The News Spy Reviews 2021

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The News Spy Reviews 2021

The-News-Spy Review

Can you imagine acquiring information that can help you know the market direction ahead of time? Sounds impossible, right? With the help of current sophisticated technology and advanced algorithms, it is possible. Given the chance, wouldn’t you exploit this opportunity, to get your hands on the most profitable trading news on the market? Using software such as The News Spy can help you to predict the market better. So, how do you go about using it?

This review seeks to provide you with a detailed insight of this robot and how it helps traders earn profits. Although it was only recently launched; The News Spy has managed to attract the attention of many traders across the world. Read through to find out all you need to know about The News Spy and how it can be used to generate profit.

What is The News Spy?

The News Spy is a trading software that analyses current trends in the market to offer accurate predictions. Basically, the program sources data from the internet, global news, financial index, and foreign markets. The robot processes the data for brokers to interpret. When these brokers confirm the credibility of the information, the robot authorizes trades. The software seems quite well developed and is alleged to be capable of capitalizing on opportunities across all markets. It is also much quicker than traditional manual trading processes.

Features & Functionality

Authenticity - 88%

Performance - 86%

Ease of use - 94%

Customer service - 87%

App - 91%

Profitability - 85%

Reputation - 85%

Fast withdrawals - 85%

Security - 85%

User testimonials - 85%

Who is Behind The News Spy?

The platform has been developed by John Meyers, a trader with extensive experience in digital currency trading. However, there is not much information about him, which leads us to think that perhaps he used a pseudonym to protect his identity. However, the positive feedback of this software encouraged us to continue the test. You can check if they are really reliable by looking at their international regulations or licenses.

Start Trading in 3 easy steps

1. Registration

Registration is always the first step to joining any trading platform. Head to The News Spy official page and click join now.

2. Deposit

For your account to be active, you will be required to make a deposit. Use any of the listed methods to make a minimum deposit of $250.

3. Auto-Trading

After completing the above processes, you can utilize the power of The News Spy for your benefit.

What people are saying about The News Spy?

The News Spy is awesome! I wouldn’t describe it as an auto-trading software exactly, more like a technologically augmented team of experts who give me the inside track before anyone else hears of it. The news is paramount to influencing economics, and these guys know that! I’ve been making use of the trading info I gained from The News Spy for months now, and it never lets me down. - Pierre Fournier

Pros & Cons


Completely automate your trades within the risk parameters you set

Rapid responsiveness to market trends and patterns

Free account creation and proprietary software

Transactions secured from unauthorized access

Software collects data from hundreds of news sources identifies patterns


Not without risk. Trade only what you can afford to lose.

Available licenses are limited to maintain the speed of the platform

Minimum deposit of $250 required to begin trading

Limited advanced functionality compared to more complex exchanges and CDF platforms

Is The News Spy Legit?

It is difficult to have complete faith in news that is generated by a computer system. In the recent past, institutional players have been known to utilize the power of technology to improve their trading figures. Now, the concept has been integrated into The News Spy. We recognise the potential these algorithms hold to predict market trends and therefore feel that the software has a legitimate claim.

Nevertheless, it is advisable that users should be aware of market volatility concerning cryptocurrency, and trade with caution. Only invest money you can afford to lose and begin with the minimum deposit. The News Spy accepts a deposit of as low as $250.

Our Experience with The News Spy

We used The News Spy and was able to ascertain that it is legitimate as many have claimed. We had a seamless experience while using the software. If you are interested in earning profits through trading in the crypto market, this software shouldn’t disappoint.

There is a support team readily available to answer all your queries and guide you through any problems you may be experiencing. The bot has an impressive level of security built into its program to handle all transactions. 

The automated trading feature works perfectly, enabling its users to mitigate losses and maximize profits by setting their own custom, stop-loss margins. Additionally, the platform allows people to make unlimited withdrawals, and those funds will always be in your bank account with 24 hours.  

The software is very user- friendly and caters for both the novice and seasoned trader. The program can be operated on mobile devices, which means that users can keep track of their profits wherever they are. 


We found no reason to question the legitimacy of this product. It is specifically designed to enable traders the opportunity to get ahead in the market. If you are interested in trading cryptocurrency but haven’t tried out The News Spy, you should definitely consider taking a look.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I open multiple accounts?

    No, The News Spy does not allow numerous accounts under one user for security purposes. Nonetheless, you can close and reopen your account a much, as you like.

  2. Is there a mobile app?

    No, The News Spy does not offer a mobile app. However, the program offers a more compact, mobile interface to be accessed through your phone’s browser.

  3. How reliable are the sources?

    News generated by this software is of the highest quality and is then analysed by expert traders.

  4. Do I need to download the software?

    No, you don’t need to download the software since it is web-based and is compatible with almost any device, including your smartphone.

We have reviewed The News Spy, and all we have is good news. We have been searching for another auto trading platform to recommend to our readers. We received emails from people who would like to diversify their cryptocurrency investment portfolio. As always, our input is valuable to our audience.

We heard about The News Spy and decided to test it; we needed to confirm that it works as good as other auto trading platforms we have found, such as Cryptosoft, and Bitcoin Rush.

It turns out that The News Spy is fantastic, our first live trading experience with the auto trading platform ended with us earning a profit. The News Spy can be used by everyone to make money from the cryptocurrency market.

Conclusion: An outstanding software for beginners and professionals.

The News Spy Review Is it a Scam?

We call it the rise of the trading robots. So many people are interested in making money from the crypto market and the best option to achieve this goal is using an auto trading robot. The News Spy is one of these platforms. We found out that different crypto can be traded on The News Spy, such as Bitcoins, Litecoin, Ripple, and Ethereum, among others.

Is the News Spy Legit?

Yes, The News Spy is registered as an official automated trading platform for cryptocurrency. It is legit; we also found out that the administrative team managing the platform are professionals who ensure that all investors make money from the cryptocurrency market.

Here are the discoveries we made during this review;

1). The News Spy is registered and it has outstanding features that can increase the investors earning opportunities.

2). It is a user-friendly auto trading platform that requires no special skills before the user starts earning a profit daily.

3). The accuracy rate for the auto trader is 99%, which is more than impressive.

4). Fast withdrawals, users can get their funds in 24-hours.

Trading and earning with technology

Now, there is no need to take online courses on how to trade cryptocurrency manually. The News Spy is an automated trading system that does all the work for the investor. We have observed that many traders have shown a preference for the use of auto trading systems as a replacement for their manual trading processes.

We were also impressed with the speed at which transactions are processed on The News Spy, backed by a sophisticated algorithm and fast processing, it is easier to make money from the cryptocurrency market regardless of the volatility.

How was News Spy created?

We found out that The News Spy was invented by John Mayers; he is an entrepreneur, crypto trader, and developer. John Mayers led a team of professionals to create The News Spy.

How the News Spy works

We found out that so many people are already making money with The News Spy. It is a fast trading system that has so many benefits for new and old investors.

The principle with which the auto trader works is simple. The News Spy trading robots scan the cryptocurrency market in search or signals and trends that predict the deals on cryptocurrency. If a good deal arises, the system processes the transaction on behalf of the account owner. It is basically about buying and selling cryptocurrency to make a profit.

The catch is that the auto trading robots work fast enough to complete lucrative deals before the market trends change.

How to Open a New Spy Account

Heres how we created our first account to test the features of The News Spy;

Step 1: Account Registration

We created an account in less than five minutes. It was a simple process that only required information such as account name, email, and phone number. After the details we provided were verified, we created a password.

Step 2: Making a Deposit

We transferred some money into the account for the live trading process. We decided to start small and made a deposit of $250 using a MasterCard.

Step 3: Demo trading

The demo trading system on The News Spy works excellently. It can be used to study how live trading works. But since the trading processes are automated, we dont think many users will need to test this feature.

Step 4: Live Trading

We started our live trading session with a click. It was so easy. The system allowed us to set a stop-loss limit on our account, and the trading process started.

The robots worked fast, we noticed that it was possible to perform hundreds of transactions in minutes. My team was impressed with the live trading process, and we can confirm that it is done in real-time.

Features of the News Spy Trading Software

Payout system

We studied the payout system on The News Spy. It is fast and accurate. Payout is done after live trading sessions end. It is an automated process that evaluates individual earnings accurately.

Verification System

The verification system uses standard measures to check all processes done on the auto trading platform.

Withdrawal and Deposits

We sent in a withdrawal request that was completed in 24-hours. This was impressive and fast, compared to other automated trading platforms we have used. Also, the addition of multiple payment options makes it easy for investors to make a deposit and start earning passively.

Service Charges

The News Spy takes a percentage of the profits earned by investors after each live trading session ends. We think this is brilliant, the system does not earn if the investor loses.

User Testimonials

We read so many positive testimonials on the site. We discovered that many users are making over $5,000 daily with The News Spy.

Customer Service

The customer service system works 24/7, it is functional, and the response we got was fast.


The brokers monitor the auto trading system to ensure that all investors are earning passively.

Why we recommend The News Spy

We believe everyone can make money from the cryptocurrency market if they use a good auto trading platform. And The News Spy is perfect. It is user-friendly, secure, and the accuracy rating is excellent. We are also impressed with the customer service, which is available 24/7, and the withdrawal system is fast.

Here are our top tips for new investors who want to start earning passively;

1. Start with an investment of $250. This is the lowest deposit you can make on the platform. We think it is best to start small and grow your capital.

2. Withdraw your profit. After earning withdraw and save your profit, while you reinvest the capital.

3. Join online forums. Find forums for cryptocurrency traders and interact with others to know the latest market trends.

4. Invest your disposable income. Always invest your free money instead of your savings.

Is there a Mobile App for News-Spy?

There is no mobile app for The News Spy yet. We were able to use the auto trader via web browsers on our mobile devices and laptops.

The News Spy Review: Our Conclusion

We concluded that The News Spy is a legit auto trading platform that can be trusted by all investors. We came to this conclusion after analysing out test results during this review. We found it easy to use all the features of the auto trader, and everything works perfectly. We also tested the live trading feature and confirmed that it works in real-time. The entire system is transparent. There are no hidden fees and we were able to withdraw our earnings to a bank account without any problems.

With these findings, we concluded that everyone could invest with The News Spy, make money passively and withdraw their earnings. The investment opportunity is perfect for busy people who need an alternative source of income.


How much does it cost to start using the News Spy?

It is absolutely free. You can create an account on the platform without paying any money. Then after the account is activated, make a deposit and start trading with the live trading feature. All the features work with a simple click on the platform.

How secure is The News Spy platform?

We found out that user data and funds are secured with the best anti-virus and malware that encrypts the data on the site.

Can I withdraw crypto from my The News Spy account?

No, this is not possible because all your earnings are converted to your local currency before it is sent to the bank account that you have linked to your account.

How long will it take to make a profit?

It is possible to start earning with The News Spy from your very first live trading session. The trading system is very fast and effective.

How fast is the withdrawal system?

Withdrawal requests are processed within 24-hours on the average. We know that it is a seamless process that is reliable.

Have celebrities endorsed The News Spy?

No, there are no celebrity endorsements. If it happens, the details will be published on the official auto trading platform for The News Spy.

The News Spy Review – Scam or Legit? We Checked Review

If you’ve been watching the evolution of cryptocurrencies from the side-lines, unsure of what to do or how to get started, we strongly recommend the News Spy. It’s high time somebody created a comprehensive cryptocurrency trading platform and now it’s here. Finally, you can get involved with forecasting, trend analyses and turning profits without any previous experience of crypto markets.

Sounds too good to be true right? That’s what we thought. So, we’ve taken the News Spy for a test drive to see if it can really make you money. Let’s learn more about it.

What Is the News Spy?

The News Spy is a clever piece of software designed to automate much of the crypto trading process. Its developers say it enables people with no specific training or skills to generate money from cryptocurrency sales as easily as an expert might. This makes it the first of its kind; the News Spy is catering to a rapidly growing global interest in digital currencies by making them available to everybody.

The most important question is whether it delivers on this promise. There seem to be as many poor quality crypto trading tools as good ones out there and we advise our readers to do their own research when selecting theirs. From an outside perspective, however, things look great. The News Spy has lots of happy users who praise the platform for helping them earn a second income.

It’s not enough for us though. In a world of fake news and reviews, the only way to know if the News Spy works is to try it. Firstly, we can say for sure that it’s a legitimate platform. It has been created honestly with the aim of making cryptocurrency trading simple for experts and laymen alike. Like all trading tools, you’re going to get what you put into it. Yes, it’s more straightforward than a lot of rival software options. However, if you want to make real money, you’ve got to learn how to use it.

Here’s what you need to know to generate the type of profits News Spy promises are achievable.

Is The News Spy Scam or Legit? It’s Not a Scam!

The News Spy is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform that uses sophisticated algorithms to monitor financial markets. Essentially, it’s a full suite of tools designed to tell users exactly when to purchase and sell their cryptocurrencies. If you know this, you know when the potential for earning a profit is highest.

It sounds easy enough but, in reality, it takes lots of time and patience to figure out when currencies are poised to drop or increase in value. The News Spy takes days, weeks and months of manual monitoring and rolls them into a user-friendly ‘robot’ who never gets tired, never switches off and never misses a moneymaking opportunity. It does this by processing prices, trends, signals and other types of publicly available trading information.

We’re happy to report that, after using real money to fund real crypto trades, we earned a profit. So, we know the News Spy software can and does work. It’s not a scam. We made some money and cashed out with ease. Again, it’s not much to ask from a platform that promises so much. Yet, it’s important to make the checks and start off cautiously.

If you want to use this cryptocurrency tool over the long term, the first step is making sure it cashes out when it’s supposed to. We found the process to be smooth, uncomplicated and easy to follow. If you are very new to crypto trading, all the market information, signals and trends are going to look unusual at first. It might seem a bit confusing. However, it shouldn’t take longer than half an hour to work out how and why the platform functions.

If you do struggle, there’s a fast-acting support service available. We tested it on multiple occasions and always got a response within an hour and often much sooner. When you consider how quickly the platform is growing, we don’t think it’s a bad performance at all.

Speaking with the News Spy support team also gave us opportunities to ask about their security protections. We’re happy to say security performance is top grade across the board. The team here knows cryptocurrencies are a serious world now. We’ve gone far beyond amateur hackers and cyber whizzes making money in their bedrooms. The stakes are higher now and, therefore, so is the quality of News Spy’s online security software.

Some Important Things to Know About News Spy

  • The automated trading tools used by News Spy are superb. They enable users without much knowledge or experience to generate a stop-loss margin and reduce trading risks while also monitoring market indicators to identify profitable actions for profitable moments.
  • Though it might take you a little longer to get to grips with the lingo and the various monitoring tools, we think anybody can use News Spy and make a profit. It is very user-friendly and designed with people who are new to cryptocurrencies in mind.
  • The News Spy platform is fully responsive which means you can use it on your computer, mobile phone, laptop or any smart internet linked device.
  • Our tests confirmed that News Spy does not favor experienced users. As selling and trading decisions are ‘automated’ (in so far as they take on the advice of an algorithm), you don’t need lots of crypto knowledge to make big profits. The intelligent system does all the hard work for you.
  • You can submit a request for withdrawal (cash out your profits) at any time of the day or night. We admit it does take up to 24hrs for the request to be processed. However, News Spy team promises it won’t ever be any longer than this. We never had to wait more than twelve hours and the cash out was often processed much faster.
  • The platform was developed by John Mayers, a cryptocurrency investor who has a reputation for turning digital money into big real-world profits. He created the News Spy software because he doesn’t want high rolling brokers to have the monopoly on cryptocurrency trading.

The Technology

As already explained, the News Spy takes a task you can do without special software – monitoring the financial markets for indicators of when to buy and sell – and automates it. The benefits are undeniable; you don’t have to spend time doing the monitoring yourself and, if you don’t know how to monitor, you can still make a profit.

In short, the News Spy does the work for you. That’s why we like it. The intelligent algorithmic platform (or trading robot, if you prefer) identifies relevant information from online sources, foreign markets, global media and financial indices and uses it to make judgement as to whether cryptocurrencies are due to climb in value or approaching the brink of a decline.

This next bit is the really clever part and probably our favorite thing about the News Spy. While it is heavily automated and a ‘robot’ is doing most of the work, the process isn’t completely digital. The developers have recognized the need to have real-

life brokers assessing and confirming the value of the system’s advice. Perhaps this will change as the sophistication of crypto trading robots grows. Or perhaps it’s already superfluous but the developers know users feel safer with some human intervention.

Whatever the case, judgements made by the automated system must be checked and approved by a human administrator before being passed to users. This only happens if the recommended actions have a good likelihood of generating a profit or preferable and positive results. While the speed of the human administrators cannot hope to match that of the ‘robots,’ – who process data at a remarkable rate – judgements and decisions make it to the user quickly and without complications.

It’s worth pointing out the system advises its users of the risks of cryptocurrency trading. As with all trading, there’s no guarantee of profit. Almost every trader loses some money at some point because it’s the nature of the game. The more information you use to make your key buying and selling decisions, the lower the risk. However, trading currencies still involves a degree of uncertainty.

So, it’s an encouraging sign that the News Spy wants to be upfront about this. It doesn’t want to tell users what to do or how to spend their money, but it also knows some people need reminding not to splash their cash recklessly. Ultimately, it’s a small detail it but tells us the News Spy is legitimate. You can’t make long term customers from people who don’t spend smartly, after all. The minimum deposit is set at $250. This is just low enough to make the platform accessible for everybody but just high enough to discourage rash purchases.

How Easy Is It to Set Up a News Spy Account and Start Trading?

The calculations being performed by the platform’s algorithms are complex and include vast swathes of data. When they get to users, however, they’re in the form of simple recommendations based on these findings. The user configures the settings on their News Spy account to ensure specific actions are taken in response to particular recommendations or market events.

For example, you can tell the system to sell your cryptocurrencies if their value decreases below a predefined figure. In this way, the entire process continues to be mostly automated. The degree of user intervention required is low because the ‘robot’ already knows what to do when a loss or gain of profit becomes achievable. It takes the actions on your behalf. By skipping the part where the user needs to give permission (every time), the computer can respond much faster and make selling and buying decisions at the optimum moment.

There are also options to limit these automated responses. For instance, you can tell News Spy not to spend over a certain amount or to continue purchasing valuable cryptocurrencies only up to a certain volume regardless of their profit potential. When the platform is working efficiently, the automated system is doing most of the work, but it doesn’t mean the user relinquishes overall control.

Some people don’t like the fact News Spy takes a small commission charge from each successful sale. We don’t think it’s a major negative though because the platform is free to use. You don’t need to pay to get an account or start trading cryptocurrencies. This commission charge is a fixed percentage and proportional to the size of the payment as is standard with most finance apps. It’s also worth noting, if you don’t profit from a trade, you don’t pay the charge.

Use these simple steps to create your first News Spy account and start trading:

Fill in the Registration Form

There’s a standard registration form to complete before you can start trading. This is no different from the form for a new user on any other website. You’ll be asked to enter payment details at a later stage. For now, News Spy needs your full name, phone number and your email address for alerts and other notifications.
You’re also required to choose a secure password. We suggest you spend some time considering this. When working with currencies of any kind, you should have a very strong password which includes upper and lowercase letters as well as numbers and special symbols.

Put Money On Your New Account

The minimum deposit required for trading on News Spy is $250. It might sound a bit steep, but it prevents reckless purchases. Most people are going to stop, pause and think carefully about whether they can afford this amount before hitting the confirm button. That’s what the developers of the News Spy want from their users: smart trading decisions.

You can put the $250 deposit on your account using a wide variety of payment options. MasterCard, Visa, PayPal and many other methods are accepted. During our test, it took minutes for the deposit to be credited to the account. If you have any worries, concerns or problems with this part of the process, don’t hesitate to contact the customer support team.

Perform a Demo Trade (optional)

You don’t need to do this to be eligible for real-life trading on News Spy. However, we think it’s a great way for inexperienced users to get to grips with the system and what market movements actually look like on their computer screen.

The demo simulation is precisely that; it doesn’t involve real money. It’s merely a quick and risk-free way to familiarize yourself with the platform and its algorithm-based judgement makers. We really enjoyed playing around with this feature. It’s not going to thrill everybody, but we felt like we learned something even as relatively knowledgeable crypto traders. It’s definitely worth a look.

Start the Real Life Trading Process

Before you launch the automated trading ‘robot,’ we strongly encourage you to configure the stop-loss settings. These are clearly defined spending and trading limits designed to prevent the system from spending all of your money on valuable cryptocurrencies. Don’t forget, it’s very intelligent but it’s not very subtle. It is programmed to make you money. It will perform actions to this end; you’ve got to determine how far it goes in the pursuit of profit.

In the settings section, you can also ask your automated trading robot to prioritize specific currency pairs. Once you’re happy with the settings and what you want the News Spy to do, hit the Trade button. This will tell the automated system to begin monitoring data and taking trading decisions on your behalf. Again, it’s a really good idea to try the demo first and get familiar with how automated trading works.

The News Spy Key Features

Payment System

Even brand new users can earn as much as $1,500 every day on the News Spy. This does, of course, depend on how successful your cryptocurrency trades are. Considering decisions to sell and purchase are made by an intelligent algorithm, you can expect a high rate of success that’s regulated only by the stop-loss limits you’ve set.

During our first live trading session, we earned $135 from the mandatory $250 deposit. This didn’t take long or too much thought. It was a surprisingly quick result and the profits were credited to our account within hours.

Verification System

No user is permitted to start trading from a News Spy account until they have submitted an active email address and telephone number. There is a verification system for both. It’s part of the system’s strict security protocols and it’s not optional.

Every time you deposit an amount to be credited to your trading account, you’ll be asked to provide additional verification via the email address or phone number provided. So, they need to be accurate.

Deposits and Withdrawals

It can take up to twenty-four hours for a withdrawal request to be processed and returned to you as real-life money in your bank account. A faster process is preferable but there are standard fraud and security checks to complete. Usually, withdrawals are completed within hours, but the customer support team advises users to wait for 24hrs before reporting missing payments. During our initial test, a withdrawal was completed within six hours.

Deposits are processed quicker because there are fewer checks to complete once you’ve entered your payment information. You can expect deposits to be credited to your account within minutes though, on rare occasions, it does take a little longer.

As far as we could tell – and we thoroughly investigated the News Spy – there are no charges excepting commission. We didn’t run into any hidden fees or unexpected payments. The platform is quite transparent about the percentage of profits it takes from users and why. Ultimately, it’s a free tool and without commission, it couldn’t afford to operate.

User Support

As with all digital platforms, the wait for customer support depends on myriad factors. On almost all occasions, our request for assistance was answered by a real-life operator within a couple of hours and usually within an hour.

The first response is a brief message with some practical suggestions for fixing your current problem. If you need further advice, the customer support advisors will speak to you more directly at length. We really like the way customer support is provided by the News Spy and have only good things to say about it.

If you’ve got a question which is specifically related to market movements in your area, you can ask to chat with a broker. These are the real-life humans who check and verify your system’s automated recommendations before they get to you. There’s no better place to go for advice on location-specific trading data and decisions.

Pros / Cons

  • Transparent account creation, deposit and withdrawal process, no hidden fees for all transactions.
  • Transactions comply with FCA standards which promote low leverage.
  • Trade support for users at all levels.
  • 24/7 global customer support system.
  • Excellent reputation, confirmed by testimonials from real users.
  • Other automated trading platforms don’t give users access to their rates for different services
  • The high leverage on other platforms puts new users at a disadvantage because of the higher risks.
  • New users have no support and can make decisions that cause losses.
  • Many platforms fail to provide customer support, putting all users at risk.
  • There’s hardly a way to review the offers and claims to on other trading platforms.

The Main Advantages to Trading with the News Spy

The News Spy is not the only automated trading platform available online, but it is one of the most reliable. We consider it to be of a similar quality to something like Bitcoin Code or the Crypto Revolt, tools which have earned an unshakable reputation for quality, accuracy and trustworthiness. Only time will tell if the News Spy has the same amount of staying power, but the early signs are promising.

Here are some more reasons we recommend the News Spy for low maintenance cryptocurrency trading:

Accessible to Everybody – you don’t need lots of knowledge about cryptocurrencies or market trading to make a profit. The News Spy platform has been specifically designed with amateurs in mind. All the user needs to do is set stop-loss limits, choose their preferred currency pairs and let the algorithm make the right decisions at the right times.

High Success Rate – after several tests and trials, we’ve calculated an impressive 88% ‘win rate’ for the News Spy trading platform. Here, profits aren’t a result of good luck or a case of managing probabilities. They’re a product of lots of careful data analysis. The user isn’t doing the work, but it doesn’t mean there’s no work being done.

Demo for Newbies – when we say the News Spy is suitable for even those with no prior knowledge of crypto trading, we mean it. There’s even a demo tool for rookie traders who need to familiarize themselves with the way market trading looks and feels. It costs nothing to use this demo tool. You can practice as many times as you like before starting a real trade.

The Final Verdict on the News Spy

It’s pretty clear how we feel about cryptocurrency trading with the News Spy. Is it perfect? Probably not, but we’ve yet to find a crypto trading tool that is. There’s no official app, for example, which is something many users see as a weakness. Although, it’s worth remembering the News Spy is responsive and can be easily used on mobile devices.

All in all, we really like it and we think you will too. The best thing about the News Spy – it’s main strength if you will – is its high level of accessibility. It is one of the first platforms of its kind to automate most of the trading process and, thus, turn cryptocurrency investing into a hobby that’s profitable for everyone (not just investment bankers).


How much money will I make?

The sky is the limit, however the average minimal profit our members make is $1,500 daily.

How many licenses do you still have available?

We only have a limited amount of The News Spy licenses available, so we recommend you quickly sign up.

This sounds like Affiliate Marketing?

This has nothing to do with affiliate marketing; The News Spy is an exclusive tool and service that provide crucial insights to cryptocurrency trading.

How much time do I need to invest every day?

Because our tool does all the hard work for you, our members typically work only around ~15 minutes a day to make strategic trades.

How much does a software license cost?

An exclusive News Spy software license costs $0 for a limited amount of time!

Are there any hidden or extra fees?

We don’t have any other fees, commissions or other hidden costs.


The News Spy Experience – Scam or Legit? THE RESULTS REVEALED!

Online trading is an exciting way to earn money but if you ask professional traders, they will quickly tell you that trading success comes from really understanding the financial markets. That is, trading online is not a guessing game. You do not trade in Google shares, for example, simply because you think the price will go up.

  • You need to take into consideration a variety of factors that will impact the Google share price so that you have a clear understanding of the direction that the price will move.
  • This includes taking into account the many news reports that are released all the time.
  • So, at this point, you are properly thinking that there are thousands of financial news stories released all the time and you are also probably wondering which new reports you should be focusing on and which ones you should base your trade on.
  • This is where The News Spy takes center stage.

This innovative, effective software tool is able to quickly scan hundreds of relevant new sources and to pinpoint those that are likely to impact market movements. Analysts then rank the incoming information and a trading signal is created, letting the trader know what to trade and when to trade. It really doesn’t get any easier than this!

The News Spy Trading Review – Everything You Need to Know

In this The News Spy trading review, we are going to really explore this powerful and effective tool and reveal everything there is to know about it. Does it really increase trading accuracy? Can new traders really use this software to trade accurately? Our goal is to find both the advantages and the disadvantages of The News Spy tool so that you can make an educated decision about making it a part of your trading activities.

To start off our review, we did a search online and found many sites where users are making a lot of money thanks to The News Spy software. Many even claim to be me making over $1,500 daily and it seems that the general consensus is that thanks to The News Spy tool, anyone is able to master the art of trading and to make real profits. So, now it is time for us to put The News Spy software to the test.

What is The News Spy Software?

Basically put, The News Spy software is a news intelligence hub. That is, the software combines human analysis by professional traders and analysts with the automation of news collection. The end result is unmatched performance that is able to accurately pinpoint potentially profitable trading opportunities.

  • The News Spy software was created by John Mayers.
  • He is well-known in the cryptocurrency industry since he was responsible for developing an advanced and intuitive auto-trading platform.
  • His platform has enabled many people to earn a lot of money from the cryptocurrencies market, with ease.
  • The News Spy software is an online tool that can be used by both new and advanced traders.
  • It works by collecting and analyzing trading data that comes from a wide range of markets, online media and different news outlets.
  • The app will collect all the relevant data in the financial markets, and with the assistance of algorithms and expert analysts, this data is then analyzed and trading signals are then created.
  • These trading signals advise a trader which assets to trade and when.
  • With the simplicity of the trading signals that are generated, The News Spy can be used by anyone, even if you have no prior trading experience or an understanding of the markets.
  • A major benefit of The News Spy software tool is the speed at which the market news is analyzed.
  • In order to be a successful online trader, analyzing and understanding the markets is a vital part of trading success.
  • The downside is that this analysis can sometimes takes hours and hours, if not days.
  • The fact is, we do not all have the spare time to spend hours analyzing the markets, plus we all definitely do not have the required analytical skills.

So, this is where The News Spy tool shines.

It does all the analysis for you, with the trading experts, to quickly know when a trading opportunity is available in the markets. When you then follow the recommendations from the experts, which is based on accurate markets analysis, big profits are inevitable.

Another big benefit of The News Spy software is that it scans the markets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In this way, trading opportunities are never lost, plus it gives traders the flexibility and convenience of trading at any time.

How Does the News Spy Trading Platform Work?

Market Analysis

In its basic form, The News Spy trading tool will search the financial news and will find and analyze events that will trigger market movement. The benefit of The News Spy tool is that its analysis is always one step ahead which means it knows in which direction the market will move, even before it moves.

Even if you are not a professional trader, knowing something will happen even before it happens puts you into a very powerful position. The added benefit is that the newsworthy stories that The News Spy trading tool finds, are then analyzed by experts who rank the events along with a predicted trend. The end result is an accurate trading signal that is easy to understand. It tells traders which assets to trade and when.

Automated Trading

Another important feature of The News Spy trading tool is that it is an automated trading system. This means that once the signal is released, the News Spy tool is able to place trades on the trading platform automatically for you. What this means is that you benefit in two ways.

The first way is that you no longer need to spend hours in front of your computer analyzing the markets and determining when is the right time to trade. This will save you a lot of time and the hard work of learning to understand the financial markets.

Another great feature is that since the system is automated, the trade will be executed immediately. That is, once the trading signal matches your trading parameters, the trade will be opened or closed. In order to set up the trading parameters, you can set the assets you want to trade, how much you want to invest per trade, the daily stop loss, maximum profits per day, and so on.

In order to set up your trading parameters, you only need to spend a few minutes each day doing this. The big advantage of this is that you will not miss any trading opportunities as a result of any delays, plus your emotions will not get in the way of the trading process.

Eliminate Emotional Trading

As a trader, it is very easy to get caught up in your emotions. That is, you may be afraid that you will lose money, so you could close a trade too early or some traders get overwhelmed with greed and over-invest and make bigger losses. With the News Spy tool, this cannot happen. Trades are made on pure statistics and analysis. This ensure accuracy, and of course, trading success and profitability.

A Test of The News Spy Demo Account

One of the many benefits of The News Spy tool is that they offer a demo account. A demo account is a trial account that operates with virtual trading funds. This means that you can make trades in the live trading environment without the risk of losing any money.

  • This is an excellent way to familiarize oneself with the features of the trading platform as well as The News Spy trading tool.
  • A demo account is beneficial for both new and advanced traders.

That is, a new trader can use the demo account to test the platform and to gain some insight as to how the financial markets move, how to analyze these movements and how to make a trade. For advanced traders, a demo account is an excellent way to test one’s trading strategies and to check if the trading signals match their trading analysis.

Why Trade with The News Spy Software?

The fact is, the financial markets move all the time and there are many factors that cause the markets to move. While it is not impossible to learn how to analyze the markets, it is a lot of work and can take up a lot of your time.

The News Spy tool has been developed to do all the hard work for you and it will pinpoint potentially lucrative trading options for you.
Here are some of the other reasons why you should trade online with The News Spy software.

Growing Investment

Trading online is an excellent way to increase your income. Some people trade online full time and they earn sufficient money to live and to pay the bills, while still enjoying the finer things in life. Automated trading is an excellent way to boost your income and to grow your money.

Some traders are making over $1,500 a day. If you visit the News Spy website, you will get the opportunity to read the testimonials of users of the software and it is clearly evident that this software works and that it is changing people’s lives.

Multiple Platforms Supported

When you sign up with The News Spy software, you are able to partner with one of their selected brokers so that you can access their trading platform. It is from the trading platform that you can trade a choice of assets in the financial markets.

All the brokers that work with The News Spy tool have been tried and tested and the News Spy tool works seamlessly with a choice of trading platforms. This means that you do not need to try and find a broker that you can use The News Spy software with since they have done all the work for you and have hand selected the best, most reliable and professional brokers in the industry.

Impressive Track Record

Since The News Spy tool and the trading experts release trading signals, we took the time to check the accuracy of these trading signals and the fact is, it is impressive. That is, most of the signals are accurate and will end in successful trades. Now, you might be wondering why The News Spy tool is not 100% accurate and the fact is, there is no trading software available that is always accurate.

If any software is promising you 100% success, then it is a scam. The markets move all the time and while analysis can help us in determining the direction that the markets will move; it cannot always be accurate as there are many factors that are in play. The News Spy tool does however produce accurate trading signals that enable global traders to really profit.

Multiple Signals Daily

The News Spy tool provides multiple signals every day and you can choose which signals you want to trade. You also have the option to trade manually or automatically so you can either allow the trading software to make trades on your behalf or you can remain in full control of your trading activities.

Another benefit of multiple signals daily is that you can increase your profit potential. Once the market condition matches the trading parameters you have set on the software, a signal will be created, giving you a lot of trading opportunities. You have the convenience of trading whenever you want to.

Trade with Your Smartphone

A key advantage of The News Spy trading tool is that you can also trade from your smartphone. This gives you the convenience and flexibility to trade from anywhere and at any time. Most of us have very limited free time, which means that we definitely do not have hours available to simply sit in front of our computers waiting for a trading signal in order to trade. With The New Spy tool, you can execute a trade from the comfort of your smartphone at any time that you want to, even while you are travelling on the bus or waiting in a queue in a supermarket.

Technical Features

The News Spy tool has been designed to do all the hard analytical work for you. Combined with their expert analysts, all you need to do is select the signals you want to trade and make your trade. It really doesn’t get any simpler than this. In addition, in order to know which trading signals will be generated, these will be based on the trading parameters that you will set.

This is also easy to do and you do not need prior experience to be able to set up these parameters. Simply set up which assets you want to trade, how much you want to invest, the risk level, the maximum profit per day and more. Since the software is automated, you do not even need to be around in order to make a trade. The software will trade on your behalf, quickly and accurately.

Demo Account

To give you the opportunity to test The News Spy trading tool, you can use the available demo trading account. This trial account has virtual funds which lets you trade without the risk of losing any real money. The benefit of this is that you get the opportunity to see the News Spy software in action and to see how the process works. That is, you can experience what the trading signal looks like, the information it provides as well as the process of how a trade is opened automatically on the broker’s trading platform.

Can You Make Money with The News Spy Software?

The short answer is Yes, you can make money with the News Spy software. In terms of exactly how much you can make, this varies based on a number of factors, such as how much you invest, how often you trade and so on. We were able to make $2,459 in profit after using The News Spy tool for two weeks.

In addition, online testimonials show that people are making over $1,500 every day so it is evident that the profits are unlimited. Based on this, we want to also highlight the risks of trading. That is, you can lose money when you trade online but there are certain steps you can take to protect your profits, while reducing the risks of trading.
These include as follows:

Use Effective Trading Tools – This really needs little explanation. There are many tools available in the market but it is important to use tools that really work and help in improving your trading accuracy and success. A great example of this is The News Spy tool which will analyze the markets for you, and together with the trading experts, it will create accurate trading signals.

Invest Small – When you start trading, start with small investment capital. Once you have signed up with The News Spy software, you will only need to make a deposit of $250 so that you can trade on the trading platform of the broker. This money is yours and you can withdraw it at any time, together with your profits, hassle-free. As you start to earn and understand how the financial markets work, you can then increase your deposit amounts.

Invest What You Can Afford to Lose – This is really important because at the end of the day, trading does involve risk. Based on this, it is vital to only invest money that you can afford to lose and that will not impact your life. While the more you invest does mean you can profit more, it is vital to always ensure that you stay within the limits of your financial possibilities.

Set Your Trading Parameters – As we have said, you only need to work a few minutes a day to set your trading parameters on the News Spy tool. Take the time to understand the different types of options available and remember that nothing is cast in stone. You can change the trading parameters at any time. Learn about what works best for you.

Why You Should Trade Bitcoin with The News Spy Software

Since they have been introduced to the markets, cryptocurrencies have grown in popularity. To top it off, the prices of digital currencies are volatile making them the ideal asset to trade. To put it into perspective, in December 2017, Bitcoin traded at around $20,000. By June 2018, it was trading at a low of $5,868 and by December of the same year, it was trading even lower at $3,400.

  • This volatility makes it an excellent asset to trade with many trading opportunities.
  • On the flipside, it is quite hard to analyze the cryptocurrency markets and to understand exactly what makes the price of digital coins move.
  • This is where The News Spy trading software excels.
  • It is able to scan and analyze huge sources of financial information and together with analytical experts, it is able to know in which direction the price of a cryptocurrency will move.
  • A trading signal is then produced and the software can even make a trade automatically based on the details of the signal.
  • Trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is much easier and more accurate and profitable with The News Spy trading tool.

Another benefit of using the News Spy tool to trade Bitcoin is that both new and advanced traders can use the software to trade cryptos. No prior experience is required plus, you can use the trading signals as a way to test and check your trading strategies. It is a win-win situation for all.

How to Start Trading with The News Spy – Step by Step

Getting started with The News Spy tool is really easy to do. Simply visit The News Spy website, and within a few minutes, you will be able to register for a free, promotional license and you can start making profits in the online trading world.
Here is a step-by-step guide on how to start trading with The News Spy trading software:

Step 1 – Registration

From the comfort of the homepage of the News Spy website, you can complete the short registration form. You will need to provide your full name and your email address. Once you have submitted this information, you will then be required to create a password for your account.

The News Spy takes the security and safety of your personal and financial information very seriously so it is excellent that a password is required in the registration process. You then move on to the third stage of registration where you will be required to provide information on your country of residence and your contact telephone number. Once you have submitted this information, you will have a registered News Spy account.

Step 2 – Deposit

The next step is to make a deposit so that you have trading capital available so that you can start trading. The minimum requirement is only $250 and as we have stated, The News Spy has only partnered with top, professional brokers that will provide you with access to a trading platform.

Each broker offers secure banking options so that you can deposit and withdraw funds safely and with ease. The broker will also provide an all-inclusive trading environment which will include access to educational trading resources, a demo trading account and responsive customer support and service.

Step 3 – Demo trading

A big benefit of trading with The News Spy tool is that you are able to access a demo trading account before you step into the trading arena with real money. A demo trading account is a trial account that has virtual funds. You can trade and test the platform and features without the risk of losing any money.

Step 4 – Trading

Once your account is registered and funded, you can start trading. Simply set the trading parameters of the News Spy tool and it will get to work, scanning and analyzing the markets and together with the trading experts, it will pinpoint trading opportunities.

You then have the option to set the trading tool to automated mode where it will execute trades on your behalf once a trading signal matches your trading parameters. For those who like to be in full control of their trading activities, you can set The News Spy trading tool to manual mode.
It really does not get any easier than this.

Final Word – Is The News Spy Legit or Not?

The News Spy trading tool is legit. It accurately scans and analyses huge amounts of financial news from a wide range of sources and then with the input of analytical experts, it will produce trading signals, letting you know which assets to trade and when.

  • Our experience of the software is that it is legit and an excellent way to master the world of online trading and to profit from it.
  • The combination of technological and human analysis has really helped to create a tool that is unique and effective.
  • To top it off, it is able to deal with the huge amounts of news seamlessly.
  • Another big element which boosts the legitimacy of the News Spy tool is the analysis team that works behind the scenes to create the trading signals.
  • Their years of experience and knowledge enable them to produce accurate signals.

As a result, The News Spy tool sits way above many other automated trading platforms available in the market. To top it off, the News Spy tool is easy to use and it has a user-friendly interface which does all the work for the trader. The News Spy tool gets a big thumbs up from us.

The News Spy FAQs

To ensure that we have covered all areas in this review, we have added a frequently asked questions section so that you can find all the answers you might be looking for when it comes to the News Spy trading tool. So, here we go:

How Do You Withdraw Money?

Remember, that any money that you deposit is your trading capital and it is yours which means, you can withdraw it at any time. The withdrawal process is hassle-free. Simply complete the withdrawal request form and provide the required information to the broker, and within 24 hours, your request will be processed. It is important to note that we do not charge any fees or commissions.

Does The News Spy Have a Mobile App?

You can trade using your smartphone since the News Spy software runs on a browser. This means that you are able to access the trading tool from any smartphone with an Internet connection. This provides the convenience and flexibility to trade at any time and from anywhere.

Is There an Available Demo Account?

Yes there is. The News Spy offers access to a demo or trial account which is loaded with virtual funds. This will give you the opportunity to test the platform and the software and its features without any risk of losing money.

Can You Make Money with The News Spy App?

Yes you can make money. Some users have reported making over $1,500 every day but the profit potential is limitless. That is, it will all depend on how much you invest and how often you trade. The fact is, you can really make money using the News Spy trading tool to trade financial assets.

When Was The News Spy on Dragons’ Den?

In 2018, the News Spy trading tool appeared on Dragons’ Den and Deborah Meaden made a deposit of £250 to get the opportunity to check how this effective and powerful trading tool works.

The News Spy Review

We know many people have been waiting for our reports on the News Spy after our last post. So many people are anxious to start making money with this auto trading robot, and we understand that. My team had to carefully perform our tests during this review to make sure the News Spy is as good as they claim.

We are happy to present this report of our findings while testing the News Spy. We had a smooth experience while testing this trading robot and can confirm that everyone who opens an account on the News Spy can earn more money every day.

The main focus of our test was directed at studying the different features and the live trading process on the News Spy. We also tested the system to ensure it is protected from online hacks. All our test reports turned out excellent. 

Below you will read about our experience while testing the News Spy and how we discovered that it is one of the best auto trading robots that can make all users rich with less stress.


The News Spy was introduced a while ago as an auto trading platform for cryptocurrencies. Its owners promised huge returns for investors. So many people have opened new accounts, and the testimonials indicate that everyday users on the platform are getting richer.

We were fascinated by this auto trading platform. We know it works with trading robots, and if it has such a high win rate, the system must involve sophisticated software.

All our suspicions were correct, the News Spy features the best auto trading robots we have found on trading platforms for cryptocurrencies. This is the main reason all the users who have invested funds are making so much money with the News Spy.

Is the News Spy Legit? 

Yes, the News Spy is 100% legit. While carrying out this test, I assigned some of my team members to confirm the licencing and authorizations used by The News Spy to operate as a trading platform for cryptocurrency. The documentation was accurate and authentic. 

We also tested all the features of the News Spy; everything works flawlessly, which makes it easy for the system to help all users become richer. The News Spy is very easy to use; its features can be used by anyone interested in becoming financially free from investing in the cryptocurrency market.  We understand that many scam websites for trading cryptocurrency exist; this is why we test trading platforms to ensure all investors can make money.

Below, you will find a brief presentation of our discoveries while testing the News Spy;

  • 1). with a minimum deposit of $250 owners of The News Spy accounts can activate the live trade feature and start making money.
  • 2). The News Spy has easy to use features and it is compatible with computers, laptops, and mobile devices.
  • 3). the success rate for transactions on The News Spy is 97%.
  • 4). Fast withdrawal of funds, the withdrawal process is completed in 24-hours which is convenient.
  • 5) You can find more information about registering an account.

Advantages of Auto-trading Software on The News Spy

We are happy that more people can now make money with auto trading software for trading robots. A few years ago, only people like me who had gone through long hours of studying and learning manual trading techniques could make money with trading robots. Now, anyone can use The News Spy to become financially free and independent in less than a month. 

The News Spy features intelligent robots that perform trades for users based on intensive market insight gathered by analysing a vast amount of data. The information is also based on accurate market signals which can be converted to profitable trades in the cryptocurrency market.

The News Spy trading robots do all the work. To start making money, as a user, all that is required is a deposit and the robots take over. Trades are done on a funded account, and the profit is credited after a live trading session ends.

We found out that the trading robots on The News Spy perform trades in the cryptocurrency market significantly faster than manual traders. The trading robots can also analyse and detect market signals much faster, which is an advantage for all investors.

My team was interested in knowing how the trading robots were so effective. And at the end of our review, we decided to keep the new account we opened to test the system because The News Spy offers all users a chance to become very rich. We want to be a part of this profitable experience. 

Who Started The News Spy?

We traced the origins of The News Spy to a well-known cryptocurrency trader named John Mayers. He had a dream to develop an automated trading system for cryptocurrency. John Mayers pursued this dream and successfully created The News Spy, an auto trading platform that can help users triple their deposits through high yielding profitable trades in the cryptocurrency market.

How the News Spy works

We were more convinced about the effectiveness of The News Spy when my team discovered the system works with a principle similar to other excellent auto trading platforms for cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin Revolution, and the Bitcoin Loophole. 

The trading activities on The News Spy are done by intelligent robots that quickly analyse a vast amount of data from the cryptocurrency market. The trading robots detect profitable trading signals which are leveraged to perform quick trades on the users’ account to make money. Each transaction is confirmed by a broker before it is processed on behalf of the user. Cryptocurrency trading is about buying and selling coins to make money. However, trading activities need to be done quickly because of the rapid market changes.

We observed that there are no charges on the platform for processes such as registering an account or making withdrawals.

How to Open a New Spys Account

The following steps can be used by anyone to open a new account;

Step 1: Registration

We registered a new account to enable my team to study how the trading robots work from a first-hand perspective. Registration of a new account is free, with a few clicks, it was done. All that was needed was an account name, a phone number, and an email address. This information was entered into the account opening form downloaded from the homepage.

Step 2: Making a Deposit

The developers of this auto trading site have made it easy for investors to make payments. We noticed payment options such as MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Skrill, and other options. We are happy about the decision to add different payment options. It will be convenient for users to choose the best option and quickly proceed to start earning on the platform.

We decided to make a deposit of $250 to test all the essential features of The News Spy. It was fast and easy, and our account balance reflected the deposit in a few seconds.

Step 3: Demo trading

My team also tested the demo trading feature. It is an important feature that allows potential investors to test the system to know how trading robots work. The demo trading feature is also helpful to new users who do not know much about auto trading platforms to study how the processes work. All this can be done without the use of real money.

Step 4: Trading

We activated the stop loss feature to reduce risks and started a live trade session. Our first experience was great; the robots traded with our deposited funds and made a profit at the end of the trading session. We are impressed with The News Spy, our experience has proven that everyone interested in becoming rich by investing in the cryptocurrency market can achieve their goals with as little as $250.

Note: We encourage all users to study the demo feature to understand how the auto trading system and robots work. There is no time limit; users can study the process until they are ready to invest real money. Try it now by clicking this link.

Features of the News Spy Trading Software


The payouts system is fast and accurate. We confirmed that there are active users who earn over $1,500 daily. This money is paid and credited to their account; users can also initiate withdrawals when they need the funds. 

Verification System

We are impressed that there is a verification system; this feature helps to avoid situations such as wrong deposits or impersonation on the trading platform. We observed the verification process while opening our new account, it was fast and stress free.

Deposits and Withdrawal 

The owners of The News Spy have added multiple payment options to make it easier for users to make deposits. In our case, we used the MasterCard option and our deposit was reflected in our account balance in a few seconds. Making a withdrawal was also a fantastic experience, it was quick and efficient. 


We can confirm that there are no hidden charges on The News Spy, it is one of the most transparent auto trading platforms we have tested. 

User Testimonials

The user testimonials we read in this section matched our experience with The News Spy, the site is easy to navigate and use, all the features work flawlessly, and there are no delays on the platform

Customer Service

The customer service on The News Spy is available round the clock. The customer service unit is responsive and knowledgeable of the system to help all users.


We were able to check the credentials of brokers affiliated with The News Spy, they are experienced and professionals in different parts of the world working remotely to ensure all users make more money on The News Spy.

The News Spy versus Other Robots

ATFX Other forex brokers
The processes are transparent; it is easy to monitor how deposits, payouts, and withdrawals are processed.  There is so much secrecy, it is hard to know the fees and how they are calculated.
 Standard processes that conform to the FCA guidelines. Many trading platforms are not accountable or follow the regulations hence they are risky platforms for investment.
 Customer support for all users. New and old customers need to find their solutions independently and may lose money.
 24/7 customer service available globally. Inadequate customer service.
Testimonials from real users confirming that The News Spy works. No published testimonials or confirmation that users have earned money after investing.

Benefits of Using the News Spy?

We have highlighted the following benefits of this auto trading platform, we made these observations during the review and while testing the different features;

  • User-friendly features. The features of this auto trading platform are so easy to use. There is no need for special training or technique to open a new account and start making money with The News Spy.
  • The high success rate for transactions. The chances of making money every day with The News Spy is very high. Everyone can invest and leverage the high success rate for transactions done by the trading robots.
  • Demo trading. Demo trading allows new users to test the trading robots to ascertain whether they meet the expected standard before investing real money.
  • 24/7 Customer support.  The customer support team are always available and responsive. They can help users overcome simple or difficult problems quickly to save time and money.

How Much can be earned daily with News Spy?

If we were to go by our experience with The News Spy, we can confirm that on a deposit of $250, users will earn a profit within the range of $60 and $120 daily. However, there are testimonials by real users who indicate they earn as much as $1,500 every day. Higher deposits generate more profits on the platform.

 Here are some important tips for new users on the auto trading platform;

  1.  Start with the lowest deposit. New investors should start with the minimum deposit, on The News Spy; the lowest deposit allowed is $250. Over time, as your profit increases, the deposit can be reviewed and raised.
  2. Withdraw profits. Another good strategy is to withdraw and save your profits while reinvesting the capital.
  3.  Follow cryptocurrency market trends. Study current market trends and use the information to make better decisions regarding pairing cryptocurrencies and setting your stop-loss limit.
  4.  Invest wisely. You should only invest money that you can afford to lose.

  To read more about other outstanding auto trading robots for cryptocurrency, please click here- bitcoin robot page 

Does the News Spy have a mobile app?

There is currently no mobile app for The News Spy; you can access the platform via any trusted browser on smartphones, other mobile devices, and laptop computers.

The News Spy Review: Our Conclusion

Based on our findings while testing the features of The News Spy, we conclude that it is an excellent auto trading platform for cryptocurrency that can be used to gain quick financial freedom. The News Spy is easy to use and safe for all investors. My team confirmed that the site is backed by SSL online security for extra protection. 

The News Spy offers all investors an excellent way to break free from financial struggles, on the platform; there are current users who earn above $1,000 daily. We confirmed this information and discovered why the win rate is so high; the trading robots have been enhanced to perform excellently at all times. 

The News Spy is managed by a team of software engineers and cryptocurrency traders who understand how the system works and ensure that the features on the site are always available for all users. Everyone can get started with a few clicks. We encourage our readers to follow the hints we have provided in this report as a guide to investing. 


What is the probability of doubling my investment with The News Spy?

We will say the chances are very high. The News Spy is already being used by traders to earn $1,500 every day, give it a trial and you will be impressed.

Is there a charge to open an account?

No, it is completely free to open a new account on the auto trading platform.

Is News Spy platform another type of affiliate marketing?

No, The News Spy is an auto trading platform that allows users to invest and trading robots perform transactions on their behalf, buying a cryptocurrency at a low price and selling when the price appreciates.

Must I use the trading platform daily?

No, it is not mandatory that you must trade every day; however, trading daily can help you earn more money.

How safe is the News Spy online?

The trading platform is protected by SSL which encrypts all the information posted on the website.

How fast is the withdrawal process?

Withdrawals are processed within 24-hours after the request is received. It is fast and convenient for all traders.

The News Spy – Scam or is it legit?

Do you feel like making money with no more stress? You need to join us now to be the next person to talk about how to make millions online on TV. If you find yourself doing an online business, you will always be one step ahead of others making more money; this is only possible if you are using the best software. The best software you can use is the News Spy Software. This High-Tech Software allows you to earn more just like the rich men.

The design of this software is such in a way that it will scan hundreds of relevant news sources every time of every day – our specialists design this software to predict the market trend. It gives you state-of-the-art high-quality information while showing where and when you can make money online. This tool makes it easy to make money online by just working for several minutes daily from anywhere in the world once you register. Even though this app performs so much function, we are giving it out for free to ensure quality results and to limit the number of licenses we are sending out. This means that you need to take action now and register before our free promotional licenses run out.

The News Spy – How it Works

Visit the website

Fill out the Registration Form on The Registration Page – Once you are through with the registration and your registration is accepted, the system will automatically register you to The News Spy database group of members. After this, you are eligible to get our proprietary software for free.

Fund Your Account

Since you cannot run any business without funding, you also need working capital to get started with the use of this software. The minimum amount you can fund your account is $250; you can deposit more into your account. Once you fund your account, you start profiting with The News Spy.

Start Profiting

Just click “trade” after funding your account to start making a profit. Clicking on “trade” will give you the authority to make use of our News Spy Software to enjoy precise and accurate hands-free money-making tool designed with an award-winning algorithm. If you know how to trade, you can make use of the manual option to make these crucial decisions on your own.

Features of The News Spy Software

News Intelligence Hub

You cannot compare the performance of this News Spy Software with any other software because it combines human analysis with the automation of news-collection for a better result. The industry has been waiting for the best news software that performs two different functions – making money online and getting accurate news.

Dedicated Analysis Team

We have a group of analysts and that have many years of experience in online money making. They are very good at analyzing each processing news report carefully to make sure that the highest quality of the news is delivered. This makes us always stay one step ahead of the market and making sure every user of the Software is getting enough profit online.

Easy To Use

Since the News Spy Software does all the work for you, it does not only make the software easier to use but also an incredible time saver. You don't need the attention of an expert or to study the market news daily to use this software.

Everything you need to know about the news spy software

  • There is no limitation as to the amount of profit you can make on this trading platform using the news spy software. Some of our members are even making as much as $1500 daily, so the ski is the limit.
  • There are free licenses for every new member and each member is entitled to a license per registration. However, since we have a limited amount of The News Spy licenses available, we want all prospective members to register quickly.
  • The news spy is not in any way related to affiliate marketing; the News Spy Software is just an exclusive tool and service that brings the market closer to the people who need it. It also provides insight into cryptocurrency trading.
  • You don't have to spend the whole day sitting in front of your computer. Since this tool does all the work for you, you only need like 15 minutes in front of your computer to set things right and make strategic trades. The use of the News Spy Software gives you more money and more time to enjoy your life.
  • An exclusive News Spy software license is free for every registered member on the platform for a limited time. In addition to this, there is no extra fees, commissions or any other hidden charges.

Is The News Spy Software Legit or a Scam?

The News Spy Software is never a scam and it is secure and trustworthy. The question of scan and legit is what most global investors ask and the short answer is that it is legit. Since all integrate brokers are genuine, they provide security to user's funds and they make sure that deposit and withdrawal of funds are done with no stress. In addition to this, all personal information is heavily encrypted and secured identity theft. These brokers have their reputation they are protecting in the industry.

Conclusion The News Spy Software is Legit

The News Spy Software is not a scam and it provides a better and innovative way for members to make money online. You have nothing to lose when you join this highly lucrative industry. You will make a lot of money with this reliable and genuine software working for you. In addition, this software does not require professionalism before usage as it can be used by both novice and professionals. You need to try this software out to make money.

A comprehensive review of The News Spy

Fact or fiction? Scam software or legit app? We investigate.

The News Spy is an algorithm-based automatic trading robot that analyses the latest news and market signals in order to derive the best time to buy or sell a cryptocurrency asset. Its website makes a variety of claims about the success that users have found by using the software to trade cryptocurrencies, but doesn’t give any information about the team behind the project.

In The News Spy review, we have carefully analysed and evaluated the robot to see if it stands up to its claims.

Pros & cons


  • Signing up is smooth and simple
  • There are no hidden charges or fees
  • Offers multiple payments method
  • A useful 24/7 customer support service


  • No mobile app available
  • Lack of information on its official team members
  • Unavailable services in some countries

What is The News Spy and what can I do with It?

The News Spy is an auto trading robot that analyses the latest news along with a variety of other indicators to try and make a profit buying and selling cryptocurrencies automatically. 

For instance, if a news piece is published saying that Google will ban all cryptocurrency advertising. The News Spy’s algorithm immediately takes note of this news that predicts a downward trend in the cryptocurrency market and immediately executes trades to profit by staying ahead of the market.

The News Spy also enables a trader to customise their trading settings in a manual trading mode. This allows an individual to trade 24/7 in the cryptocurrency market without having to enact the trades themselves – as they can set parameters for the robot to follow that are in line with what the trader wishes to do. The robot will automatically carry out the manual trade as per instructions as the market fluctuates.

Is The News Spy legit?

Yes, The News Spy robot is legit – but inexperienced traders should still treat it with caution. The platform tries to draw people in with testimonials claiming traders have made fortunes in very short amounts of time, but we could find no evidence to back this up and it seems very unlikely to be true.

It is best to see The News Spy’s robot as a tool you can use to implement your own trading strategy by setting strict parameters on the trades the robot will carry out, rather than simply blindly trusting it with your money. The software it uses is not open source and we could find no information about who created it, so it’s impossible to verify any claims about the accuracy of its trades.

Please always be aware that the cryptocurrency market is volatile and you should only start trading once you have done some research – even with a robot. It is possible to make profits, but as with anything this only happens by working out a good strategy and keeping to it. 

How does The News Spy work?

While the precise details are not provided on The News Spy’s website, a robot uses an API to send trading signals back and forth from a broker’s account. The News Spy partners with relevant brokers that offer cryptocurrency trading on their platform, and uses this API to send trading signals to the broker after having decided the trades it wishes to make. The broker then executes the trade immediately. 

The News Spy key questions, answered!

Which brokers can I use with The News Spy?

The News Spy’s robot works with regulated brokers from the industry. These are not listed on the website, but are likely to include Investous, Europe FX, and UFX. 

What cryptocurrencies are supported?

As with many cryptocurrency robots, The News Spy offers a relatively small number of coins for trading. The following cryptocurrencies are supported with The News Spy:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ripple (XRP)

Can I use The News Spy on mobile and desktop?

Yes. The robot does not require a user to download and install the software instead working online through a browser. This means it can be accessed on any desktop or mobile operating system. That said, it is optimised for use on desktop interfaces.

Can I trade assets with leverage?

Yes, The News Spy does offer leveraged trading to its brokers. It has partnered with brokers that offer the criteria for leverage trading, but we could not find the specific leverage criteria the robot offers. 

It is advisable that only expert traders should involve themselves with leveraged trading. It is a risky way of trading, particularly when it comes to volatile markets like cryptocurrency where sudden downward spikes can put your capital at risk. 

Can I open long and short positions?

Yes. The News Spy partners with CFD brokers which allow traders to take both long and short positions.

For the uninitiated, a long position means a trader believes the price of an asset will rise, and a short position is when they believe it will fall. Through this, traders can make money whether an asset’s value rises or falls.

What are the payment methods and withdrawal/deposit limits?

After registration, you need to make a minimum deposit of $250 to put the robot into the auto trading mode. There are many ways you can fund your account, including Mastercard, Visa, and PayPal. 

Withdrawals do not have any limits, with the process of occurring through the broker’s platform. You will be asked to supply ID documentation when making a withdrawal, which is necessary for the broker to comply with anti-money-laundering laws. Withdrawals usually take in the region of 1-2 working days.

Are there any costs and fees involved?

No, The News Spy does not levy any fees while using its services. 

How do I withdraw money?

Firstly a trader needs to fill a withdrawal form on the robot’s page. With this, the process of withdrawals is set in motion as the robot needs to communicate with the broker it has placed the trades with. 

There are no withdrawal limits and you can even select daily withdrawals if you want, but you will have to supply ID documentation.

What is the registration and verification process?

The first step to registration requires a user to fill basic details including name, email address, and contact number. At this point, you do not need to submit any ID proof. The verification takes a few minutes after which you can log in. 

Please note that The News Spy might not be available in all countries. In such a case an error message appears informing that they cannot register at this moment. 

What is their customer service like?

Before registration, you may contact The News Spy through a contact form available directly on the platform’s website. After you are a verified user, you can contact their customer service 24/7 through email and phone. 

How to trade with The News Spy

The News Spy features a user-friendly dashboard that lets a trader navigate through different control panels in order to take advantage of each individual service it offers. Using the ‘trading history’ tab, a user can see all the trades they have made, and through a separate tab they can access the trading positions they currently have open. A trader can set their trading parameters for any cryptocurrency asset directly in the control panel. 

It can seem a little complicated at first, so we always recommend starting out by using the demo account. Using this you can explore the platform and learn the process of placing trades without risking any of your capital.

How to open an account

  • Step 1: Registration – The first step is to register on its website and verify your account. This is done by providing basic information such as an email address and a contact number. Once you are a member of The News Spy, you can simply log in from a browser.
  • Step 2: Funding – Secondly, you need to fund your account with a minimum investment of $250 in order to begin auto trading. You can also start going through the functionality of the robot and its features by using the demo account (which we strongly recommend you do). 
  • Step 3: Trade – Now, the robot starts analysing indicators like news pieces to derive upon the near future market trend. A seasoned trader can use such trends and derive an outcome mixed with their own personal strategy. Auto trading also requires a trader to set up basic trading parameters including stop limit and daily limit. 

Our top robot trading tips for beginners

When using a robot to trade cryptocurrencies, there’s a lot that you need to be aware of. It may just feel like you deposit funds and let the robot do the rest, but our team of experts have come up with the following advice that it’s important to read before getting started:

  1. Learn about trading first. Trading cryptocurrencies is a complex process, and it’s important to have a grasp of the basics before you get involved. By learning about trading in general you will be better able to set up the trading robot to work most effectively.
  2. Learn more about cryptocurrency. Having more knowledge of the asset you are trading is important when making any trade, but especially so in such a wide-ranging environment as cryptocurrency.
  3. Start with a demo account. Even though you can start live trading immediately upon setting up an account on a robot, we strongly advise you to trade on the demo account first. This will help you familiarise yourself with the platform before risking any of your capital. 
  4. Start small. The best strategy is to start with a small amount of money and grow your portfolio and profits over time. This will help you hone your trading skills and keep risk to a minimum.  
  5. Only invest what you can afford to lose. This is a central tenet of trading, it’s always important to be financially responsible when investing in anything. Markets can be volatile and losses can come as easy as profits, so don’t risk money you couldn’t live without.


The News Spy gives a good indication as to how its software works to enable intelligent automatic trading in the cryptocurrency space: analysing news articles in real time to predict market fluctuations and acting on these projections as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give any more information as to how this process occurs and its website is devoid of any description of the team behind the platform.

Additionally prospective users should be very cautious in relation to The News Spy’s claims that traders have made very large amounts of money in very small amounts of time – these are highly likely to be made up and we could find no evidence to back up these testimonials.

In general, a trader shouldn’t completely rely on a robot’s algorithm as their sole trading strategy in the cryptocurrency space. The best way to use The News Spy’s platform is as a tool to aid in your own investment strategy – using the ability to set parameters to ensure that the robot can carry out your instructions 24/7, rather than simply trusting it to make trades on your behalf.

Trading cryptocurrencies should be treated like any other form of investment: you should always do your research before risking your capital. Even when using a robot, your chances of generating profits will be greatly enhanced by taking the time to learn both about cryptocurrency and trading more broadly before you start.

The News Spy Review

In a market as volatile as cryptocurrency, one needs to be ready to adapt to sudden changes in market conditions. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to be scanning news websites and trading screens 24/7. Even if you do, it seems there are always traders who can respond faster than you can.

Enter The News Spy - a trading robot that combines the speed of automatic trading software with professionally analyzed, market sensitive news data, so you never miss a trade or get left holding a capitulating bag. Is it too good to be true? We deep dive into The News Spy to see if it really can provide you with a market advantage.

What is The News Spy?

Cryptocurrency is notoriously volatile. But volatility also represents opportunity. Often trading robots or “bots” as they are commonly known, will only utilize algorithms and data from crypto exchanges to determine the most opportune times to place a trade. But these bots can’t determine if a cryptocurrency has been hacked, for example, which can lead to huge losses. This is where The News Spy differs.

Features & Functionality

Authenticity - 97%

Performance - 91%

Ease of use - 88%

Customer service - 96%

App - 92%

Profitability - 87%

Reputation - 94%

Fast withdrawals - 89%

Security - 95%

User testimonials - 85%

Who is behind The News Spy?

The News Spy is the brainchild of John Mayers, a lifelong trader who fell in love with the cryptocurrency market and wanted to design a platform that could respond to its unique challenges. John noted the extreme volatility of the market, its hypersensitivity to breaking news and thought about how that volatility could be harnessed. The logical conclusion was a combination of a rapid response trading bot and detailed market analysis. 

Start Trading in 3 easy steps

1. Register

Fill out a registration form and receive the free proprietary software

2. Make a Deposit

Securely deposit your desired trading capital

3. Start Trading

With a simple click you can now trade with the award-winning algorithm.

What People are Saying About The News Spy

I have friends who made a lot more money trading with robots than I did ‘HODLing’ my coins. I had reservations at first. There is so much talk of scams and the risks. To my surprise, The News Spy was far simpler to use than I had imagined. I always felt in complete control of my trades despite not being able to watch it constantly and best of all I managed to turn a good profit on my first $250 in the first week of using the platform! - Isabelle Brack

Pros & Cons


Rapid responsiveness to market trends and patterns

Free account creation and proprietary software

Transactions secured from unauthorised access

Access to informed cryptocurrency experts and customer support

Easy to use even with no prior knowledge of crypto trading


Not without risk. Trade only what you can afford to lose.

Available licenses are limited to maintain the speed of the platform

Minimum deposit of $250 required to begin trading

Limited advanced functionality compared to more complex exchanges and CDF platforms

Is The News Spy Legitimate? Yes

We tested the software and found it to be as responsive in executing trades as claimed. The interface is incredibly easy to use, while being able to set trading parameters and manage the level of risk is reassuring. 

We found the news feed particularly useful, as it aggregates relevant market sensitive news with helpful expert analysis that can make or break a trade. 

How it works

The News Spy utilizes expert human analysis of cryptocurrency trends and combines it with intelligent robots that analyze market signals and prices to provide a powerful, easy to use trading tool that responds to market sentiment and executes trades within milliseconds. Importantly, users still retain complete control over their trades and adjust the trading settings to their personal specifications including daily stop losses, maximum trade amounts per day and profit targets.

What’s the Best Way to Use News Spy?

We believe The News Spy will provide a trading edge for both the proactive and casual investor alike.

The News Spy can be a useful tool to supplement an existing trading strategy. For example, it could be particularly useful for high-risk short-term trades that require strict parameters and rapid responses.

The more passive investor can set parameters that they are comfortable with and let the automated trading system conduct the trades on their behalf, while leveraging the intelligence of the trading bot.


Overall, we are very impressed with The News Spy, which effectively combines an underrated and much overlooked component of cryptocurrency trading and market sentiment, with a genuinely intelligent algorithmically sound bot. The professional support team and ease of use will also appeal to users who don’t possess the expertise to trade on more complex platforms. 

The News Spy is not the only robot on the market, some of its competitors are also producing good results, see the following reviews for some more profitable bots; Bitcoin Future, Bitcoin Revolution and Crypto Revolt.