doing before using the robot. There are reviews online demonstrating that many people have made money using the technology, but not typically in the large amounts claimed on the platform’s own testimonials. 

The high amounts of leverage offered by Bitcoin Lifestyle can make the platform attractive to seasoned traders, but beginners should proceed with caution and do some research before using this feature. Cryptocurrency investments, especially leveraged trading, comes with its own set of risks. The key is to keep them small and be careful while making any investment decision. 

Bitcoin Lifestyle is a suitable tool for experts who can trade in a market that runs 24/7. By offering trading signals through constant monitoring of charts and data, it can enable a trader to make stronger trading strategies. 

One drawback is that currently you are only able to trade four cryptocurrencies on Bitcoin Lifestyle, meaning you don’t have too much flexibility for investing in multiple assets within your portfolio.

Bitcoin Lifestyle Review | Scam or Legit Robo-Trader

Bitcoin Lifestyle is 100% auto, meaning that you do not need any specialized skill to use it.

Bitcoin Lifestyle is an auto trading robot that allegedly makes huge profits from a deposit of as little as $250. Learnbonds has reviewed this robot and found it to be fully functional and free to use. Read this comprehensive review to learn more.

Bitcoin Lifestyle is a cryptocurrency robot that claims to make up to $1k daily in profits by speculating on bitcoin and other cryptos prices. This robot is said to be one of the most profitable bots in the market. However, the many searches online for “Bitcoin Lifestyle legit” and “is Bitcoin Lifestyle a scam” show that some users are questioning whether this software is too good to be true.

Read our Bitcoin Lifestyle review below to find out everything you need to know about this robot or go to their website by clicking the link below.

What exactly is Bitcoin Lifestyle?

If you are new to crypto trading, you need not worry. Bitcoin Lifestyle is 100% auto, meaning that you do not need any specialized skill to use it. Moreover, you do not need to be familiar with any technical jargon to trade with it. We will explain some of the technicalities of Bitcoin Lifestyle in this review. You do not have to understand everything in this review to use Bitcoin Lifestyle.

As mentioned in the introduction, Bitcoin Lifestyle is an algorithm that automates tested and proven crypto trading methods. These methods are derived from some of the world best crypto traders. The founders of Bitcoin Lifestyle are experienced traders who have made fortunes through crypto trading.

But even better, the robot claims to surpass the accuracy reported by human traders who use these strategies. This is because it allegedly can analyze vast troves of data and execute matching trades within microseconds. Bitcoin Lifestyle claims to have a win rate of 90 percent, meaning that it earns a profit in every 9/10 trades. The best human trader has a win rate of about 70%.

Also worth noting, Bitcoin Lifestyle is based on sophisticated technologies in artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. These technologies make it possible to read news and trading charts and derive insights from them. Machine Learning is a subset of AI that enables the robot to improve accuracy as it interacts with data. Natural Language Processing, on the other hand, allows Bitcoin Lifestyle to read and interpret the news. As a result, Bitcoin Lifestyle reportedly can make money in almost any trading opportunity that comes by however small.

How does Bitcoin Lifestyle work?

When you deposit money with Bitcoin Lifestyle, it goes to one of its underlying brokers. It is important to note that only firms registered as financial institutions are allowed to handle deposits. Bitcoin Lifestyle is a trading robot and not a financial institution. As a result, it may operate via registered and well-regulated brokers.

These brokers roles include receiving deposits, executing trades, and facilitating transactions. They have specialized technologies that make it possible to execute the insights generated by the robot instantly. An adequately regulated broker is an assurance that your deposit is safe even in the event of a bankruptcy.

Bitcoin Lifestyle trades on margin with the underlying brokers offering a leverage of up to 1:1000. Such leverage enables users to place trades worth up to one thousand times their capital. For instance, a $250 account can make bets worth $250k under that leverage. This explains why some people report earning up to $1k per day from a little capital of $250.

High leverage leads to explosive profits but can also result in enormous losses. You can quickly lose all your trading capital if you take excessive risk per trade. Bitcoin Lifestyle eliminates such risk by automatically following a defined strategy irrespective of market direction. Human traders often find themselves experiencing tremendous losses due to failure to control their emotions. Greed and fear are the two most destructive emotions in trading.

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle a scam or not?

Bitcoin Lifestyle is real according to users testimonials and our review. A background check on the information on their website further confirms that they are trustworthy. Firstly, they are ready to disclose all the crucial information about their trading technologies. Secondly, they do not exaggerate their potential and always give a disclaimer about the risks of using the robot.

Scam robots often use fake testimonials to solicit deposits and mostly lie about their earning potential. We determine the legitimacy of testimonial profiles by conducting a reverse image search on the presented profiles. Also worth noting, scam bots are likely to keep the identity of their partner brokers hidden until you make a deposit. This is because they mostly partner with offshore scammers masquerading as brokers.

As explained earlier in this review, Bitcoin Lifestyle partner brokers appear regulated. Regulators require brokers to have a unique account for deposits and adhere to strict reporting guidelines. This eliminates the possibility of using clients deposits for any other purpose other than the intended one.

Bitcoin Lifestyle account

Bitcoin Lifestyle account does not require any license fee. The bot makes money by charging a small commission on the profits generated through it. This means that the people behind Bitcoin Lifestyle only make money when you are profitable. Beginner traders often confuse the minimum deposit requirement with the cost of the robot.

It is, therefore, crucial to note that the minimum deposit of $250 is your trading capital and not the cost of the robot. Bitcoin Lifestyle is currently offered for free but there is a likelihood that a fee will be introduced as the demand continues to skyrocket.

Bitcoin Lifestyle trading performance

Bitcoin Lifestyle reported it can generates thousands of dollars in profits per day from a deposit of below $500. This bot applies the world best trading technologies to scan the crypto markets and generate winning trades.

The robot claims to have the potential to make ordinary people millionaires with a deposit as little as $250. The bot allegedly makes an average profit of $150 per day which when compounded can grow a trading account to over $500k in a year.

Bitcoin Lifestyle profitability depends on several factors including the invested capital, the trading session and the level of risk applied.

Bitcoin Lifestyle Pros

Bitcoin Lifestyle is considered by many one of the most advanced crypto bots in the market today. As mentioned above, this bot applies some of the world best trading technologies. Here are some fantastic features you will find in Bitcoin Lifestyle.

✅Reportedly a consistent profitability

Bitcoin Lifestyle claims to be a money-making machine with claimed daily profitability of up to 100%. Some traders have reported on their website earning up to $1k per day from a capital investment of less than $500. As explained earlier, Bitcoin Lifestyle trades on margin with a leverage of up to 1:1000. Consequently, a single profit is magnified up to 1000 times.

Another reason why this robot claims it can generate such high profits is its trading technologies. It is powered by groundbreaking technologies in AI and ML power Bitcoin Lifestyle algorithms. These technologies allegedly make it possible for Bitcoin Lifestyle to trade with a win rate of above 90%.

Amazingly, you do not need to break your bank to make a considerable income with Bitcoin Lifestyle. A little deposit of $250 is enough. Through the power of compounding, you can grow your account.

✅Start trading with zero crypto trading skills

You do not need to be a crypto guru to start trading with Bitcoin Lifestyle. The bot does all the trading research and execution for you. This means that you are at liberty to continue with your day job while your money works for you. The Bitcoin Lifestyle user manual recommends not more than 20 minutes of account monitoring per day.

You are likely to get emotional and end trading sessions prematurely if you keep checking your account now and then. Leaving the robot to run unmonitored on the other hand, ensures that that the bot realizes it daily earning potential to the fullest. However, never run a trading session for more than 8 hours.

We suggest that you time the US markets and trade for eight straight hours. This is because the US is the most significant driver of volatility in nearly all markets. If you are on an entirely different time zone, you can switch on the robot and let it run unmonitored for the whole night. If you prefer some control when trading, you can try Bitcoin Trader, a robot that enables traders to control their risk per trade. Read our Bitcoin Trader review for more details.

✅Withdraw your profits whenever you want

Another great thing about Bitcoin Lifestyle is that it allows you to withdraw your earnings whenever you want.  Moreover, this bot does not have any withdrawal limits and does not charge any costs.

The withdrawal process with Bitcoin Lifestyle involves filling a request form provided on their dashboard. You will have to wait for up to 24 hours for the money to be deposited in your account.

✅Trade with guaranteed safety

Bitcoin Lifestyle appears safe. We can confirm that this bot has all the necessary steps in place to ensure data safety. For instance, their site has high-level standard encryption to ensure that no third party can copy users data even if a hacker manages to intercept web traffic.

We can also confirm that this bot has a foolproof password policy in place. This is a critical measure given that at least 90% of all data breach incidents begin with a weak password. Bitcoin Lifestyle is also compliant to the UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This law ensures that the personal data of all UK citizens are safe.

✅Get help whenever you need it

Bitcoin Lifestyle collaborates with its partner brokers to offer 24/7 customer service. You can reach them via phone, live chat, and email. We suggest that you use the telephone and live chat for instant communication. As is expected, inquiries via email may take up to 48 hours to get a response.

Learn Bonds can ascertain that Bitcoin Lifestyle service agents are adequately equipped with skills and tools to assist users. As a result, you will get all the help you need from a single live chat or phone call. We have determined that Bitcoin Lifestyle is in the process of introducing a toll-free hotline.


Bitcoin Lifestyle Cons

❌Automated trading comes with risks

Most of the time, the robot will be accurate but given to the nature of the markets, losses can be incurred. It is best to start with an investment of $250 and build up to it as you familiarise yourself with the platform.

❌Some training required

It is best to have some experience in cryptocurrency trading to understand these algorithmic robots. However, you do not need any training to start trading through the robot.

Creating a trading account with Bitcoin Lifestyle

You need less than 15 minutes to sign up and start trading with Bitcoin Lifestyle. Before we go through the process, it is essential to note that this bot is not available in all countries. Try it here to determine if it is accessible in your country. If not, read our review of Bitcoin Rush for an alternative robot.

I. STEP ONE: Create an account

Visit the Bitcoin Lifestyle webpage and register your details in the provided form. Create a secure password as instructed and agree to the robot’s terms and conditions.

II. STEP TWO: Deposit a minimum of $250

Deposit a minimum of 250 bucks with the underlying broker and click proceed. Bitcoin Lifestyle brokers mainly accept deposits via credit and debit cards and most e-wallets. You can also deposit via Bitcoin.

III. STEP THREE: Start trading

Click the live button and let the bot run for at least 8 hours daily. Wait for when it is daytime in the US and run the robot then. Remember that the US markets are the most volatile and therefore are the most profitable.

Bitcoin Lifestyle user testimonials

Learnbonds finds at least 99% of Bitcoin Lifestyle testimonials on the site to be positive. In other words, most people who try this bot report a good experience. As mentioned earlier, most users report making an average of $150 per day from a deposit of $250.

Such claimed level of profitability means that it is possible to grow a small account to $1 million through compounding. Apart from performance, most users through testimonials on independent review sites report that Bitcoin Lifestyle is easy to use and has excellent customer services.

Bitcoin Lifestyle complaints

Learnbonds investigation did not find any serious complaints about Bitcoin Lifestyle. The only complaint is about its customer service not responding to emails on time. This is not unexpected with most online platforms. We recommend that you use a phone or live chat for instant communication. As explained earlier, Bitcoin Lifestyle has the best customer services in the market.

Bitcoin Lifestyle dashboard

Bitcoin Lifestyle provides a straightforward live trading dashboard. All you need to start trading with this bot is to hit the live button. You also have an option to change the risk settings but we recommend that you leave them at default.

It is important that you study the dashboard carefully and understand all the provided functions. Bitcoin Lifestyle does provide a manual to help you navigate through.

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle legit? The verdict!

Bitcoin Lifestyle appears legit. However, please note that while Bitcoin Lifestyle is considerably accurate, it is not without risk. We insist that you only trade with money you can afford to lose. A deposit of $250 is an excellent place to start.

Glossary of Cryptocurrency Terms


What is Bitcoin Lifestyle?

Bitcoin Lifestyle is a crypto robot that claims to make up to $1k daily in profits by betting on bitcoin and other cryptos prices.

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle a scam or legit?

Bitcoin Lifestyle appears to be secure and highly reputable.

How much capital do I need to trade with Bitcoin Lifestyle?

You need a minimum deposit of $250 to trade with Bitcoin Lifestyle. We suggest you begin with this amount and reinvest all your profits.

Can I withdraw money from Bitcoin Lifestyle?

Bitcoin Lifestyle allows you to withdraw your profits whenever you want. Fill a request form and wait for 24 hours.

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle safe?

Yes! Learnbonds has tested this bot and confirmed that it is safe. As explained mentioned earlier, their site has adequate encryption and they have a robust policy in place to safeguard data.


Bitcoin Lifestyle appears legit and user testimonials mark it as easy to use, but there are some things to consider.

Bitcoin Lifestyle is a viral trading robot that claims to make users money from participating in the cryptocurrency market. The robot allegedly uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to glean what they consider to be tradable insights from bitcoin market data. But is Bitcoin Lifestyle legit?

Bitcoin Lifestyle appears legit and user testimonials mark it as easy to use, but there are some things to consider.

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle Legit?

User testimonials take into account factors such as information accuracy, user feedback, customer services, and cyber safety when deciding if a robot is legit. Here are some findings regarding Bitcoin Lifestyle.

  • All information on Bitcoin Lifestyle website appears to be accurate.
  • The robot claims to have a high win rate.
  • Many reviews on the platform claim that they have made money from Bitcoin Lifestyle.
  • Bitcoin Lifestyle is said to offer 24/7 customer service, and their agents claim to take less than a minute to respond to phone calls and live chats.

What is Bitcoin Lifestyle?

Bitcoin Lifestyle allegedly makes money by speculating on bitcoin prices. The robot profitability is said to depend on volatility irrespective of where the markets are headed. Consequently, traders report making money through Bitcoin Lifestyle in both the rising and plummeting markets.

Bitcoin is notorious for being highly volatile hence provides the best opportunities for fast-paced robots such as Bitcoin Lifestyle.

Bitcoin Lifestyle is said to apply the techniques used by sophisticated traders to derive insights from big data and place trades. All this happens automatically meaning that the user does not need any special skills to use the robot. Once you do the setup, the robot does everything else for you. This explains why most people who are reportedly making it big with this robot are ordinary people.

Interviews by several review sites show that at least 60% of Bitcoin Lifestyle users stumbled on the robot by accident and have no background in trading. At least 25% of those interviewed reveal that they came across Bitcoin Lifestyle when looking for a passive way to make money online. Most report that the robot has performed beyond their expectations.

Even so, it is important to note that Bitcoin Lifestyle is a high risk – high return robot. This means that there is a possibility of losing your investment. InsideBitcoins recommends that you only trade with what you can afford to lose.

How does Bitcoin Lifestyle Work?

Bitcoin Lifestyle robot claims to be based on a computer algorithm built on the strategies of some of the world best crypto traders. In other words, it is an automation of the trading techniques that have been proven to be profitable in crypto.

Some of the Bitcoin Lifestyle founders are reportedly seasoned traders and one of them is a well-known crypto millionaire. We found details pointing out that he is also a software engineer with several trading robots under his portfolio. Bitcoin Lifestyle is apparently his most successful product. Visit the Bitcoin Lifestyle website for more information.

Bitcoin Lifestyle works in collaboration with highly reputable Bitcoin robot brokers. These brokers are responsible for receiving deposits and facilitating transactions. One way to determine a legit robot is to review its partner brokers. A legit robot will always partner with reputable and adequately regulated brokers.

Moreover, Bitcoin Lifestyle alleged high profitability emanates from the level of leverage offered by its partner brokers. Some of its brokers offer a leverage of up to 1:1000. This means that a $250 account can place trades worth up to $250,000. High leverage is a double-edged sword since it can also lead to big losses.

How to trade with Bitcoin Lifestyle

As mentioned above, you do not need any skill to trade with Bitcoin Lifestyle. The robot runs on autopilot only requiring the user to set risk management tools and click live trading. This should not be a problem give that the robot provides a comprehensive guide to do this. Follow the steps below to open a trading account with Bitcoin Lifestyle.

STEP ONE: Registration

Visit the Bitcoin Lifestyle homepage and fill your personal details in the provided form. You will need to register your name, phone number, and email.  Bitcoin Lifestyle will ask to verify your email and phone number by sending an SMS and a link in your email.

We find the verification process to be fast and secure. Furthermore, Bitcoin Lifestyle appears to have taken all the necessary measures to ensure users’ data safety. Our review shows that their website has encryption and they have a data protection policy in place. Furthermore, they are GDPR compliant.

STEP TWO: Deposit a minimum of $250

You must deposit at least $250 to trade with Bitcoin Lifestyle. The deposit is your trading capital and not the cost of the app. Bitcoin Lifestyle is a license-free robot that makes money by charging a small commission on profits made through it.

Bitcoin Lifestyle partner brokers accept deposits via Wire Transfer, Visa, Master Card, Neteller, WebMoney, Skrill, Bitcoin and a few others. Our live test shows that deposits take less than a minute to reflect in a trader’s account. Furthermore, Bitcoin Lifestyle does not charge any deposit charges.

STEP THREE: Live trading

Live trading with Bitcoin Lifestyle involves setting up the risk management features and clicking the live button. Risk management is all about defining the amount of capital you are willing to risk per trade.

You need to train for at least 8 hours per day to attain maximum profitability with this robot. Moreover, ensure that you do not risk more than ten percent per trade. Remember that the more you risk per trade, the higher the likelihood of experiencing huge losses.

Bitcoin Lifestyle review: Test Results Explained!

As mentioned above, Bitcoin Lifestyle appears to be a trustworthy robot. Bitcoin Lifestyle claims to have a high success rate, which means user testimonials have reported that it has made them money.

Bitcoin Trader is another seemingly legitimate robot which appears to be similar to Bitcoin Lifestyle and with which users have claimed to make a high level of returns.

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle legit? The Verdict!

User testimonials make it seem that Bitcoin Lifestyle is a highly trustworthy robot. Traders who try it claim to be making daily profits.

Furthermore, user testimonials claim that Bitcoin Lifestyle is safe to use. They are said to handle customers’ data with strict confidentiality and claim to have a standby cyber response team. Moreover, users note that this robot is easy to use. Most of its users appear to be ordinary people without any trading background.

While Bitcoin Lifestyle claims to be highly accurate in its trading decisions, user testimonials note that there is a degree of risk in trading with it.


Is Bitcoin Lifestyle a Scam?

Bitcoin Lifestyle is a Bitcoin Robot developed to help their users achieve the Bitcoin Lifestyle, by placing highly profitable trades with Bitcoin. There have been claims online about Bitcoin Lifestyle being a scam due to the high volatility in the Bitcoin market, but it hasn't been flagged a scam by the FCA. You can read more information in our Bitcoin Lifestyle Review.

What is the Minimum Deposit Required to operate with Bitcoin Lifestyle?

Bitcoin Lifestyle is a free to use Bitcoin Robot. You can even test the software if you want on the demo account. There is a cost involved in trading with the brokers integrated in the live market, which is usually a minimum deposit of £/$ 250 to use.

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle Endorsed by Celebrities?

There are rumours about celebrities like Kate Winslet being involved with Bitcoin and endorsing trading apps like Bitcoin Lifestyle. All of these have not been confirmed. You can read more about it in our dedicated Bitcoin Lifestyle Review.

Is there a Bitcoin Lifestyle App?

There isn't a Bitcoin Lifestyle app for mobile, but the users who want to get started with automatic trading in this platform can operate it via the web browser, or mobile browser on their phones. The platform is 100% compatible with it.

Bitcoin Lifestyle Review


Bitcoin Lifestyle can be explained as an auto trading robot that makes use of the trader’s money by trading in the cryptocurrency market. Allegedly, Bitcoin Lifestyle makes money by trading on bitcoin prices. The platform’s profitability depends on volatility, regardless of the direction that markets take. As a result, the traders make money through this platform from the fluctuating market prices. This robot uses machine learning, and artificial intelligence to learn tradable insights from the bitcoin market data.

Review of Bitcoin Lifestyle Auto Trading Bot

What is Bitcoin Lifestyle?

  • It is an automated trading software specifically developed for crypto trading. It uses a smart algorithm supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning, which automates crypto trading methods.
  • It applies strategies that are derived from research insights and huge quantities of data from experienced traders to trade on profitable opportunities. This bitcoin trading software uses a predefined algorithm to forecast changes in bitcoin prices, and when every step is automated, the trader can simply relax and allow the software to trade on their behalf.
  • It claims that it applies the techniques that are used by experienced traders to get insights from big data to execute the trades. Automatically, everything happens when the conditions are set, and the trader does not need any special knowledge or skills to use this platform. When the setup is done, the robot does everything for the trader.

Bitcoin Lifestyle Reviews – Join now to Earn more!

Let’s discuss a few Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Lifestyle

Pros Cons
Bitcoin Lifestyle is secured with high-level encryption data for data security and protection.  It offers a restricted number of Cryptocurrencies for trading.
This platform offers easy deposits and withdrawals. Its latest version does not support offline trading.
Offers a wide range of deposit methods. No Mobile app.
Since this platform is operated by a robot, no specialized knowledge or skill are required.  
It uses sophisticated technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  
Minimum amount to be deposited is $250.  


  • As per our Bitcoin Lifestyle review, being an automated trading platform, it claims that the traders do not need any strong trading skills to trade on this platform. Moreover, any user who is interested in investing in bitcoin can create an account, deposit a minimum amount of funds into their account, and activate the auto-trading feature by setting the required parameters to start trading.
  • As per our Bitcoin Lifestyle reviews, the system works well for those who are not familiar with the technical knowledge of cryptocurrency, and it allows them to get involved in cryptocurrency trading. The auto-trading robot can analyze huge amounts of data within seconds and make decisions accordingly. Bitcoin Lifestyle uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to get big data, which is very fast.
  • Succinctly, the Bitcoin Lifestyle robot remarks that it exceeds the accuracy that is reported by the human traders who use trade strategies. This is because the robot can analyze huge amounts of data and execute matching trades within a few microseconds. Bitcoin Lifestyle robot’s response time is 0.01 seconds, which makes it the fastest trading software available today.
  • Another important feature is it has a win rate of 90%, which means it earns profit in every 9 out of 10 trades executed; when compared to the human trader who has a win rate of 70%.
  • Bitcoin Lifestyle had received an award from the US trading Association as #1 robot in cryptocurrency trading.

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle Legit or Scam Software?

There are many platforms which lure investors with attractive promotions or marketing gimmicks. Traders are advised not to fall for any investment scheme without doing proper research regarding the platform. The Bitcoin Lifestyle platform is considered to be legitimate and has no scam reviews related to it. Several people have traded on this platform and made profits. The testimonials and the success stories suggested by the traders on this platform claims that it is trustworthy.

Further, the testimonials offered on this platform show that even people from unfamiliar backgrounds from general trading had leveraged on the platform’s software. Moreover, this platform is easy to use, and some users have reported that they have made more than $150 profit in a day by using this platform. This platform is not endorsed by any celebrities. There were reports that Gordon Ramsay recommended traders to opt for this platform. However, later these were found to be false.


The Bitcoin Lifestyle platform is considered as the most advanced robots that are available in the market today. As already mentioned, this robot applies the best trading techniques that are followed by traders today. Below given are few advantages of Bitcoin Lifestyle –

  • The platform is designed for the traders to work with reputable robot brokers who are responsible for handling trading related transactions and deposits. The association of having a trustworthy robot combined with reputable regulated brokers makes sure the trader gets better trading performance with higher returns.
  • It is an automated robot, and it can be used by anyone regardless they know about the trading or not. When the trader adds a minimum deposit and set the trading conditions, the live trading feature can be activated. This means the platform will start the trading activity and place the trades on behalf of the traders.
  • Bitcoin Lifestyle reviews states that it has a success rate of 90%; few traders have reported on the official site that they have earned 1000 dollars per day from a minimum initial deposit of $250.
  • One of the major reasons why Bitcoin Lifestyle claims that it can generate high profits is its successful trading technologies. The platform is powered by the latest technologies like artificial intelligence, and machine learning that power the platform’s algorithms. These technologies make it possible for Bitcoin Lifestyle to trade and have a high success rate.
  • Bitcoin Lifestyle robot does all the trading research and executes the trades on behalf of the traders. This implies that once the conditions are set, and the trader has activated the auto trade option, they can continue with their regular job and the robot takes over. Besides, the trader needs to spend less than 20 minutes daily for account monitoring.
  • Few people think that Bitcoin Lifestyle is a scam and not a legit one. As per our review, this platform has all the necessary steps taken to ensure data safety. Moreover, this site has high-level standard encryption to make sure that no third party can copy the trader’s data.
  • The platform has a foolproof password policy in place; this is because at least 90% of the data breach begins with a weak password. Furthermore, this robot complies with the UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and this law makes sure that the personal data of all the UK citizens are safe and secure.

Advantages of Bitcoin Lifestyle

What are the Technologies used by Bitcoin Lifestyle?

Bitcoin Lifestyle uses sophisticated technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP). The technologies offered by the platform makes it possible to read trading charts and news to derive insights from them. Machine learning is a category of artificial intelligence that enables the robot to improve its accuracy and interacts with data. On the other hand, natural language processing allows the trading system to read and get insights from the news. Consequently, Bitcoin Lifestyle can make money in every trading opportunity that comes even if it is a small one.

How does Bitcoin Lifestyle Work?

  • It is based on smart algorithms that are built on the strategies of some of the best crypto traders. In simple words, it is the automation of the trading techniques that have been proven to be profitable in Bitcoin trading.
  • It associates itself with highly reputable robot brokers. One of the methods to determine whether a robot is legit or not is to review their partner brokers. A legit trading system will partner with reputable and regulated brokers. Further, these brokers are responsible for facilitating transactions and accepting deposits.
  • Additionally, its profitability comes from the level of leverage that is offered by their partner brokers. Their partner brokers offer leverage of 1:1000. The trader should be very careful in dealing with high leverage, as it can lead to heavy losses.

How Bitcoin Lifestyle Works?

Trading with Bitcoin Lifestyle work

  • When the money is deposited by the traders in the platform, it goes through the partner brokers. It is important to note that only those firms who are registered as financial institutions are allowed to handle deposits. Since it is a trading robot, it is not a financial institution. Consequently, it operates through well regulated and registered brokers.
  • The role of the partner brokers includes accepting deposits, facilitating transactions, and executing trades. They have specialized technologies that make it possible to execute the trades generated by the robot instantly. Besides, a regulated broker is a guarantee that the trader’s deposit is safe, even if the brokers go bankrupt.
  • The trader should be very cautious when they are dealing with automated trading platforms that offer high leverage. One should keep in mind that high leverage might lead to enormous profits, but it can also result in heavy losses. Further, human traders experience losses due to the inability to control their emotions; as a result, huge losses are incurred.


Bitcoin Lifestyle does not charge any license fee. As per our Bitcoin Lifestyle reviews, the platform makes money by charging a small amount as a commission on the profits generated through their trades. This implies that this platform’s owners can make money when traders make profitable trades. It is important to note that the minimum deposit of $250 is the trading capital and not the cost of the robot. Currently, it is offered free for its users.

Trading Performance

It claims that it can generate several thousands of dollars as profit daily from the deposit of $250. It applies the world’s best trading techniques to scan the crypto markets, and it generates winning trades. Bitcoin Lifestyle’s profitability depends on many factors; that includes the invested capital, the level of risk applied, and trading session.

Trading Dashboard

It offers its traders a live trading dashboard. The trader needs to register for an account on their website, add a minimum deposit, and click the live button to start trading. They have an option to change the risk settings, but it is better to leave the trade settings to default. We highly recommend that the user should study the dashboard very carefully, understand all the functions before proceeding with the trading. The platform also provides a Demo account and a manual to help the traders to navigate through the platform.

Customer Service

Another important feature is it offers dedicated customer service. The customer support team is highly knowledgeable and professional, which helps the traders to resolve the issues very quickly. To reach customer service, the traders make a phone call or send an email. Also, it is possible to chat with customer support representatives instantly by using instant chat features.

How to start trading with Bitcoin Lifestyle

As per our Bitcoin Lifestyle reviews, the traders do not need any knowledge or skill to trade on this platform. The robot runs on auto-trading, and the trader should set risk management tools and activate live trading. Below given are the steps to open a trading account–

  • Registration

To register an account, the trader needs to go to the homepage and fill their details in the given form. They need to register their full name, email address, and phone number. Further, the Bitcoin Lifestyle platform will ask the trader to verify their email address and the phone number by sending an SMS and a link through their email. The verification process is fast and secure, and the platform has taken the required measures to ensure user’s data safety. As per our review, their website has encryption and has a data protection policy in place. Besides, this platform is GDPR compliant.

Bitcoin Lifestyle Reviews – Registration Process of Bitcoin Lifestyle

  • Depositing a minimum Amount

The second step would be to deposit a minimum amount of $250 to start trading with Bitcoin Lifestyle. This deposit is the trading capital and not the cost of the robot. Bitcoin Lifestyle is a license-free automated trading robot, which makes money by charging a small amount as a commission on the profits made on this platform. Bitcoin Lifestyles partner brokers accept deposits through Visa, MasterCard, wire transfer, Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney, bitcoin, and several others. Bitcoin Lifestyle does not charge money as deposit charges.

  • Live Trading

After registering an account on this platform and adding a minimum deposit of $250, the next step would be to start live trading. To start live trading on this platform, it involves setting up of risk management features and clicking on the live trading button. Risk management features imply that the trader should define the amount of capital that they are willing to risk per trade.

Bitcoin Lifestyle Reviews – Live trading of Bitcoin Lifestyle

How do you earn more using Bitcoin Lifestyle?

Below given are the few tips for the traders to earn more by using the Bitcoin Lifestyle platform. Some of them include –

  • The trader should follow and read the market news to determine market insights, which are prone to high volatility. The trader needs to make sure that the robot runs during these market events to take advantage of the fluctuating markets.

  • The trader should trade on the volatile markets, which means these markets offer the best trading opportunity to make money. Bitcoin Lifestyle is an auto trading system; the trader can set the trading parameters and proceed with their regular task even though they are not in front of the system.

  • The trader should start with a small amount as an investment scheme and monitor how the robot trades in different markets. Further, the trader should not invest their full amount in the trades. It is better to start with the minimum amount of investment and reinvest their profits to make more money.

Wrap up

Several people have reported that by using the Bitcoin Lifestyle automated trading system, they have made profits. This platform has strong data security, and it is acknowledged as #1 robot for cryptocurrency trading. We recommend the traders to trade only with an amount they can afford to lose. The Bitcoin Lifestyle platform can be accessed by anyone, including traders having no experience in trading. When the user registers on their platform, using basic personal information like name, email address, and mobile number, they need to add a minimum amount and click the live button and monitor their trading account for less than 20 minutes daily. Besides, users should be very careful in trading with automated trading platforms as they are prone to high risks and volatility.


1. What is the Minimum deposit in Bitcoin Lifestyle?

Bitcoin Lifestyle is an auto trading robot, and it’s a free platform. There is a cost involved while trading with the brokers in the live market, and the traders should pay a minimum deposit of 250 either in Euros or Dollars.

2. What is the initial amount needed to trade with Bitcoin Lifestyle?

The trader can start with a minimum deposit of $250 initially on the Bitcoin Lifestyle platform. We suggest traders start with a minimum amount and re-invest their capital again to make more profits. The deposits can be made through different payment options like debit cards, credit card, etc.

3. Is Bitcoin Lifestyle profitable?

As per the official website of Bitcoin Lifestyle, the testimonials and the good user reviews says that the traders have generated profits by depositing a minimum amount. Also, it claims that it has got a 90% success rate.

4. Does Bitcoin Lifestyle allow seamless withdrawals?

Withdrawals on the Bitcoin Lifestyle platform is simple and easy. The traders need to fill a withdrawal request form on the dashboard, and within 24 hours, the request is processed. Besides, there are no withdrawal fees or any charges about deposits or withdrawal.

5. Is Bitcoin Lifestyle safe?

As already mentioned, the Bitcoin Lifestyle has data encryption to secure the trader’s data, and they have the policy to safeguard data of their users.


  • – Bitcoin Lifestyle is secured with high-level encryption data for data security and protection.
  • – This platform offers easy deposits and withdrawals.
  • – Offers a wide range of deposit methods.
  • – Minimum amount to be deposited is $250.


  • – It offers a restricted number of Cryptocurrencies for trading.
  • – Its latest version does not support offline trading.
  • – No Mobile app.

Bitcoin Lifestyle

Read this comprehensive review of Bitcoin lifestyle. Bitcoin is not only the most popular digital currency but is the most valuable.  If you have been searching for the best bitcoin trading platform, then you must have come across Bitcoin lifestyle. Since its launch, this trading platform has gained popularity fast. Most users say that like this Bitcoin Lifestyle platform because it is simple, efficient and affordable. So, what exactly is Bitcoin lifestyle, how does it work and what are the benefits?

 What is Bitcoin Lifestyle App?

Bitcoin lifestyle is a software that claims to help crypto traders make good money from trading bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin lifestyle software uses an artificial intelligence robot to give well-analyzed insights to increase your chances of making good profits from your trades. This trading platform has been created by some of the world’s best crypto traders.

According to the official Bitcoin Lifestyle website, this software can read data from other sources, analyze it then give almost accurate insights. The software uses a complex algorithm to analyze tens of thousands of digital currency trading patterns to predicts accurately the direction of this volatile market. The creators of bitcoin lifestyle robots say that analysis happens in real-time, a factor that enables the software to capture even the slightest change in the crypto market.

How Bitcoin Lifestyle Software Work?

This software may seem complex but it uses a very simple principle. Once you sign up to this platform and make your deposit, the software will do almost everything for you because it is fully automated. All that you need to do to start trading is click the start trading button and the software will do everything for you. Bitcoin lifestyle has partnered with several reputable and regulated brokers. This means that your money is secured even when the broker goes bankrupt. It is important to note that the bitcoin lifestyle robot does not hold funds deposited. Instead, all funds go brokers. The work of bitcoin lifestyle software is to give you trading insights and trade on your behalf.

Features of Bitcoin Lifestyle Robot

  • Easy to use platform

Bitcoin Lifestyle system is simple and easy to use. Even an individual who has never used this platform before can quickly learn how to trade and start earning some profits. This software is fully automated meaning that most tasks are performed by the robot. Your only role is to click the “trade live” button and leave the rest to it. It is highly recommended for people who want to make money from cryptocurrency but have little or no knowledge of how to trade digital currencies such as bitcoin.

  • Quick deposits and withdrawals

Unlike other crypto trading platforms that have made it difficult to deposit or withdraw money, this trading platform has made the process easy and straight ward. The Bitcoin Lifestyle platform also allows multiple options for paying your deposit. Withdrawing funds is also easy and straightforward. Once you have made your profit, all that you need to do is request funds withdrawal. All transactions are instant meaning that if you withdraw funds, then those funds will be credited to your account instantly

  • It gives insights

In addition to making crypto trading easy, this software also gives well-researched insights to help you make an informed decision when trading. The software uses a complex algorithm to search for information on various crypto sites, analyze the information then give valuable insight. According to the official website, this software has a 90% success rate.

Advantaged of Bitcoin Lifestyle Platform 

  • It is easy to use

If you are looking for a simple and straightforward trading platform, then Bitcoin Lifestyle is one of the best. Anyone including those who know nothing about trading can use this trading platform and make a profit. The software interface is simple and easy to use. In fact, all that you need to do is click the “live trade” button and the robot will do the rest for you. it is highly recommended for individuals who want to earn good profits from their investment without putting so much effort.

  • No hidden fee

One thing that we really liked about Bitcoin Lifestyle is that there is does not have a hidden fee. The platform only charged a small commission from your trades. There is no sign-up fee or withdrawal fee as it is usually the case with other crypto trading platforms.

  • High success rate

Bitcoin Lifestyle claims that it has a success rate of 90%. Most people who use this platform claim that they have made good profits from most of their trades.

How to Join the Bitcoin Lifestyle App?

  • Sign up

The process of joining Bitcoin Lifestyle App starts with signing up. The registration process is simple and straightforward. Just visit the bitcoin lifestyle official home page and fill in your personal details asked on the form. Some of the personal information that you will be asked include your email, phone number, home address and much more. ensure that you answer all questions correctly. The registration process is fast and secure. The entire process will not take more than 10 minutes. The Bitcoin Lifestyle creators have invested heavily to secure this software. They have a solid data protection policy and that is why it has never been hacked.

  • Find a broker

After successful registration, the next process is finding a broker. Unlike other trading platforms that automatically link you to a broker, Bitcoin Lifestyle App does not link you to a broker automatically, instead, it has a list of brokers that you can choose from. We did our research and we can confidently say all their brokers are reputable and regulated.

  • Deposit the Minimum fund

Before you start trading, you need to deposit the minimum amount which is $250. Remember that the amount you deposit will not be held by the bitcoin lifestyle. Instead, it will direct that money to your chosen broker. We decided to deposit that amount and we found out that the amount is reflected in the account immediately. The Bitcoin Lifestyle App does not charge a deposit fee.

  • Live trading

Once you have deposited the minimum amount, the next stage is live trading. If you are a beginner, then you can first practice on a demo account before you progress to live to trade. Live trading on bitcoin lifestyle is simple. You only need to determine the amount you want to invest then click the live button. If you are a newbie, then we recommend that you don’t take big risks. Remember high risks often result in high loses.

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle a Scam

So far, no cases of the scam have been reported. It is alleged that this program has a success rate of 90%. Many users of this Bitcoin Lifestyle review program have reported that this platform has helped them make money.

Bitcoin Lifestyle Review: Verdict

Bitcoin lifestyle appears to be a genuine and reliable crypto trading platform. It has over 90% success rate meaning that it helps many people make good money. Bitcoin lifestyle is also secure meaning that you don’t have to worry about data leakage. We also liked the fact that the platform is easy to use and there are no hidden fees.

However, although this platform is trustworthy and reliable, it is important to note that things will not go your way all the time. Just like any other platform, bitcoin lifestyle also involves some level of risk.


What is the minimum deposit with Bitcoin Lifestyle?

The minimum deposit is $250

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle Software Legit?

YES, it is legit. This platform is used by many people and many of them are happy because it has helped them make good money.

What is the maximum or minimum amount that I can withdraw from Bitcoin Lifestyle?

Bitcoin Lifestyle does not have a maximum or minimum withdrawal limit. You can withdraw as much money as you want.

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle profitable?

Yes, it is profitable. With the right strategies, the creators report that you can earn up to $1000 daily.

Bitcoin Lifestyle Review

In 2009, Bitcoin made its grand appearance. Since then, it’s popularity gained so much prominence, that an entire industry of cryptocurrency was born. 

In a mere decade, Bitcoin proved its significance. This cryptocurrency, with its principles and the rising value, is often described as the next ‘digital gold’. Consequently, everyone wants to try their hand at this new investment opportunity. Hence, different methods of Bitcoin trading have emerged in the market. 

Alongside cryptocurrency trading, supportive infrastructure driven by modern technologies has also erupted. A popular example of these are robots or auto traders, facilitating beginners and traders to effectively trade using market data analysis with quicker speed than humanly possible. In this article, we are going to review one such robot; Bitcoin Lifestyle.

What is Bitcoin Lifestyle?

Bitcoin Lifestyle is an automated software specifically designed for crypto trading. It uses an algorithm, backed by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning, that automates crypto trading techniques. 

Bitcoin Lifestyle, uses strategies derived from vast quantities of data and insights by experienced traders to speculate on profitable opportunities. It uses a pre-defined algorithm to predict shifts in Bitcoin’s prices and as each step is automated, the user can simply relax and allow the software to trade on their behalf.

The system works quite well for those who are unfamiliar with the technical knowledge of cryptocurrency, allowing them to get involved in Bitcoin trading. Moreover, the robot can analyze an otherwise insurmountable amount of data within seconds and make decisions accordingly. 

Features & Functionality

  • Authenticity - 99%
  • Performance - 95%
  • Ease of use - 86%
  • Customer service - 91%
  • App - 89%
  • Profitability - 86%
  • Reputation - 85%
  • Fast withdrawals - 96%
  • Security - 93%
  • User testimonials - 91%

Who Is Behind Bitcoin Lifestyle

Although the website does not make any specific mention of the team behind the Bitcoin Lifestyle, this is not unusual for this industry. Upon further testing, we felt that the robot must have been created by well-experienced crypto traders and software developers. 


Start Trading in 3 easy steps

1. Register

The first step is to register on the platform which requires filling your name, email, phone number, and a password.

2. Make a Deposit

In order to begin trading with Bitcoin Lifestyle, you need to make a deposit of $250. This deposit will instantly be reflected in your account

3. Start Trading

Once your account is set up, you will be required to decide trade settings. This includes defining limits for minimal risks.

Pros & Cons


Zero Trading Skills- Completely operated and executed by robot software, it requires zero trading skills or knowledge in the field.

Advanced Technologies- The platform uses sophisticated technologies like A.I. and Machine learning to analyze data, charts, and graphs.

Easy Withdrawals- You can withdraw your earnings whenever you want without any restriction of time or minimum amount.

Deposit Methods- A wide range of deposit methods that include VISA, Mastercard, bank credit and debit cards, Neteller, and Bitcoin are available.

Data Security- The platform is secured with high-level encryption for data safety and protection.


Offline Trading- Current version does not support offline trading.

Limited Cryptocurrency- There is a limited number of cryptocurrencies available for trading.

Degree of Risk - Automated trading comes with its own set of risks. Only invest an amount that you can afford to lose.

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle Legitimate?

Yes. The platform is completely legitimate and people certainly seem to have profited using Bitcoin Lifestyle. The success stories and testimonials from its users suggest that the platform is trustworthy. Moreover, these testimonials indicate that people with unfamiliar backgrounds in cryptocurrency or general trade have also been able to leverage the platform’s software. 

Bitcoin Lifestyle is easy to use and they takes data protection very seriously. Some users have also reported making an average of $150 in profit per day using this platform. 

What’s the Best Way to Use Bitcoin Lifestyle?

We have already established the fact that this automatic robot trading is perfect for beginners. But, even an experienced trader can leverage the platform’s software to indulge in profitable trading. We feel that this bot can also be effective as a risk mitigation factor against manual trading. 


Robot trading is gaining significant popularity, especially in the cryptocurrency market. This relatively new trading instrument works 24/7 and is renowned for its volatility. By offering live trading charts and constantly monitoring incoming data streams, robots offer a better chance of conducting profitable crypto trading.