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Bitcoin Trader Reviews 2021

Bitcoin Trader Review

There are so many auto trading robots for cryptocurrencies now, agreed these auto trading platforms are the best options for making huge profits from trading cryptocurrency, but the benefits can only be achieved when investors use a trusted platform. This is why we have selected a group of popular auto trading robots to test and review. Our goal is to confirm that these robots for trading cryptocurrency actually work and can be used by anyone to grow their passive income.

In this review, we will be revealing our findings after testing the Bitcoin Trader, we must confess, though the reviews from current users are mostly positive, we had a better experience, and my team is really impressed with the Bitcoin Trader. For this review, we tested all the features of this auto trading platform, and in the simplest terms, the Bitcoin Trader is one of the best ways to earn significant profits daily from trading cryptocurrencies.

Let’s start with an overview of the Bitcoin Trader, for the benefit of those who have not heard about the platform before.


The Bitcoin Trader is an auto trading platform for cryptocurrencies; it involves trading robots that function with sophisticated software and algorithm developed to analyse the cryptocurrency market. The Bitcoin Trader was released to the public in 2017, since that time we have noticed a steady increase in the number of active users on the platform. This is why we selected the Bitcoin Trader as one of the auto trading platforms to review, we need to know why everyone is using it, and if it really works as they say.

The best thing about auto trading platforms for cryptocurrencies such as the Bitcoin Trader is that the system does all the work for you. All that is required to start trading after creating an account is making a deposit and activating the auto trade feature. It works in a similar way to other excellent automated trading platforms such as Bitcoin Code.

We are excited about these trading platforms for cryptocurrencies. I have been trading Bitcoins for many years and have made so much money from the investment; however, many people have not been able to get on board because it takes a lot of training and skill to perform manual cryptocurrency trades. Now, with auto trading software such as Bitcoin Trader, everyone can start earning from cryptocurrency trading because the system does all the work for you.

Regarding the Bitcoin Trader, we are impressed with its features, all our tests ended with excellent results, we performed a live trade to have our experience, and thankfully we earned a profit, and I think we will keep our account to continue earning. There are many reviews of current users who state that they earn as much as $1,500 daily with the Bitcoin Trader, after our experience, we can say it is very possible for all users to earn that much every day.

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Is the Bitcoin Trader Legit?

We can confidently state that the Bitcoin Trader is 100% legit, the platform has been developed by some of the best software engineers, and it is also affiliated with reputable brokers from all over the world. Bitcoin Trader has provided and sustained the platform for many traders to earn a passive income for so many years, and this is the right time for everyone to come on board. Thankfully, it is so easy to open an account and start earning.

To verify the authenticity of the Bitcoin Trader, my team and I contacted the regulatory agencies and the developers of the platform. The information and evidence provided to us were accurate. With this information, we proceeded to start our review of the auto trading platform.

Our goal was to test all the features of the Bitcoin Trader that will be used by every investor. We have identified some concerns indicated by posts online about using auto trading platforms for cryptocurrencies, and we need to know if any of these issues can be experienced when using Bitcoin Trader. Good enough the Bitcoin Trader system passed all our tests for speed, efficiency, online security, and customer support.

No, Bitcoin Trader is not a scam

We know that there are so many auto trading platforms for cryptocurrencies out there, and it is difficult to know which is real, we have tested Bitcoin Trader, and we confirm that it is not a scam. Here is a summary of our findings after our tests;

  • Bitcoin Trader offers all users a chance to earn a profit daily based on the high win rate from trades which we analysed and found to be 88%; this means every trade performed by the system earns a profit.
  • The platform is easy to use and responsive.
  • With a minimum deposit of $250, users can activate the auto trading feature and start earning on their account.
  • The customer support team is available 24/7 to provide fast solutions when necessary.

Bitcoin Trader for Auto trading

The auto trading features on Bitcoin Trader platform makes it easy for users to cover the entire trades performed in the market daily. Traders who try to do this using manual trading method hardly cover the thousands of transactions and market signals; this means they lose potential opportunities. We tested the system on Bitcoin Trader and found out that it performs trades much faster than the regular market. We are not surprised after all Bitcoin Trader is run by intelligent robots.

We had a smooth operation using testing the system; all we needed to do while testing the live trading feature was to make a deposit and sit back to watch the robots do their work.

Automated trading is one of the best innovations that had been introduced into the cryptocurrency market. From my experience as a trader, I have spent countless hours performing manual trades and still missed high valued market signals that would have helped me earn more profits. With systems such as Bitcoin Trader, I am sure that would not have happened because robots are in charge of analysing the market. This is why I made the switch to start using auto trading platforms for cryptocurrency and dedicated my time to test them, so everyone will know which auto trading platforms work.

How Bitcoin Trader Operates

My team found it very easy to test all the features of the Bitcoin Trader to know how it really works. Unlike some other platforms, we tried to test but could not open an account. On Bitcoin Trader, our new account was opened in a few minutes and ready for use. Bitcoin Trader robots scrutinize the cryptocurrency market to detect the most profitable trades for cryptocurrency pairs. It is all about buying cryptocurrencies at a low rate and selling higher to make a profit. When the price of cryptocurrency drops or rises, the robots detect these changes and can perform trades on behalf of the user.

For extra assurance, all trades scheduled by the robots are vetted by the brokers who confirm that the transactions are potentially profitable. After vetting, the trade is processed on behalf of the user. It is so simple, but the best part is that we confirmed this system works. Continue reading to know more about our experience while testing the features of Bitcoin Trader.

Registering a new Bitcoin Trader account

Step 1: Registration

To begin our experience with the Bitcoin Trader, we needed to register a new account. This was done quickly, after opening the registration page; we entered the required information such as account name, phone number, and an active email address. This information was verified in seconds, and our new account was ready for use.

We set the password, which is mandatory and proceeded to make a deposit. During the registration process, I observed that it was completely free; we did not have to make any payments to create a new Bitcoin Trader account.

Step 2: Making a Deposit

On the Bitcoin trader platform, there are different options to make a deposit; the range starts from $250, which is the lowest deposit any user can make and ends at $15,000, for the users who have more experience and have been on the platform for many years. For this review, we decided to start with the minimum deposit of $250.

We observed that the developers provided multiple payment options on the website. This is a good thing because Bitcoin Trader can be used by investors in over 150 countries all over the world. So it helps to add different payment options to enable everyone to make payments easily. The Payment options include MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, bank transfer, Maestro, and some others. To make our first deposit, we chose the MasterCard option. Before making a deposit, my team checked the online security system; thankfully, it is the SSL which is reliable and secure for online transactions.

Our deposit was credited in the new Bitcoin Trader account in less than ten minutes; this is a good thing because delays in processing deposits can make users miss a good earning opportunity.

Step 3: Demo trading

Bitcoin Trader offers a demo trading feature. It is a replica of the original auto trading platform but works without the use of real money. Demo trading feature helps users study how auto trading transactions are done. For experienced traders like me, we think this is an excellent feature, before making a deposit; I can study the demo trading processes to know if the system is following the right processes to get highly profitable trades. This is possible because I already have an idea of what cryptocurrency trading entails. However, for new users who are expecting to leverage the auto trading features without knowing much about cryptocurrency trading, we are doing this review for you, to confirm that this system really works.

Step 4: Live Trading with Bitcoin Trader

We found out that Bitcoin Trader offers a wide range of cryptocurrency pairs for trading. This provision can significantly increase earning potentials for all users.

Another thing we noticed about the Bitcoin Trader is how the system can reliably perform trades independently. This is a good thing for busy users who want to grow a passive income by trading cryptocurrencies. The system only needs to be activated and live trading starts, we spent only about twenty minutes to start a live trade session and stop it after we had earned a profit. This means users can spend a few minutes on starting live trading without experiencing any interruption in their daily activities.

After watching how the system performs live trades for two hours, during the live trading test, I can confirm that every user stands the chance of earning more profits on this system, I have had many years of experience as a trader, so I know the moves and market signals to follow. The trading robots on Bitcoin Trader platform are intelligent and capable of detecting profitable trades.

After a few hours, the system performed trades on our behalf, and at the end of the trading session, we had a profit of $135 added to our account balance. This was amazing; earning a profit without manual trading is the best, especially when the auto trading platform is legit. My team and I were impressed with the outcome of our live trading experience with Bitcoin Trader.

Features of the Bitcoin Trader


How does the system organise and execute payouts? We had to find out because every user who has earned a profit will be anxious to know the exact amount they can keep. Payout is done at the end of every trading session or according to a custom setting chosen by the user. The payout is the money earned for users; it is added to the initial capital used for trades. We read testimonials about traders who have been using Bitcoin Trader for a long time that they get payouts as high as $1,300 daily. This is impressive; the system operates in a way that users can start earning from their first trading session with a new account. This means it is only a matter of time before they start earning daily payouts in thousands of dollars.

Verification Process

The Bitcoin Trader has a flawless and fast verification system that involves the email and phone number used to open the account. The idea is to confirm that the details entered are correct and you are the original owner of the email and phone number.

Withdrawal and Deposits

As mentioned earlier, we were happy to see that multiple payment options have been added on the platform to make it easy for all users to deposit real money into their Bitcoin Trader account. The withdrawal system sends your funds directly into a bank account you have provided, the value withdrawn is converted to your local currency, and we think this is very convenient, considering that many users are from different parts of the world.


The only fee we confirmed on Bitcoin Trader is the commission charged by the system when you make a profit. This is very fair; you only get charged after making a profit. We are happy to add in this review report that there were no indications of hidden charges, and every transaction was transparent.

Feedback system

Thankfully, the developers have provided a section on the website for users to give feedback; this information can be used to improve the auto trading platform. We will be leaving a positive feedback there because our experience with Bitcoin trader was fantastic.

Customer Support

The customer support team on Bitcoin Trader are available 24/7; they can provide support and assistance to users who encounter any type of challenges while using the system. We tested the response rate by sending a query and got a reply in less than two minutes. We were impressed.


The brokers are real people, professionals who are trained as brokers; they monitor the auto transactions done on behalf of the users to ensure the market signals and trades are profitable.

Comparing Bitcoin Trader and Other cryptocurrency trading robots

Bitcoin Trader Other Bitcoin trading platforms
Bitcoin Trader
Fast registration process, we only had to enter the account name, an email, and phone number. Long registration process, sometimes it takes a week to open a new account.
Alternative payment options for flexibility and convenience. Many other platforms provide only one payment option if there is a downtime, nothing can be done but wait.
Transparency, every transaction on the platform can be easily studied. Most transactions are shrouded in secrecy; it is impossible to know how charges are calculated.
Visible feedback from real users. Other platforms do not display feedback; it is difficult to know whether users are happy with the system.
Quick withdrawals. The withdrawal process is cumbersome; it is difficult to get earnings when users want to cash out.

Benefits of using Bitcoin Trader

I have added some advantages of using Bitcoin Trader from points I noted during this review; I know this information will be helpful to new users.

  • Simple layout- The Bitcoin Trader is designed with a simple layout that makes the platform user-friendly. New users will find it easy to navigate and create their account to start trading.
  • Responsive customer support- We tested the customer support system, and it seems flawless. Our messages were answered in less than two minutes; we also tested the live chat option and got all the answers we needed.
  • Demo trading – Demo trading is helpful for people who want to study how the trades are automatically done on Bitcoin Trader. Many other auto trading platforms don’t have this great feature, so it is a big advantage.
  • Quick trades- To make more profit on the market, it is important to use a system that can perform quick trades. This means favourable changes in prices of cryptocurrencies can quickly be leveraged by the system to buy low and sell high. Bitcoin Trader robots are extremely fast; this is why the system has such a high win rate.

 How much can an investor make with Bitcoin Trader?

There are so many confirmed testimonials by current users who make as much as $1,500 daily with Bitcoin Trader. We also confirmed from our analytical tests that the system has a high win rate. Also, our experience using the live trade feature ended with us making a profit. We concluded that every user can start earning a profit from their first trading session with the system. Averagely, you can double your initial capital in a few days after depositing $250. Here are some tips for new users to get started;

  1. Start with a small investment- It is a good idea to start with the minimum investment of $250, the first trading session will surely generate a profit, and over time you can increase your deposit. Please note that higher deposit generates more income.
  2. Withdraw after earning- Grow your passive income by withdrawing all profits after earning, you can reinvest the capital.
  3.  Stay updated with the cryptocurrency market trends- There’s so much information about the cryptocurrency market; keep up with the news to know more about the best cryptocurrency pairs.
  4. Invest only your disposable income- This is the money you have left after paying essential bills and covering living expenses. Disposable income should be invested rather than used to buy unnecessary things.

Has Bitcoin Trader been featured on TV?

There are some claims online about TV shows featuring Bitcoin Trader; we investigated these claims during our review. Here’s what we found out;

Dragon’s Den

Dragon’s Den is one of the popular investment TV shows that has a large audience. We saw some information online that Bitcoin Trader has been featured on one of the episodes of Dragon’s Den; however, my team checked this information and found out that there is no evidence to show that the TV hosts on Dragon’s Den have directly discussed Bitcoin Trader on the show.

Shark Tank

There are also claims online that Bitcoin Trader has been featured on Shark Tank, another popular TV show, we went searching for evidence again but found none. These claims cannot be verified at the moment due to lack of evidence.

Have any celebrities endorsed the Bitcoin Trader?

We also investigated claims that some notable celebrities have endorsed the Bitcoin Trader. We selected the most influential celebrities whose names have been connected with Bitcoin Trader and here’s what we discovered;

Peter Jones

Peter Jones is a successful entrepreneur and investor, he co-sponsors the TV show Dragon’s Den, however, we have not found any proof that Peter Jones has invested in Bitcoin Trader or endorsed the platform.

Elon Musk

We were not surprised to find Elon Musk on the list after all, Elon Musk is known for his witty investments and business acumen, but there is no evidence to show that Elon Musk has endorsed the Bitcoin Trader at any time.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is our favourite celebrity chef; he is also a serial investor. The claims we found online suggest that Gordon Ramsay is one of the stakeholders controlling the operations of Bitcoin Trader. Our investigations reveal that this information is not true. The developers and owners of Bitcoin Traders have confirmed that this information I false in reply to emails we sent regarding the claims online.

We realized that these claims are posted by affiliate marketers who try to upsell their products by attracting the audience with false news and information. Please disregard any of such claims; the owners of Bitcoin Trader will be the first to announce any agreements of affiliations through their official communication channels.

Is there a mobile app for Bitcoin Trader?

At the moment there is no mobile app for Bitcoin Trader, we confirmed this by searching the platform for a download link, and my team also checked the Android/iOS app stores. The Bitcoin Trader platform can be accessed from your browser on a laptop or mobile device.

Our Verdict on Bitcoin Trader

After extensive analysis tests and studies, we can conclude that Bitcoin Trader is one of the best auto trading software for cryptocurrencies available today. Bitcoin Trader is a legit platform that has been fully registered as an auto trading platform. The sophisticated algorithm on the platform and intelligent robots make it easier for new and old users to gain profits and grow a passive income. All it takes is the creation of a Bitcoin Trader account and making a deposit. The system is transparent, there are no hidden fees during payouts, and the withdrawal system is fast, our withdrawal request was processed and completed in 24-hours. Currently, there are traders earning as much as $1,500 daily on the platform, all it takes is about 20 minutes of your time every day, and you can start growing a passive income as savings from earnings on Bitcoin Trader.

We also reviewed and presented a brief overview of the eToro cryptocurrency trading platform which can be leveraged by people living outside the U.S. It is another CFD platform that offers traders from all over the world an opportunity to leverage the outstanding benefits from trading cryptocurrencies even if the trading opportunities are not yet available in their countries. We found out that eToro is currently available in over sixty countries and already has a large user base.

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  • What is the Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin Trader is an auto trading platform for cryptocurrencies; it can be used by experienced traders and others who don’t have any experience trading cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Trader works with intelligent robots that perform trades for users automatically to generate a profit.

  • Can I make money with Bitcoin Trader?

Yes, all users can earn a profit daily with Bitcoin Trader, we have tested the system, and it works.

  • How does the trading robot work?

Trading robots do all the work for account holders on Bitcoin Trader, they are intelligent robots that analyse the cryptocurrency market to detect potentially profitable trades, for example, when the price of Bitcoins falls or rises, these changes in price are detected by the robot and transactions can be quickly processed to buy or sell at the cryptocurrency at a profit.

  • Is there any limit to the profit that can be made on the platform?

No, the earning potential of every user is limitless; however, traders who set their systems to trade daily stand a chance of earning more money.

  • How secure is the platform?

Transactions on Bitcoin Trader are protected by the SSL online security protocol which encrypts the users’ details and all other processes.

  • Are there any fees to be paid before opening a Bitcoin Trader account?

No, we have tested the system and also opened an account; the process is free and transparent.

  • Can I withdraw Bitcoins from the system after earning?

Not, all withdrawals are processed in the local currency that applies in the users’ country of residence. This means your earnings will be converted and credited to your local account in the regular currency.

  • Are there other auto trading platforms that function like Bitcoin Trader?

Yes, there are other auto trading platforms for cryptocurrency. We know about the Bitcoin Code and the Bitcoin Loophole, among others.

Bitcoin Trader Review: Scam or legitimate? Read to find out! Review

If you are a serious trader, you might have heard about Bitcoin Trader. It basically does the same as a trading software but with bitcoin. So, why not trade your bitcoins for profit?

Wait! How do trading platforms work?

Simple, it’s a trading crypto robot that trades for you (automated trading). It removes the hassle of manual cryptocurrency exchange solution and allows people to auto trade their bitcoins, which renders them huge profits without any difficulty. One can easily buy and sell their bitcoins on this software due to its user-friendly interface.

Created by Gary Roberts in 2017, it allows users to introduce themselves to trading bitcoins and generate massive profits. In just two years, it has become the number 1 in US Trading Association. Not only this, the platform promises the users some daily profits of about $1300 daily. Isn’t that great?

We understand the fact that anything that has to do with the cryptocurrency market is a huge uproar right now and not a lot of people are aware of the benefits of such a trade. This is why we have taken upon ourselves to explain the perks of using Bitcoin Trader in this review. Make sure you read the entire bitcoin trader review to find out everything about Bitcoin Trader, it’s background, it’s utility, it’s risks and everything you should know about before investing.

Bitcoin Trader Scam or Trustworthy?

For the intending investor, we reviewed the application and have clear insights for you. Bitcoin Trader is definitely trustworthy as we traded and made a profit about $178.

Whenever we talk about automatic trading software, we refer to them as trading robots as the whole procedure involved evicts the manual input. Considering this, if somebody asked you to trade bitcoins(btc) on such software, would you just go and do it? Of course not! Every person before approaching such a platform has certain doubts in mind regarding the utility, legitimacy and also if the platform will be able to render profits or not!

While going through some online reviews, we saw that auto trading systems are not to be trusted. Much because these have been invented only recently. But recent inventions are not always harmful, are they?

According to market news, if you trade at Bitcoin Trader, then the signals ensure a return of some 88%. We may continue our perception of being skeptical about the auto trading robots like bitcoin code which does not require a security code, but this software functions correctly and is certainly not a scam. With proper trading strategies, timing and setting you can make the most out of it with no risk.

Bitcoin Trader Review

We have gone through the registration form and verification process, robot functionality and wallet trust while reviewing the trading platform.

You can consider Bitcoin Trader analogous to the calculators. As stated above, it evicts the requirement of user effort. This means that once you can register yourself successfully, half the task is done. We call it a robot for a simple reason that it does all the required research on its own. It finds out the most profitable deal by comparing statistics and renders profits to the retail investor accounts.

Are you excited now? Well, you should definitely be! But make sure you also acquaint yourself with the risks that are involved in such type of trading. Usually, the transactions are profitable, but sometimes due to an algorithm mismatch, something could go wrong as well. Therefore, we can say that risks, even though very minuscule, do exist.

All you have to do on this software is registration then add deposit to your trading account and set your preferences. After that, you just need to set the right trade settings every day which takes just some minutes. Next, you need to activate the auto-trading mode and thereafter the automated trading mechanism will carry on the process on its own. The best factor is that the software acts like an investor for you. The robots has been well trained to give you much profit by analyzing current market conditions, statistics data and trading signals.

While trading manually, it takes a lot of research and market data keeping chances of the risk higher. Why not let a robot does that work for us? Not to mention, in the era of machine learning and artificial intelligence, we can predict more accurately. The crypto trading too possible with lots of data and robot. It’s time to use machines and make more profit without being judgmental.

Bitcoin Trader Features:

Registration: This software, unlike others in the crypto industry, doesn’t require you to solve an entire list of questions before making an account. As stated in the steps above, the steps to register oneself are extremely simple and can take place in a matter of minutes. Moreover, you do not need a ID scan or bank statements . So just basic account information and payment information is enough for successful registration.

Withdrawals & Deposits : We stated above that you have to deposit min $250. The money transfer is effortless as compared to other robots. Only some necessary banking details are required, and the amount gets transferred in minutes. Moreover, if withdrawals are to be processed, then they do not take longer than 24 hours to process. Bitcoins takes as long as ten days in other robots. Make sure you’ve inserted right payment method and details.

Fees : Unlike other robots, it doesn’t have any hidden fees. Also, there is registration fee.

Customer Support: The trading app is so user friendly that you may not need any help. In case you need support, they are available for support over chat and email address provided on the website.

Trustworthiness: As discussed, auto trading platforms being a recent addition to the cryptocurrency industry is often doubted. This has resulted in harsh reviews by many experts for a lot of platforms. However, this is not so in the case of Bitcoin Trader. Due to its set friendly interface, quick transactions, live support and customisable setting, it has got excellent reviews as compared to the other robots in the automated trading industry.

Exclusive trading features:

Custom Trade Settings: Bitcoin Trader comes with an option of customising trade settings. This is another excellent utility as several new users also log in. These settings make the overall interface user-friendly. If problems still persist, one may contact the customer service through the medium of a live chat.

Demo Trading : The software also provides a demo mode. This enhances the user-friendly correspondence as if a person is not acquainted with the tools and proceedings of the software can begin trading in this mode to gain confidence. Once the person feels that he’s comfortable with the trading procedure, he can transfer funds and resort to actual bitcoin trading.

Faster Trading : This platform ensures faster bitcoin trading as the amount of time the algorithm utilizes is far less than that of proper human research. With everything on preset conditions, the buying and selling take place seamlessly without having to take a look every now and then. However, users have to make sure that the trade settings are well looked after every day in order to avoid trade losses.

How to open an account on Bitcoin Trader?

  • Ans. So now that you finally know what we’re talking about, you are ready to trade! Follow the instructions to complete your registration and begin selling and buying of bitcoins.Go now to Bitcoin Trader’s official website.
    • Look for the ‘register’ option and tap on it. The registration process is absolutely free, and if at all you’ve followed an anonymous link that claims to be Bitcoin Trader but seeks some payment at the time of registration, you should know that it is a scam.
    • Enter the details that are required in the form. Usually, the form seeks necessary information such as username, password, contact details as well as the country of residence. Fill all of them carefully and tap on ‘register’. That’s it! It is as simple as that.
  • Now that you are successfully registered on the website, you need to follow the next step, which is depositing the trading fee. The minimum payment is £250, which should be the starting investment for any beginner to avoid any unpleasant experience.
  • To deposit the funds, you are required to enter your card details. The best option is that of using a credit card. Any card that is Visa, MasterCard or Maestro is good enough to be used. Enter the validity period of the following and the security details.
    Don’t worry about the safety of this transaction as thefts are strictly avoided through a secure payment gateway.

How to begin trading on Bitcoin Trader?

Before actually trading with your real fund, you should use the demo mode. The demo trading utility of this software, is a great to learn how trading works on this platform. One must not avoid it at all costs as it is an excellent knowledge provider. Here the users get hands-on experience, and when they run out of the balance, which is also a demo, by the way, they can begin with actual trading.

In order to begin with a trading opportunities, first, start with a lesser amount. This is because before buying and selling, you have to acquaint yourself with the proceedings and tools that the software offers. Now change the trade setting and enter the amount that you’d like to start with. Options of taking profit, daily making profit, maximum concurrent trading, etc. can be customized.

What if I need more help?

Your problem, in this case, is also sorted with Bitcoin Trader! There is customer service available with an option of live chatting. If you feel you need some help at any stage, you can consult the trading system issues with them freely.

Can we use Bitcoin Trader on our mobiles?

The answer is yes! Bitcoin Trader only requires a functioning browser and an Internet connection. Thus, any browser such as Safari for iOS or Chrome for either of the two would work without any problems. However, if you’d like to ease your experience and are expecting an app for the same, then you will be disappointed. There is no app available for Bitcoin Trader at either the PlayStore or the AppStore.

If you are convinced with the abilities of this software and would finally begin trading, stop, for a minute. Don’t you know every coin has two sides? This is why we’re going to list down some pros and cons of this trading robot. Scroll further to find out.

Pros / Cons

  • Hassle-free registration process.
  • Very precise customization available for trade settings.
  • Demo trading mode rocks. Get the trading experience with spending virtual money.
  • We got a profit of $178. So, you can try.
  • No app is available for iOS as well as Android. 
  • A piece of bad news for US residents: We are incredibly sorry to let you know that Bitcoin Trader is not available for use in your region. Nevertheless, you can use brokering service like eToro which accepts US citizens. 

Something else I need to know about Bitcoin Trader?

Yes, you do! Give the following points a read!

  • Even though the procedure at this software is fully automated and never handled by a human at any stage of trading, it is advisable to use a small amount of funds. Although such mistakes are negligible, in case the market rates take a rough route, you should be in a safer position with your investments. No matter the pros, the risk factor always accompanies.
  • No app is available for iOS as well as Android. Therefore, if your phone’s browser gives you problems, beginning trading on such a device is not advisable.

Not convinced? We totally understand! However, we can recommend another option for trading bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency for that matter, if you do not trust automated trading processes. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

This method is called trading through CFD broker. CFD stands contact for the difference. This method allows you to contemplate on the rising and falling bitcoin trends and enables you to act accordingly. One way in which this method proves useful is that here you can leverage your fund to be traded in the margins that you prefer. This feature is not available in automated softwares.

Moreover, one more advantage that this method has is that many of these CFDs are supported by financial conduct authority. This ensures that even though trading is going on, the amount of funds of users is well protected according to the authority guidelines.

Isn’t this a perfect solution for you in case you still doubt the automated robots? We think, yes!

Bitcoin Trader FAQ :

🎯 What is bitcoin trader in short?

It’s a cryptocurrency trading platform where a robot trades on behalf of you.

🎯 Does bitcoin trader work, how much I can earn?

Bitcoin trader claims people earned $1300 on an average.

🎯 Is bitcoin trader safe?

We found the software to be secure enough. However, we advice you not to keep high amount in the wallet.

🎯 Do I need any crypto wallet for trading?

No, just load money in the wallet via available payment methods and start trading.


We definitely recommend this automated cryptocurrency trading robot for buying and selling. We surely think that this is an ideal app if you’re a newbie to the world of crypto trading. With options of making a demo account, one can do away with the possibility of trading without any knowledge. Every step is straightforward. Ranging from registering yourself onto the platform to begin the actual trade. The time taken from a withdrawal request and funds on your account is also very less.

An important point that we’d like to stress again on is that always begin with fewer funds. Even if you’ve done trading before, keeping the amount less while trading evades the possibilities of losing a lot in case a risk factor modifies into lousy result.

Now it’s time for you to follow our guide and begin experiencing the Bitcoin Trader on your own!

Did you liked our Review? Would you like to tell us something about it? Feel free to comment down below!

Bitcoin Trader Review: Is it a Scam or Legit?

Bitcoin trader is one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading technologies in the world. In this article we review the trading system to find out if its a scam or a legitimate way to make money trading bitcoin.

Cryptocurrencies came into existence after the 2007 global financial crisis as a new form of currency or store of wealth that was not controlled by any government or financial institution. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency. Since bitcoin was created it has made many people overnight millionaires during its various bull runs, the most significant bull run being at the end of 2017 when its value rose to almost $20,000.

Bitcoins value has since declined but many predict bitcoin’s value will rise again as adoption grows and financial institutions as well as governments start recognizing it’s value. Even with the decline from around $20,000, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are still the best performing asset class in the last decade.

Advanced cryptocurrency traders are still making huge profits from trading. It is hard for newcomers to trading and cryptocurrency to make money trading, this has led to a rise in cryptocurrency trading platforms that aim to make it easier for people to start making money from trading cryptos. One of the most popular crypto trading applications is Bitcoin Trader, which we will be reviewing in this article.

Many people are skeptical when it comes to using advanced crypto trading software such as Bitcoin Trader. This is understandable, because of the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market, investments will always be risky, especially for new users with little to no experience of how this software actually works. 

We’ve curated a comprehensive review which is aimed at answering new and experienced trader’s questions, specifically around Bitcoin Trader and the opportunities that exist on this platform.

Let’s start by investigating what Bitcoin Trader actually is and how this trading platform works. 

What is Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin Trader is a cryptocurrency trading software aimed at helping investors who have never traded before to make profits in the cryptocurrency market. It is reported that it was invented in 2017 by Gary Roberts and has been used by many traders to grow their passive income. 

The trading software functions with intelligent technology backed by Artificial Intelligence. This trading software is easy to use and navigate and is reportedly one of the best trading platforms used in the cryptocurrency market. There are some similarities between Bitcoin Code and Cryptosoft. 

Our main interest when curating this review was to understand how this automated trading software works and whether it is profitable. Many investors have already given sterling testimonials endorsing Bitcoin Trader as legitimate trading software, and claiming that they have made huge profits in a matter of weeks from opening an account.

Is Bitcoin Trader a scam or legit?

There are many questions and myths regarding Bitcoin Trader and its legitimacy, especially the earning potential for investors interested in trading. It is reported that Bitcoin Trader is 100% legitimate and suitable for both new investors and experienced traders. 

We have found the feedback from current and past users. Some users endorse the platform as trustworthy and profitable, while others have expressed some frustration using the software. It is, of course, expected that not all users will have a seamless experience. The cryptocurrency market is volatile and time-sensitive and the risk, although manageable, will always be there. 

Here is a summary of our findings that support the claim that Bitcoin Trader is 100% legit

  • Users could potentially enjoy profits as high as 88% by using the trading signals on the platform. 
  • The trading platform is easy to navigate and user-friendly. For traders who have done their research on automated trading software, the chance of receiving high returns is a huge possibility. 
  • New users require a minimum deposit of €250, this confirms the claims that the developers of Bitcoin Trader are interested in helping users make careful decisions considering the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market. 
  • The App can be downloaded in a matter of seconds. After successful registration, users can literally trade from wherever they are. 

How Bitcoin Trader works

New users will have to open a mandatory account and complete the registration process. After this, the account will require an initial deposit to activate. Users will then activate the auto-trading feature and the trading application will start the process on the user’s behalf. The process is quite straightforward.

Here is some more useful information new users should know: 

  • Bitcoin Trader is reported to be registered and maintains a valid license to operate in 150 countries.
  • According to other reviews, the success rate for transactions on Bitcoin Trader is 96%.
  • The minimum deposit to activate an account is €250, which is reasonable compared to other trading platforms.
  • It is reported that Bitcoin Trader is secure and free from third-party apps. 

Bitcoin Trader vs. Other trading platforms

There are some significant differences between Bitcoin Trader and other trading platforms. This includes: 

Bitcoin Trader Other Crypto Applications
βœ”οΈ Hassle-free registration ❌ Other bitcoin trading platforms require a lengthy registration process. 
βœ”οΈ Multiple payment methods ❌ Other bitcoin trading platforms may limit a new user to one method of payment initially
βœ”οΈ Multiple options to configure trading settings ❌ Users may find that other platforms have too many restrictions that hinder the possibility of making money in the cryptocurrency market.
βœ”οΈ Real positive testimonials ❌ Many other trading platforms have received countless bad reviews.
βœ”οΈ Fast withdrawal process ❌ Other trading platforms have a slow- placed transactional system, which discourages concurrent trades.

Benefits of trading with Bitcoin Trader

Here are a few added benefits of Bitcoin Trader for new users interested in trading on this platform: 

  • User-friendly features- a new user will find it easy to navigate this platform. The features are basic and easy to understand. 
  • Verification process- verifying the user’s personal information is of utmost importance. Luckily the verification process is quick and easy and new users can do this via the email account they have provided.
  • Online customer support- there is a customer service support team available 24/7.
  • Demo trading feature- users are able to learn about making money on this platform before making actual money. It also safeguards new users from investing large sums of money into a market they do not understand yet. 
  • Fast transactions- transactions can be made within 24 hours of the initial trade. The technology on Bitcoin Trader are fast and accurate. 
  • Brokers- the system is affiliated with an online stock broker. The broker assigned to the user’s trade will support the different investments.
  • Feedback systems- There are reviews on the website left by new and experienced traders. Some reported €100 000 in profits after using Bitcoin Trader for just over two months. 

How much money can be made with Bitcoin Trader?

It is reported that there are thousands of people making money on Bitcoin Trader daily. There are of course risks involved whenever dealing with a cryptocurrency. The market is volatile and time-sensitive and because of this, it is important that new users learn as much as possible about the platform before investing large sums of money. 

Here are a few tips we’ve created to assist new users to protect themselves against huge losses:

  1. Invest wisely-start with a minimum deposit of €250 initially. It is reported that high profits can be made, even when investing the minimum. 
  2. Withdraw earnings- we suggest withdrawing your earnings and leaving the initial investment amount on the system for more trading. In this way, you can use your earnings while the initial capital you invested keeps making a profit. 
  3. Do your research- find out more information about Bitcoin Trader before investing. We have an FAQ section at the end of our review. This may answer some of your pressing questions briefly. 
  4. Don’t invest your savings- we suggest that new users make use of their disposable income instead of using all of their savings to fund their first trade. Remember the cryptocurrency market is volatile and things change rapidly daily. 

Creating a Bitcoin Trader account

1. Registration

Registration can be done on the official Bitcoin Trader account. Users will have to complete a registration form and there are no charges involved in this process. After successfully providing all the required information, users will then proceed to the next stage of registration, which is the password creation. We suggest entering a secure password that is not predictable, usually, these passwords must be alphanumeric. After creating your password and contact details you should be able to complete your registration with the last step being the verification process. Users should be able to verify their account through the email they have provided. The whole registration process takes at least two minutes to complete. 

2. Making a deposit

We suggest making a minimum deposit of €250. This deposit has to be made before the user can activate the live trading feature. Starting small is best for users who have never traded before. There are multiple payment options available to the user. This is an added convenience and ensures that the transactional process is quick and easy. 

Deposits can be made using a MasterCard, Visa or Maestro. However, users will be required to confirm the authenticity of the card. For new users worried about the security of their card information, it has been reported that Bitcoin Trader users and SSL certificates protect all transactions. This means that all of your confidential information is encrypted and secure on the site. 

3. Demo trading 

We recommend using the demo trading feature, especially for new and inexperienced users. The demo feature is basically a replica of the live trading platform without the use of real money and is aimed at assisting users to experience the platform, learn about live trades and test its functionality. 

4. Trading process

Before starting a live trade, we suggest that all new users set trading limits. This will safeguard any investment or at least minimise the risk of huge losses. Once a user has configured the initial limit settings, it will apply every day of trading, except if the user changes settings before a trade takes place. Again, using the demo trade feature is advisable before going on to live trade. It is reported through other reviews and people who have tested Bitcoin Trader, that huge profits were made off from an initial deposit. 

Can US Customers Use Bitcoin Trader?

No, Americans cannot use Bitcoin Trader, however there are a lot of alternative trading platforms registered in the USA for people interested in trading cryptocurrencies.

Is there a Bitcoin Trader App?

There has been rumours that a Bitcoin Trader app exists. Unfortunately, we cannot validate these claims as yet. As far as our research goes, trading can only take place on a computer or other mobile devices, via the website. Of course every user will need to create an account and make the deposit on the secure website.

Has Bitcoin Trader been featured in the media?

There have been various rumours that Bitcoin Trader has been endorsed on TV shows such as Dragon’s Den, Shark Tank and This Morning. There is no proof that these rumours are accurate. There has also been no endorsement of Bitcoin Trade by any celebrities, even though many have expressed an interest in understanding the Cryptocurrency market. 

Let us look at some of the reasons why people would want Bitcoin Trader to be featured on these TV shows:

Dragons Den

Shark Tank

This Morning

Is there a Dragons Den Bitcoin Trader episode?

Dragons Den is a famous british show where aspiring business people are given 3 minutes to pitch their business idea to a panel of successful business people in the hope of getting investment to launch and take their business idea to the next phase. Any product associated with this show would gain overnight success. We have not found any link between Bitcoin Trader and Dragons Den.

Is there a Shark Tank Bitcoin Trader episode?

Shark Tank is an american investment show similar to Dragons Den. Entrepreneurs a given a few minutes to pitch their idea to a panel of millionaires in the hopes that these millionaires will invest money in their idea. If Bitcoin Trader had the support of Shark Tank then its safe to say that it would be all over the news, however it is highly unlikely as Bitcoin Trader is not licensed in the states.

Was Bitcoin Trader featured on This Morning?

This Morning is a popular daytime television show on iTV, the British programme has been running since 1988. The show is a mix of celebrity interviews, show business news, topical discussion, competitions, health and other general topics. If Bitcoin Trader were to be featured on this show, millions of people in the UK would get exposure to Bitcoin and Bitcoin Trader, social media and news sites would also be flooded with news, questions and hashtags about Bitcoin Trader.

Has Bitcoin Trader been endorsed by celebrities?

There have been claims that Bitcoin Trader has been endorsed by international celebrities. We decided to investigate these claims by researching all the celebrities claimed to be supporting Bitcoin Trader. Below is a list of celebrities that we researched:

Does Gordon Ramsay Endorse Bitcoin Trader?

Gordon Ramsay is one of the most famous chefs in the world. The Multi-Michelin starred British chef, restaurateur, writer and television personality has a huge brand so his endorsement would give any product credibility. We scoured the net and YouTube to find out if he has endorsed Bitcoin Trader unfortunately we did not find anything. So the rumours are false.

Does Peter Jones Endorse Bitcoin Trader?

Peter Jones is a British businessman and reality TV star on the popular investment show Dragons Den and American TV show American Inventor. He has an estimated net worth close to $500 million, therefore if someone of his financial standing endorses an investment product, many people would also invest in it. We looked for incidence that Peter Jones has endorsed Bitcoin Trader, however we did not find anything.

Does Elon Musk Endorse Bitcoin Trader?

Elon Musk is the eccentric billionaire with three nationalities, South African, Canadian and American. He is the man behind Tesla and SpaceX. Tweets from Elon Musk affect the stock market, if he were to endorse Bitcoin Trader it would be all over the news and the Bitcoin Trader website would crash. We searched the internet for any valid evidence that Elon Musk endorsed Bitcoin Trader, again we were unable to verify those claims.

Does Trevor Noah Endorse Bitcoin Trader?

Trevor Noah is a South African comedian, political commentator, actor and the host of the popular American talk show, The Daily Show. There have been rumours that Trevor Noah uses Bitcoin Trader due to ads circulating around the internet about Trevor getting rich because of Bitcoin. It is public knowledge that Trevor Noahs source of wealth is his contract with The daily show and his comedy tours. Whether Trevor Noah invests in bitcoin or not is not public knowledge. It cannot be confirmed that he uses Bitcoin Trader.

Does Kate Winslet Endorse Bitcoin Trader?

Kate Winslet is a famous British actress known for her work on Titanic and period dramas. There has been a rise of searches from people wondering if Kate Winslet supports any advanced cryptocurrency trading platform. We have investigated and found no evidence of Kate Winslet endorsing any trading platform.

Does Holly Willoughby Endorse Bitcoin Trader?

Holly Marie Willoughby is a British author, model and TV presenter on This Morning and Dancing on Ice. Like the other celebrities on this list there have been claims that she supports advanced crypto trading application but there is no evidence to support this.

Does Idris Elba Endorse Bitcoin Trader?

Idris Elba is an English actor, DJ, producer, rapper and songwriter. He is best known for his starring roles in HBO TV  Series the Wire, BBC ONE TV series Luther and for playing famous South African politician Nelson Mandela in the film, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. We tried to find evidence of Idris supporting Bitcoin Trader, unfortunately for now this claims cannot be confirmed.

Does Ant McPartlin Endorse Bitcoin Trader?

Ant McPartlin is a television presenter, musician, actor and TV producer from England. He is rumoured to be an investor behind Bitcoin Trader in many online marketing campaigns however we found not evidence of this. It is click bait used in affiliate campaigns to go viral.

Has Nicole Kidman Invested Bitcoin Trader?

Nicole Kidman is a famous award-winning Hollywood actress and producer. She has an estimated net worth of $183 million. There are rumours circulating the internet that she is invested in bitcoin and Bitcoin Trader. We found no evidence of her endorsing or investing in Bitcoin Trader. Investing in bitcoin is one way to diversify ones income streams, she may very well have bitcoin investment but her investments are not public knowledge. As far as we can tell her source of wealth is the film industry where she has been one of the highest paid actresses in 2006, 2018 and 2019.

Andrew Forrest and Bitcoin Trader?

Andrew Forrest is an Australian businessman worth an estimated $9 billion, his source of wealth is the mining industry (not bitcoin mining) and cattle stations. There have been rumours circulating associating Andrew Forrest with Bitcoin Trader but those rumours seem to be false, the man has made his money in traditional business. Whether he has some money invested in bitcoin or not remains a mystery.

We have found no proof that these claims are true and for now, these claims of celebrity endorsement should be ruled out as speculation. However its important to note that The Bitcoin Trader platform is a legitimate advanced crypto trading system and cannot be associated with the claims made by marketers to get more ad clicks.

What celebrities and business people are actually saying about bitcoin

Bitcoin is gaining the attention of everyone from everyday people to millionaire business people and celebrities. Even though some celebrities are not openly endorsing cryptocurrencies, we have rounded up a list of famous people who have made statements with regards to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

1. “Bitcoin is a techno tour de force.” – Bill Gates

2. “Bitcoin is a remarkable cryptographic achievement and the ability to create something that is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value.” – Eric Schmidt (Google CEO)

3. “Bitcoin is a very exciting development, it might lead to a world currency. I think over the next decade it will grow to become one of the most important ways to pay for things and transfer assets.” – Kim Dotcom (CEO of MegaUpload)

4. “We have elected to put our money and faith in a mathematical framework that is free of politics and human error.” – Tyler Winklevoss (Co-inventor of Facebook)

5. “Bitcoin actually has the balance and incentives right, and that is why it is starting to take off.” – Julian Assange (Founder of Wikileaks)

6. “So bitcoin is cyber snob currency…” – William Shatner (Actor in Star Trek TOS)

7. “Virgin Galactic is a bold entrepreneurial technology. It’s driving a revolution and Bitcoin is doing just the same when it comes to inventing a new currency.” – Sir Richard Branson (Founder of Virgin group of companies)

8. “I really like Bitcoin. I own Bitcoins. It’s a store of value, a distributed ledger. It’s a great place to put assets, especially in places like Argentina with 40 percent inflation, where $1 today is worth 60 cents in a year, and a government’s currency does not hold value. It’s also a good investment vehicle if you have an appetite for risk. But it won’t be a currency until volatility slows down.” – David Marcus (CEO of Paypal)

9. “I think the fact that within the bitcoin universe an algorithm replaces the functions of [the government] … is actually pretty cool. I am a big fan of Bitcoin.” – Al Gore (45th Vice President of the United States)

10. “Bitcoin may be the TCP/IP of money.” – Paul Buchheit (Creator of Gmail)

11. “I am very intrigued by Bitcoin. It has all the signs. Paradigm shift, hackers love it, yet it’s derided as a toy. Just like microcomputers.” – Paul Graham (Yahoo Store)

12. “Bitcoin will do to banks what email did to the postal industry.” – Rick Falkvinge (Founder of the Swedish pirate party)

13. “Right now Bitcoin feels like the Internet before the browser.” – Wences Casares (Founder of Banco Lemon)

14. “[Virtual Currencies] may hold long-term promise, particularly if the innovations promote a faster, more secure and more efficient payment system.” – Ben Bernanke (Chairman of the Federal Reserve)

15. “I do think Bitcoin is the first [encrypted money] that has the potential to do something like change the world.” – Peter Thiel (Co-Founder of Paypal)

16. “There are 3 eras of currency: Commodity based, politically based, and now, math based.” – Chris Dixon (Co-founder of Hunch now owned by Ebay, Co-founder of SiteAdvisor now owned by McAfee)

17. “Entire classes of bugs are missing.” – Dan Kaminsky (Security Penetration Expert for Cisco and Avaya)

18. “It’s money 2.0, a huge huge deal.” – Chamath Palihapitiya (Previous head of AOL instant messenger)

19. “You can’t stop things like Bitcoin. It will be everywhere and the world will have to readjust. World governments will have to readjust.” – John McAfee

20. “Bitcoin is here to stay. There would be a hacker uproar to anyone who attempted to take credit for the patent of cryptocurrency. And I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of hacker fury.” – Adam Draper

21. “If there is one positive take away from the collapse of Mt.Gox, it is the willingness of a new generation of Bitcoin companies to work together to ensure the future of Bitcoin and the security of customer funds.” – Brian Armstrong (CEO of Coinbase)

22. “Bitcoin seems to be a very promising idea. I like the idea of basing security on the assumption that the CPU power of honest participants outweighs that of the attacker. It is a very modern notion that exploits the power of the long tail.” – Hal Finney

23. “Bitcoin enables certain uses that are very unique. I think it offers possibilities that no other currency allows. For example the ability to spend a coin that only occurs when two separate parties agree to spend the coin; with a third party that couldn’t run away with the coin itself.” – Pieter Wuille

24. “Hey, obviously this is a very interesting time to be in Bitcoin right now, but if you guys want to argue over whether this is reality or not, one Bitcoin will feed over 40 homeless people in Pensacola right now. If you guys want proof Bitcoin is real, send them to me, I’ll cash them out and feed homeless people.” – Jason King

25. “Blockchain is the tech. Bitcoin is merely the first mainstream manifestation of its potential.” – Marc Kenigsberg

26. “Bitcoin was created to serve a highly political intent, a free and uncensored network where all can participate with equal access.” – Amir Taaki

27. “As the value goes up, heads start to swivel and skeptics begin to soften. Starting a new currency is easy, anyone can do it. The trick is getting people to accept it, because it is their use that gives the “money” value.” – Adam B. Levine

28. “At its core, bitcoin is a smart currency, designed by very forward-thinking engineers. It eliminates the need for banks, gets rid of credit card fees, currency exchange fees, money transfer fees, and reduces the need for lawyers in transitions… all good things.” – Peter Diamandis

29. “Bitcoin, and the ideas behind it, will be a disrupter to the traditional notions of currency. In the end, currency will be better for it.” – Edmund C. Moy

30. “There is so much potential, … I am just waiting for it to be a billion dollar industry.” “Wow, Silk Road actually works” – Charlie Shrem

Celebrities who have interests in Cryptocurrencies:

Gwyneth Paltrow – In 2017, Gwyneth Paltrow joined the Bitcoin wallet startup Abra as an advisor during an episode of the Apple series, Planet of the Apps.

Mike Tyson – In 2016, Mike Tyson launched a Bitcoin wallet in a partnership with Bitcoin Direct.

Snoop Dogg -In 2013 Snoop tweeted:  “My next record available in bitcoin n delivered in a drone.” In 2017, Snoop Dogg was presented with 1,500 SparkleCOINs from the company worth approximately $55,500 as a donation for his youth football program.

Ashton Kutcher  – Invested in a sports betting blockchain, Unikrn, along with billionaire Mark Cuban.

Jamie Foxx – In 2017, Jamie Foxx endorsed the cryptocurrency exchange Cobinhood on twitter:

 “Looking forward to participating in the new @cobinhood Token! ZERO fee trading! #CryptoCurrency #BitCoin #ETH”

Roseanne Barr – One of the earliest supporters of Bitcoin. Iin 2013, she tweeted:

first post apocalyptic law: slavery in all forms is now illegal-including debt slavery. #BITCOIN.

Mel B – In 2013, Mel B announced that she was going to accept Bitcoin payments for her new single.

She said:

I love how new technology makes our lives easier, and to me that’s exciting. Bitcoin unites my fans around the world using one currency. They can just pay using bitcoins.

Drew Carey – Once tweeted:

 Just tried to buy breakfast w bitcoins. Refused. #whenwilltheworldcatchuptomyhipness

Floyd Mayweather Jr. – In 2017, he tweeted a photo of himself with a caption that read, “Spending bitcoins ethereum and other types of cryptocurrency in Beverly Hill.”

Richard Branson – An article was published reporting that Richard Branson invested $30 million in cryptocurrency payments platform BitPay.

Our conclusion

The outcome of our analysis on the Bitcoin Trader platform leads us to support the claims that Bitcoin Trader is 100% legit and can assist new and experienced traders in generating a passive income and growing their wealth. It is estimated that a new user can earn between €200 and €1000 every week. This depends on how much money the user invests and keeps reinvesting. Earning a significant amount of money on this trading platform is a possibility. 

We have found enough reviews and other research suggesting that Bitcoin Trader is reliable and user-friendly. The Bitcoin Trader platform is available to users in more than 150 countries.


  • What is Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin Trader is an automated trading software programmed to recognize cryptocurrency market opportunities for users interested in starting to trade. 

  • Is it profitable to invest in Bitcoin Trader? 

There are investors claiming to have earnings over €5,000 daily. However, users need to invest large sums of money to earn such returns. We advise new users to start with the minimum deposit of €250 and grow their profit from there.

  • How do crypto trading applications work? 

The trading applications work using an intelligent algorithm. They scan and analyse massive volumes of data to find cryptocurrency at very low prices. These cryptocurrencies are then purchased and sold at a higher price later. 

  • Is my information safe on Bitcoin Trader? 

It is reported that Bitcoin Trader uses an SSL certificate which is an online security protocol that encrypts confidential information on the site.

  • What is the fee to open the new account?

There is no fee charged to open a new Bitcoin Trader account. It is completely free. 

  • Can Bitcoins be withdrawn from the trading system after earning a profit?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The trading software converts your earnings to the local currency and your earnings are deposited in the bank account linked to your Bitcoin Trader account. 

  • Are there alternative crypto trading platforms? 

Yes. There are similar trading platforms like Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Revolution and Bitcoin Era, among other trusted cryptocurrency trading platforms. 

  • Is there a maximum limit of profit I can make?

No. There are no limits to how much earning potential you have on Bitcoin.

  • Is Bitcoin Trader a pyramid scheme?

No. It is reported that Bitcoin Trader is an award-winning software that enables you to make profitable cryptocurrency trades.

  • How much time will I have to put into this?

It is estimated that the average user spends at least 20 minutes a day on this trading platform.

  • Which countries is Bitcoin trader available in?

Crypto Trader is available in over 100 countries and there are multiple payment options for your convenience. You can easily start earning a return on your investment from practically anywhere around the world as long as it is legal to use Bitcoin Trader in your country

  • Is it advisable to invest all your money in Bitcoin Trader?

No, never invest money that you need or cannot afford to lose, you must only use disposable income. The cryptocurrency market is volatile and time-sensitive making it high risk and high reward. We recommend starting small. As with any investment, there are risks but the stop-loss feature protects potential investors from huge losses.

Bitcoin Trader Review – Scam or Legit Software?

Want to find out about using the Bitcoin Trader App? Here, we share with you a product guide, pros, cons, and faqs.

It is clear to see from the hundreds of Bitcoin Trader reviews and testimonials online, that Bitcoin Trader system is an extremely popular trading robot. This robot allegedly helps its users predict on crypto prices with 99% accuracy. The robot is fully automatic, meaning that anyone can use it to allegedly generate wealth from bitcoin volatility. But as the searches “Bitcoin Trader scam”, and “Bitcoin Trader legit” keep going up, one question remains: is it a trustworthy system? And, if so, is it really profitable?

Bitcoin Trader - Best for Automated Bitcoin Trading

  • Fully Automated: No research or work needed
  • Very Successful: More than 90% of trades closed for profit
  • Profit-based Commission: Only pay a commission on profitable trades

Bitcoin Trader Review 2020 – Summary!

Bitcoin Trader App is an automated trading software created by Gary Roberts in 2017 for trading Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies, that claims to emit signals 0,01 seconds faster than other software according to the market trends. A “Bitcoin Trader” is someone who buys and sells Bitcoin manually or via an automated software.

What is Bitcoin Trader System? Is this Recommended by Gordon Ramsay ?

The Bitcoin Trader is not recommended by Gordon Ramsay, the news are all rumors.

Bitcoin Trader claims to make life easier for all those who wish to make profit through Bitcoin trading. It is not the only bitcoin trading robot that exists – there are many others like Bitcoin Revolution  which claims to be highly effective and widely discussed. Bitcoin Trader system has consolidated itself amongst crypto enthusiasts.

A great advantage that Bitcoin Trader Platform has is that it claims to perform the same job that a person would do, with the difference that while an analyst may take more than one day to analyze the market, Bitcoin Trader would do it nearly instantly to establish autotrading analysis by taking the signal pattern emitted from the market trends.

However good the Bitcoin Trader Software may be, there are obvious risks that need to be analysed. One of them is that being in a volatile market that is constantly changing rapidly, the trading robot may perform tasks correctly and up to a good standard, only for the market to change unexpectedly and for losses to be incurred. This is not something that happens frequently, as there are also ways to reduce the risks, but this is something to be aware of.

Is Bitcoin Trader Software a scam or is it reliable?

The main doubt that brought you to this article is whether Bitcoin Trader App is a reliable platform, or just a scam, like many others in the world of cryptocurrency trading.

The answer is that there hasn’t been any proven facts against the legitimacy of the Bitcoin Trader Program. However, throughout this article we will be showing you all the reasons why users recommend it, so that you can take your own conclusions and determine if it is convenient or not to invest in this Bitcoin trading robot.

Please note that it’s important to seek out information about every new platform you want to try for the first time, but a lot of people have lost money to cryptocurrencies due to the high volatility involved. You may find that there are some not very positive comments about this software, however, that does not mean that it is really a scam. A lot of people lose money to investments on a daily basis, and many users who are not very knowledgeable about the world of trading happen to make mistakes, and lose all their money, and then blaming someone else for their reckless actions.

Our first impressions after reviewing the Bitcoin Trader software:

It claims to have a very high probability of success in its transactions, which is quite impressive, but there are risks if it is not handled in the most appropriate way. Earnings reportedly can range from $300 to more than $1000 in a week, but we only recommend starting with a moderate investment of $250 USD, which is the minimum deposit required for the brokers that are listed on the Bitcoin Trader platform.

Understanding how Bitcoin Trader works System is quite simple, but at the same time it may seem a bit unbelievable. The software claims to do everything for you, from making the analysis of the different markets as well as comparisons and determining opportunities, even making the investments themselves.

Everything is a matter of the user dedicating a little time to configure the account in Bitcoin Trade, once he has created it. After creating the Bitcoin Trader account, which is very brief and simple, you must set goals so that the app knows how to act and how to do the tasks to start trading. However, that is practically the only moment in which you will invest some time, because after that, the app will do everything for you.

If what we have told you so far make you to want to open an account in Bitcoin Trader platform, then we show you how to do it step by step below.

How to create a Bitcoin Trader Account

Step 1: Registration

The first step you must take is also the simplest one. First, you need to register an account with Bitcoin Trader which can be done by accessing the website. There you will see a form where you must place your name and e-mail. After doing so, click “next” and you will see a form where you must set a password that does not exceed 6 characters, and Finally, after clicking “next” for the second and last time in this phase, you will see a third form to provide your telephone number and country information. Once you have done that last, click on “register now”, and voila, you are now one step closer to trading Bitcoin with Bitcoin Trader App.

Step 2: Demo trading

This step is optional, but we always recommend it before doing live trading. It is about making operations in demo mode, with which you can perform all the operations that Bitcoin Trader System allows, but with fictitious money. That way you can familiarize yourself with all the functions, gain experience, and when you feel ready and confident you can use your real money to start trading live.

Step 3: Deposit

Naturally, before you can use your account, you must make a deposit. The minimum amount is $ 250, which is an acceptable amount to start. The deposit can be made through different ways such as Credit or Debit card, Payoneer, Neteller or Skrill. The most recommended is by credit card. It is also important to clarify that the data provided will be completely confidential.

Step 4: Live Trading

Finally, the moment everyone was waiting for, to be able to trade in Bitcoin Trader App and see if it is true that you can make more than $ 1000 in a week. Well, at this point, remember that the software will actually do the trading. You just have to set some things up so he can do all the work for you.

The things you must configure range from the earnings you expect to get daily, to what amounts to invest for each type of investment opportunity, and even determine which pairs you want to trade, such as if you want Bitcoin for $, or Bitcoin for Euros.

We must insist that before you reach this step, try first with the demo trading, so that you acquire experience and once you perform live trading you can have greater chances of success.

Key features of Bitcoin Trader System

Reportedly a consistent profitability: Not all users will reach the figure of $ 1300 per week. It may take some time for the most novice ones, however, users claim it is possible. The most important thing is to learn more and more until you are sure and make large investments that can allegedly generate large profits. There is always a risk when trading bitcoin.

Quick and easy: Learning how to use this Bitcoin Trader platform is something you can learn very quickly, in just a few days, and become a real expert very quickly. However, it is not the only easy and quick thing in this platform, since depositing your money as well as withdrawing it is also something very easy to do, unlike other robots where these processes can last up to more than a day.

Great security with little effort: it has a verification process that is quite reliable and provides security to users, however, it is a very short process that unlike other platforms, is not at all annoying and you can fulfill it by providing your credit card information

Low commissions: do not charge extra commissions, only those already established. You can register for free and operate almost in the same way in almost all its functions.

It works trough brokers: this is a marvel, it must be said. The brokers will do all the work for you in an automated way. You only have to make the configuration correctly, according to your interests, and the platform will do all the rest of the work.

Let’s compare Bitcoin Trader App with the rest of the trading robots:

Bitcoin Trader Dashboard

  • The registration is fast and simple. It takes no longer than 5 minutes to register an account and get started.
  • It has a reported success rate of 88% or higher, which makes it one of the best trading robots.
  • The minimum initial amount to start trading is $250
  • You can make deposits quickly, easily, and above all very secure, as well as withdrawals.

Other Robots

  • Some involve very slow and cumbersome processes with long useless forms.
  • Few robots give that advantage, doing everything automatically without being exactly your liking.
  • Some robots are not so reliable when making deposits.
  • Others take up to weeks to deliver your money. Sometimes, they don’t even give you profits at all.

Advantages of Bitcoin Trader Crypto App

Very easy to use: it is simple for both, experts and those who are just beginning in the interesting world of Bitcoin trading and cryptocurrencies in general.

Greater speed: Not only you can deposit, trade and withdraw money very fast, but you save the human process of performing the analysis. What a person can take more than a day, this robot can do it in just hours.

Good customer service: they have a very attentive system that can help you solve any problem or any doubt you may have.

Demo mode: this is wonderful because it allows you to learn how to use the platform and trade without spending a single penny of your money, through test transactions with fictitious money.

How to Trade Bitcoin?

Trading with Bitcoin is all about knowing when to get in a position, when to shorten it, and when to get out. The best way to trade with Bitcoin is obviously by understanding how the graphs work, and analysing the tendencies of the market.

Bitcoin Trading has made a lot of people into self-made millionaires over night. To be completely fair, most people don’t even know what they are doing most of the time, and just enjoy the ride whilst surfing on the crypto wave. To get good results, you need good and powerful tools to help, and a little luck as well.

Some tips and advice to reduce the risk of loss:

Deposit the minimum at the beginning: do not go flat; invest only 250 $ at the beginning until you feel more confident to invest higher amounts.

Learn from the experts: you can ask for help to the customer service, but we also advise you to continue researching and reading tips and strategies for Bitcoin Trading.

Withdraw your earnings: Every time you reach an interesting amount, withdraw your money. Do not make the mistake of losing everything because of greed.

Does Jim Davidson Use the Bitcoin Trader Software?

The famous English stand-up comedian has severally been mentioned alongside several bitcoin robots.  However, we have not found any evidence about Jim Davidson Bitcoin Trader investment. We have tried contacting him about the mention but did not get any response.

Bitcoin Trader is a legit robot and there is no need for any celebrity endorsement to ascertain that. Most online reviews which stress on celebrity endorsements are mostly from lazy affiliates looking to get quick signups without providing enough information.

Ant McPartlin and Bitcoin Trader

Ant McPartlin is another celebrity who is rumoured to make wealth through bitcoin trading robots. The English television presenter, producer and actor is said to be the investor behind popular bitcoin robots. However, Learnbonds did not find any link between Ant McPartlin and Bitcoin Trader robot.

As mentioned above, fake celebrity endorsements are market baits used by affiliates looking to go viral. Bitcoin Trader has distanced itself from this type of affiliates and promised to take action against them.

Does Kate Winslet Recommend Bitcoin Trader?

Kate Winslet is a popular English actress also rumoured to have invested in Bitcoin Trader. While Kate Winslet has expressed her admiration for bitcoin projects, there is no evidence that she has invested in any. Learnbonds investigation can confirm that Kate Winslet has not invested in any Bitcoin robot.

We suggest that you ignore any review that dwells on celebrity endorsements and conducts enough due diligence for yourself. Learnbonds provides comprehensive reviews to help you make well-informed decisions.

Does Holly Willoughby endorse Bitcoin Trader?

Holly Willoughby is another British celebrity that is rumoured to have endorsed the Bitcoin Trader. However, we found no evidence of Holly Willoughby Bitcoin Trader endorsement.

Her case is similar to those of other celebrities who have been used by affiliates looking for easy link clicks. Bitcoin Trader is a legit robot and does not in any way participate in misleading marketing.

Andrew Forrest and Bitcoin Trader – Is it true?

Andrew Forrest is an Australian businessman known for his great support on emerging tech. Like the above celebrities, the businessman has been rumoured to invest in some bitcoin robots. However, Learnbonds can confirm that Andrew Forrest is not an investor of Bitcoin Trader.

The people behind Bitcoin Trader are crypto trading gurus and not celebrity entrepreneurs. Avoid any reviews dwelling on Andrew Forrest Bitcoin Trader endorsement. You can also report them to Bitcoin Trader through the contact page on their website.

Has Nicole Kidman invested in Bitcoin Trader?

Nicole Kidman is another celebrity associated with bitcoin robots. However, we did not find any evidence supporting such claims. Nicole Kidman is a celebrity and not a professional crypto trader or investor. Any review trying to associate Nicole Kidman to Bitcoin is not genuine.

Bitcoin Trader has distanced itself from the unscrupulous affiliates using Nicole Kidman in their bait techniques and promised to crack a whip on them.  As explained in this review, the robot is legit and based on real technologies. As a result, it does not need celebrity endorsement to prove legitimacy.

Does Peter Lim endorse Bitcoin Trader?

Peter Lim is a Singaporean business magnate and entrepreneur with interests in emerging tech. Some reviews are spreading a rumour that he has invested in Bitcoin robots. However, we have not found any evidence showing that Peter Lim has invested in Bitcoin Trader.

It is important to note that Bitcoin Trader is a legit robot founded by crypto trading gurus. Learnbonds has not found any evidence linking a celebrity entrepreneur to this robot. The majority of people who use Bitcoin Trader are those who have joined the millionaire club through crypto trading.

Final Thoughts on the Bitcoin Trader App

Is it worth it trading with Bitcoin Trader? Bitcoin Trader appears to be a reliable robot for trading with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.  You should take all the information you have read on this article today and put it to practice. Just remember a few key points like not investing what you can’t afford to lose, and always start low. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and pose a great risk, but great risks come with great rewards.

Glossary Of Crypto Terms


What is Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin Trader system is a very popular trading robot which claims to help users predict on crypto prices with 99% accuracy.

Is Bitcoin Trader legit or scam?

Our investigation reveals that Bitcoin Trader is a legit software. The algorithm is real and working and it runs on an easy to use platform. This app counts with thousands of users around the world who use it daily to trade cryptocurrencies.

How much will I earn with Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin Trader claims to be able to generate thousands of dollars in profits per week although we find the number to vary depending on several factors.

Can I withdraw the Bitcoins on my Bitcoin Trader account?

No, you can't. You won't really acquire the Bitcoin, but it will be used to trade as a CFD, which is a representation of the Bitcoin available in the market by the broker of your choice.

Do I need to select one of these brokers listed in Bitcoin Trader?

Yes, you need to use one of the brokers displayed on the platform. The reason for that, is because the tool is connected via API to the broker in question, and it's being used on the platform the broker has made available for the software.

Should I invest with Bitcoin Trader?

We cannot give financial advice but we can say that many users are reporting great profits with this software.

Bitcoin Trader Review: Is it a scam or legit?

Trading software is a dime a dozen. If you’ve been trading for a while, not only do you know this, but you’ve probably have heard of Bitcoin Trader. The market for it makes sense.

Serious traders are generally open to trading quite a few things, so it’s only natural that they’d trade their bitcoin – should they have any.

How do these platforms work?

This platform isn’t difficult to use, as it uses a trading robot to handle all of the manual exchanges. Having to do everything yourself can be a bit laborious, so having an option to take care of the necessary legwork is generally viewed as favorable, allowing the user to focus more on making big profits buying and selling their bitcoin.

The software is designed for people to easily make great money through trading bitcoin when it was created in 2017. Gary Roberts, Bitcoin Trader’s creator, has overseen his project to become the top in trading by the US Trading Association. Most of this is due to the fact that some users see about thirteen-hundred dollars in daily profit.

Let’s face it; there are still more than a few people who aren’t sure of bitcoin – much less trading it! It’s still relatively new, it’s too volatile for some, and its unregulated nature can turn people off. It’s for this reason why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to explain some of the drawbacks and benefits of using Bitcoin trader.

With this review, we’ll lay out everything that we can to help you make an informed decision.

Let’s get into it!

Bitcoin Trader a Scam or Trustworthy?

First, it’s definitely not a scam as we made about two-hundred dollars with the platform. It also doesn’t have a scammy application process.

Like with all trading robots, you should always be a little weary. We are, too. If you don’t really have the actual agency to do your own trades, it’s expected to be a little suspicious, as you don’t know whether these robots will genuinely work in your favor. It’s essentially blind trust.

We’ve always had this point of view, and while we were doing more research, we found that virtually everyone holds a similar opinion. You probably shouldn’t trust automatic trading software. This is due to them being new to the scene, though we don’t always think that something that’s new is inherently bad.

If you trade at Bitcoin Trader, the market news reports that you can get a return of around 88 percent. While this doesn’t really change our feelings about trading bots, especially those that don’t ask for a security code, but we can vouch for the software.

It works well and operates all above board. If you use decent trading strategies, you can make some decent hay with just the normal amount of risk commonly associated with trading.

We tested just about everything here. we filled out the registration form, the verification process, invested a great amount of time in dealing with the robots, as well as the bitcoin wallet and the trading platform.

Since there’s no option for manual trading, you’re basically left up to the judgment of the bots to handle it for you. Once you sign up, you’re almost done with everything that you have to do. It conducts all of the calculations, ultimately in an attempt to find the deal that will make you the most money through leveraging statistics. After the trade goes through, the profit goes into your account. Done deal.

So, are you intrigued? We thought you would be.

However, like any kind of trading – make sure that you understand all of the associated risks. It’s not a perfect system. Even if most of the transactions end up being profitable, something could still go wrong. So, even if the risks are smaller, they do exist and you should be aware.

Like we said earlier, it doesn’t really take you a lot to get in and start trading. Here, all you have to do is register, drop a deposit, and manage your preferences. These settings should be set every day. Fortunately, it only takes a few minutes to do. After that, you’ll also have to set the auto-trading up. But after that, you only really have to worry about the daily settings and try to stay profitable.

We really like that the software performs admirably as an investor. These robots are pretty well programmed, as they take in statistics, trading signals, and market conditions without you having to lift a finger.

If you’re going to do your own trades, you understand that it will carry a bit more risk. You have to do your own data analysis, market research and more. It’s just easier to have a robot handle all of this for you. It’s true that it’s easier to rely on bots these days than it was before. AI has come a very long way in just the past few years. As such, it makes more sense to rely on robots more than we did a few years ago.

Bitcoin Trader Features:

Registration: Bitcoin Trader doesn’t make you jump through a lot of hoops when you’re signing up. You can do it in just a few minutes. You also don’t need bank statements or to provide an ID. All you need is a deposit method and bare bones account info and you’re all set.

Deposits and Withdrawal:

You’re going to have to deposit at least two-hundred and fifty dollars to get in. Transferring is a breeze as you only have to put in the absolute required details. The withdrawal only takes about 24 or less. Bitcoins themselves only take as long as ten days. Just be sure that you have all of your information correct.


Other robots normally charge some fees – whether upfront or hidden. You don’t have to worry about either here.

Customer Support:

We like the interface, so most people don’t report any problems. If you do, you can access customer support through either email or chat.

Customer Trust:

Auto trading platforms always come under fire especially when cryptocurrency is involved. You’re generally going to see many experts in the field who may doubt whether or not it’s worthwhile. Bitcoin Trader is unlike many other platforms. The transactions are rapid, there’s live support, plenty of customization options, and a bevy of great reviews.

Bitcoin Trader Unique Features:


There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to trading here. These settings give you a lot of flexibility to make some good money. If you have any problems setting anything up, the customer support team will step in and guide you.

Demo Mode:

We like demo trading because it allows you to get acquainted with the software before you risk any money. Once you’re comfortable enough in the process, you can put in your own money and actually start trading bitcoin.

Trade Quickly:

With the robots doing a lot of the work, you stand to trade faster. After all, you don’t really have to do your own research here. While you don’t have to stare at the screen constantly, you do have to make sure the settings are correct if you don’t want to lose money.

How do I Open A Bitcoin Trader Account?

Once you click on the link, you’ll want to look for ‘register’. It’s an easy and free process. Be sure that you’re not using any strange link that requires payment when you’re signing up. It’ll more than likely be a scam, as the company itself doesn’t require any money to get started. In any event, you’ll have to provide a username, password, and any contact details.

Easy peasy.

Once you’re all signed up, you’ll have to deposit the trading free, which is two-hundred and fifty dollars via credit card. This investment is meager and should ensure that you make some decent money. As far as security, you won’t have to worry about thievery through their secure payment gateway.

How to Start Trading

Even if you’re super confident in your ability to trade, we suggest you start off with the demo mode. It gets you acquainted with all of the features, settings, and flow of the interface. You’ll stand to learn a lot. We also suggest that you run out all of the money in the demo account before you start trading your own.

This is where you will learn how to feel confident in the system. We suggest you start with small amounts and ramp-up. You’ll learn how to change the settings, such as taking profit, maximum trading, and taking a profit. All of these things can be tailored to fit your trading style.

Options in Extra Help

If you need extra help, you’ve picked a decent program. You have live chatting and emailing as a means to get additional help. You can consult them at any time.

Mobile Bitcoin Trading

If you want to use Bitcoin Trader, all you need is an internet connection and a functioning browser. At current, Bitcoin Trader doesn’t have an app, so you’re going to see some of the functionality dips if you’re not using a desktop.

While we know that you’re excited, we think it’s only fair for us to both outline the pros and the cons of Bitcoin Trader.

Pros for Bitcoin Trader:

– You can sign up in mere minutes

– More customization options than most would ever need

– Fun and easy to use interface

– Very engaging demo trading

– Relatively easy to make a profit

Cons for Bitcoin Trader:

– No app currently available for iOS or Android

– No inherent Bitcoin Trader use for US citizens, you’ll have to use a brokering service

Anything else to know about Bitcoin trader?

Yes, we have some assorted notes for people who are genuinely interested in Bitcoin Trader!

We understand that this takes a lot of risk out of trading, we still don’t believe that you should put all of your eggs in one basket. We suggest that you only use small amounts per trade. The bots do a very good job, but markets aren’t always predictable, so you should always mitigate risk as much as possible. The risk will always be present in trading.

As we said before, there isn’t an app available for either Apple or Android. So, if you have a browser that’s known to act up a bit, you may want to stick to desktop or something a little more reliable. This isn’t just relegated to Bitcoin Trader, but all trading platforms without a dedicated application.

It’s easy to not be overly impressed by a review! We thought we did a good job, but, we get it! In the event that you’re not interested in trading bitcoin or automated trading. If that’s you, we have another idea!

Another method is CFD broker. It stands for contact for the difference. It allows you to consider rising and falling trends in bitcoin and determine which would be correct. This allows the freedom in trading in whichever margins that you prefer by working the difference. You’re not going to find that in any automated software.

Also, through the financial conduct authority, you don’t have to worry about whether the money is protected. Most CFDs are protected by this.

This makes it a decent choice for those who aren’t interested in letting the robots do all of the work for you. At least, this is assuredly the case in our opinion.

Is Bitcoin Trader represented on Facebook and TV?

If you’ve seen any ads for Bitcoin trader on Facebook or TV, you’re probably looking at a scam product or service. There is no shortage of ads that advertise Bitcoin Trader, but none of them are correct. Bitcoin Trader has never been on TV or received any celebrity endorsement.

Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank

If you’re searching for Bitcoin Trader on your favorite search engine, you’re bound to see either Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank being affiliated with them. This is common, but there has never been a collaboration between Bitcoin trader or two of these top TV shows. At current, there is no plan for them to be linked together, so please do not believe any of these dubious claims.

Bitcoin Trader and Celebrity Endorsement

You won’t be hardpressed to find crypto trading bots and celebrities out there. Bitcoin Loophole is a very common example of this. This is a marketing tactic generally used by those who are trying to gain traction by scammy outfits. While we can’t outrightly say that a particular program is scammy and another is not, Bitcoin Trader has no celebrity endorsement.

An example of this would be Peter Jones, Elon Musk, and Gordon Ramsay. It has been reported that Peter Jones bought twenty percent shares in Bitcoin Trader. Something similar has been said about Elon Musk, so much in fact that he was stepping down from Tesla to become more involved in automated trading systems.

Gordon Ramsay has also been linked to Bitcoin Trader. Neither the restauranteur nor the Tesla head-man has been ever involved in Bitcoin Trader.

Quick Bitcoin Trader FAQ:

Q: What is Bitcoin Trader?

A: Bitcoin Trader is a crypto trading platform where robots trade for you as opposed to human input.

Q: Does it work? How much can I earn?

A: It works. Users have claimed that they can make over 1,000 dollars per day.

Q: Is Bitcoin Trader safe to use?

A: While we found that the software is very secure, there are always risks. As such, we don’t think that you should ever keep high amounts of money in your account.

Q: Do I need a crypto wallet if I want to trade?

A: Not at this time. All you need is to deposit your money through your credit card and begin trading.

In Summary

We can say that we can recommend this particular automated trading system for both buying and selling bitcoin. We can doubly recommend this for people who haven’t traded bitcoin – or any other cryptocurrency – before and we feel this way because you have a demo account. You won’t have to really know all that much about trading to see a profit.

From visiting the website to trading real money, every step seems to be a cinch. You also don’t have to wait forever and a day for your money.

Again, we very much suggest that you don’t spend a lot of money on a daily basis. That’s in addition to keeping your total account profile low, mitigating risk every step of the way. Anything else and you’re potentially setting yourself up for some degree of failure.

In short, if you’re looking for a great way to trade and make some decent money, you should give Bitcoin Trader a try. If you follow our advice, you should be pleased with the results!

Bitcoin Trader Review

The Bitcoin Trader is an auto-trading software platform for crypto trading; this autobot built developed to analyse the cryptocurrency trading market. The Bitcoin Trader app was released to the investor in 2017, there is steady increase in the number of active investors on the platform. Due to the high demand of this app we have decided to review Bitcoin Trader. Bitcoin Trader is one of the most popular bitcoin trading software for Bitcoin investors. This Bitcoin Trader automated software is connected with a variety of Crypto forex brokers, including some licensed brokers like 24options.

What is Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader is a cryptocurrency trading app that was developed by Steve McKay, who is a financial market specialist with a special interest in crypto currencies.

Despite the name Bitcoin Trader, the robot can trade other cryptocurrencies in addition to bitcoin.

  • Minimun Deposit: £200
  • Payment Methods: Debit Card, Credit Card, Bank Transfer
  • Innovative Trading Algorithm
  • Free and Fast Software

Is Bitcoin Trader a legit trading platform software for Cryptocurrencies? Yes!

Here is our summary of findings after reviewing of Bitcoin Trader trading app. The system works flawlessly, and it is easy to use.

  • Our tests for success score for Bitcoin Trader software is 95%.
  • The results for accuracy test on this trading platform are 99%.
  • Regarding transparency and ease of use, we easily scored Bitcoin Trader 100%.
  • The trading robots perform trades quickly and accurately; live sessions can start as soon as users ready to make a deposit.
  • Great customer service available 24/7.
  • Open an account with Bitcoin Trader or keep reading to learn more. 

Bitcoin Trader is a powerful and effective trading software that focuses on finding trading opportunities in the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency markets. The software has an advanced algorithm that scans the markets with laser accuracy, headhunting for trading opportunities that will end profitably. It offers automated trading along with forex trading signals on currencies pairs and commodities. The Bitcoin bit software system works along with the most popular and proven binary options trading. This Bitcoin forex trader software itself is free of cost. However, you will need to make a minimum deposit of $250. This money is required initially to invest and start earning money for you.

The Bitcoin Trader software was released for those investors seeking to cash in easily with binary options. This Bitcoin forex trader app ensures that daily payments are made to fresh members. This Bitcoin Trader Software can be freely downloaded at no charge.

The Bitcoin Trader software is extremely efficient as a trading platform for generating earnings on autopilot.

This Bitcoin forex trader app is currently taking in a small and restricted amount of beta testers. These testers will benefit from cent percent free access.

The BitcoinTrader app is designed to work as a software that can be used by daily crypyo traders to buy and sell Bitcoins and other crypto with less effort and the promise them making a significant overall profit. The Trader oftwre was invented in 2017 by Gary Roberts and his team.

Our main objectives during this review of the Bitcoin Trader software was to test the features of the Bitcoin app that sound very attractive such as the auto fast processing for transactions that can give crypto traders leverage in the market. The Bitcoin Trader can be used to perform trades significantly quicker than similar platforms online. 

Bitcoin Trader is an automated trading software that enables investors to take advantage of the powerful cryptocurrency markets and to profit from either auto or manual trading. This advanced software boasts a 99.4% success rate, while traders can earn over $1,300 per day on average. To top it off, the Bitcoin Trader app has won a number of awards including the number one spot in the trading software category from the US Trading Association. So, the fact is, Bitcoin Trader sounds great, but is it for real?

BitcoinTrader is a unique trading platform that has made quite a buzz in the market within a short time. It is claimed to have a win rate of over 99.4% accuracy when it comes to crypto trading. But is there any truth to this claim?

Many online reviews have written about bitcoin trader scam. Are those reviews true or paid by competitors?

We are going to find out in this honest bitcoin trader review!

We reviewed this bitcoin trading robot software, and immediately noticed how professionally it was made. They actually have software that you can see how it works before you deposit money.

Bitcoin Traders App Reviews

It is safe to say that the BitcoinTrader Pro, is one of the nicest Bitcoin robots we have reviewed in a long time.

When comparing and choosing an automated trading system, the first item we look for is the ability to choose a licensed broker, and the second thing we look at is the settings available for us to configure.

The Bitcoin Trader randomly assigned us a Cryptocurrency broker, so we could not use our preferred broker. The software uses a basic trading strategy that is based on technical indicators. We like how it has risk management settings, with the ability to set a stop-loss and take profits.

How much Bitcoin Trader average earnings can be?

The most basic thing that can be said about the return rates of this crypto mining instrument is that they are simply amazing. Most of the users just leave the Bitcoin and Forex trading software on complete auto-pilot and generate a stable and consistent sum of €13,000 daily. This monetary amount is valid for experienced and novice users alike.

Bitcoin Trader Software Cost

The website mentions that there is no cost to use the Bitcoin Trader at all. It’s for free. This is false actually. The first time you open your account with the brokers, you will have to make an initial deposit of $250. There are little chances that you would be able to recover your initial investments. The only purpose the scammers are circulating such scams is to steal your money. Don’t know how many people have been tricked by the people running the show and their cunning brokers.

How To Get Started with Bitcoin Trader Software

Step 1 Fill Out the Registration Form on their Landing Page

Once you have completed the registration process, you will automatically become a member of the Bitcoin Trader team and, more importantly, you will get access to the Bitcoin trading software free of charge. The company doesn’t charge any kind of fees or commissions and furthermore, the invested money and profits can be withdrawn at any time.

Step 2: Fund Your Account

The minimum investment requirement is $250, which is on the lowest end in terms of deposit sizes. There are various secure and safe payment methods to choose from, so every trader can opt for the one they prefer.

Step 3: Start Trading

Click trade to activate the auto-trading software. They also offer a manual trading option, for those investors who prefer to take matters into their own hands.

Start Making Profits

Click on the trade button to enjoy hands-free trading with precision and accuracy, running on award-winning algorithms for effortless operations. If you choose to trade on your own, you can also set the trading to manual mode.

Is Bitcoin Trader a Scam or Legit Forex Robot?

Our investigation did not come up with any distressing or unnerving facts about the crypto mining software. It is 100% legit and worthy of the savings and attention of users. Bitcoin Trader abides all existing SSL standards and provides access to a ton of useful special features and learning material.

Users are prone to earn a stable and secure sum of €13,000 daily and they can do this with as little effort as possible as the Algo-trading software has an excellent auto-pilot mode. It is reliable, authentic, and highly-sophisticated!

Users Reviews

“I’ve been a member of the Bitcoin Trader for only 47 days. But my life has already changed! Not only have I made my first $100K, but I’ve also met some of the most incredible people in the process. Thanks, Bitcoin Trader!”

Mark K. Fort Worth, TX

“I finally know what it’s like to live the dream. I no longer feel like I’m on the outside looking in while everyone else has all the fun. The Bitcoin Trader has allowed me to retire early and live the 1% lifestyle.”

Jennifer A. Irvine, CA

“Surprisingly, I used to be an investor on Wall Street. And I’ve never seen anything like this in my 10-year tenure at the company. My colleagues all thought I was crazy when I quit the firm to invest with the Bitcoin Trader software full-time. $384,594 in profits later, all of my colleagues are now BEGGING me to let them in.”

Eveline I. Orem, UT

“Two weeks ago, I got laid off. With no options left, I thought my life was over. Now I’m making over $1,261.42 each and every day. And for the first time in 2 months, my account isn’t overdrawn. Thanks, Bitcoin Trader!”

Steven H. Niagara Falls, NY

Trading Software Customer Care

Most of the trading investors who have opened a trading app account with this auto trading platform that operates both on the crypto exchange and the Forex market have experienced the customer support service to be extremely professional and helpful in resolving their everyday needs and issues. Customer support is available 24/7 via email, live chat, and telephone.

Final Word – The Conclusion

In conclusion, It must be clear now to you that what Bitcoin trader app is all about, most importantly the Bitcoin Trader trading Software is a legit trading system with advanced, automated features. The bitcoin-trader scam, as claimed by some review websites, is not true after all. You can download this 100% risk-free, brand new Bitcoin Trader app without paying a single cent and see quick results in just within the next 20 minutes, as the company claims!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bitcoin Trader trading software?

Bitcoin Trader is an automated crypto auto-trading platform managed by advance artificial intelligence to work and produce high profi making trades on behalf of the investors.

How much can be earned by using Bitcoin Trader daily?

Averagely, traders can earn between $200 and $1,000 every day using the BitcoinTrader. Many traders start with the minimum deposit of $250 and later increase deposits after earning more money.

What is the function of a crypto robot?

A crypto robot is part of the automated trading system; they function with high-level artificial intelligence to identify the best prices for Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrency. The speculations generated by crypto robots help traders buy cryptocurrencies at a low rate and sell higher to make a profit when the market price appreciates.

What is the highest value in earnings a trader has made using the Bitcoin Trader?

The earning potential of every user on the Bitcoin Trader platform is limitless. So far, we have recorded traders who made their first million in about sixty days.

Are funds deposited by traders secure?

Yes, the owners of the Bitcoin Trader have ensured that all funds deposited are secure. However, the known risks associated with the cryptocurrency market apply when live trades are done on the platform.

How much is required to create an account and start trading?

It is free to create an account on Bitcoin Trader. There are also no hidden fees or charges. The developers have ensured the system is transparent and all funds available in your account can be withdrawn when needed.

Is it necessary to have a wallet for cryptos to start trading on Bitcoin Trader?

No, a wallet is not needed to store cryptos because all Bitcoin values are converted to cash in your local currency at the time of withdrawal.

What other Bitcoin trading platforms exist in the market?

While we encourage everyone to leverage the fantastic features of the Bitcoin Trader, alternatives such as the Bitcoin Code exist.

What kind of results can I expect?

The profit potential with Bitcoin Trader is limitless. Most of our Bitcoin Trader members typically profit a minimum of $1,300 daily. We have, however, seen other members make a lot more daily, and we have even had the pleasure of witnessing some of the members making their first million after only a few months.

How many hours per day do I need to work?

Most of our members work an average of 20 minutes a day or less. Because the Bitcoin trading software handles the analysis as well as the trading, the amount of ‘work’ required is minimal. You only need to set your trading parameters, such as the amount you wish to invest per trade as well as the assets you wish to trade, and then the software will act based on these parameters. With Bitcoin Trader, you can then use your spare time to do the things you really love to do, while the software trades for you.

What is the maximum amount that I can make?

With Bitcoin Trader, your profits are unlimited. While some members earn $1,300 daily, some of our members earned their first million within just 61 days. With so many movements in the financial markets, the trading opportunities are limitless and with Bitcoin Trader, these opportunities are quickly pinpointed and automatically traded, boosting your profitability.

How much does the software cost?

All members of Bitcoin Trader get a copy of our proprietary software free of charge. There is no cost to sign up and register for a Bitcoin Trader account. To become one of our members, simply fill out the registration form on this page. It really is that easy to do!

Is this like MLM or Affiliate Marketing?

BitcoinTrader is not like MLM (multi-level marketing), affiliate marketing or anything else out there. The software is powered by an innovative algorithm that wins trades with 99.4% accuracy. All the profits that you make from trading, are yours to keep and you are able to withdraw these funds at any time, hassle-free.

Are there any fees?

With Bitcoin Trader, there are no hidden fees, plus there are no broker fees or commissions. We do not charge you anything to open an account and to register with the trading platform. To top it off, all the money you deposit and make while trading is 100% yours and you are free to withdraw it at any time you choose, without delay.

What are the benefits of using Bitcoin Trader?

When it comes to trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin Trader, the benefits are endless. To start, as we have said, the software is free of charge. There are no fees or hidden costs, plus all the money you make while trading is yours to keep. The next benefit of Bitcoin robot is that it is easy to use. That is, even if you have never traded online before or if you do not have any knowledge of the financial markets, you can trade Bitcoin profitably with Bitcoin Trader. The algorithm will analyze the markets and based on historical data and the existing market conditions; it will pinpoint lucrative trading opportunities in the markets. This leads us to the next benefit which is automation.

The software can be set to automated mode. This means that once a trading signal is created, the software will open a trade based on the trading parameters automatically in your trading account. The best part of this is that you will never miss a trading opportunity, plus you do not need to sit in front of your computer for hours, watching for a trading option. Automated trading also removes all emotions from the trading process. Traders can get consumed with feelings of fear and greed and can start trading recklessly. With Bitcoin Trader, this cannot happen as the software trades based on pure statistics and in real-time. For those traders who prefer to be in full control of their trading activities, you can also set the trading robot to manual mode at any time. This is also an excellent way to test your trading strategies and to confirm your own market analysis.

You only need to make a deposit of $250 with your preferred broker and this money is yours to use as trading capital. In addition, this money and any profits can be withdrawn at any time, hassle-free.

How can I withdraw my profits?

To ensure that our members have easy access to their trading capital and profits, we offer a streamlined and hassle-free withdrawal process. furthermore, Once you have completed the withdrawal request form, your broker will then process your request within 24-48 hours. Your funds will then be transferred to your original deposit method. Remember that Bitcoin Trader does not charge any fees so we will not charge you for your withdrawal request. If you have any questions or require assistance with the withdrawal process, please feel free to contact us.

What is the Bitcoin Trader verification process?

In order to verify your account with BitcoinTrader, you simply need to provide some basic personal information when you sign up and register an account. That is, we will require your full name, email address, country of residence and contact telephone number. It is vital to provide us with accurate information as this will simplify the withdrawal process. To ensure that your profits are returned to the rightful owner, we will verify the account details before releasing the money.

You will also be requested to create a password for your account. We take the security of our members’ personal and financial information very seriously and we recommend creating a strong password that you do not share with others. Once you have opened your trading account, you will need to make a deposit of $250 so that you have trading capital. If you use a credit card to make this deposit, we will require the card number, expiry date, and the card verification code (CVV number), located on the back of the card. Start trading Bitcoin profitably today with BitcoinTrader.

What The Bitcoin Trader Software Has to Offer

As per their claims, these are the benefits of this Bitcoin forex Trader:

  • Laser-Sharp Precision Performance

No other trading platform across the globe can match the 99.4% accuracy level that the Bitcoin Trader bot is able to achieve. That is why our members from different corners of the world trust us to increase their hard-earned cash by as much as 2, 3 or 4x times.

  • Exceptional Technology

The Bitcoin Trader Software relies on the most technologically advanced programming the trading world has ever glimpsed. The software beats the markets by as much as 0.01 seconds. If you have knowledge about trading, you’ll understand that this is a big deal. This gigantic time leap is the reason this software has emerged as the most consistent trading app across the entire world. check out more bitcoin robot like bitcoin lifestyle here

  • Awards And Accolades For The Trading App

The BitcoinTrader bot has garnered a huge number of awards and accolades. The most recent award the app was honoured with was the #1 ranking in the trading software category by the US Trading Association

The Bitcoin Trader System and Its User Interface/UI

The BitcoinTrader Software makes real-time predictions about market trends. It also anticipates the top trader preferences and habits in the binary options trading markets. The Bitcoin Trader System puts forth the optimal trading options for beta testers. Members will benefit from the system, which performs all the calculations and makes the right decisions for profitable, risk-free trades.

 Bitcoin Trader featured on TV Shows

We have seen some remarks and information online claiming the Bitcoin Trader has been featured in some top TV shows. This information lacked vital details to ascertain if it is true. So we decided to investigate and publish our findings in this review.

Dragon’s Den Bitcoin

Dragons Den is a popular TV show about investment and aspiring entrepreneurs looking for wealthy investors. It is the type of show that can be affiliated with the Bitcoin Trader, but we did not get any confirmation that such affiliation has happened. One of the hosts on the show, Naomi Simpson has called for all reports linking the TV show with automated trading platforms to be reported as false. So disregard any claims you see online.

Bitcoin Trader Review » Full Scam Check

You can make money with ease trading Bitcoin with the automated Bitcoin Trader. Get inside info on this leading software and discover the full benefits of this trading platform

The cryptocurrency market has made a lot of people very wealthy over the past decade. However, due to the volatile nature of the prices of digital currencies, it is understandable that many people, especially new traders, are hesitant to trade cryptocurrencies. The good news is that now, there are many trading tools, such as trading signals, automated trading software and more, that enable traders to trade Bitcoin and other cryptos profitably.

One of these trading tools is the Bitcoin Trader, a powerful and intuitive automated cryptocurrency trading software.

The fact is, people are not sure about using the Bitcoin Trader software to trade Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies. I mean, on many levels, this software really does sound too good to be true! Despite this, as a result of your doubts, you could be losing out on an excellent opportunity to make real income trading cryptos.

To help curb any doubts, my team and I have been on a mission to extensively review and test several auto trading platforms. The Bitcoin Trader is one such platform. We carried out a thorough review of the Bitcoin Trader software to see if it really works and how much it really makes for traders. After carrying out the tests, we documented our findings and have published the facts here. This review is intended for anyone who wishes to use the Bitcoin Trader platform to access the crypto space and to make money trading cryptocurrencies in the process. In this honest and unbiased review, we will start with an overview of the Bitcoin Trader software and what it has been designed to do.

The Bitcoin Trader – An Overview

ROBOT: The Bitcoin Trader
PROPERTIES:   The Bitcoin Trader platform is not a scam. It is 100% legit and has a proven track record of success.It has a high-profit ratio enabling both new and advanced traders to make profits in the cryptocurrency market. The withdrawal process is fast and easy enabling traders to access their funds and profit quickly.The software works seamlessly with the trading platforms of the selected brokers.  

What is the Bitcoin Trader?

To fully understand how the Bitcoin Trader software works, let us start by understanding what it is. The Bitcoin Trader is a trading tool that makes it possible for people to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and to make profits. As simple as that! The Bitcoin Trader is unique as it enables people to trade cryptocurrencies with ease, thanks to the automated feature of the software. As a result, anyone can use the software to make money, even if you have never traded before and have no understanding of the financial markets. The software was developed by Gary Roberts in 2017 and since then, it has gained widespread use by traders across the globe who are really making money from the crypto markets.

Our primary objective in this review is to test the features offered by the Bitcoin Trader software. These features are crucial to ensuring that the software works as it promises to as they enable traders gain an advantage over the financial markets. The Bitcoin Trader is useful because it is used to execute trades faster than one could do so if they were trading manually. Also, its accuracy is exceptional.

The development of trading robots to help crypto traders cope with the complicated cryptocurrency market has been a great success. These trading robots are able to handle hundreds of transactions at a time and more importantly, they are able to analyze the markets with great speed and accuracy. With the Bitcoin Trader software, traders can execute faster transactions and earn more money in the process.

The most important thing about the Bitcoin Trader platform is the automated feature it offers. This feature ensure the software will trade on your behalf even if you are not in front of your computer. Taking advantage of the automated trading feature allows traders make up to $1,300 in profit per day, with only a minimum deposit amount of $250 required to start trading these assets. The fact it, with the help of the Bitcoin Trader, cryptocurrency traders are set to enjoy financial freedom making daily passive income.

Is the Bitcoin Trader Software Legit? Yes It Is

It is vital to determine the legitimacy of a platform before you start trading with them. In our quest to find out if the Bitcoin Trader software is legit or not, my team and I made it our priority to determine the legitimacy of this platform. From our research, we were able to establish that the Bitcoin Trader is 100% legit. It is also suitable for both novice and experienced cryptocurrency traders.

After verifying the legitimacy of the Bitcoin Trader platform, we proceeded to search online for the feedback of both current and past users of the software. From our research, we were able to see very favorable reviews of the Bitcoin Trader platform. Most users stated that it was the best trading software they have used and that they were able to earn real profits as a result of the software. In addition, most online testimonials confirm that anyone can use this software and make real profits.

From our own test of the Bitcoin Trader software, it is legit and really works.

Is the Bitcoin Trader a Scam or Not: The Verdict!

From the research carried out by my team, here is the summary of our findings, which indicate that the Bitcoin Trader is not a scam:

  • High Success Rate – When using the Bitcoin Trader to trade Bitcoin and other cryptos, we found that the software has over a 94% success rate. This means most of the trades it enters into, will end profitably. The trading signals generated by the software lead to a high success rate for traders.
  • Easy To Use – The trading platform is responsive and is easy to use and to navigate. The usability is commendable, making it perfect for both novice and experienced cryptocurrency traders. Those who understand how the crypto market works, can even use the Bitcoin Trader software to confirm their own market analysis.
  • Free of Charge – To sign up with the Bitcoin Trader, is free of charge. In addition, the minimum deposit amount of $250 is very reasonable and it is important to note that this money is yours and can be withdrawn at any time, hassle-free. The developers of the Bitcoin Trader are interested in ensuring that virtually anyone can trade cryptocurrencies and make a profit in the process. They have made the deposit amount affordable so that anyone can register and create money trading digital currencies.
  • Quick Access – The app can be accessed within seconds, with registration taking just a few minutes to complete.

The Bitcoin Trader is an effective cryptocurrency automated trading software that works with intuitive and accurate algorithms. These algorithms are programmed to work with Artificial Intelligence. Despite the complications involved in the analysis process, which the algorithm handles for you, the developers of Bitcoin Trader have made it simple for anyone to navigate and use this trading tool. The software is currently classified under the ranks of other leading auto trading platforms like the Bitcoin Code, and CryptoSoft.

With the Bitcoin Trader, both experienced and new traders have the opportunity to boost their passive income. The initial investment amount is low, starting at just $250. The algorithm is designed to scan the crypto markets and to compare huge amounts of historical data with the existing market conditions and to then pinpoint potentially profitable trading opportunities. As a result, users of the Bitcoin Trader are able to easily buy and sell cryptos and to make a profit in the end.

The extensive survey and research we carried out for this software helped us to gain a better understanding of how the automated trading system works. It significantly reduces the time it takes to make accurate trading decisions that end up as profits. When it comes to the financial markets, time is money, and making fast decisions are crucial to users making profits from their trading activities. This is the reason why automated trading platforms are more effective than the manual process of trading. It is one of the reasons why the Bitcoin Trader platform is so popular and so profitable.

The Bitcoin Trader – How it Works

The Bitcoin Trader works in a simple way, enabling anyone to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies profitably. To start, new users are required to create an account with the Bitcoin Trader. The account opening stage doesn’t take more than a few minutes and is free of charge.

Afterwards, you can proceed to deposit funds into your Bitcoin Trader trading account and to activate the trading features of the software. You can use the demo walkthrough of the software to get the opportunity to view how it works before you start investing real money. You will then be required to set your trading parameters, tell the software how much to invest per trade, which cryptos to trade, the risk level and more. The software takes over from there and executes trades for you, ensuring that you make maximum profits from your trading activities. We can confirm that the trading process on the Bitcoin Trader platform is easy and can be easily navigated by anyone.

Creating a Bitcoin Trader Account

Step 1: Registration

The first step is to open an account with the Bitcoin Trader. The registration form can be obtained on their official website, where you will be asked to provide some basic personal details before you can proceed. The registration process is entirely free, with no charges attached.

After providing the required information, such as name and other contact data, you will be required to create a password for your trading account. The password needs to be strong but easily remembered by you to ensure that it is hard for hackers to easily bypass it. You should click the ‘REGISTER NOW’ button after completing this process. Overall, this process doesn’t take more than a few minutes to be completed.

Step 2: Making a Deposit

The minimum deposit amount on the Bitcoin Trader is $250, but you can choose to deposit more if you wish to. However, in our test of the software, we stuck with the $250 as it provided us the opportunity to see how the platform works with little money. The minimum deposit sum of $250 makes it affordable for virtually anyone to trade Bitcoin profitably.

The deposit process has been streamlined to make it easy for people to carry out transactions. There are several payment options, including MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Skrill, and Neteller. The Bitcoin Trader will confirm the authenticity of your card; you will also be asked to enter some details, such as the card expiry date and CVV number. Our security team had to ensure that the website is safe before we provided them with our card details. We found out that all transactions conducted by the Bitcoin Trader platform are protected with the latest SSL technology. Since the security wasn’t an issue, we went ahead to enter our payment information.

Step 3: Demo Trading

Once the deposit of funds is successful, you can move ahead to try out the demo trading account. This is to enable you to learn more about the auto trading system and how it works before you invest real money. It is advisable that you use the demo account to try out different strategies before you use real money to trade cryptocurrencies. After testing the demo account, we made some virtual profits with it. We were confident that our trading strategies would work once we switched to a live trading account.

Step 4: Trading Process

The final phase involved real trading. We were impressed with the trading platform as the existence of cryptocurrencies here meant that we could make profits trading a wide choice of currency pairs. Some of the pairs available here include BTC/USD, XRP/EUR, or BTC/EUR and a wide range of others.

It is essential that you set your trading parameters before you start trading on the Bitcoin Trader. Some of the parameters include setting the stop loss and take profit orders, the currency pairs to trade, how much to stake per trade, and more. It is at this point that it is vital that you have a little knowledge of the crypto space. In this way, you can choose the currency pairs that will bring in more profits based on other market factors. You can proceed to start trading after setting up the parameters. The settings would be applied every day however, you can change them at any time.

It is advisable that you try out your strategies with the demo account before you apply them to real trading. In this way, you can correctly evaluate the strategy and how it works in different market conditions.

We made impressive profits with our first deposit and live trading sessions. We were also able to withdraw our earnings without encountering any problems. The withdrawal process was smooth and swift, which is an added advantage for the Bitcoin Trader platform.

Essential Features of the Bitcoin Trader

Several features are necessary for the Bitcoin Trader as they make it possible for traders to make a profit trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Here are some of the main features of this leading software:

Payout System

The first crucial feature we researched was the payout system. This is the because the ability to deposit and withdraw funds with ease is vital to traders. The amount each trader stands to earn per day on the Bitcoin Trader is roughly $1,300. The amount could go higher as the deposit sum increases and if you take more risks. The payout system is swift, and you can easily access your earnings without much stress, just like we did. As you spend more time on the Bitcoin Trader platform, you will gain better experience on how to make more money.

Verification Process

The verification of personal data is crucial as it makes it tough for imposers and hackers to access your account. For the verification process, the required details include proof of identity and country of residence. This is in accordance with regulations in the financial markets and Bitcoin Trader will always ensure that the profits are going to the right account holder.

Withdrawal and Deposits

To deposit funds into our Bitcoin Trader account, you are able to use a wide choice of secure and safe options. For credit card deposits, the funds will be available in your trading account instantly so you can start trading immediately. We traded for a few sessions, and it was then time to withdraw our profits. The withdrawal system here runs swiftly and smoothly. We initiated a payment withdrawal request, and the transaction was completed in less than 24 hours. This is much better than most platforms where it takes a few days for the funds to reflect in your bank account and in some cases, you never ever get to enjoy your profits.


We were interested in the costs put in place by the Bitcoin Trader as most services insert hidden fees unknown to the users. We were glad to realize that the Bitcoin Trader doesn’t have hidden charges or fees for carrying out transactions. The initial amount we deposited reflected in our trading account and no deduction was made. In terms of fees, the Bitcoin Trader has one of the best systems and it is evident that they are concerned with traders making money from their trading activities.

Feedback System

There is a section on the Bitcoin Trader website dedicated to reviews by users. The reviews were interesting to read as some users have made over $100,000 in profits from just two months of trading. Others have testified to making huge profits from trading cryptocurrencies using the Bitcoin Trader platform. It is evident that you can really make money using this automated trading software.

Customer Support

The customer service is an integral part of a business as it serves as the first line of problem-solving for users. Interestingly, the customer support team at Bitcoin Trader is active and can be contacted at all times of the day. They can be contacted with ease and you can also send them an email at any time with your questions and queries.


The Bitcoin Trader has partnered with some of the most reputable brokers in the industry. The brokers provide traders access to the financial platforms and allow the Bitcoin Trader software to work seamlessly on their trading platforms. These brokers also offer other services including access to educational materials, trading tools, secure banking options and professional customer support.

Bitcoin Trader Versus Other Robots

The registration process takes less than a few minutes to be completed and is free of charge. They have multiple payment options to make it easier for traders to deposit and withdraw their funds from the platform.The settings can be customized to help you reduce the risks involved in trading. You can also choose to trade manually, putting you in full control of your trading activities, or in automated mode.Several users have posted real reviews regarding the services offered by the Bitcoin Trader platform. These testimonials show that users are satisfied with the features available on the Bitcoin Trader and they are making money.The withdrawal process is swift and straightforward and it takes less than 24 hours for the funds to reflect in your bank account.   There are too many requirements during registration, which include ID cards, questionnaires and more. This makes it a tedious process for traders to open an account.There are many requirements you have to fulfill in order to deposit funds into your account, including showing bank statements, proof of income source, and more. In some instances, your bank has to be contacted first. This process takes time, and you could lose profitable trading opportunities in the process.The systems are fully automated, which puts the traders’ funds at risk most of the time. There is no manual trading option available. Online testimonials show that most users are not happy with the services offered by these trading robots. This creates doubt over their ability to provide long-term gains to investors. The withdrawal process is usually tedious and can take up to a few days, or even weeks, to be completed.  

Why Should You Trade with Bitcoin Trader?

While reviewing the services offered by the Bitcoin Trader, we decided to look into the various features that make it an effective and profitable platform to trade with. It is these features that enable us to recommend the Bitcoin Trader as the top choice when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies.

  • User-friendly – After using the Bitcoin Trader platform, we can confidently say that the software is user-friendly and it works. The registration process is fast, deposit and withdrawal processes are safe and secure, setting the trading parameters is easy to do and then setting the software to automated mode is a quick step.
  • Excellent Customer Service – Bitcoin Trader offers top quality and reliable customer service and support. This is an attractive feature as it allows traders from all parts of the world to contact them despite the different time zones.
  • Demo Account – Bitcoin Trader offers a demo walkthrough of their trading dashboard. This is very useful to traders as it allows them to understand how the automatic trading system works before they start using real money to trade. It also enables users to test their trading strategies and to see which ones work best.
  • Fast Processing – Since the Bitcoin Trader platform is automated, quick execution of trades is easily done. As a result of this, traders do not lose profitable trading opportunities. We were very satisfied with the speed of execution of the Bitcoin Trader as trades were carried out within seconds. From our research, we found out that the processing time is 0.1 seconds ahead of the other trading tools.

How Much Money Can Be Made with Bitcoin Trader?

The amount of money you can make on the Bitcoin Trader platform depends on you. The Bitcoin Trader software makes it easy for anyone to make big profits trading cryptocurrencies. The fact is, the higher the amount you deposit and stake per trade, the higher your chances of making more profits. Despite this, you need to consider the risks of the cryptocurrency market before you make an investment. It is recommended that you start with the minimum deposit amount and increase the funds after making profits and understanding how the system works.

We have put together a few tips that will help you to earn more while using the Bitcoin Trader platform.

  • Invest Wisely and Start Small – it is better to start with the minimum deposit amount when you invest with the Bitcoin Trader platform. In this way, you can earn slowly and build your investment portfolio over time. After depositing $250, we made a profit from the trades that were made by the software.
  • Withdraw Earnings – It is recommended to withdraw your earnings. Your initial capital can continue working for you on the system, but you should withdraw your earnings. In this way, you can save your profits while continuing to earn more profits.
  • Stay Updated About the Crypto Space – While the Bitcoin Trader software handles everything for you, it is recommended that you keep learning and be up to date with the current trends in the market. In this way, you can learn the latest strategies that could boost your earnings.
  • Invest Your Spare Money – It is never advisable to invest everything you have. It is best if you invest only what you can afford to lose. Due to the high volatility level of the market, you can lose your money. Based on this, the minimum $250 deposit requirement set by the Bitcoin Trader platform is reasonable and it enables anyone to trade.

Rumors about Bitcoin Trader Featured on TV Shows

A lot of remarks and information have been spread online, claiming that the Bitcoin Trader platform has appeared on some top TV shows. As a result of this reports, we decided to investigate and find out if they are true.

Here are the results of our research:

Dragon’s Den

Dragon’s Den is a famous TV show that talks about investment and puts entrepreneurs on the path to meet wealthy investors. Although it is excellent that the Bitcoin Trader is associated with such a show, it is not true that they were talked about on Dragon’s Den. According to Naomi Simson, one of the hosts of the show, all reports linking them with any auto trading platforms are false. Based on this, disregard any information regarding affiliation with Dragon’s Den. This is probably been done by competitors trying to make Bitcoin Trader look bad.

Shark Tank

Shark Tank is another popular TV show, similar to the Dragon’s Den. The Bitcoin Trader is not linked to the Shark Tank and all reports stating otherwise are false. Any reports of this are simply an attempt by lazy marketers to convince people to purchase their automated trading software, which is just a bad copy of the Bitcoin Trader software. From our research, we found out that the original Bitcoin Trader is not linked in any way to the Shark Tank.

Have Any Celebrities Endorsed the Bitcoin Trader?

One of the best ways to drive traffic to a site or a product is by having a celebrity endorse it. This marketing move works like magic. Thus, it wasn’t surprising when false claims were reported about celebrities supporting the Bitcoin Trader. We looked into those sources and carried out in-depth research in all the cases. This is what we found:

Peter Jones

Peter Jones is one of the sponsors of Dragon’s Den TV show. He has been linked with the Bitcoin Trader as some reports claim he owns a sizeable share of the company. However, we researched this information and can confirm it is not true. While most investors would love to own a part of the Bitcoin Trader platform, Peter Jones hasn’t done this yet.

Elon Musk

Inventor and savvy entrepreneur Elon Musk has also been linked with the Bitcoin Trader platform. Due to his achievements over the years, it is no surprise that his name is affiliated with the Bitcoin Trader platform. The rumors about it are false, though, as the Tesla CEO is not linked in any way to the Bitcoin Trader platform.

Gordon Ramsay

Famous British chef Gordon Ramsay is another name linked to the Bitcoin Trader. Due to the investments and endorsements he has, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Gordon invested in a start-up or other companies. However, we checked the information regarding his link with the Bitcoin Trader platform, and it is false. He is not affiliated with the Bitcoin Trader and hasn’t invested or endorsed them in any way.

Several fraudulent claims have been made using the Bitcoin Trader brand name. This is because the Bitcoin Trader is one of the best auto trading platforms currently around. However, those claims are fraudulent and should be regarded as such. The Bitcoin Trader informs its traders and potential users to avoid that information regarding its stakeholders and investors.

Following an in-depth test of the features offered by the Bitcoin Trader, we can confidently say that they are authentic. The Bitcoin Trader platform is one of the best auto trading software currently available, enabling traders to make massive profits from the crypto market.

Does Bitcoin Trader Have a Mobile App?

We searched both the Apple and Google app stores but couldn’t find a mobile app on any of them. It is safe to say that the Bitcoin Trader doesn’t have a mobile app. However, the platform can easily be accessed via browsers on both computers and mobile devices. You can simply visit their website and activate your trade account directly. You can then trade from anywhere and at any time, even while on the go.

Our Conclusion

We enjoyed researching the Bitcoin Trader, and we were intrigued by our findings. The features available on this platform were impressive, and they worked as promised. The outcome of our research led us to conclude that the Bitcoin Trader is legit and can boost your passive income over time.

From our experience, we can assure potential traders that they can make over $1,000 in profits every day. The system has user-friendly features that make it easy for anyone to navigate the platform even without prior knowledge of the financial trading markets. We advise all users to start with the minimum deposit amount of only $250 and to build their investment from there. Within a short period, your profits will grow and you will get the opportunity to enjoy financial freedom.

FAQs – The Bitcoin Trader

What is the Bitcoin Trader?

The Bitcoin Trader is an automated trading software that makes it easy for people to trade cryptocurrencies and to make profits as a result of it. The platform works with an algorithm that is designed to pinpoint lucrative trading opportunities in the markets.  

How much can you earn daily with the help of the Bitcoin Trader?

Traders stand a chance to make over $1,000 every day with the help of the Bitcoin Trader software. The minimum deposit amount of $250 is enough to reach this target, but you can increase your deposit amount based on your trading goals and preferences.

What function does the crypto robot serve?

A cryptocurrency trading robot functions as part of an auto trading system. It works with high-level AI to pinpoint trading opportunities in the financial markets. It will then produce a trading signal which tells a trader which asset to trade and when. Automated software solutions will even enter and exit trades on behalf of the user.

What is the highest value in earnings a trader has made using the Bitcoin Trader?

The earning potential when you use the Bitcoin Trader is limitless. It depends on the deposited amount as well as the amount you invest per trade. The amount you can earn will vary from person to person but we have heard of some users becoming millionaires thanks to the Bitcoin Trader.

Are my deposited funds safe?

The payment system on the Bitcoin Trader platform is streamlined to ensure the safety of funds. Deposited funds are secure as the website has an SSL certificate. This ensures that all transactions on the platform are protected and remain confidential.

How much is required to create an account with the Bitcoin Trader and to start trading?

The account opening process is free. The Bitcoin Trader doesn’t charge anything to open an account with them. Furthermore, there are no hidden fees or charges on the platform. The developers have ensured that all transactions are transparent, and user funds and profits are made available whenever you want to withdraw them.

Is it necessary to have a wallet for cryptos to start trading on Bitcoin Trader?

No, you don’t need a wallet to store cryptocurrencies when trading with the Bitcoin Trader software.  

What other Bitcoin trading platforms exist in the market?

The Bitcoin Trader is one of the best cryptocurrency auto trading software systems in the industry. While there are many options out there, take the time to verify that they are legitimate before investing your hard earned cash.

A comprehensive review of Bitcoin Trader

Fact or fiction? Scam software or legit app? We investigate.

Bitcoin Trader is a robot that uses algorithms to place and execute cryptocurrency trades automatically after users open accounts and invest funds. The platform’s website makes a variety of claims about the size of the profits that can be made by using the software, but how much of this is to be believed?

In this Bitcoin Trader review, we will take you through the details of the service offered by Bitcoin Trader and investigate the legitimacy of the claims it makes.

Pros & cons


  • Multiple payment methods
  • Easy registration process
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Security SSL encryption
  • Responsive interface design
  • Manual trading options


  • Limited cryptocurrencies
  • Outlandish marketing claims without evidence
  • Information provided is vague
  • Multiple websites fall under the same name

What is Bitcoin Trader and what can I do with it?

Bitcoin Trader is an auto trading robot that uses algorithms to maximise trading potential in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It enables buying, selling, and trading Bitcoin without the need for human intervention.

To make trades, it analyses historical data, charts, patterns and graphs sourced from across the internet to derive the best trading strategies. It then executes trades with brokers in light of the information it gets from using statistical and progression methods. 

Bitcoin Trader claims that by doing this, its algorithm can operate 0.01 seconds ahead of the market. It can then leverage this market advantage by acting within microseconds. This is a big claim to make, however, and it’s worth noting that it’s wise to set some parameters on how the robot operates to ensure you’re protected against volatility in cryptocurrency markets.

The software also allows experienced traders to use the platform for manual trading. Given that cryptocurrency markets run 24/7, a trader can ensure to be active at all times by setting predetermined parameters to enter and exit a particular trade by telling the robot at what price to buy and sell. Bitcoin Trader will automatically execute the trade upon the set criteria without the need for intervention from the trader. 

Is Bitcoin Trader legit?

Yes Bitcoin Trader is a legit platform to use for auto trading in cryptocurrencies, but it is to be used with caution and it is unlikely that stories of users making fortunes overnight are very likely to be unfounded.

Additionally, the lack of information on its developers or founders of the robot is also concerning, as it’s hard to verify the truth of claims about its accuracy. However, research from external platforms suggests that some traders who have used this robot are satisfied and some have made profits using it. 

Please note that do conduct your own research before making an investment in cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency market is volatile and your capital will be at risk when trading – nothing is a sure-thing when it comes to investing so always be sure to do your homework.

How does Bitcoin Trader work?

Bitcoin Trader analyses a vast amount of data, using technology and statistical algorithms, in order to figure out the best trading opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. It then uses this information to place trades with established brokers 24/7.

Bitcoin Trader connects to its partnered brokers through an API that works in real-time. The robot continuously sends and receives data back and forth through this API, to place trades and assess its performance.

Bitcoin Trader key questions, answered!

Which brokers can I use with Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin Trader works with a number of brokers that offer leveraged trading in cryptocurrencies. These aren’t listed explicitly on its site, but are likely to include EuropeFX, UFX, and 24Option. 

What cryptocurrencies are supported?

The following cryptocurrencies are supported with Bitcoin Trader:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Litecoin (LTC)

In addition to this, it also offers to trade multiple pairs in crypto and fiat currencies including XRP/EUR, BTC/EUR, BTC/USD. 

Can I use Bitcoin Trader on mobile and desktop?

Yes. Bitcoin Trader is accessible on all desktop and mobile operating systems. You don’t need to download any software or an application, so as long as you have a browser and an internet connection you can access Bitcoin Trader. 

Can I trade assets with leverage?

Yes. Bitcoin Trader allows leveraged trading through the brokers with which it is partnered. Neither the robot nor the website give details of the leverage criteria, however. 

Please note that trading with leverage is highly risky and should not be attempted by beginner traders. While leverage can lead to bigger profits, it also generates bigger losses and can lead to your capital being wiped out quickly if the market fluctuates – which is common with cryptocurrency. Always start small so that your losses are minimal. 

Can I open long and short positions?

Yes, you can open long and short positions with Bitcoin Trader. A trader can manually enter a specific position and trade that he wants to execute and the robot will automatically carry it out.

If you’re unfamiliar with the terms, a long trading position is when a person believes the price of something will rise, and a short position is when they believe it will fall.

What are the payment methods and withdrawal/deposit limits?

To fund your account and begin trading, you would require to make an initial deposit of $250. The available payment options include Maestro, Mastercard, and Visa. 

Withdrawals are carried out through the broker’s website with which the robot has made the trades on your behalf. They can be made without any limits on time or amount, but they may take up to 24 hours to process and transfer to your bank account. 

Are there any costs and fees involved?

No, Bitcoin Trader does not charge any fees or commission charges. Registration on the platform is also free. 

How do I withdraw money?

In order to withdraw your funds from Bitcoin Trader, you need to fill out a withdrawal form. Please note that at this point you will also be asked to submit your identification documents as this is part of necessary Know Your Customer checks. 

All your profits and trading capital can be withdrawn directly to your bank account and you can request for payouts daily as well. According to the website, Bitcoin Trader doesn’t charge any fees for this process.

What is the registration and verification process?

Registering on Bitcoin Trader first requires you to provide your name and email address. In the next step, you will be asked to set a password and provide your contact number. You do not need to provide any personal identification documentation in this step. Once you have registered, verification usually takes a few minutes. 

What is their customer service like?

Prior to registration, you can contact Bitcoin Trader by filling a contact type form available on their website. After you have successfully registered on their website you can access their customer service via email and live chat. It is unclear whether you can access this service 24/7 or only in business hours. 

How to trade with Bitcoin Trader

The Bitcoin Trader has a user-friendly dashboard that helps you navigate between different panels pertaining to trade. A user can find their entire trading activity under ‘Trading History’. Additionally, a trader can also define specific trading criteria and manage their live transactions from the dashboard itself. 

It is worth noting that while accessing Bitcoin Trader is possible from mobile phones, it is more user-friendly from a computer or laptop’s browser. Before you start trading though, you’ll need to set up an account on the platform.

How to open an account

  • Step 1: Registration – The first step to using the services of the Bitcoin Trader robot is to register and verify on its platform. These steps have been outlined above, but simply include providing your name and email address and verifying your account.
  • Step 2: Use the demo Account – Bitcoin Trader has a demo account that you can use to provide you with an insight on cryptocurrency trading. It gives you all the features and functionality for you to trade in a live environment. It is heavily recommended users do this before starting trading with their own money.
  • Step 3: Funding your account – If you are already familiar with cryptocurrency trading, you can directly start auto trading. For this, you need to make an initial investment of $250. You can now start auto trading or manual trading if you have your personalised trading strategy.
  • Step 4: Trade – To begin auto trading, you first need to set some trading parameters. This includes setting a stop loss, daily take profit, asset, etc. Additionally, an experienced trader can use manual options and set trading indicators matching their strategy. 

Our top robot trading tips for beginners

When using a robot to trade cryptocurrencies, there’s a lot that you need to be aware of. It may just feel like you deposit funds and let the robot do the rest, but our team of experts have come up with the following advice that it’s important to read before getting started:

  1. Learn about trading first. Trading cryptocurrencies is a complex process, and it’s important to have a grasp of the basics before you get involved. By learning about trading in general you will be better able to set up the trading robot to work most effectively.
  2. Learn more about cryptocurrency. Having more knowledge of the asset you are trading is important when making any trade, but especially so in such a wide-ranging environment as cryptocurrency.
  3. Start with a demo account. Even though you can start live trading immediately upon setting up an account on a robot, we strongly advise you to trade on the demo account first. This will help you familiarise yourself with the platform before risking any of your capital. 
  4. Start small. The best strategy is to start with a small amount of money and grow your portfolio and profits over time. This will help you hone your trading skills and keep risk to a minimum.  
  5. Only invest what you can afford to lose. This is a central tenet of trading, it’s always important to be financially responsible when investing in anything. Markets can be volatile and losses can come as easy as profits, so don’t risk money you couldn’t live without.


Bitcoin Trader’s automated trading robot offers a relatively small number of cryptocurrencies that can be traded when compared to some of its competitors, and while there are positive reviews of the platform, it is highly likely that the sensational stories of people earning fortunes in record time using the software are not true.

While it is true that cryptocurrencies have yielded considerable profits to investors, it is equally the case that traders have lost money due to the volatility of the market, and therefore beginner traders should be cautious and learn about cryptocurrency trading before trusting their money to a trading robot.

The use of Bitcoin Trader is more appropriate for traders who are familiar with cryptocurrency markets and who can use it as a tool to fine tune their trading strategies and programme it to enact trades at times when they are not able to do so.

Always be careful when investing in the cryptocurrency market and do as much research as possible before starting to trade. It is possible to make good profits, but like any investment opportunity it comes at a risk to your capital and your chances of success are likely to be higher if you arm yourself with the requisite knowledge.

Bitcoin Trader Review

Bitcoin Trader is one of the leading and most popular automated trading software developed by Gary Roberts in 2017. It is described as an intuitive platform that allows users to trade in Bitcoin and accumulate more profits. Bitcoin Trader takes into consideration the market trends and executes automatic trades 0.01 seconds faster than its rivals. Bitcoin trading website removes the manual process of purchasing and selling Bitcoin on an exchange, engaging beginners to register on its platform and use its functionality of auto-trade.

Bitcoin Trader Review – Best Auto Trading Platform

What is Bitcoin Trader?

  • Bitcoin Trader is a leading auto trading robot that uses smart algorithms to maximize the trading potential of Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies. This software enables purchasing, selling, and Bitcoin trading without the intervention of humans.
  • It allegedly claims that it helps the users to execute the trades to make profits. Bitcoin trading software analyses huge data, graphs, charts, and patterns that are sourced from the internet, to arrive at best trading strategies. Then, it associates itself with the brokers and executes that trades on the available information that is received by using progression and statistical methods.
  • This robot can perform the job same as humans; where humans take more than one day to research and analyze the market; and it immediately establishes auto trading analysis by considering market signals that are received from the market trends.

Let’s see a few pros and cons of this platform –

Pros Cons

Registration is a Hassle-free process.

No App is available for iOS and Android.

Precise customization available for trade settings.

Bitcoin Trader is not available for US citizens. Instead, they are offering brokerage services like eToro.

Offers Demo trading feature for its users


Making deposits on this platform is easy; offers various methods.


Withdrawals are processed in less than 24 hours.


Why Bitcoin Trader?

  • Bitcoin Trader’s software is used for trading Bitcoin and other five major cryptocurrencies. It describes that it can generate 1,300 dollars minimum daily profit for its users, with just a minimum trading amount of 250 dollars.

  • Bitcoin Trader works with trading robots that utilize the money in their account to purchase the cryptocurrencies at a very low price and sell them when the price goes up.

  • Every transaction on the platform is successful. This is because the trading system of Bitcoin Trader is run by the intelligent trading robot that works with an advanced algorithm to scan the complete cryptocurrency trading platform for the best price. Moreover, the system is fast, and trading robots can execute transactions in mere seconds.

List of Unique Features

  • This automated trading platform offers several unique features for the benefit of its users. Below given are the list of few features that are discussed –

  • Bitcoin Trader software is registered and holds a valid license to operate in 150 countries successfully.

  • The success rate for transactions executed on this platform is 96%. This ensures that the large percentages of the transaction executed by the robot are successful.

  • The minimum deposit that is needed to begin trading on this platform is reasonable, and the owners have set the deposit limit of 250 dollars for its users.

  • One of the major advantages is that this robot is secure, and it is free from third-party applications.

  • It allows its users to introduce themselves to trade Bitcoins to generate huge profits. In just two years, this platform has become one of the leading crypto trading bots in the US Trading Association.

  • It removes the inconvenience of manual cryptocurrency trading and allows the users to auto-trade their Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which could get them huge profits without any problems. The user can easily purchase and sell their Bitcoin on this software because of its user-friendly interface.

Advantages Offered By Bitcoin Trader

Here are some Feature which makes is different from all other auto trading robots:-

Auto Trading Software

This software is developed and engineered by masterminds in technology. This software works much better than any software available in the market. It has no problems in anticipating the market moves and goes forward. It is built by professionals having high technical knowledge that gives the sleek and exceptional performance, where any trading software in the world is concerned. This particular feature enhances its reliability and increases the level of trust of the users.

Trading Indicators

Concerning trading indicators, it is important to mention that the Bitcoin Trader app is the first in introducing six trading indicators. By this feature, the users can benefit from seven timeframes. Also, this feature gives the user the advantage of providing deep insights into the volatile market and fluctuations in the market signals and trends.

Accurate performance

The reviews on this platform reveal that it has achieved a precise accuracy level of 96%, which is a record that any other software in the market has failed to reach. Besides, the app offers users excellent features from which the users can benefit immensely.

Automated Trading

The Bitcoin trading app offers control to the traders by giving them a chance to control their trade activities every day without any delay. The users can regulate their account activities and stay in touch with the market flow and conditions with the help of the robot. The robot easily detects the trading alerts and makes transactions smooth.

Trading App

As per our Bitcoin Trader reviews, its app has performed quite well until now. It has received number one position among all similar trading platforms by the UK Trading Association. This is because of its exceptional services to its clients. There is no mobile app offered by the platform, yet this software can be run on a web based browser on a mobile phone that has a stable internet connection.

Safe and Secure

This robot does not offer any uncertainties or doubts concerning safety and security. It offers an SSL certificate, which ensures its protection. It has a policy of verifying each client before going ahead with the approval of any proceedings. Further all the data is encrypted on the platform and the users data is handled with strict confidentiality and it is solely used for trading purposes.

Benefits of Trading with Bitcoin Trader

Below given are the few benefits of trading with this robot –

  • Bitcoin Trader’s features are very basic and easy to use. It is an ideal platform for new users; even the experienced traders find this platform easy to use and navigate.

  • The online customer support team is available 24×7, and the users from all over the world can get support when needed, irrespective of their country. Besides, they can be contacted anytime during the day, if the user needs assistance with their issues. They can also be contacted through live chat, phone and through email.

  • This platform offers a demo account feature, which is very useful for the new user that helps them to trade and to make a profit. Also, by using this demo account, the users can learn about the trading platform, familiarise themselves with the features and test their trading strategies. When they are confident enough they can proceed with live trading. Further, the auto trading systems transactions are fast and secure.

Bitcoin Trader Reviews – Advantages Offered By it

Few Testimonials offered by the traders about Bitcoin Trader

“I have never traded online before, but now, thanks to Bitcoin Trader, I am making money from trading Bitcoin, and the best part of it is that it is easy to do, and the whole process is automated.”

“As a single mom, every cent counts, and thanks to Bitcoin Trader, I no longer have to work two jobs. To top it off, I get to spend time with my kids, and I always have extra cash. A big thank you to Bitcoin Trader.”

“I am a professional trader, and all I can say is that Bitcoin Trader is the real deal. The accuracy of the app’s analysis is impressive, and it has even taught me a couple of things. This is a must-have!!”

“I was not able to find a job, so I started using Bitcoin Trader for fun, and it has changed my life. With only 20 minutes of work each day, I am making over $1,000 a day. It really does not get any easier than this!!”

Is Bitcoin Trader a Scam?

There are several Bitcoin scams that are currently going around in the market. Few reasons are explained below states that this platform is not a scam –

  • Few people think that Bitcoin Trader scam and not a legit one. After reviewing this software, we can say that it looks like a legit app. Because of its complicated auto-trading execution system, this system offers a perfect outcome of successful trades.
  • Further, users can be assured that there are minimum risks in terms of security and safety. The software received a quality certification from the US Trading Association and some of the most leading antivirus companies.
  • While considering the overall functionality, the auto trading feature offered by Bitcoin Trader app is intuitive, easy to navigate, and simple to use by making online trading profitable and exciting. It also offers the correct amount of flexibility, managing to be user-friendly and efficient to the maximum.

Can we Trust Bitcoin Trader?

  • Trust is an important issue that needs to be addressed in the trading world. This trading robot which offers its traders confidentiality and trust to trade in the platform with its trading platform. They can trade without any fear and can make a sizable profit.
  • As per our review, one of the most important features offered by this platform are customer-friendly, and the payout system offered by this platform is fast and reliable, which shows it can be trusted.
  • Analytics tools offered by this robot reveal that most of the trader’s average success ratio is 96%. Further, this value is constant throughout a period; also, it means the trader can get a high return on investment based on the success rate.

How Bitcoin Trader works?

  • In the automated trading platform, the user needs to register, add the deposit to their trading account, and set their preferences. Later, they need to set the correct trade settings, which takes just a few minutes.
  • The next step would be to activate the auto-trading mode, and subsequently, the automated trading process will start the process on its own. The advantage of the software is that it acts as an investor for the people who want to invest money in cryptocurrencies. The robots from the software are very well trained and offer the traders good profits by analyzing the present market conditions, trading signals, and statistical data.
  • One of the most important features is that the bot works independently from trader inputs. It is not controlled by any person, and is 100% automated. When the user registers, creates an account and deposits the money, the process is complete for the user.
  • The next step would be to spend a few minutes daily to work on the trade settings preferred by the trader, and then they need to activate the auto-trading mode. When the conditions are set, the trading app will act as an investor and invest the amount on the trades preferred by the trader to make money.
  • Further, this auto trading systems bot utilizes quotes, progressions, and statistics to make sure the trade happens. This means before starting to purchase and sell assets, the algorithm of the software is created to scan the market data for precise information.

Bitcoin Trader Reviews – How Bitcoin Trader works?

Tips for beginners

Bitcoin has taken the world by storm, that several people by trading Bitcoin had made themselves millionaires overnight. Even though few people don’t know about Bitcoin trading, by using this software, they got profitable results. The user needs to use powerful tools to do trading, with little patience and luck. Besides, the user should know that by trading with Bitcoin, when to position, shorten it, and when to exit. One of the best ways for trading Bitcoins is to understand how the technical graphs work, analyze the markets, and then place the trades.

Below given are the few tips for beginners to reduce the risk of loss –

  • As a trader, it is best to start with the minimum amount of $250; this amount is reasonable when compared to other trading robots where they ask the trader to deposit huge amounts of money as a minimum deposit. During market fluctuations, if the trader loses $250, it doesn’t affect much on their financial situation.

  • The user should always withdraw their profits and leave a small percentage of money for reinvesting. They should never invest all the money because there are chances that they might be a risk of losing it.

  • The user should always follow expert’s advice; where they can find it in online videos, which tells them the best strategies for trading with automated robots such as Bitcoin Trader. The trader should also do some research and should have good knowledge about what they are getting into.

  • The user should only invest what they can afford to lose. The trader should not invest their life savings; in case if there is a market fluctuation, there might be chances that the entire amount will be lost.

How to Start Trading on Bitcoin Trader?

To get started, the user before starting to trade with their real money, they should use the demo mode. The advantage of the demo account is it helps the trader to learn how trading works on this platform, familiarise themselves with the platform and to test their trading strategies. There are two modes offered by the platform, one is demo mode and other is live mode. Over and above, by using the demo account, people can gain excellent knowledge about the platform and also they can get acquainted with the platform. By this, people can get real trading experience, and they don’t have to fear that funds might run out since it is a demo account. Once they are confident with the platform, they can begin trading with real money.


The registration process offered by this platform does not ask the trader to fill up a complete set of details before creating an account when compared to other crypto trading industry bots. The user needs to go to the website and fill out a registration form. A user can register on the platform with simple and easy steps in just a matter of minutes. The user needs to fill out certain basic details like full name, email address, credit card details and phone number. A verification link will be sent to the registered email address and phone number. Further, the trader does not need an ID scan or any of the bank statements. Just basic account information and information on the payment is enough for successful registration.

Verification Process

The Bitcoin Trader verification system checks all the information provided by the traders while registering a new account or updating their user information. This verification is mandatory to prevent issues or fraud while making a deposit or withdrawal so that the process is smooth.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The minimum deposit amount for this trading system is 250 dollars. Money transfer is an effortless process when compared to other auto trading robots. Only a few necessary banking details are needed, and the amount to be transferred is done in minutes. If the withdrawal request are to be processed, they don’t take longer than 24 hours. When compared to other auto trading robots, Bitcoin withdrawals take as long as ten days. Some of the payment options include Visa, Mastercard, Bank transfer, Paypal, Maestro, and several more.


This robot does not charge any hidden fees on its platform; which is the most beneficial feature for the traders. Traders are free to join this platform, open an account, and make a deposit. The commission is charged by the system from the profits earned by the investors.

Payout system

The payout system offered by the software is fast and accurate. Our review on Bitcoin Trader reveals that there are no wrong calculations, and the funds are accurate. Moreover, users get their payments deposited in their trader account in less than 24 hours.

Feedback system

Bitcoin Trader developers have kept the platform easy for traders to offer feedback after their live trading experience. The feedback page on the website, offers reviews about this platform.

Bitcoin Trader Review – Know More About Bitcoin Trader!


The brokers are accountable for checking the automatic process to make sure that the traders get a high return of investment after each trading session. Funds on this platform are channeled through online stock brokers. This means when the trader is investing in the auto-trading mode; the investments are automatically placed to buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, through an online broker who supports such investments.

Asset Selection

The trading platforms signals that are created by Bitcoin Trader software are for Bitcoin CFDs versus Euro and US dollars. Also, the trader will find trading signals for all classic currency pairs. The trader needs to select the assets, for the positions opened by the robot.

Customer Support

The trading app offered by this system is very user-friendly and the trader might not need any help. If the trader needs support, they are available over chat and through email, which is provided on the website. Further, the support system offered by the platform is fast and responsive.

Exclusive Trading Features

There are several exclusive trading features offered by this website for the benefit of its users. Few of them are –

  • Custom Trade Settings

By using Bitcoin Trader, it offers an option of customizing trade settings, which is a useful feature for new users. These personalized settings make the overall interface very user-friendly. If there are any problems, the trader can contact the customer service anytime.

  • Demo Trading

The Bitcoin Trader offers demo trading. This software offers the possibility of trading in demo mode before the trader makes a deposit by using real money. They are of immense help, especially for new traders. By using demo trading, it allows the new traders to get comfortable with the tools, functions, trading opportunities, and several other resources that are available on the platform. When the trader gets acquainted with the platform, they can start depositing the money in the account and start trading.

  • Faster Trading

This software is based on an algorithm that allows its traders to spend less time daily on the platform. The traders are only needed to have a look, and if required, they can change their trade settings and activate the auto-trading mode. Besides, financial news and cryptocurrency market prices will be analyzed in a few seconds, and the trade will be placed accordingly in less than 10 seconds. Usually, people will take hours to reach a decision, yet with Bitcoin Trader, it becomes easy.

Bitcoin Trader Reviews – Join now to become its Users!

Does Bitcoin Trader have been endorsed by Celebrities?

Even though there are several auto trading robots that are said to be endorsed by celebrities, Bitcoin Trader is also no exception; besides this automated software had been claimed that it had been endorsed by celebrities and successful businessmen. It turned out to be rumors that are found on social media and the internet.

  • Peter Jones

Sir Peter Jones is an Irish entrepreneur, and he has been associated with Bitcoin Trader for endorsing it. When we investigated this claim, it turned out to be fake news. Peter Jones had clarified that he has nothing to do with these claims and there is no evidence to prove this.

  • Elon Musk

Elon Musk is popularly known as “Bitcoin Trader Elon Musk” which is the term used to search in Google. There were rumors that he had endorsed Bitcoin Trader, and the news was spread across Facebook and Google. Elon Musk denied these claims and he released an official report denying these claims.

  • Gordon Ramsay

There were several claims that Gordon Ramsay had endorsed the Bitcoin Trader platform. When we investigated this news, they turned out to be rumors and he is not connected with this platform.

Has Bitcoin Trader advertised on TV shows?

For over a decade, Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies had become more popular and they have turned out to be the best options for investment for the future. There were claims that Bitcoin Trader had been featured in several TV shows, but there had been no proof to confirm this news.

  • Dragon’s Den

There were rumors that Bitcoin Trader had been associated with Dragons Den, a popular TV show and there had been few ads that came up on the internet. However, these claims were false and they are in no way connected with Bitcoin Trader.

  • Shark tank

One of the most famous popular TV show is Shark Tank. There was a rumor that Shark Tank had been linked with Bitcoin Trader. This news turned out to be fake news and there is no substantial evidence to prove this claim.


  • A little bit of caution here – even though this software is fully automated and never handled by humans, in any stage of its trading process, to get started, it is advisable to use a small amount of money. It is advisable because in case the market rate or trading industry fluctuates, the user should be in a safer position with their Investments.

  • Bitcoin Trader does not offer any app for iOS and Android devices. If there are any problems with the phone’s browser or internet connection, trading is not advisable.

  • Unpredictability and fluctuating mode in international cryptocurrency markets need to be considered and studied well by the user before investing in cryptocurrencies as they are prone to volatility. Besides, being skeptical is good; yet the user needs to do their research and analyse the information before going for automated trading.

Wrap up

Use Bitcoin Traders app! It is a dependable and reliable software, which is very helpful for trading Bitcoin! It comes with a lot of unique features and benefits for its users. It is created with a feedback system to enable users to send their feedback to the developers to resolve any issues. Users can also rate the services of this auto trading software. The cryptocurrency market is prone to volatility and risks; the user needs to check and analyze the current trend before investing in the market. It is always advisable to start with a minimum amount as a deposit and after gaining more profits, can add more funds as an investment, which will minimise risk of losses.


1. Is Bitcoin Trader Legit?

Bitcoin Trader is an automated trading robot which offers an easy to use interface and it uses smart algorithms to analyze different markets and execute the trades on behalf of the trader to generate more profits. This shows Bitcoin Trader as a legit platform and not a scam.

2. Does Bitcoin Trader have a mobile app?

When we searched Google play store and Apple play store, we did not find any mobile app for Bitcoin Trader. Further, this platform runs on a web browser, where it can be accessed from mobile phones with a stable internet connection.

3. Is there a minimum deposit required to use Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin Trader trading platform is free software developed by Gary Roberts. The minimum amount needed to start reading on this platform is 250 Dollars or Euro.

4. Can you trust Bitcoin Trader software?

There are several automated trading platforms that are currently available in the cryptocurrency market, people are more conscious and skeptical about becoming a prey to various Bitcoin Trader scams and losing money that are prevalent around the industry. To sum up, this review intends to offer the users all the points regarding the authenticity of the platform. After reviewing this platform, and assessing the Bitcoin Trader app, we can conclude that the platform has many advantageous features that are not offered by other Bitcoin trading robots. Some of the unique features offered by the platform have helped many people to make more money on their investment. Do influencers endorse it? There are many rumors about this bot having some connection with Gordon Ramsay, Elon Musk, Peter Jones etc.


  • Registration is a Hassle-free process.
  • Precise customization available for trade settings.
  • Offers Demo trading account.
  • Making deposits on Bitcoin trader is easy; offers various methods.


  • No App is available for iOS and Android.
  • Bitcoin trader is not available for US citizens. 

Bitcoin Trader Review

Bitcoin Trader is a unique trading platform that has made quite a buzz in the market within a short time. It is claimed to have a win rate of over 99.4% accuracy when it comes to crypto trading. But is there any truth to this claim?

Many online reviews have been written that speak of Bitcoin Trader's legitimacy. We are going to find out if these opinions are authentic and verifiable in this detailed review!

Because of the fluctuating nature of the cryptocurrency market, autotrading bots have gained a lot of prominence. The reason is that these robots enable 24/7 monitoring and trading. Also, bots that are modified accurately are capable of placing trades faster and easier as compared to those done manually by traders.

What is Bitcoin Trader

As its name suggests, Bitcoin Trader is focused on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency related trading. If you visit their website, the landing page contains a small video with noted personalities talking about Bitcoin and its promising future. It seems Bitcoin can provide a way to generate a decent supplimentary income as well as great wealth.

The Bitcoin Trader bot is an application dedicated to binary option trading. It offers automated trading along with trading signals on currencies pairs and commodities. The system works along with the most popular and proven binary options trading. The software itself is free of cost. However, you will need to make a minimum deposit of $250. This money is required initially to invest and start earning money for you.

Features & Functionality

  • Authenticity - 94%
  • Performance - 89%
  • Ease of use - 97%
  • Customer service - 85%
  • App - 89%
  • Profitability - 92%
  • Reputation - 98%
  • Fast withdrawals - 89%
  • Security - 88%
  • User testimonials - 90%

Who is Behind Bitcoin Trader?

While it is not made clear exactly who created The Bitcoin Trader robot, this is not unusual for this type of platform. Cryptocurrency trading is highly volatile and there are no guarantees.  What is important is whether or not the software performs as advertised.

Bitcoin Trader has all of the functionality of some of the most successful trading platforms currently available. Such an effective algorithm could have only been developed by a team of expert programmers and seasoned investors who have an in-depth knowledge of the financial markets.

Start Trading in 3 easy steps

1. Registration

Registering is easy, you’ll need to fill out your name, email address, phone number and then set a password. Signing up is completely free, click the link below to get started.

2. Deposit

Once into your account, hit the deposit button to get started. You will need to deposit the minimum amount, which is $250, and we’d recommend not going over this on day 1.

3. Auto-Trading

Once you have funded your account, you will need to decide the trade settings you intend to use. This includes managing your risk by determining your stop loss and take profit limits.

Pros & Cons


User Options: The user has the option to trade automatically or switch to manual.

Lightning Speed: The recommended trading positions are executed faster than other platforms.

Deposit Options: VISA, Bank Transfer and Mastercard are available.

No Hidden Fees: The bot charges no commissions or hidden fees. Your profits are yours to enjoy.

User-friendly: The bot comes with ease of use that both experienced and beginner traders can operate.


There is no mobile version yet, but the platform can be accessed through any device with an internet browser capability.

Is Bitcoin Trader legit?

We have been able to identify that this auto-trading software functions effectively. Considering the competition out there at the moment, we set the bar quite high when evaluating the legitimacy of a robot product. The software must be affiliated with reputable and regulated brokers when gaining access to the trading markets. The customer service should be available around the clock, with a response time no less than 4 hours. Above all else, the trading signals must be fast and accurate. Bitcoin Trader ticks all of these boxes, as so we feel that this is a legitimate software that can provide you with very lucrative trading opportunities.

Why we are Using Bitcoin Trader

While testing Bitcoin Trader, we felt the following stand-out features were particularly noteworthy:

  • Laser-Sharp Precision Performance

Bitcoin Trader has an immensely high 94.5% level of accuracy in delivering its trading signals. This has gained the software a growing reputation among both novice traders, and crypto enthusiasts.

  • Exceptional Technology

The Bitcoin Trader relies on the most technologically advanced algorithm currently available. The software beats the markets by as much as 0.01 seconds. If you have knowledge about trading, you’ll understand that this is a big deal. The edge that this provides is the reason this software has emerged as the most profitable trading apps in the world.

  • Awards And Accolades For The Trading App

The Bitcoin Trader bot has achieved a number of awards and accolades. The most recent of which, was the #1 ranking in the trading software category by the US Trading Association

Conclusion: Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader makes real-time predictions about market trends. It anticipates the top trader preferences and habits in the binary options trading markets. The software also provides optimal trading options for beta testers. All members could benefit from this system, which performs a vast quantity of calculations in order to place trades that have the highest chance of success.

You can access Bitcoin Trader without paying any money. No hidden costs or amounts are ever subtracted from winning trades. Should you want to withdraw funds in the Bitcoin Trader members area, all you need to do is fill out a simple withdrawal request and the cash is transferred to your bank account within 2 working days. The User-Interface for Bitcoin Trader is simple to use and members have the option to select languages, active trades and have access to real-time live market-trading data.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are any fees involved?

    When it comes to this trading platform, there are absolutely no hidden costs, brokers’ fees or commissions. It is claimed the money is 100% all yours. Moreover, you have the freedom to make withdrawals at any time chosen, without any delay whatsoever.

  2. Does this resemble MLM/Network, Referral or Affiliate Marketing?

    Please note this trading platform is not at all like MLM/Multi-Level Marketing. MLM involves the sale of services or products through a distributors’ network. The Bitcoin Traders is not an affiliate marketing system either. Affiliate marketing focuses on commission based profits through the promotion of another’s or a company’s products or services. This trading platform is unlike anything out there. The software works to secure trades with 99.4% accuracy, powered by an innovative and advanced algorithm.

  3. What are the charges for this software?

    The Bitcoin Trader bot members can claim their free copy of the proprietary software. Simply sign up with them and you can have access to it.

  4. What are the limits to the profits you can earn with this system?

    Claims of unlimited profits have been made by with those using the Bitcoin Trader, raking in millions. Certain members even earned $1 million within a span of only 61 days.

  5. How many hours in a single day is one required to allocate to trading?

    It is claimed that members typically spend 20 minutes or even less in a single day. As the software manages the trading, the amount of hours and work you need to put in is minimal.

  6. What results can a member/user expect to get?

    The Bitcoin Trader bot members can earn profits of at least $1300 per day, on an average.

Bitcoin Trader review – Scam or Legit Software? The Verdict

Bitcoin Trader is an automatic trading software created by Gary Roberts in 2017 that claims to automatically buy bitcoin and sell it for a profit by following the market trends and executing automatic trades 0.01 seconds faster than its competitors.

The Bitcoin Trader app eliminates the manual process of buying and selling bitcoin on an exchange, inviting beginners to register, make an investment, and use the auto-trade functionality.

In this Bitcoin Trader review, we will examine whether the software is a scam or not, and whether it really has been endorsed on popular programs such as Shark Tank and the Dragons Den.

The software is used to trade bitcoin and five other cryptocurrencies. It claims to be able to generate $1300 minimum daily profit for its investors, all for a minimum trading fee of $250. But is Bitcoin Trader Legit? Find out everything you need to know about this app in our review today.

Is Bitcoin Trader Legit?

Having dealt with the Bitcoin Trader app to clarify its reputation on whether it is a scam or not, we have reviewed its registration procedure, robot functionality and financial trust to help every intending investor be abreast of this trading system.

So, is this Bitcoin robot a scam or not? When topics on trading robots and software are being discussed, it is often unclear whether to trust them when they claim to have great accuracy and that trading on them guarantees great profits.

According to the reviews we have found online, Bitcoin Trader should not be trusted, but we believe that due to the fact that auto-trading bots are a relatively new invention, reviewers are much harsher when evaluating platforms. We tried to detach ourselves from such prejudices and simply tested the platform to tell you what our findings are and what to expect from it. We also played around with several settings, including time frames and trading strategies such as Fibonacci to get the best results.

Is Bitcoin Trader Scam or Not? The Verdict!

We have tested the trading software and have made the following observations:

  • 1). The software’s trading signals claims to have a possible return of up to 88%.
  • 2). The software is free and the app is very functional. However, risks in auto-trading remain.
  • 3). We recommend for every intending investor to start with an investment of no more than $250 to start.

What is Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin Trader is not the only auto trading robot with these functions. We have found Cryptosoft and Bitcoin Code to be equally trustworthy. According to the software, users do not have to do any manual trading and trades are placed within minutes and with what appears to be a solid accuracy. It reportedly rarely places unprofitable trades, which may be one of the aspects that has made Bitcoin Trader such a popular robot.

While human traders take hours to do the appropriate research and find out what the most potentially profitable investment is, Bitcoin Trader claims to do the same amount of research in minutes and zero effort is required from you. As you may have heard though, the cryptocurrency market is known to be extremely volatile which means that even though the robot may have done all the work right, sometimes the market changes in a different direction than the one predicted by the robot and investments could go wrong. Even though the app claims that this is rare, it still is a possibility, so please be aware of it.

How does Bitcoin Trader App work?

If you have a lot of questions regarding the Bitcoin Trader app, rest assured because we are here to answer all of them. So, how does the robot actually work? It is pretty simple, and a very popular question. The main thing you should know is that it works independently from user inputs. It is not controlled by a person, it is 100% automatised, so once you register, create your Bitcoin accounts and deposit funds, your part is pretty much done. All that is left for you to do from then onwards is spend a few minutes every day to decide on the trading settings you prefer and then activate the auto-trading mode. What the trading app will do exactly is act as an investor and place the amount of trades you said you wanted to make. The software uses course progressions and statistics to ensure this happens. That basically means that before starting to buy and sell assets, the algorithm of the software is designed to scan market data for relevant information.

Opening an Account – Step by Step

Getting ready to sign up for a trade account? Getting ready to make more money with this working software? Read and follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Registration

To sign-up, go to the Bitcoin Trader website. If you scroll down you will see the registration form that you will need to fill in to open an account with the robot. The registration process is pretty simple. It only takes three steps to complete and is totally free of charge. For the first step you will need your full name and email address.

Once you click on “next”, you will be moving on to the following step which will ask you to type in your password, which cannot be less than 6 characters and has to include both numbers and letters. The last and final stage asks you to choose your country and type in your phone number. After the three steps are completed, click on the “Register Now” button to sign up. On average, registration should not take more than 1-2 minutes.

Step 2: Deposit

Having completed the registration process successfully, you’ll log in to your account using the details used in registration. You’ll be required to make a deposit to start live trading. The minimum investment required for live trading is $250. As an advice, do not go beyond this amount for a start. So, for those who think $250 is quite affordable, do not be shortsighted about the presence of risk in trading.

The web platform accepts different forms of payment methods for deposit. Deposits can be best made by using a credit card. To make a credit card payment, you’ll be required to fill in the card number, card type (MasterCard, Visa or Maestro), the validity period, and security code. The payment gateway is secured for online transactions using SSL to prevent theft of financial information.

Step 3: Demo trading

The software offers you the option to trade in demo mode. We always advise users to do that because it gives them the possibility to gain first-hand experience with how it would be like to trade on the platform with real money. Not only the demo account gives you access to all the trading functions and opportunities on offers but it also allows you to place trades with a demo balance. Once you finish that balance and are confident about how the trading platform works, you can place real money into your account and start trading.

Step 4: Trading

After the deposit, you will be only one last step away from starting your trading experience. Before you can do that you will be suggested to change the trading settings, which include the amount you want to invest for each trade, the maximum amount per trade every day, the profit you want to make each day and so on. If you wish, you can also decide which currency pairs to trade with, such as XRP/EUR, BTC/EUR, BTC/USD, etc…

Of course, the more you know about the proceedings, tools and functions of the platform the more likely Bitcoin Trader claims you will be to make profits, so we recommend to start off with small investments and gradually increase them if you wish to scale up your trading activity.

Bitcoin Trader: Key Features

Bitcoin Trader claims that their users earn an average of $1,300 daily. While we cannot guarantee such profits, the user reviews on the site and elsewhere seem promising. However, it is hard for new users to make these kinds of profits at first because they are inexperienced and because they usually invest less money, which we believe is very wise. Users who invest more funds, are the ones that end up reportedly being able to generate greater profits. 

The verification system does not involve any hard work from you. After you have provided just a few personal details such as full name and email address, all that is left for you to do is to deposit funds into your account. To do that, you only need to insert your payment details. If it is a credit card you will need card number, expiration date and CVC. No ID scan or bank statements are needed.

Withdrawing and depositing funds on Bitcoin Trader is very easy. Withdrawal requests are usually processed within a few hours while other robots normally take days and depositing funds is very easy. All you have to do is choose one of the payment methods available, click on it, insert your details, decide on the amount you want to deposit and you are done.

Bitcoin Trader does not hide any fees from you like certain other robots do. There are no broker fees, no commissions and registration is completely free of charge.

A few users have released statements about Bitcoin Trader which are available on the Bitcoin Trader websites. These users have claimed that the software allowed them to supposedly earn thousands in profit, with some even claiming to have been able to make a whopping $100,000 in under two months and to be living the life of their dreams. It certainly would seem fantastic that some people could turn their lives around thanks to the sophisticated technology of this software.

Feel free to contact their customer support at any time via email or through the live chat. They will most likely answer and help with any concern you may have, even though we hope you will not have any.

Funds on this robot, like on many others, are channelled through online stockbrokers. This means whenever you are investing in auto-trading mode, your investments are automatically placed on digital assets through an online broker supporting such investments.

Why trade with Bitcoin Trader?

Like Bitcoin Loophole and Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Trader appears to be one of the most reliable auto-trading platforms there are. There are several aspects of this software that convinced us that trading with it could be a good idea. Here are a few:

  • Bitcoin Trader is user friendly. To be able to use it you will not need any experience, nor will you have to be a finance expert, programmer or even understand cryptocurrencies. All you need is get familiar with the trading platform, click on “auto-trade” and hopefully wait for your balance to increase.
  • Bitcoin Trader offers great customer support.  You can contact them at any time. The website claims that staff will be available 24 hours a day. In our test we tried to contact staff during day-time and they responded within minutes in a satisfying, kind and helpful way. They will certainly be able to help you. The only thing we are not sure about is whether they would actually reply to messages during night time given that we did not try doing it while testing the robot.
  • Demo account is available. This robot offers the possibility to try trading in demo mode before requiring you to make a deposit. This feature is not to be taken for granted because believe it or not, only a few robots offer demo accounts. They are of great help, especially for novices or users that are new to the platform. Trading in demo mode allows newcomers to get comfortable with the functions, tools, trading opportunities and all the other resources available on the platform. Once you feel ready to trade for real, you can simply deposit money into your account and start trading.
  • Faster trades than human traders. As we mentioned before, the algorithm Bitcoin Trader is based on, allows users to spend less than half an hour every day on the platform. They are only required to have a look and, if needed, change the trade settings and activate the auto-trading mode. Market prices and financial news will be analysed within seconds and your trade will be place accordingly in under 10 seconds. Human traders usually take hours to be able to do all of this.

Can You Make Money With Bitcoin Trader?

Based on other reviews it seems possible make money with the Bitcoin Trader app. The platform presents itself as profitable, even though like for all robots of this kind, there is always a risk of losing capital when trading. That is why it is good to keep a few things in mind whenever you trade on Bitcoin Trader. A few of these things are:

  1. Start small. The minimum amount you can deposit on Bitcoin Trader in order to start trading is $250. That is a reasonable amount to start trading with if you are new to the world of crypto. It could allow you to be able to make profits even though perhaps not as much as the platform promises. At the same time, even if you were to lose it, $250 less are unlikely to affect your financial situation. So, please start trading with small amounts. If you see that you are making profits you can start increasing your investment amounts.
  2. Withdraw your profits. If you do make profits, please make a withdrawal request of a significant percentage of the profit and keep it in your pockets. You should never reinvest all the money you make because you risk losing it.
  3. Follow the expert’s advice. If you have a look online, you will be able to find some great videos explaining what are the best strategies to follow when trading with robots like Bitcoin Trader and Crypto Revolt. Please check them out before starting to trade so you will have some background knowledge to help you through the experience.
  4. Only invest what you can afford to lose. Last but not least important, never invest more than you can afford to lose! We would not want you to lose all of your money. Even though Bitcoin Trader seems to be a profitable platform, you might get unlucky and lose what you invest, so make sure you only invest what you can afford.

Does Bitcoin Trader have a mobile app?

Upon a search of Bitcoin Trader on Google Play and App Store, the two platforms on which you can buy mobile apps for Iphones and Androids, we did not find a mobile app supporting the website. This however, is not a downside of the robot because its trading platform runs on browser, meaning that users can access it from their mobile phones as long as they have an Internet connection.

One of these is trading bitcoin through a CFD broker. A contract for difference (CFD) enables you to speculate on the rising or falling prices of Bitcoin and make money from profitable trades. The biggest advantage of trading bitcoins through CFDs rather than auto-trading platforms is that you can use leverage, which allows you to use your current cash and trade on margin. With CFD leverage you only need a small amount of capital to control a much larger position.

The second advantage of trading bitcoin this way is that there are a multitude of bitcoin trading  platforms that are regulated by financial authorities. Financial authorities make sure that your funds are protected, which is definitely something to consider when trading bitcoin.

One of the most popular bitcoin trading platforms in the UK and the US is eToro, which allows you to trade Bitcoin as well as a large number of cryptocurrencies.

Being a social trading platform, eToro possesses a copy-trading platform whereby users can replicate the trades of other expert bitcoin traders. In other words, the trades of a successful trader are copied and executed in your account with just 1 click. This makes it an excellent option for traders looking to trade Bitcoin for the first time.

You can read more about this award-winning broker in our full eToro review. Alternatively, you can click the button in the table below to start trading bitcoin on this US friendly platform.

Bitcoin Trader Review: The Verdict!

After careful investigation, we can conclude that Bitcoin Trader is free to use and fully functioning app. Our analysis reveals that some users appear to have earned between $200 and $1,000 per week while trading with this robot. However, we would recommend any trader to start with a small investment of just $250 in order to get familiar with the software before investing further. Another platform that we would recommend for those looking to trade Bitcoin through a regulated broker is eToro. Their platform makes it super easy for any beginner to start trading bitcoin within just 5 minutes.


Is Bitcoin Trader a Scam?

Bitcoin Trader is a trading software, also known as Bitcoin Robot, that was created by Gary Roberts to help investors get started in trading with Bitcoin. There are rumours and claims online about Bitcoin Trader being a scam robot, but nothing has been confirmed by anyone.

Is there a minimum deposit required to use Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin Trader is a software that was made to be used for free by Gary Roberts. There is a cost, however, to operate with any of the brokers integrated on the platform. The amount you invest is what you will have to start spending on live trades. The minimum deposit required by the brokers is of £/$ 250.

Is Bitcoin Trader Endorsed by Celebrities?

There are rumours about celebrities such as Peter Jones and Ed Sheeran endorsing Bitcoin Trader, or making millions with Bitcoin. This, however, has not been confirmed and can't be considered as a true fact. You can check out in our dedicated review the other celebrities that have been said to endorse Bitcoin Trader.

Is there a Bitcoin Trader App?

There isn't a specific Bitcoin Trader app for mobile, but you can access your Bitcoin Trader account via the mobile browser. Bitcoin Trader is compatible with the mobile version of the browser and you can still use it on your mobile that way.

Can You Make Money with Bitcoin Trader?

There are no doubts about people making money by trading Bitcoin. The automatic trading apps like Bitcoin Trader are simply tools made to help their users perform better in the day-to-day trading with Bitcoin. What the Bitcoin Trader users need to keep in mind is that there are several risks involved when trading with a complex asset like Bitcoin. One thing to bear in mind though is that the higher the risk, the higher the reward.